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August 24, 2011

The Best of Ring Posts Xtra: Bloopers & Bleeps

The third and final Ring Posts Xtra, featuring highlights and outtakes with Kevin Eck and Axl Rotten.

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Thanks again Kevin. Your articles and videos were always enjoyable!

Man, I got misty just watching that knowing it's the last we'll see of you Kevin. ('course, I had to use a bottle of water too!) lol.

I'm really gonna miss your blog. Thanks for all the good times, and although I've said it before, good luck with the WWE.

(hey, wait... since the announcement of your employment my WWE stock has tanked again... Never mind all the nice stuff I said before -- get to work!)

That was great. The only thing missing was a cameo from Stacy Keibler. That would have been EckStacy.

Btw, now that you mention it - what better replacement for your blog than Axl Rotten? I'd love to see it - if he's interested.

Why is ringposts dead?.I guess it was said that the blog would continue.Maybe they could bring some new person and we may get his thoughts on all the wrestling shows.

Btw what is the name of the song in this video.Anyone?

That made me sad. Thanks for everything, Kevin.

So is there any plan to introduce a new author for the Ring Posts blogggg?

The song is "Leave The Memories Alone" by Fuel, Syed.

Congratulations to the Sun for failing to fill this post, killing a great blog and surefire traffic generator.

Wow! Kev, why such a bad picture used for the Baltimore Ring Post when you look actually very handsome in real life. Your picture makes you look somewhat chubby if I'm being very honest with you but going off the way you look on cam corder, you're not chubby at all. Actually quite handsome. LOL!

I sent you a message via Twitter about how shocked and proud of you I am on making it to the WWE Creative Team a few weeks ago. I don't know if you got it.

Honestly, it's bittersweet you're living. I thought I could come here any time and get good feedback on the WWE because I thought you'd be here forever, but a las, that's not the case. :(

The only thing that's currently bugging me in the WWE right now is the fact that John Morrison is by far and away the best high flier that ever stepped into the ring, yet it's Sin Cara getting the stronger pusher and the cooler character with the dimmed lights and all. Why not save that for someone who can do what Morrison can do. Sin Cara is a mediocre highflier at best and the push he is getting on SmackDown for his mediocre high flying skills is a disgrace. Save that for a guy like Morrison. Hopefully you will reward Morrison on the creative team.

And so much for Kevin Nash vs. The Undertaker return match I've wanted. I though Diesel was returning but I here has busted up knees and cannot compete. Gah! With that said I love HHH. I like that he's willing to deal with the common criticisms he receives online from Punk. It's time for him to bring back the sledgehammer holding, hot-tempered Cerebral Assassin version of The Game.

I don't know what else to say Kev. I'm going to miss you. :*(

Hi Kevin

I really miss your blog. Raw, Smackdown and Impact don't seem the same without your reactions to them. I would have loved to have read your thoughts on what's going on with Kevin Nash and whether you thought CM Punk was being misused.

It's wierd to now think you are making a contribution to the storylines, especially because since you've arrived things are taken a turn for the worse. Anway I won't blame you... just yet.

Anyone read Eck's new column on the WWE website?


What are you doing? How long could it possibly take to find someone who will watch wrestling and then write about it. Thousands of people do that everyday. And you're still trying to replace Kevin Eck?? What is taking so long?

I'm sure that you're not going to find someone as qualified and eloquent as Kevin Eck. The man was genius. He also worked for WCW and had all these insider contacts. You're probably not going to find someone with those qualifications either. Unless, I don't know, you hire Raven. My advice is to hire Raven OR lower your standards. But do something!

The lack of Ring Posts has left a gaping hole in my life that I have attempted to fill with messageboards/comment sections of newz sites and youtube comments. And none of them measure up to Ring Posts. I would rather quit wrestling than read Bleacher Report so I need this blog back. And you promised that you would restart it! Fix this Baltimore Sun.

Really miss Eck blogging here. Wish they'd get someone else like they promised. Though it wouldn't be as good, it would be a lot better than nothing...

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