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August 10, 2011

Goodbye, Baltimore Sun; hello, WWE

It was a little more than four years ago that I launched Ring Posts on and began a chapter in my career that has been both fun and gratifying.

This entry will mark the closing of that chapter and the opening of a new one.

I am leaving my job as sports content editor and pro wrestling blogger at The Baltimore Sun to become a member of the WWE creative team.

It’s a bittersweet time for me to say the least. While I am very excited to be going to work for the professional wrestling industry leader – which also happens to be a company that I have been passionate about since I was 6 years old – saying goodbye to a place where I have so much history is extremely difficult.

I began working at The Sun as a part-time editorial assistant in the Sports department in 1986 when I was a 19-year-old college student. I went on to spend 13 years there before leaving to become the editor of WCW Magazine. After WWE bought WCW and I lost that gig as a result, I was fortunate enough to return to The Sun in 2002. That adds up to a total of 22 years that I have been at The Sun – literally half my life.

I can’t thank the powers that be at The Sun enough for allowing me to earn a living all these years doing something I enjoy. While working in the pro wrestling industry was a childhood dream, so was being an employee of my hometown newspaper.

I also fully realize that I would not have gotten my old job with WCW or my new one with WWE if not for the experience and exposure I gained through my employment with The Sun.

I wrote my first article on pro wrestling for The Sun in 1994 – a feature story on Randy “Macho Man” Savage that focused on his minor-league baseball career – and with that I became the paper’s unofficial wrestling writer.

Since then, I’ve had the opportunity to interview just about every major figure in the wrestling business, including Vince McMahon, Hulk Hogan, The Rock, Steve Austin, Ric Flair, John Cena, Eric Bischoff, Bret Hart, Shawn Michaels, Triple H and Sting.

In 2007, with the Internet changing how newspapers think and operate, some people at The Sun suggested that I write a wrestling blog. To be honest, I was initially lukewarm to the idea of taking on extra work, but once I got started, the blog became a labor of love.

I can’t stress enough how few jobs there are that could get me to entertain the thought of leaving The Sun for even a second. In fact, this opportunity with WWE may be the only one.

I think this is an exciting time to be joining WWE, which is currently in the process of altering its creative approach. I’ve accepted a position that will allow me to contribute from a creative standpoint and also use my skills as a journalist.

Ring Posts became more successful than I ever could have imagined, and I’d like to thank everyone reading this for making that possible, especially any of you who ever took the time to leave a comment. I truly believe the “comments” section – which provided a forum for readers to express their opinions and engage in discussions with me and their fellow readers – was as important in drawing people to the blog as anything I wrote. While some of the debates I had with readers became heated, I ultimately appreciated the fact that we had at least one thing in common: a passion for pro wrestling.

I’d be remiss if I didn’t take the time to publicly thank Dan McDevitt and everyone associated with Maryland Championship Wrestling for allowing me to become a member of their family over the past several years and furthering my education in the wrestling business.

In addition to being able to serve as a referee and actually getting to wrestle (well, sort of) in a match, the lessons I’ve learned from my association with MCW about wrestling as an art form and locker room etiquette have been invaluable, and I will take that knowledge with me to WWE.

I’ll be moving to Stamford, Conn., and starting with WWE at the end of the month. For anyone who is interested in keeping up with me, feel free to follow me on Twitter (@ringposts) or send me a friend request on Facebook.

In closing, I want to reiterate how incredibly gratifying and humbling it has been for me these past four-plus years to have people actually care what I have to say about a form of entertainment that I’ve been hooked on since I was in first grade.

I only hope that you all enjoyed reading Ring Posts at least half as much as I enjoyed writing it.

Editor's note: The Baltimore Sun plans to continue coverage of professional wrestling. We'll keep you posted.

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The insights and commentary you provide on this blog will be missed, Mr. Eck. With that being sad, congratulations!

WOW! Congrats Kevin!

I only visit 2 websites for wrestling opinions and news, Ringposts and 411. So now i'm just down to one. Was wondering why you hadn't posted on Smackdown or Raw yet.

That's AWESOME, to borrow a phrase. I will really miss your blog, but who wouldn't make this move?

Great to hear this, Kevin..

We all support you !!
Brings back the good old days.

Congratulations Kevin, wwe just acquired a great creative mind. Best of luck in the big leagues Mr. Eck!

Wow Kevin, that's great! Congratulations. I'm not surprised in the least, this blog had sort of become an internet gathering place for good booking criticism and ideas. I will truly miss this blog, and wish you the best of luck.

Good luck Kevin. Couldn't have happened to a better guy.

Please find a way to dress hornswoggle as a spider and come out from under the ring during an r truth match. Hilarity would ensue.

Wow! Congrats. Thanks for everything. If Shawn Michaels is brought back from retirement, we'll know who wrote the storyline! Can we send you up there with ideas? Like: PLEASE IMPROVE THE WOMENS DIVISION? Haha. Good luck!!

At first I thought this was a joke, but wow! Congrats on the new gig. Unbelievable experience!

Kevin - Good luck in your new position at WWE. Your blog will truly be missed. It's been a great place for updates, opinions, lists etc...NA NA NA NA, NA NA NA NA, HEY HEY - GOODBYE....Onward and upward to better things. Good for WWE seeing how your knowledge, skills, and insight will benefit them....

Congratulations Kevin! I remember reading your ideas for TNA and WWE storylines and thinking "This guy would be brilliant on their creative team" and now you are! I'll miss the blog but I have no doubt you'll bring a great deal to the creative team (and hopefully and WWE Magazine). Really, well done!

P.S. Push the Hell out of Drew McIntyre! Haha!

This explains why there had been no entry since Friday. Thank you, Kevin, for all of the work you put into this blog and I wish you all kinds of luck and success in this future endeavor.

Congratulations Kevin! I first found your blog during the Jeff Hardy vs CM Punk rivalry of 2009 and have been an avid reader ever since. I always enjoyed hearing your thoughts and will certainly miss Ring Posts.

I wish you all the very best in your new job, I hope you find it fulfilling and enjoyable. WWE have made a good move getting you on board!

Nicely done, my friend. It's not often in life that you get to pursue a passion. You've gotten to do it twice. Go off and become a rockstar, but never forget where you came from!

Eck, Many congratulations on your moving up in the world with this job. All the years I've read this blog I've often thought how much better off the WWE would be if Kevin Eck was behind some of these storylines. Be careful what you wish for I guess. Thanks for the best insight on wrestling on the Internet for 4 years. And good luck in Stamford CT!!

Kevin- Wow, what an awesome opportunity you for you! I'm really bummed to see Ring Posts come to an end, but certainly understand your reason for taking advantage of this once in a lifetime opportunity. For me, Ring Posts has been a, "must read" blog several times a week. Best of luck in your new career and a sincere thank you for the time and hours you spent over the years keeping all of us informed and entertained!!!! Long live, "The Eck"!!

As a daily reader and sometime commenter, I will really miss this fantastic blog. I have kept up with WWE more through the blog than watching on tv. It's a sad day for the fans but it's got to be a great one for you.I wish you well in your new 'dream' position.

Wow! Congratulations Kevin. That is awesome! Been reading your blog here for a few years now. You do a tremendous job. Especially loved your pieces on Shawn Michaels...I could tell you were as big an HBK mark as me! Just curious on how you got the creative team gig. Did someone from WWE see your work on this site and reach out to you, or did you just apply to an opening? Anyways, just want to say good luck with the WWE...make all of us wrestling fans have some great storylines to work with now with Punk/Cena/HHH...keep them going strong man! Congrats


Seriously, bummed out to hear you're leaving the blog, but happy for you. Good luck!

Thank-you, Kevin! This blog has been a near-daily joy to read. We wish you well on your 'future endeavors'!

Congratulations Kev. I knew of your past with WCW and figured that this would lead you back to the wrestling world. In addition, based on your comments about WWE vs TNA creative you could easily see that you if given the opportunity, you would jump at the chance to bury you're old friend Vince Russo.

You do not understand how many people across the country read your blog. You will truly be missed.

This is both sad and happy news. I will miss reading this blog and the insights you provided from your experience in the world of wrestling. I am glad you will living your dream and working at job I hope you really enjoy. We will all be rooting for you to succeed. I admit I am little jealous but the reality is I don't have the talent or skill to do what you do. I am just a fan. Good luck and best wishes. I will be the first to ask for free WWE tickets next time they are in town, maybe with a meet and greet pass for the kids.

Good luck and God bless

Congrats Kev!!!

Will miss the blog tho.

Before I even read the article, I wanted to say congrats. I would say it is a shame to lose your posts, but obviously your savvy regarding the industry has paid off, and you are moving on to what you deserve.

Congrats and Goodluck

I have never commented and actually only watch wrestling very occasionally however i always read your blog. I was a huge fan of wrestling when i was younger and now like to follow the story lines via your blog. A shame this comes to an end but congratulations and good luck with your future endeavours. Are there any blogs similar to this that you could recommend to me for keeping up with whats going on in the world of pro wrestling? cheers, phil

Congrats, Kev!! Good luck up north; I've enjoyed reading your stuff for the last few years and really hope that a little youth can help the creative'll be missed!

Happy trails, Kevin. I'll miss reading your recaps and analysis. You'll do well with WWE. Congrats!

Kevin -- your blog has been a consistently fun and informative read, a rare source of intelligent commentary on the business. I'll miss your work here, as will many others.

But this is clearly a great opportunity for you, and I wish you all the best. I look forward to seeing how you fit into (and influence) the WWE's new approach.

Congrats on the new gig with WWE. Sad to see you leave just the same. I enjoyed getting the recaps from the previous night's show or update/results from the PPVs. I stopped buying them because I find it hard to sit for too long without multitasking.

I appreciate your insight and history of the sport. I checked the blog several times a week to look for updates. Hopefully the next person will share your passion and fairness for the sport. Whatever your new role will involved please try to help the wrestlers with their mike skills. Talk about pain! Congrats and don't forget us little people here in Baltimore. BTW comp tickets to a Baltimore showing would be GREATLY appreciated, lol

This is both a sad and happy. I will really miss reading your blog with alwayd been very entertaining ans informative. I thoght you alredy brought a very un bias opinion in your comments and provided a very good insight base on your own wrestling experiences. I am very happy that you are able to live your dream and work for the WWE. I admit I am little jealous but it mostly because I know I don't ahv ethe talent or skills to do what you do. We will all be rooting for your success in the WWE and everything that you do. Let me be the first to ask for free tickets for the next WWE ppv in the area maybe with backstage passes for the kids. Seriously Ia m very happy for you and good luck. You blog will be miss.


Holy cowballs. Unbelievable. Congratulation Kev. I'm practically bursting with excitement, so I can't imagine how you're feeling.

I'm gonna miss reading this blog, and occasionally catching you on the radio. Best of luck ... and let's have a title change in Bmore - whatdayasay?

Livin the dream baby.

/this better not be a work.

Congratulations, and all the very best of luck at WWE, this will no doubt be the ultimate dream job (so long as you are not gonna book Rated Eck as champion!)

Your great work here has not gone unnoticed by the power-brokers at WWE, and the points you make must have hit home that you have a LOT to offer them creatively.

While being neither a Baltimore native, or indeed American, I stumbled across your blog by accident one day about 2 years ago and have been an avid follower ever since. Your take on the wrestling world has been nothing short of brilliant, and I will be sad that I can't log on and read Ring Posts every day.

I hope WWE allow you to continue to blog in some capacity, so you can document your new career. I will continue to follow you on Twitter as there are few if any people in the industry with as many relevant points to make on wrestling.

Best of luck Kevin, you will be missed!!

Andrew, a Scottish Rated Eck mark...

Congrats Kevin! What an amazing opportunity.

That being said, you will be missed. I have been a reader for over a year now and your articles are a great look into the WWE. Thanks!

Congratulations Kevin, I have followed your blog every week from the UK and will really miss it.

Congratulations and good luck! I have enjoyed the blog. Please keep Big Dick Johnson off TV!

Kevin, I can only wish you the very best. It is no exaggeration when I say that when I sit at the computer Ring Posts is my first port of call. Being able to keep up with your thoughts and insight into wrestling is sound enough reason for me to actually sign up to twitter.

Your insights through Ring Posts have helped me gain a better understanding of the business, and I look forward to maybe spotting the 'Eck' touch in how some of the story lines unfold. I just want wish you all the very, very best in your future endeavours :D Jump on and enjoy the ride, and as they say in the classics "Keep the bastards honest".

Will you be posting any more contributions here?

Kevin - I've had the pleasure of reading your column for some time now, and I have spoken to you on a few occasions at an MCW event, and you are a class act. Your passion for the business shows, and I wish you the best and will be following you on Twitter. Best of luck -

Eck - you will be missed! This blog helped me get through my work day and was damned entertaining. I've only got one thing to say to you: push Kofi!

Good luck with your future endeavors!

Congrats, Kevin, and best of luck! You'll be missed around here.


I may not have been big on commenting, but I loved reading the blog. It was a go to destination whenever my boss wasn't looking at what I was doing. I hope you have all the success that you deserve w/WWE. And now we can say...


(doesn't have the same ring to it as Y2J's opener, but hopefully it will have the same effect on the show).


Congratulations, Kevin, but are you nuts?! Haven't you listened to David Lagana's podcast over at Doing that alone should dissuade anyone from wanting to be part of WWE's creative team! I wish you the best of luck, my friend. You're going to need it.

Congrats! Have enjoyed reading this blog for the past couple of years.


Best of luck to you. This blog has been one of my 'must reads' on the internet for the past few years.

Congrats! Have enjoyed reading this blog for the past couple of years.

Enjoy your new gig. Baltimore will miss your writing and we look forward to hearing from you soon.

Good Luck Kevin!

Go Layeth the Smacketh down on the WWE

aren't you supposed to have a loser leaves town match with schmuck? put someone over before you go!

good luck at the E, Eck. Hope it's a dream come true. thanks for being my first stop for wrestling analysis for so long.

We will miss you, not being on here anymore. :(


First of all congratulations!

Secondly, I am sitting here literally in tears.

Nothing made coming to The Sun website more enjoyable than getting the chance to read the thoughts of a genuinely knowledgeable, passionate lover of the wrestling business like you are Mr. Eck. You grew up loving wrestling like we all did and it showed in everything you wrote.

More than once I felt that if WWE paid any attention at all to what you wrote and the opinions you expressed, they would bring you in since you truly have your hands on the pulse of how we as fans feel about what they do.

We now have proof that there are sensible people in Stamford.

Our loss here, hard as it is to take, will ultimately be our gain if you are given the chance to really impact what they do and what we see.

I would wish you luck, but you are "Just that damn good", so you ain't gonna need it.

Peace and much success!

Walt Hollman, Jr.

wow, much congrats kev! very special and awesome news.

now this might be my only oppurtunity to talk to someone and possibly influence on the wwe creative team... i have to say, make them push santino!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Congrats! I'll miss reading Ring Posts, but best of luck with the new opportunity.

Congratulations! I've enjoyed reading your blog, but I wish you all the best! Also, not sure if you'll have any say in this, but I'd love to see John Cena turn heel! Good luck, Kevin!

Congratulations on the new job, Kevin! I will miss this blog. I started reading your blog about two years ago, and you've been my go-to source for pro wrestling news & opinions. I know you're going to be great at WWE. Heck, you may even become Chief Operating Officer someday. Best of luck to you at World Wrestling Eck-tertainment!

Having followed the blog since its inception, it has always been clear that working for the WWE has always been your ultimate ambition. Congratulations on achieving that goal and I hope it works out for you. You've provided us with some great articles over the years and it'll be sad to see you leave the blogging world.

Now that you're going into creative, you should really contact Dave Lagana and put together a special "soon to be creative" podcast!

Anyway, good luck Eck.

Hi Kevin,

This happens to be my first ever comment, and that is despite following your blog for almost 4 years now. I have read every post of yours and it would not be an exaggeration to say that most times, I preferred reading your blog to watching the PG product that the WWE was putting out on a weekly basis till recently. I am based in India, and have been a student of the business ever since I came across your blog. So, it is definitely sad to see you go...but I am so excited about you taking your incredible mind for the business, to the WWE that now I plan to watch every episode of both RAW & SD with renewed vigour :)

All the best with your new assignment, and I am sure you will change the WWE landscape for the better,



Congrats Kevin. Sounds like a great opportunity! Hope Rated Eck gets on air!

Good luck, your blog will be missed

Thank you very much for wrestling Kevin. I honestly don't know wher I'm going to go for my Wrestling news now, no where else can really compare.

I wish you so much luck with your job at the WWE, you've always wrote about wanting a job on the creative team and I hope out it turns out as good as you always hoped it would.

The job couldn't have gone to a better candidate, the WWE is far better off having you on their side.

Good Luck Kevin, you will be missed!!!

Congrats Kev! Your hard work & passion for the things that you love have afforded you a chance to do something very special. God bless you in you future endeavors & hopefully DumbSmark will take over the day-to-day operations of the blog! (sarcasm)
Just remember all of the ideas that your loyal blog readers have come up with & give the credit where its due!

Good Luck at WWE. Always enjoyed reading your work!

this proves that u r the best blogger in the world.....
i hope your addition brings some joy for the IWC..
best of luck kev..we will miss you..any chance that i can get ur email id for any future help?????
have a great time...

and i hope its not a cm punk inspired shoot of yours..

and yeah kev..
the baltimore sun and the members of the ring posts family just wished you for all your future endeavours..

Wow, congrats Kevin! I can't imagine how excited you must be for this. I'd totally add you on facebook but there are a lot of Kevin Eck's and I don't see your face...

Kev, I live in Australia, don't have Foxtel, and used your blog to keep up with the WWE. I can't thank you enough for that. Without you, I wouldn't have been able to stay in touch with the world I love!

Is there another similar blog you might be able to recommend?

Congratulations on moving to WWE. It's nice to see that a new member of creative will be someone who is passionate about the business and in touch with the wrestling community. Good luck.

Kevin congrats on the new job. I have always enjoyed your blog and will miss it. It is just good that you are moving on to something you want!!!

Good Luck!

Wow Kevin, can I just say first congratulations, and secondly how devastated I will be to not get your take on the latest raw/smackdown and now I may actually have to watch Impact to know what is happening there.

All the best in the new job and a happy and enjoyable life in Connecticut for you and your family, and my your dream job live up to expectations and then surpass them.

So that's why there hasn't been a review on Smackdown? Which I have been patiently waiting for since Friday..
Congratulations on the new job Kevin, wish you all the best! And hope to see some of your creative juices and ideas shine on the TV soon :)
Good luck!


This blog has been a highlight of my day for nearly 2 years now, and I can honestly say I'm going to miss it. Good luck and congratulations.

Also, if you can get Y2J vs. Undertaker booked for WM28 I'll bow down at your feet and give Trips all my money (tell him I said that--it might work).


Congrats!!! Will certainly miss your insight on the world of professional wrestl.....errrr sports entertainment. Best of luck and thanks for all the hard work you put in to provide us fans your point of view.

Fantastic news Kev. Sad to see you go from The Sun but for the greater good. If even a portion of your on the money views and resulting ideas make it through on tv, we'll all be very happy. The way things have turned round on tv lately and the direction wwe have gone, we have no doubt you'll be given the chance you deserve. My only other regret than the end of the blog is that it isnt TNA that signed you, god knows they could be doing with fresh ideas rathger than the weekly Nitro rehashes. Anyway, best of luck Kev

You will be missed. I have followed your blog from my current residence in TX and it was always one of my favorites. Good luck at WWE! Just please don't join the "kiss my a$$" club!

You will def be missed. You were one of the better pro wrestling writers I have had the pleasure of reading. Hopefully you will be able to find a way to stop John Cena's reign of terror.

Good luck in WWE!

Best of luck, Kevin

"I can’t thank the powers that be at The Sun enough for allowing me to earn a living all these years doing something I enjoy."

You said a mouthful right there. That's the secret of happiness (or at least contentment), if you ask me.

I wish you well and thanks (more than you'll ever know).

Want to wish you the best. I have enjoyed reading your column these last few years.

Wow, this is absolutely brilliant Kev! As much as i'll miss your excellent and insightful blogs every few days, i'm very happy for you and wish you all the very best in your new job with WWE. I'll definitely be following you in Twitter!

Thank you!

WOW! While I'll certainly miss reading this column, I'm looking forward to seeing you bringing all the stuff we've talked about to the WWE. Best of luck and thanks!

Thanks for the great blog. You'll be missed.

First time writter, long time reader, Thanks mate! really enjoyed your blog. Looks like wwe got them a smark! All the best,

Good luck with the new gig, Kevin!

Kevin I've always enjoyed reading this blog for a good 3 years I remember finding this blog and from that day till now your blog is what I read everyday!
Congrats and hope you do well in WWE

Congrats Kev! This is not only amazing news for you personally, but for wrestling fans everywhere.

Best of Luck!

Congratulations Eck! It's a shame you won't be blogging for us several times a week, giving your fair and balanced points, but being part of the creative team surely means us losing you is a good thing as you'll be improving the product for all of us!
I wish you the best of luck!

Good luck with your new career. That's crazy, now you're gonna have to quickly come up with some matches that they can use at Summer Slam. Just get Daniel Bryan on the card against Sin Cara.

congrats kevin. does anybody recommend another wrestling blog to read??

Congrats on the new job!!! I will truly miss reading your opinions and insight on what's going on. That being said, I know that WWE picked the right man for the job. I am envious of your new position being a true fan. So I got two words for ya..... GOOD LUCK!!!!

Congrats Kevin. Your blog has been a must-read for me for the past 4+ years and it allowed me to keep up with story lines when I didn't have time to watch all the shows. Your perspective and commentary were thoughtful and will be missed. Best wishes at the new gig.

Kevin, I will greatly miss reading your blog each week but feel this is an incredible opportunity for you. Congratulations and I look forward to following you on Twitter.

Conrats, man. Sounds like an awesome oppurtunity (pun intended)


While we will all miss your blog and your insight into the industry, I am sure I express everyone's thoughts in congratulating you on your new job. It sounds like a great opportunity and I think you will be perfect for the job. Congrats and good luck.

Wow! Congratulations and the best of British luck to you sir. You'll be sorely missed.

Good luck !

And please,imagine and propose something interesting for Morrison !

Wow this is a suprise, nonetheless it sounds like a great opportunity for you kevin and I wish you all the best.

I've followed Ring Post for years and have looked forward to reading your thoughts after every raw, smackdown, ppv and TNA events. I'm sad to see this blog cease.
However it's great you're joining the WWE creative team as it's clear from years of reading your blog that you have a great knowledge of pro wrestling and we'll hopefully be all the better for seeing your ideas on television. Maybe even some of us on the comment section have gave you some creative ideas you can take with you!

But yeah it's a sad day not to have anymore ring posts but again good luck sir. You'll do great

Yours sincerely
Loyal reader

Amazing! Congratulations, Kevin! I love that WWE is hiring a wrestling fan. Maybe things really are changing there. Good luck and thanks!

That sounds like a dream job, congrats to you!

From one of the many: following this blog has been an essential part of my wrestling experience the last two years. Thank you, thank you, thank you for all the words, the work and the passion! Stay on the edge. / Joakim, Sweden.

I would like to take your place kevin on the and write the weekly blog

Congratulations, Kev. Yours was the only Wrestling Blog that I've ever looked for, rather than just clicked on, so you'll be missed by me, but hopefully your contributions to WWE story-lines will make up for it.

P.S. - Did they really need to release five wrestlers just to afford you?

Kevin, I just wanted to take a moment to say THANK YOU and GOOD LUCK. I may not have commented often, but I have been an avid reader for about a year now, and your insights are about the best I have seen. I hope you bring your wry sense of humor to the "big leagues"

Knock 'em dead,


I've been following your blog for a couple years now. I can honestly say that your blog alone often kept me interested in professional wrestling when the product itself gave little to be desired. I've felt for a long time that discussing wrestling with other fans was half the fun. Thank you so much for the entertainment. ... and most of all, congratulations.

Wow, that's hufe news. Congratulations Kevin. I'm going to miss your blogs, but will look forward to seeing your attempts at giving Kelly Kelly more TV time.


I have enjoyed your ringposts very much. AS I am sorry to you are leaveing and I will not be able to read anything you put in there any more. I do wish you good luck with the WWE though. Maybe they will let you do a blog or something on there sight sort of like you did here and than everyone in the country will get to enjoy it.

Wow that is totally awesome... I'm so happy for you! it's definitely a dream (and once in a lifetime opportunity) Come true! Not many people get to work their dream job! Congrats to you and I wish you the best of luck and many blessings.. Now I have a reason to invest more time into WWE to see what you bring to the table. Exciting stuff, I tell ya.

It's also a sad day for me, being that HANDS DOWN you had the BEST non-bias wrestling blog on the internet! The IWC will for sure be a dimmer place without you!

Take care!

I've always enjoyed and will miss your blog, it's been one of the best out there. Good luck in your future endeavor haha

Grats man, have been watching your blog since 2008, and i am not gonna lie...i will be missing your blog posts a lot.
But then, with someone like you playing an important role(hopefully!) in WWE creative team , i am sure i might begin to watch WWE again .(i stoped watching it seriously after Brock left)
Hopefully we will be able to see more interesting story line like the recent one - Cm punk/Cena feud .
Personally, would love to see Cena turning heel and better heel character for Jericho if he did come back!

Whoa! I guess that explains why the Raw review is so late!

Congratulations, Kevin. You've proven to all of us here that you've got a great wrestling mind, and you've earned this opportunity. I hope it goes well!

On a personal note, I'm really gonna miss Ring Posts; I found this to be the most intelligent place on the internet to discuss wrestling, and thus it's been one of my most frequently visited sites. When I (briefly) gave up on wrestling this summer, the one site I continued to check in on was Ring Posts, because I enjoy your writing and your views. Heck, without you, I might never have heard about the CM Punk work/shoot promo!

Congrats Eck! I can say that your blog reinvigorated my interest in pro wrestling. I started reading as a way to kill time at work (sorry, boss) and stay on top of storylines. Now I'm back in, and have dragged a few friends back with me.

Best of luck in the new gig.

Congratu-freaking-lations, Kevin! As a regular reader of your blog, I am almost as excited as you are to be seeing this news! Knowing how knowledgeable you are with anything wrestling-related, I know you will do us proud, and I am STOKED to see how things are gonna go down in the WWE's near future. Again, congratulations!!


Seriously, congratulations and we will blame YOU for any sorry story lines that the WWE feeds us.

Any more openings?

Congratulations and best of luck to you in your new gig. Gonna miss this blog.

But PLEASE don't just become a Stephanie ass-kisser. They've got plenty of that already. And one request: Less (or better yet, no) McMahons on TV.

I've basically just read the headline & the 1st couple of lines but I have to jump in & say I'm not surprised. It's easy for me to say now, but I kept wondering when this would happen. I am very proud of you. Don't forget us...Vaya con Dios!

Good for you Kevin. Now you can be the "Voice of the Voiceless" for us in creative???
All the best!

Congratulations eck! Loved your blog! First time I have posted after 3 years reading. Hope you all the success in the world! Will miss readin though. Have often thought, after reading your blog, you would be an asset to the creative team for a wrestling promotion

Kevin, your blog has been great to read since I noticed it. Best of luck at the WWE, Your blog will be sorely missed. What are we all to do now?? I won't have a need now to ever look at this pro-Ravens publication again.

I'm sure I will see you before you move to Conn., but I wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed producing & editing Ring Post Xtra. It felt weird editing the last episode of RPX, but it's going to be even stranger not have you at The Sun. Let me be the first to say. "I will take 2 tickets to the next RAW in Baltimore. LOL
God Bless you and your family.

Congratulations! I always thought you would be an excellent writer for WWE, mostly because we agree 99% about the business of professional wrestling. I will miss your reviews and thoughts of shows and pay per views I could not watch because your opinion was almost as good as watching myself. Good luck and if you need an assistant I'd be more than happy to join the "Eck kiss a** club!"

Been a pleasure reading this blog every couple of days for who knows how long. All the best with the new job, wish you every success.

Wow, Kevin!!! I'm blown away right now because I had NO idea you were even putting in for the position. Congratulations! Now you can finally make a difference and put some of those great ideas into play, if allowed of course. ;) It's going to be a GRUELING job, which I'm sure you already know, and I heard they don't like members of Creative to have or use Twitter, so we may not have much to "follow" once you get up there.

Suffice it to say we'll miss the hell out of your blog posts, but you deserve a terrific shot at the big time like this. Again, congrats, and much, much success in the 'E. Make sure you make an appearance when you guys come back to Baltimore for the PPV later this year.


Your blog was my favorite and always looked forward to reading it everyday. It was always a great read and I know that I'll miss it.

Just promise me one thing: do not pitch any "_____ on a pole match."

Maybe we will get to see you and Peter Schmuck headline one of the pay per views.

Good luck working with the WWE.

Exciting news Kev!

It only took four years of someone up north reading your PPV previews after the fact to think "damn it, we really should have done that instead" to get the job.

I should've known something was up though once you were posting about Cena's ability to work. Sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do (kidding).

Anyway, best of luck in living out a dream that so many of us here have. The WWE will be a better place for having you and I hope to see your imprint on TV soon (Jack Swagger will be taking you to lunch ASAP I'm sure).

Thank you again for all you've done for professional wrestling in Maryland and may this be the only time you hear someone say best of luck in your future endeavors.

Congratulations and good luck. The blog will be missed.

Well, I was wondering why we hadn't heard anything from you concerning last Friday's Smackdown or the most recent edition RAW. Now we know why.

Congratulations on your new job with the WWE. I hope it turns out to be a experience full of joy, merriment and satisfaction.

So if we see any pole matches on WWE programming in the next few months we'll know it wasn't one of your ideas.

We certainly didn't see eye to eye on politics, The Miz or Sheamus (though you seem to have warmed up to him of late) but wouldn't the world be boring if everyone was in lockstep with each other.

With that I wish you the best of success in Titanville.

I am very happy for you, Kevin, (if I may here at the end forego the more formal salutation), and I wish you the best of luck. WWE after the stellar RAW of 8/8/11 is indeed going in a direction which is exciting for the first time in years, and you are very lucky to be a part of it--and we are all lucky as fans to have someone like you as a part of a new creative direction.
Good luck---and don't forget some of the conversations on here---even some of those that disagreed with you--because I think they will serve you well in the future as far as understanding the differing perspectives of some fans which will make or break some of the creative decisions WWE will have to make.
I believe that my e-mail address shows up as part of the commenting process---if you ever want to get an outside perspective on anything going on, feel free to contact me. I'll miss the hell out of the environment you've fostered here, and my best wishes go with you. I hope you and your family enjoy the best of futures with your new position.
Viva La Revolucion!

Congrats Kevin! I hope you do well with the WWE.

Congratulations, Eck! You will truly be missed. You know it's going to be damn near impossible to replace you, right? I'm totally not kidding when I say this, but I think a couple of your comment contributors would make a good replacement. Namely Panther Joe (You know, the guy that used to blog at the CamelClutch?) and if he didn't have his fill of TNA and wrestling in general, DumbSmark. He's a very insightful and very intelligent commentor... Just some things to consider and to run by the powers that be.

Oh and will you update us on what's going on with your new job? (naturally of course without putting your job at risk)

And will all the blogs you've written here be archived for access to those who might want to look back on them?

While I am happy for you, I'll miss your columns.
I only just found out about this site a couple of months ago.
Good luck.

This post brought joy to my heart. Congratulations, Mr. Eck. This could not have happened to anybody better.

It's funny because I remember when I first explored the internet wrestling community, it was novel and it was great fun. Speaking only from my perspective, it has become a little bit less fun over the past five years - a combination of too many people joining the party, too much of a monoculture of opinion, and just over cynicism soured me on spending too much time on the internet newz sites.

Your column, however, was a great exception. Even when you were critical, you had a keen eye to describe what it was you didn't like. You always kept a sense of humour and perspective that made following you always pleasant. So, let me just say, congratulations!

Just always remember: Wrestling is storytelling. Help WWE tell some fun stories!

congratulations on your new job.. hopefully, the WWE will be better with you as a member of the creative team. :)

Best of luck in WWE. Remember which posteriors to kiss and when to do so.

Wow. Congratulations for getting the dream job so many of us wish we could have. Just hope you can hang in there and help improve the WWE's content, not just for the main-eventers but for the mid-carders and low-carders too. Bring back tag-teams and managers if you can. If the quality of the show starts to improve, I guess we all will know who to credit. I don't suppose you would be able to continue having a blog on WWE? In any case, best of luck, Kevin, and thanks for providing us the best blog professional wrestling has seen thus far.

Well I guess thats the bottom line.

Try not to get future endeaveroed anytime soon.

It was a great fun. I know they run creative like a factory, so try not to lose your head.

Congratulations on your new job Kevin. Each week I come here to hear your thoughts on wrestling (I was eagerly awaiting your thoughts on Monday's Raw) and I always enjoy them thoroughly. I hope you find your new position with WWE enjoyable and gratifying.

Oh yeah... will there be any opening for a professional wrestling blogger on the Baltimore Sun then? If so, do you have to be a resident of Baltimore to apply for the position? Hint, hint... ;)

I have to say that I was getting very worried that someone bad may have happened, since I'm still waiting on your Smackdown review. I'm relieved and extremely happy to hear that you'll be directly involved in the wrestling industry again. Most of your readers have always thought that you'd make an excellent writer, and now it's come to fruition. Thank you for these last four years, and while you'll definitely missed, I'm sure I speak for every reader when I say we look forward to the WWE product improving now that you're one of the writers. Congratulations!!

I understand why you're leaving Kevin, but why to do you have to leave lol j/k..your blog has been awesome and you were the one that actually got me back into watching wrestling by reading your blog and getting your perspective on the matches and the direction WWE is going. I wish you good luck on your future endevours and it was a pleasure reading your blog.

Congratulations, you deserve it. I stumbled across your blog about a month ago and since then have become a devoted reader. I wish I had found it sooner. While I am sad to see you go, I totally understand your decision to leave. This is an incredible opportunity for you. I hope they realize the talent they have gained with the addition of you to their team. I wish you the very best and good luck.

Wow what a shock. Of all the stuff out there, yours was the best. Thanks for all that you did. This was my go to wrestling column and you will be sorely missed. Can you help your fans by recommending any specific blogs or sites you consider to be high quality for people like me who loved your style, info and opinions?
Thanks again for all your efforts!

Congrats Kevin good luck and can you suggest that John Cena turn heel have fun on your new job and i don't get why they brought John Morrison back other than to be punching bag .

Congratulations Kevin!!! You deserve it. I'm sure you'll make big difference with WWE, and I look forward to following you and seeing your input on the WWE product.

You made Ring Posts a daily addiction for me, and it will be missed. Again, congratulations!

Good luck Eck, been a pleasure reading your blog over the past couple of years and im glad I discovered it even being from England.

The views and opinions you voice in your blog gives me great hope that your creative input will benefit the WWE and will cater for all fans, hardcore and casual alike. Just stay true to your guns.

Again Good luck.

Again good luck and I


What terrific news! I truly hope and believe that you have a mind for the business and will be a tremendous asset to the WWE. I have really enjoyed reading your comments and counted on your insight for the past several years. I will continue to read with interest your comments on twitter. I am also available on linkedin and would love to keep tabs on you. Wishing you the absolute best moving forward. Follow your bliss and you'll always be employed! Congratulations!

Good luck Eck, been a pleasure reading your blog over the past couple of years and im glad I discovered it even being from England.

The views and opinions you voice in your blog gives me great hope that your creative input will benefit the WWE and will cater for all fans, hardcore and casual alike. Just stay true to your guns.

Again Good luck.

Kev, you are suffering from some sort of Post concussion syndrome right?
Dont do it.
There's no Place like home
There's no place like home
There's no place like home

Congrats on your career move,'s been a pleasure reading your blog, and I wish you the best up in Stamford.

Good Luck! Very sad to see Ring Posts go though. Looking forward to seeing your ideas take flight in WWE! Thanks for the good reading over the years.


Best of wishes Kevin, thanks for all you've done.

Congrats Kevin! I've been reading this blog for a few years now and it's always been great. Best of luck in your future endeavors with the WWE!

Sad to see you go. I wasn't a big commenter, but I was an avid reader. When you get to the WWE, can you try to work Evan Borne into a few non-squash matches?

Are you kidding us? OMG!
First congratulations. This must be a dream come true for you and I wish you all the best for your future.
But I can´t tell you how much I´ll miss your blog. Your site was my No. 1 source for wrestling news and I´ve always valued your opinion so much. The blog has become a daily addiction for me.
Man, I´m gonna miss this.
Take care.

You will be missed. Your blog brings be to the sun webpage at least three times a day, just to check if it has been updated. Your writing has been insightful, fair and highly literate.

Your new opportunity sounds exciting and I wish you well. You have lots of great ideas and if they take half of them, pro wrestling will be better for it (notice I said "wrestling" not "sports entertainment").

Congrats Eck! It really does seem to be the best time to go there, especially in a creative role. Fight the good fight!!

And any love/pub you could throw my way when I start writing about Tough Enough or anything else would be MUCH appreciated :)

Congrats Mr.Eck. But now who will takeover Ring Posts?

Congrats on your move and thank you for your work on this blog. For a long time this has been my only source of information and news regarding the wrestling business because of your professionalism and ability. Based on your work here you should be a valuable addition to wwe creative. Congratulations

Kevin Eck, let me just say big congrats! I'm a longtime fan. Funny too, I'm a huge Bret Hart mark. But I've always enjoyed your view of the industry, even when I didn't agree with you. I always waited for you to blog each Raw and Smackdown, and always grew impatient because I loved your blog and reading the awesomely awesome comments posted.
That said, and knowing how much I'll miss reading your blog, I'm glad you got hired for 2 reasons: 1: cause I'm no hater and that's an awesome career move, especially for someone who loves the industry - and what a historically great and exciting time to be joining wwe's creative team; and 2: I LOVE wrestling and I want wrestling. Real wrestling. I'm disenfranchised from wwe, and I'm your age and a life long fan. I need real writers who understand the product is stale and that fortune favors the bold. You can keep the young, PG era fans and still relate to the so called 10%'s and IWC. You understand this and you understand real wrestling. So as a fan, I'd call that a HUGE win for me having you as a member of WWE creative.

So all in all I'd label this a big WIN/WIN/LOSE. Win for you, win for wwe fans, and a big lose for all those like me who loved them some Ring Posts! Glad to have a bmore native in WWE!

So a HUGE congrats my man! Oh and this is the 1st and apparently last time I've ever commented on your blog, in all the years I've read it. A shout out response would be penultimate. Be easy, Kevin Eck.

Hello Kevin. Just thought I'd say thanks. I'm an 18 year old British student who has been a silent follower for the last 18 months or so. Have really enjoyed reading all of your posts and wish you the best of luck on WWE Creative. Pleassseeeee can we have more compelling storylines such as the Punk-Cena one going on at the moment. Best of luck and thanks again!

P.S - further down the line, carry on with this blog!

Who will we rail at for being a mark for Shawn Michaels now? Seriously, congratulations and good luck.

I have been a wrestling fan since the 80's like you and have been reading wrestling blogs and dirt sheets since Scoops and when Online Onslaught was two separate sites.

Yours has been one of my favorites of all: the best written, great interviews, coverage of local indies, just one of the best. I'm going to miss reading it, but since I watch the E pretty faithfully, I'm sure I'll see your work there in some form.

The only thing that pisses me off is that you didn't wish the Sun well in their future endeavors :)

You can't fool us, Kev - this is just a ruse to get closer to Vickie, isn't it?

Best of luck! Congrats on the new gig! Your replacement will have some huge shoes to fill!

Awesome for you. Do us smart marks proud.


Congratulations...that's an awesome job to get and I'm sure you'll be terrific. It's heartening to know that WWE is getting an extremely knowledgeable and talented writer.

I'm sure I speak for all (okay, most) of your readers in stating that we will really miss you. Although I'm sad you're leaving, it's always great to see someone go live their dream. Thanks again for entertaining us and best of luck in the WWE.

Congratulations. I have read your blog for years, but have never commented until now. I hope that WWE's theocratic limitations don't beat you down and sap you of the passion you have exhibited over the past few years. On a selfish note, could you suggest an alternate "sports entertainment" blog that we could read that has the same type of tone and content?

Congrats Kevin! It's great to see a local guy on the creative team at WWE. Plus, now I know who to blame when the storylines suck. Good luck!

Bittersweet is right. I just started following wrestling again about 5 months ago after a loooong layoff (1989?) and stopping by your blog every other day was part of my routine. It enhanced my enjoyment of the medium. I loved your historical knowledge and excellent analysis of the various current story lines, it will all be missed.

Having said that I think it's awesome you're making your way onto the creative team, it's obvious you are passionate about the story lines and your critique of the current plots are spot on. I look forward to any and all of the drama you may be able to incite over there (on camera, and off?)

Good luck with it!

All good things.. Your my online wrestling go to guy!? I'll have to settle for John Canton and make do. I hope WWE creative is a wish come true. A true milestone in your career and will bring an oppertunity to give back to the business as the cliche goes.. Is your facebook page the one with the Kevin Eck WWE logo?
Good luck in New York my online friend

Good Luck Kevin. Gonna miss your perspective on Pro Wrestling.


Of course I would love to know the process of how you were hired...but I understand that would be confidential....


I WILL following you on twitter...hope you respond :)

Thank you, Kevin! Your blog has played a large role in maintaining my interest in professional wrestling in recent years when the "product" seemed to be getting stale for me.

I'm really looking forward to seeing how creative evolves at WWE with your involvement!

Kevin, that's an awesome opportunity you have and I wish you the best of luck. Your blog is often times the highlight of the day at work and will miss it dearly.

Just wanted to convey my great appreciation and thanks for the many years you've been writing. It's one of the only blogs I read every day, and I will truly miss it. I've been a lifetime fan of wrestling, from the early days of Wrestlemania at the Towson Center, and have sincerely enjoyed reading your blog. Hope this means you now won't have to watch every pay-per-view that comes on these days, and, maybe, get better acquainted with your wife. Good luck, and thanks.

HOLY WOW!! That is fantastic news for you Kevin! Very happy for you - should be an adventure. I will definitely miss the Ring Posts blog - I looked forward to every new entry - but I am excited that now we'll get enjoy your influence on WWE programming. I've seen numerous people comment on here, after reading your breakdowns of shows and PPVs, that they wish you were somehow at WWE creative - now it's a reality!! Thanks for all the years and great writing - you'll be missed, but I wish you the best "in your future endeavors"...oh, you know what I mean!

So, this leaves me wondering: where will I get my daily wrestling blog fix? Ring Posts was so well written - where do I turn to now? As a parting gift to your fans, what do you think about making a top 5 list of other wrestling blogs that you'd recommend, somewhere we can turn to now that you're hanging up your boots at Ring Posts?

Oh, wow!

This will hopefully be a great thing for you. I know you've had a lot of good, sensible ideas here about how storylines should go and if they listen to just a fraction of your ideas they ought to be in good shape.

I'll miss reading the summaries and thoughts here, though. I always looked forward to your opinions on the shows, which says a lot about the job you just earned. Hopefully the Sun brings in someone half as good as you were in following all of this.

Best of luck!

My dad wants me to relay the story to you that when he was in graduate school in 1975, the Sun accidentally published the results of a WWWF card in the agate the day of the event, rather than the day after. Particularly egregious at the time since they were attempting to present it as legit athletic competition and not "sports entertainment."

Also, one of my friends at another paper who is desperate to be a fellow Tribune refugee would like to join you at WWE. He will get your coffee, if desired.

Holy crap! Congratulations, Kev! That's awesome; I'm truly happy for you!

Maybe someday you'll even get your own smart-aleck fan with a "Fire Eck" sign out in the crowd.

And I quote :" Oh my GOD ! "

Congrats and tell us storylines before anyone else.

Kev - wish you all the best. Your column/blog and other articles have been a great source of entertainment and information for me for a number of years now. What a great opportunity for you.

Now can you please push the following people:

Zack Ryder
Jack Swagger
Ezekial Jackson
Wade Barrett

Thank you!

Wish you all the best Kevin. Wisll miss your post.

Best of luck to you Kevin. I stumbled across RP just over a year ago, and you're pretty much a daily read for me when I get into work and enjoy my 1st cup of coffee.

Sad to see you go, but I understand that you need to jump onto a dream as well.

That being said, please, PLEASE remember teh attitude and comments of many loyal wrestling fans who also grew up with the WWF/WWE and in recent years have been disgusted with the low intelligence angles they put out for us. Hopefully you will walk in with fresh ideas....adn stick with them and to your guns, and not be bullied into clamming up and laying low.

You entered this profression as a fan and write for the fans. So remember us fans and don't get sucked into this low rent drivel that seems to pervade WWE's top mindset. Not all of us fell off the turnip truck and loathe the fact the WWE has 'dumbed' down so many angles and threw common sense out the window on others. If they can start creting compelling, intelligent, and well built storylines that aren't rushed to completion in 2-3 weeks, many of us would come back. Don't bu into the Vince Russo mentality of 'crash TV' where viewers only have an attention span of 5 minutes.

Anyways, of luck

Oh just think you are much closer to getting a WWE action figure made of you than you was yesterday. That could be your angle. R-truth the real force behind the conspircery is the Creative Team. There could be a segment wheres he barges in on creative team meeting and confronts them about his conspicery theroy. You stand up and get attack by him whcih sets up a match at Wrestlemania.


I wish you well in your future endeavor as a member of the creative team with the WWE. Although I may have not posted on the comments section before since first discovering your blog, (which was a little under two years ago now), your rational insight and precise judgement on all things pro wrestling have been a joy to read and provided me with that extra little bit of in depth knowledge that is so imperative for fans who want a wider scope on all things wrestling. From the the backstage politics to the writing to in ring performances amongst a plethora of other affiliated topics which are so crucial in fully understanding the mechanics of how the wrestling world works. Your blog has been the best place to go to.

It's been a great joy to read, and again good luck! : )

Breaking news. Kevin Eck is the secret Raw General Manager.

Hi, and bye Kevin.
I've read your blog from only January of this year and never commented but after every viewing of wwe and tna I always looked forward to reading it.
I'll miss your blog for sure because it always give me more to think about.
Congratulations in your new job and good luck in the future.

congratulations & best wishes to you kevin. that is great news, a dream job for you & one many readers of your blog would dream of too. i look forward to your contribution to the wwe world, don't forget the word wrestling;)
i hope ringposts can continue in some form or another, a job for axl maybe?

Congrats on the new job. Do you know if you will be working with Raw or Smackdown?

hey no joke! congrats on your new gig, we at the comments section wish you well in your future endeavors.

Good Luck in your new endeavor. It was nice to meet you at the BmoreCeleb Fest in Baltimore. I hope now you with your move to CT that you will wise up and start rooting for the Steelers, Penguins and of course, JoePa and the Penn State Nittany Lions!

Kev -

Holy crap man! Congratulations!!!!

To say I'm jealous would be an understatement, but from reading your blog over the years I've got to say that I can't think of anyone better for the role you have described than you. Somehow, you manage to toe the line between being a "smart" fan (or mark in some cases, i'm looking at you hbk!) and an average/casual fan. Or maybe to put it better, I think you really have a pulse on the full breadth of the pro wrestling audience.

WWE just made a fantastic hire IMO. I have not been as excited for WWE in years as I have been over the past few months, and this just cements it all!

I wish you nothing but the best in your new role. The only thing I'm bummed about is that I won't get a chance to read your fantastic blog and see all your alter egos on RPE. :) But who knows, maybe you'll even get a role on TV some day as part of some storyline. If that happens, two things I'll say for certain:
1. You will cut a much better promo than Johnny Ace.
2. you'll look a hell of a lot better than Big Dick Johnson.

Best of luck, and don't forget all us loyal ringpostsamaniacs.

Kevin, I am so happy for you!!! Your new position was/is a fantastical dream of mine to this day.... I am definitely going to miss this blog someting fierce though... congratz again!

Congratulations Mr Eck!

Good luck, Kev. You're a class act and a unique talent.

What is your facebook name?

I'll miss your blog :(

congratulations on the new job, i have been a reader for a few years now over here in the uk and have really enjoyed reading your blog in that time. really gonna miss your blog and am thinking who now do i turn to. all the best

Whoa. Congratulations man. That's big, big news. I've been reading for a long time now and loved checking your blog and seeing update on a huge variety of topics. Good luck! I look forward to seeing an improvement in the product.

Congrats on the leap. All the best to you. I hope they allow you creative freedom and use it in the storylines. I know you will succeed. Being well versed on local, unutilized, underutilized and other talent (you know who), I hope they use as much of your input as possible. If so, everyone wins. What do you think?? One more thing, would you like to be in front of the camera?

Wow Kev, many congratulations and good luck in your new role. I'll certainly miss reading your blog every week but it's not like you can turn down an opportunity to work for the biggest wrestling company in the world. Hopefully you can bring some fresh ideas to the creative side of WWE and be part of the new transition. Congrats and good luck once again.

WOW!! Congratulations Mr. Eck. Hope you will make the WWE more interesting, I think you can achieve that. Thanks for the years with Ring Posts, I've enjoyed your daily articles. Good luck!

Congratulations Kevin. Let me be the first to say that your contributions will be missed. Best of luck in your new endeavor.

This is very sad, but man I'm happy for you. I became a wrestling fan all over again in 2008 when Jericho was turning heel, and this blog played a big part in restoring my enthusiasm for pro wrestling.

Good luck Eck!!

Are you going to post any predictions for Summerslam?

If this isn't a joke, then congrats, but you'll have a hard time convicing anyone you aren't a WWE mark now ;)
Hopefully they give you your job at the Sun back whenever the 'E' gets run into the ground.

Is this a work? If not what a bitter sweet day for anyone who has followed this Blog. I will miss it for sure. But bigger challenges await. Best wishes,

Patrick in Dundalk

One less reason to come to this site. Kevin, thanks for your insight and comments, you will be missed.

Good luck, hope we don't hear you on Dave Lagana's Formerly Creative Podcast too soon :)

Kevin - You did a great job and good luck in your new work. I enjoyed your blogs. When you get to the big show, remember some of us old timers who want to see wrestlers in the mold of Bruiser Brody and Abdullah the Butcher - who beat the living crap out of heels and faces alike while bleeding all over the place. There's a lot to learn from the old Mid-South Wrestling programs from the early to mid-1980's. Cole Miner's Glove matches, the winner gets 10 minutes alone with the manager, win the valet etc, etc. That alone will upgrade the stuff we're watching now.

You will be missed! With your knowledge of the workings of the business, you will be an asset to the WWE and will go far. Thanks for keeping us informed, I will continue to follow you on FB!

Thanks so much for taking the time to do this blog over the last few years. Most folks outside the newspaper industry probably don't realize that this was done by and large on your own time, and I for one would like to thank you for always taking the time to come up with high-quality content on an almost daily basis. Your insight has drawn me here every Tuesday and you'll be a great addition to the WWE.

This better be a work!

I wish you well in your future endeavors.

Best of luck to you in your future endeavors, Kevin. :) Seriously, this has been one of very few blogs I have followed with any regularity and while this is a loss to those of us who have followed you, I'm sure I speak for many who wish you all the best.

I was wondering why I didn't have my Tuesday RAW report to read. I'm very happy for you, but this is devastating news as a fan of your blog. Will you be able to blog like JRsBBQ or since you're on creative you have to be tight lipped and can't express negative opinions?

Thank you Kevin! I've been reading this blog for awhile and I'm sad to see you go but I'm happy to see you're heading off to greener pastures.

I'm glad you're keeping your twitter account, that way the next time the fans think creative is screwing things up we have someone to blame! But seriously, while I didn't always agree with you and I sometimes found "Rated Eck" annoying, I also appreciated the time and hardwork you put into this blog. Thanks again and I can't wait to see what you pitch it Vinny Mac and Triple H (and get ready to wait for hours for your meetings if the rest of "formerly creative" is correct).

Well, that should make your PPV prediction columns all the more interesting! Ha....

Good luck Mr. Eck, I will miss this column!

In true wrestling fashion... (ahem)


Dude... Eckster...

It really is awesome you got a job on THE WWE creative team. Should we expect a huge Miz push in about a month or so? Just kidding.

But seriously, I've been a Ring Posts reader/snarky commenter pretty much since the beginning.
(Whatever happened to Jack in Hebron? Is he still the president of the Scott Steiner Fan Club?) I've kind of fallen off the comments because of work,life,etc., but I've still been a regular reader. As a matter of fact, the way I heard about a majority of the major breaking news in sports entertainment over the past few years has been a result of your blogging prowess. Some news was good, other news was... Well, not so good. But the industry has always had its ups and downs, and you've stuck with it, bro! Just keep doing what you love, right?

But hey, now that you're moving on to Phase 2, or 3, or whichever stage it is, I think a big order of congratulations is in order, along with a round of drinks from Connolly's Bar, if it hasn't been shut down by the health inspector.

If the Sun hasn't found a replacement for ya, I could attempt to fill your shoes. Wait... Who am I kidding? That idea is even worse than giving birth to a plastic hand and Katie Vick put together!

Let's hope you don't force anything like that upon us.

Best of luck, man. Looking forward to following you on the twitterz.


A hearty congratulations, Kev. I've been reading steadily for about two years or so, and have always enjoyed your thoughts and observations. This is one of my daily stops every morning.

Three things:

1) When you get to WWE, PLEASE help John Morrison to up his game on the mic, so he can get to the next level. Many of us are pulling for the guy

2) Also when you get there, I dare you to show Punk your lame parody of him.

3) For your sake, I hope that you've listened to a few of Dave Lagana's "Formerly Creative" podcasts and know what you're getting yourself into...

All the luck in the world to you.

Congrats! This is awesome news!!

Best of luck in your future endeavours Mr Eck

Congratulations Kev. I don't know where I'm gonna go to catch upon TNA as it seems too ridiculous to watch fulltime anymore. Gonna miss you. Looking forward to trying to identify your influence in what happens on Raw and Smackdown.

Congratulations. I've really enjoyed reading Ring Posts and always found you to be very insightful when it came to pro wresting. While I'm sorry to see you go, I wish you all the best in your exciting new position at WWE.

That is fantastic. It is good when good things happen to good people. Best of Luck!

Congrats, Kev. Continue to live the dream, man.

Congrats, Kevin! Great news. I wish you alot of luck. I found your blog probably 2 or 3 years ago, and I've enjoyed it thoroughly. I agreed with most of your insight and I liked how you interacted with those of us who post a comment. It's good to know the WWE is hiring good people with a wrestling background and I think you're a guy who will fight the good fight in the creative room. Let's keep Axl Rotten doing the Ring Posts Extra or possibly the blog itself. Again, Good Luck.

Maybe we'll Rated Eck in the ring sometime cutting promos..

Congrats Kevin,
If anyone deserves this, it's you. I have always liked your unbiased approach to pro-wrestling coverage and that while other "dirt sheets" tend to drift towards the more negative aspects, you've been fairly tamer of the product.

I'll miss reading your thoughts, predictions, and lists (especially the lists, I am a very big fan or organization and rankings... go figure). Take care, and spike your hair.

Congratulations Kevin, Now show those idiots how a real WRESTLING company is run.

Hey Kev I've been a long time reader of your blog and just recently found out about your move to WWE on just wanted to say congratulations on the new job I bet you'll light a fire under the WWE that push them to new hights good luck man.

Way to go KE! Great blog, we'll miss you. Congrats!!

As a long time lurker (and probably never commenter), I sincerely congratulate you on the new job, and wish you well. Hopefully the politics there are not as bad as everyone makes it seem, and hopefully you can make a vital difference.

Congratulations, Kevin! I've been reading your blog since it started in 2007 and have always been a huge fan, glad you get to go be part of what you love.

WOW Kev iam surprised CONGRATS to you do B-more proud. I hope that the Mcmahon`s let you bring SOME of the 1970`s mid 90`s attitude era BACK A LITTLE BIT ANYWAY. I will watch again if so. Some of that stuff has politics involved hopefully you will run into little of that but GOOD LUCK and god bless.

Congrats, Eck. I'll miss the blog, but this is an awesome move for you. Did you apply for the job, or did WWE just call you and offer it? Either way, have a blast and don't forget the IWC!! Also, don't worry about ratings too much, hah.

You sir have entertained me with your blog since I found it quite some time ago. You are a great writer and have opinions I agree very much with. There is no doubt in my mind you will help to make amazing story lines involving promising superstars. Have a great time and I hope you are satisfied in your dream job. I'd like for you to somehow keep in touch but I'm not sure how that's possible.

Wow. I've been reading these posts for the last 3 1/2 years, so at this point it became routine for me. I never felt as though your opinions were bias and always enjoyed reading your posts. I always thought that if you went back to WWE, you could truly help the creative team. Now that your actually gonna go, I feel extremely sad knowing there wont be anymore ring post. Never the less, I hope you can help in this new era in WWE, and maybe one day we'll hear from you again. Until then, goodbye Kevin.

Congratulations! Very happy for you, though I will miss reading your column.

Hey Kev jus want to say Good luck n all the best in the WWE... when i read pwinsider this morning n saw your name i was like OMG i kno tht dude, just by reading your blogs i thought i knew you :) so once again all the best and please try to put some new ideas in WWE ......

Im sorry to see ringposts come to an end, but happy you're getting the opportunity you deserve. I've been a big fan of the blog since the first time I happened upon it, there are really very few like it on the net.
I wish you nothing but success in WWE, thanks again for everything.

Congratulations, Good luck with the new gig. Don't forget the little people IE the IWC when you get to Samford

Huge congrats Kev, sounds like a dream come true for you. I have often wondered "what will Eck have to say about this?" when watching Raw and Smackdown. I hope in future this will be replaced by a strange sense of pride when I see something awesome happen and think to myself "I bet Kev was behind that."

I eagerly look forward to the Cena heel turn, the hiring of Matt Morgan, and the resurgence of the tag and Divas divisions, and the US and IC titles. No pressure. I can't recall whether or not you're a McIntyre fan, but a push for the Sinister Scotsman would be pretty cool too.

I will miss your blog, but look forward to your influence helping WWE continue its recent upward trend.

PS. I have a theory that for the last 12 months or so a lot of the content (the tag team shambles; predictable, repetitive PPVs; overexposure of Cena and Orton; NXT; Michael Cole; taking the PG thing way too far) has been deliberately awful, just so that Triple H could (in storyline) take over and make a good impression with the fans by fixing all these obvious problems. In your new role you may well discover that this is true, but have no way of letting us know. If you can arrange for a 30-minute bikini match between Maryse, AJ and Natalya before the end of the year then I will take it as a secret sign from you that I was right.

Thank you for your great blog Mr. Eck, sad to see you go. One last request, when you start your new job in WWE, please tell them to rehire Gail Kim and give her a descent push :)

Congrats!! I've been following your blog from the very beginning and as an aspiring sports journalist myself, it has been a great example for me as to great writing should be. It saddens me that I won't be able to come here and read your blog anymore, but I know that bigger and better things are coming up for you in the future. Good luck Mr. Eck, you should fit right in, in the WWE family.

P.S. Add me on facebook. I added you forever ago! Confirm it!

This is great news Kevin. Sorry to see you leave this blog, as I check in virtually every day, but excited for you on a personal level. I like your style in posting, and your passion for the industry. I hope you can being an exciting new element to creative, and again wanted to take a moment to simply say "Thank you."

Gutted you're going Kevin but congratulations! I've really enjoyed reading your blog the last few years as I seemed to have similar opinions to you about WWE storylines and the way the talent was/wasn't being used.

WWE's on a good road right now with this hybrid of sports enterainment and wrestling. The changes have been good, here's hoping you help keep it that way.

All the best.

Kevin, Thank you for all of your hard work and it has been a pleasure sharing my passion of professional wrestling with you! Also, if possible give Kofi that push that he deserves!!!!

Thanks, Adam

Congrats!! I've been following your blog from the very beginning and as an aspiring sports journalist myself, it has been a great example for me as to great writing should be. It saddens me that I won't be able to come here and read your blog anymore, but I know that bigger and better things are coming up for you in the future. Good luck Mr. Eck, you should fit right in, in the WWE family.

P.S. Add me on facebook. I added you forever ago! Confirm it!

Congratulations on you getting to work in your dream field....So when are you going to announce you are the Raw GM?

I was wondering if this was a work/shoot (LOL), but then I read this news on a Canadian sports website! You are "trending" worldwide, Eck! The hottest commodity in wrestling since CM Punk!

Best wishes to you, and I will miss reading your column daily. I hope your family settles in well in Stamford.

Keep the creative team in line, will ya?

Hugs from Ontario :)

I guess this means no more blog. We'll miss you. Seriously. You have the perfect combination of calling out wrestling for its logic gaps, yet always maintaining respect. A true journalist. Good luck with your new job.

Huge congratulations. Been reading your blog for a long time, and it's great to hear you landed a job with the E. Best of luck moving forward and I look forward to watching your ideas!

I was wondering if this was a work/shoot (LOL), but then I read this news on a Canadian sports website! You are "trending" worldwide, Eck! The hottest commodity in wrestling since CM Punk!

Best wishes to you, and I will miss reading your column daily. I hope your family settles in well in Stamford.

Keep the creative team in line, will ya?

Hugs from Ontario :)

Best of luck to you at the 'E!

Oh man! Greatest of congratulations Kev! I hope you enjoy every single bit of time you spend in the WWE.

I have only two suggestions to do now that you will have a little bit of power or, at least, influence :P:

1.- Push Jack Swagger
2.- Now that the Divas division is changing, get Daffney in there!

Thanks again for your hard work here in the Ring Posts. Best of luck!

Congrats dude!

Thanks for providing some of the most intelligently written wrestling analysis on the internet. Good luck on your new gig, looks like WWE creative will soon become more so.

-Longtime Reader. First-time Commenter


I've been kept up to date with the crazy worlds of WWE & TNA by your column for the past few years. I've often thought that your ideas on how feuds/matches should run are much more logical and interesting than those that creative come up with. Thanks for the column and the passion you have for this sport we all lova, and best of luck with WWE.

Now get them to pull the trigger on Hart vs Austin v2.0 :)

Thanks for the wonderful blog, Kevin. It has been a real joy reading your thoughts over the last few years. You really have a great head for the creative side of the wrestling business and I truly hope that your presence will be a positive impact at the WWE. (besides being a fan, the stock price has been pummelled the last few months, so let's see if we can't do something about that, shall we?) :-) Anyway, I wish you well in your future endevours.


Congratulations Kevin... How did you get the job? Just curious what the process was.

Congrats and good luck Kevin. Ringposts has been a fun read these past few years during breaks at work.

Wow! Good for you Kevin! You must be on cloud nine!

Looking forward to good things coming out of this. The SUn's loss is WWE's gain!

Take your reader's comments on pro wrestling, WWE, and teh whole largely sorry state of the creative process to heart and I think we will all look forward to some new and entertaining WWE horizons ahead.


It has been a pleasure reading your blog each and every week. It will be sad that there will not be as quality of a wrestling blogger as you around anymore. While the WWE Creative Team is a great job, I think I speak for most readers when I say we wish you weren't. But, alas, in the words of the WWE...we wish you the best of luck in your future endeavors.

Really, I think it's just sad when a wrestling company in 2011 feels the need to reach back to the WCW days for their employees, rather than letting new blood in...

Totally kidding, obviously. Congrats! I've very much enjoyed reading your thoughts over these past years. Thanks for everything!

Hey Kevin,Iam from India and this blog has been my Wrestling source from the past 3 years.Ifact,due to my job I have almost stopped seeing wrestling shows whcih are relayed a good one/two weeks after the show actually happens.However, i 've been following wrestling through your blog.
I really sensed that something was wrong when the smackdown update didnt come up.Now, i've search for other sources to follow Pro-Wrestling.
Anyway, thanks for the wonderful entertainment ou have provided to us with ur updates and comments.Though a bit disappointed, ALL THE BEST & SEE U IN A BIGGER ROLE IN WWE.

Eck, K.E- In no uncertain terms you're the man, I don't even remember how I stumbled across ring posts but It was over 2 years ago and once i started this quickly became you favourite wrestling site for not just information but moreso your opinion-
You have a great wrestling mind and very rarely have i ever found myself not sharing your exact sentiments.
Your opinion is always entirely logical and not heated/biased overtly emotional like a lot of dirt sheets can be...

Many times I've come close to writing a comment but always resisted. Strange, I knew something was up, I was actually fearing the worst as I was becoming increasingly frustrated at no Smackdown feedback seeing as the Raw analysis was overdue!

It hit me majorly that my main source of good solid wrestling feedback will no longer be here. It truly is bittersweet though because I'm so happy for you to follow your dream knowing you truly can make a difference to this sport we love so dearly.
Knowing someone who has a great mind and loves this business and not some uncaring screenwriter is getting a creative job fills my heart with joy. I won't deny I'm an armchair booker- who isn't?!

But I feel that bit safer knowing a great mind has been given a job-. I really can feel change coming, and whose to say there cant be another boom period?!

I realise this comment has been long but thats what happens when you condense 2+ years in.
Anyway I just have one more thing to say-


We'll miss reading your stuff here but we hope you can help make a difference with WWE. That's not too much pressure, is it?

Well Kev just wanted to wish you all the best in the WWE its gonna be bittersweet watching you leave it was great listening to you on WNST & reading the blog its almost gonna be like Wrestling sort of leaving in Maryland because noone covered wrestling in this area like you and I don't think anyone can so thinks for the memories.

Congratulations on the new job! It was a pleasure reading Ring Posts and reading insight on pro wrestling from an enlightened perspective.

Good luck with WWE!

Here are some of the changes we can look forward to in WWE programming during the Age of Eck:

-Friday Night Smackdown will be cancelled and replaced on SyFy's schedule with My 4,000 Favorite Shawn Michaels Promos.

-Kevin will bring legitimacy back to the Intercontinental Title by putting it on a man who has proven he can build up that title: Pat Patterson.

-The WWE will appeal to its international audience by giving The Great Khali his own interview segment titled "Gwahabarahllahaa [raises arms]."

-In a stroke of metaphysical genius, David Arquette will defeat Hulk Hogan in a Vince Russo On A Pole Match.

-Zack Ryder will be pushed... in front of a bus.

-Super Cena will face Super Shane in the main event of Survivor Series where both men will no-sell punches until the PPV goes off the air.

-Kelly Kelly will become involved in a steamy on-screen romance with her new valet, Rated Eck, which doesn't bother Kevin's wife because they're totally different people.


Congratulations. What we will all lose from no longer reading your insightful and mature commentary will no doubt be reflected in improved creative direction within WWE. I look forward immensely to your considerable expertise coming through our televisions shortly.

Wow Kevin, congratulations to you!! Best of luck up in Connecticut, and thank you for the great coverage over the years. We'll miss you.

Hello, Kevin. My name is Buster, a longtime reader of Ring Posts for more than a year. I instantly fell in love with this blog and have read several archived posts. You're probably the #1 source of information when I'm done with a wrestling show and want to hear a review. When you leave, it won't be the same. What if the new blogger hates John Cena or has a completely warped view on wrestling? You're the one man I trust with these things. At least you can share your ideas with the guys who decide what goes in the script. Remember when you wrote that post on how to push Matt Hardy? Now, those kind of ideas will be on the screen. There's one thing that I want to ask, as a fellow writer and wrestling fan for life. Could you have one last post, to give everyone closure? This is just a lot to take in. Congratulations on scoring the WWE job and best of luck at it, Kevin. One last thing: How did you get the job?

Thanks for all the great reads over the years, best of luck in the future!

Best of luck with WWE. they have made an incredible call hiring you! I enjoyed reading your posts these past four years and will keep following you on twitter!

Good luck and Godspeed, Kevin. I have always enjoyed your articles and know you will do well at WWE. You will definitely be missed.

Sorry to see you go. It was a pleasure to read your blog. In fact it was one that I made sure to check at least 4 times a week and while I can't say I agree with you all the time you always made good points and weren't afraid to put your opinions out there. Good luck with the WWE.

I'm going to miss reading your blog every day. It's been great reading your opinion of professional wrestling (or sports entertainment) over the last 2 years. Your blog will be sorely missed. Maybe WWE will let you have your own blog for them

Good Luck!!!!!
I have been happilly reading your blog for the past 2 years. I consider it the one of the best sources of wrestling news and analysis in the world. You'll be missed, and I hope that in time WWE allows you to be a strong part of the product. WWE needs more wrestling fans like yourself, who can subtly be a strong advocate for what we all want to see: a strong and thriving WWE.

Congratulations Kevin!!

I am sure you will do fine. Just remember to be the "historic" mind in the room when storylines are dreamed up.


Kevin --

You made wrestling fun. As casual a fan as I've been, reading your coverage of the sport has been a pleasure. And I hope your dream job works out!!

Best of luck!

Thank you for everything Kev. I\'ve been reading your blog (almost obsessively) for the past 18 months, and I will definitely miss your concise and well thought opinions. I wish you all the best with WWE, it comes as no surprise that they have recognised and acknowledged your talented eye. If you could be point me in the direction of another free and high-quality blog such as your own, I would deeply appreciate it. One final point, if you run into CM Puck at some point, let him know how much everyone who reads this blog admires him.
Good luck mate.

Nothing but thanks, Kev for the wonderful work with the blog. You will leave a huge void in the internet wrestling world, but I hope you can go in there and help creative go in a new, exciting direction. I think we are all tired of the status quo and hope to see continued change in how WWE handles itself.

Best of luck.


I really must share.

So you know a bit about where I'm coming from as one of your readers:

When I was young I was a huge wrestling fan (posters, magazines. Going to a live event to see Bret Hart in person was one of the highlights of my 9 yr old life). Eventually I drifted away from it, went to college, etc.

I went to college for dance and work extensively in theater and performance. I'm also a huge movie goer and generally enjoy performance in many areas, dance, spoken word poetry, film, singing, stage theater. And I dance myself.

Fast forward to 2 1/2 years ago +/- (when The Wrestler came out) and I suddenly became reinterested in pro wrestling as a performance art medium. The unique incarnation of the "4th wall" in wrestling known as "kayfabe". The qualities that make someone a great performative "wrestler" and how distinct that is from a competitive wrestler.

My fascination with pro wrestling as a performance art combined with my childhood nostalgia fanaticism makes me a pretty perfect example of what they call a "smark" I guess.

When angles and feuds are executed really well, and performers are really good, I get goosebumps and go along for the ride. But I'm always analyzing, interested to know what makes for good writing, what makes for good performance, what makes for good storytelling.

Immediately upon returning to following wrestling I stumbled on your blog. Immediately I appreciated that someone was analyzing wrestling as performance much like I was - only with vastly more experience and knowledge. Your blog has been a valuable source for insight into the creative processes of wrestling and a fun read. Indeed I anticipate your blog responses each week as much and sometimes more than the shows themselves.

I think I speak for the majority of your readers when I say that your blog will be deeply, deeply missed.

I think I also speak for many of your readers (many of us have even written it previously in comments) when I say that WWE will be better off with you on the creative team. Indeed hiring a respected wrestling pundit such as yourself is perhaps the most promising sign so far of an actual "change of creative direction" for WWE. Promise us you'll make some waves in there!

Thanks for all your hard work. And truly, deeply - best of luck to you in your future endeavor. =)


I enjoyed reading your blogs...thanks and good luck.

Congratulations!...will really miss the blog as honestly it was the only wrestling blog that I liked and regularly read. I have been reading it for around 3 years. . . One thing is for sure though, WWE storylines are about to enter a new era...The Ring Posts Era has begun!

when did u start talking to wwe?

First seeing this now - want to wish you the best of luck, Kev. Push Zack Ryder as much as you can!

who will u be working with?

Wow Kevin...HUUUGE congrats!! This is obviously a dream job and to see someone as passionate as you get this job gives me a lot of hope for the future WWE product! Would you mind telling us a little about how this all came about? Obviously for many of us this is a dream job and it would be great to learn how the system works. Congrats again!!

will u be on raw or smackdown?

Kevin, I am very happy for you that landed a dream job with the WWE, but I am also sad that I wont be able to read your articles on WWE/TNA coverage. Best of luck to you

As a long-time reader, and a sometime poster, I must say that your leaving my hometown newspaper is sort of bittter sweet.

On one hand, I look forward to your in-depth views on the wrestling world. Your insight as an insider is only overshadwoded by your opiinions as a true fan of this genre (not really sure if I should say wrestling or entertainment here...). As an insider you were alwaays able to provide background on psychology and individual performers. As a fan, you had your favorites and were never afraid to share them.

Now on the other hand, getting a chance to work at the top, hopefuly getting to have input on the industry as a whole should make for better television as a whole. If only one of your ideas makes it to television, you have made a huge impact on WWE and potentially the entire industry.

While the Sun is losing you as a writer, thewrestling community as a whole is gaining a person with so much knowledge on so many different levels, that the product as a whole should be better off.

So, to you Mr. Eck, I tip my hat and wish you the best of luck in your future endeavors.

kevin i dont know if u remember me but at a baltimore colts event in march i said i love your blog and u said thanks i appreciate that.

Anyway liked to know who hired you personally.

Congrats ECK well deserved. I have read your stuff for years even way down here in Texas. We are about the same age and I enjoy you passion and insight,
Good luck. Don't tell Rated Eck he will just drag you down.


Congratulations, Kevin!!! Live your dream!

I've enjoyed and obsessively read this blog for years, and will very much miss your perspectives, but I'm also excited that your viewpoints will now be shaping the actual pro wrestling programming itself.

Can't wait! Good luck with the move, and with all your "future endeavors!"

Hey Kevin, you are my favorite wrestling journalist and you deserve to work with the greatest wrestling organization in the world to get those creative juices flowing. Congrats and the best of luck to you.

Good luck in your future endeavors Kevin. I'm sure our loss will be tempered by improved WWE creative ideas and I look forward to keeping up with your work on Facebook. Once again thanks for all of your time and insight into the thing we love.

I know you got your own ideas but im sure i wont be the only one to do this.
make cole a manager and take him off commentary, no swerves when the story is good, shorter talking segments, less big guys who cant move etc.

Its a good thing your known by most of wrestlers and your in touch with internet fans so you really might be able to make a difference. Good luck.

Congratulations Kevin. I've given you alot of crap over the years, hopefully you've taken it with a grain of salt because that's how it was intended. Couldn't be happier for you and good luck. PS: Make sure any wrestler that is openly a fan of the Steelers becomes a jobbroni.

Congratulations Kevin. I've given you alot of crap over the years, hopefully you've taken it with a grain of salt because that's how it was intended. Couldn't be happier for you and good luck. PS: Make sure any wrestler that is openly a fan of the Steelers becomes a jobbroni.

Much deserved Kev. Your blog has been an essential read over the last few years!

All the best in your new role!

Kev, it was always a pleasure to read your blog about wrestling. i hope the sun knows if they decide to keep the blog going with another person they are going to have some pretty big shoes to fill. thanks for what you have done.

Hey now we have a name to blame! Best wishes Eck & I will certainly miss your coverage & perspectives.

Hey Kevin, I truely enjoyed reading your blogs & will miss your insight. All the best in the wwe & i am counting on you to improve the product. But since you don't start till sept. hopefully we can get a few more blogs out of ya

Kev.....nice promotion.....going to miss you doing this blog...but glad to know we have an insider working for WWE now....I hope you'll take under advisement people's for exapmple : ) ...I never heard so many tributes go out from people like when the Macho Man Randy Savage died...people talked bout how much they respected him and a part of their youth had gone ..and this was coming from men & women...and on entertainment websites with that...why not bring in Jay Lethal to do his Black Machismo tribute..recreate some of the past storylines with him...have Layla be his "Miss Elizabeth"..I think people would get a kick out of it...

So does this mean that when something happens that we don't like we can blame U? lol

The selfish side of me wants to continue being able to read about your insights into professional wrestling.

The better side of me knows that you're more valuable to the industry in your new position and wishes you the best.

Thanks for everything that you have done here at Ringside Posts.

Congratulations on your new gig Kevin. Your blogs were something I always looked forward too whenever a PPV came by and hearing your thoughts on RAW, Smackdown, TNA and all other wrestling related articles was a pleasure. I wish you the best in your new career as a member of the WWE creative team.

Good luck on the new job Kevin. Will be missing your blog and thoughts on the world of pro wrestling. // a reader from Sweden

Wow, Kevin, thanks and congrats to you! I wish you the very best in your professional career.


First of all congratulations! This is an amazing opportunity for you and I wish you all the best. I will most certainly miss reading this blog, it has been one of my few news sources on the industry and I will be hard pressed to find a blog that lives up to this one. Are you allowed to tell us what you're role will be within the company? If not that's fine I'm just curious. Once again thank you for sharing your thoughts and opinions for four years. Good luck!

Kudos to Dan & MCW, indeed! Never under-estimate the value of indy wrestling. (You obviously won't, Kev.)

Congrats on the new move, I hope you get to book at least one HBK segment during your time there! ;)

I wonder how long til HBK is back and gets 5 yr run as champ

Many congratulations on your new job Kevin. I am personally excited and disappointed at the same time! Your blog has been my first point of call following any WWE show in the last 3 years or so.

Good luck in the future, any chance you can start the WWE Ring Posts blog?

Kind regards

Congrats man that's truly amazing! Great for you and good luck! We will miss you here

You better do your part to make sure Punk isn't an afterthought by WM. Good luck!

Good luck to you Kevin. You're the best choice to represent the voice of the IWC.

Go a be a part of history. Help make WWE TV the must see event of Monday nights.

Keep us guessing (but don't jump the shark).

"Ring Posts" has been my favorite blog, of any stripe. It's the only one I read regularly. And you are far and away the most interesting and insightful wrestling writer that I read. I'll miss reading you here, and but I watch WWE and I'm glad you'll be contributing.

Thanks, and good luck.

Congrats Kev! I've been reading Ring Posts for a couple years ago and it's solely responsible for rekindling my love for wrestling. While I'm a little sad to see it go I'm much happier to hear that you're going to be working for the WWE!


Congratulations! What a fantastic opportunity. I couldn't believe it when I heard.

You are enjoying WWE as they transition and have built up so much knowledge and experience, hopefully it will lead onto major things.

I have really enjoyed the Ring Posts blog over the years and appreciate the extra effort you have put into this.

Look forward to watching your output going forwards!


Congrats Kevin, I hope the job is good to you and you don't end up on Lagana's podcast too soon. And since I have the ear of a member of creative, don't forget us 10n percenters. WWWYKI

See you on Dave Lagana's I Want Wrestling podcast in 6 months as part of the "Formerly Creative" bunch!

Wow! Congratulations! First off, thanks for the great blog and of every time you've taken the time to respond to my comments.
After getting to know your thoughts on pro wrestling through this forum and your taste in WWE Superstars both past and present, I have no doubt that the WWE product will immensely benefit from having you on board! I can't wait to see a piece of your creativity manifest itself on my TV screen every Monday and Friday night!

Congratulations, Kevin. I've been a longtime reader of your blog, and I cannot count how many times I have read your excellent posts and thought, "Man, I wish this guy was on the creative team."

I'm glad to see you joining WWE, and I know your input will definitely make their creative team stronger. You've proven that you have a real insight and a creative streak that they would have been fools to overlook. Glad to see they're smarter than that!

Good luck in your future endeavors!!

Kevin, I can't thank you enough. I was able to read this blog for more than a year and I loved hearing your opinion. Although there will still be wrestling outlets on this site, it won't be the same. You're the one man who I just loved going to for a preview or thoughts about a wrestling show or anything wrestling. I've even satirized you in my fanfiction stories. Adios, Kevin. Best of luck at WWE. If I had no incentive to watch WWE before this, I will now just because the thought of you on the creative team of the number-one wrestling company in the world is a thrill. When you walked through those Baltimore doors in 2007, you were creating a great chapter of your life. More than four years later, you're ready to venture into another chapter: The WWE. Give me an e-mail or something if you want to talk about wrestling ( or maybe I'll do it. I'm not a psycho stalker or anything like that. Just paying my respects to this blog. Goodbye, Ring Posts. And goodbye, Kevin Eck.

Congratulations, Kevin.

So, Kev, now that you don't have to be impartial anymore, tell us what you REALLY think about TNA. ;)

Well congrats Kevin at getting the job at WWE creative team. When I see a fued or angle going on in the WWE I'll think to myslef: "I wonder if Kevin is planned this." I hope you keep us up to date on how your doing.

Good luck and be safe.

I feel like e-hugging you, man. I've been reading your column for a long time now, and I'm so proud to see you going to WWE. I'm sure you'll do awesomely there.

I just got an amazing job today too, which could explain why I'm so sentimental about it, but seriously, so proud of you, Eck.

I don't believe I have ever left a comment here, but nonetheless have greatly enjoyed reading this blog for a few good years now. I'm sad to see it go, but couldn't be happier for your entering the WWE.

As Good ol' JR would say, "business is about to pick up!"

Also how do you become a creative writer in pro wrestling? Just asking.

Hey keu im happy for ya man! Im also kinda sad because i recently just discovered this blog. The blog quickly became the highlight of my day and will surely miss it. There is one more thing i have to say .WRESTLEMANIa should be AUSTIN VS TAKER. WHAT DO U THINK?

Congrats, Kevin. I read alot of your stuff and most of what you say is the same way I feel or would do things if I had the chance to. I don't know exactly how much say you'll have but if you get a good bit of say, try get the tag, IC and U.S. championships back to respectability. And find something worthy for Jack Swagger, Evan Bourne, Drew Mc., Justin Gabriel and Wade Barrett to do instead of the ways they been used recently. I've been on some of these wrestling website message boards defending and trying to tell them who Kevin Eck is. Go make B'More and Maryland proud. Oh by the way, it won't be Schmuck doing the wrestling coverage will it?

Kevin: Good luck in your new job @ CT. Looks as if I will be deleting a favorite in my PC.

Good stuff,
The reason I've enjoyed your work.

Storytelling, not disection or "paralysis by analysis"

Take your skills and everytime I watch my favourite distraction, I hope I your involvement shines through!

Hope yo've passed the baton on and we see another chap/chapess provide us with turnbuckle opinion to chew on.


u shall missed bud!wish u all the best with the new job!no doubt ull make the wwe a better, even more exciting place

Thank you Kevin, and good luck. WWE made a good hire with you.

Kevin, congrats on the new job!! I'm going to miss your blog, which honestly is the only one I read regarding wrestling. Don't forget us little people!

Congratulations. I have loved following your blog for the last several years. I am proud to be one of the millions, and millions, of Ecksters.

Best wishes in your future endeavors.

Major congrats to you, as u will be missed here at the Sun, hearing your going to be a part of creative makes it all the worth it for us as a fan, I cant imagine your excitement, it is something i think i have secretly always wanted to do, Way to go congrats and when we see a new exciting idea, we will assume its yours :) take care,

Congrats Kevin!! Good to see you are moving to a role that you will hopefully love!

I am sure I speak for many in saying we will truly miss your blog! I have been reading it for 3 years and you have been one of the main reasons I got reinvested in wrestling!

Best of luck!!!

Congrats Kev. I've read for years but never posted before. This is a huge gain for WWE.

Congrats on a great run Kevin, even more excited they hired a "wrestling guy" instead of the typical "soap oprea guy".
The wheels turn slow but you can make em move and get your old buddy Lucious Logan Kelly booked for some shows:)

Kevin, Baltimore's loss will be WWE's gain. Best of luck to you and your family. You will be sorely missed in Baltimore by the wrestling and sports community.

Congratulations and thank you. Your blog has been a wonderful blend of front stage and back stage commentary that has greatly added to my enjoyment of sports entertainment.

congrats, everyone loves ur blog and everyone will love u creative ideas, good luck

Congratulations Kevin, your blog has been a staple for my wrestling geekness for a long time, best of luck in your new position!! You will be sorely missed by all your Ring Post fans.

WOW! Congratulations Kevin! That'd be a lot of people's dream job! I'm sure you'll be a fantastic part of the WWE team!

I've loved your blog since I discovered it a few years ago, and I think I've probably read everyone of your posts. This is fully deserved in my opinion, and I wish you every luck in the future.

Joe =]

Kevin, I looked forward to your blog almost as much as the broadcasts themselves, and all my friends in the UK had your blog recommended to them. You will be missed across the pond.

Your readers and comment writers- we all feel like major leaguers today!!

I am stunned.

Well, I'll get over it as long you don't create the next Kizarny.

Congrats on gettin hired by WWE, WRITE SOMETHING TO BRING AXL INTO WWE!!!

Great news, Kevin. Congrats!

Having said that, will a certain WWE employee still be attending Bound For Glory in Phily?

Congratulations Kevin. Like most people have said you've been my go to wrestling site for years now and the fact that you're going to work for WWE shows why. Would appreciate your views on which site you would now follow if you were me. There's a lot of rubbish out there that I would prefer to avoid if possible. Thanks and best wishes.

New Zealand

First Vince steps aside.
Now Eck moves in,

Thanks for the blog and good luck

Sad to see best wrestling blog on the internet end, but always glad to see someone get a chance to work their dream job. Congrats!

Congrats! I knew something was up when there were no updates the last few days, of course little did I know you were getting a new job. While I'll miss your column, I am happy you are getting this opportunity. Selfishly I'm happy that finally someone knowledgeable about this business has been asked to contribute to it. I am hopeful fans will reap the benefit of your input to the creative process. I also hope WWE will give you a loud voice, and not just make you a voice in the crowd.

Well, we will all miss this blog. it was really my favorite place to come for any wrestling information about WWE/TNA. Good luck in WWE Kev and for the love of god place reinvigorate the tag team division to matter.

Warmest congratulations, Kevin. I hope the excellence and passion we've grown accustomed to on Ring Posts continues in your new career. So from now on, when anything good happens on WWE, we'll think to ourselves, "That must be Eck's idea."


I have been reading your blog for quite a while, at least 6 or 7 years. While I have not always agreed with everything you write, you have always entertained. While I hope the RingPosts Blog continues, I 'd hate to be the person to follow in your footsteps. Here's an old catchphrase from Shawn Michaels after he first went solo with a little twist:


Congratulations and good luck. The Sun's Loss is definitely the WWE's gain.

I want to cry.

But I won't, of course.

I've been reading your blog since the summer of 2008 and I have been hooked ever since. I have probably checked your blog at least once a day since then, even on my lunch break at work. Thank you for all your insight into professional wrestling and allowing other fans to comment and leave their insight as well. I can only hope that whatever and whoever the Baltimore Sun replaces you with will be half the blogger that you are.

Now go work on ending the Brand Extension.

Good luck, Kevin. You've had a lot of good ideas in the past in this Blog. I hope that you get to really implement them. I hope this is not why Gail Kim left! (LOL)

I guess that is why there was no review of the TNA PPV. Understandable now.

Good luck in your new job, Kev. We know you'll do great given that you are as big a fan as most of us. I check your blog almost daily from Va Beach. Thanks for all the time you've taken to provide us with insightful and funny thoughts and information.

Good luck in your new job, Kev. We know you'll do great given that you are as big a fan as most of us. I check your blog almost daily from Va Beach. Thanks for all the time you've taken to provide us with insightful and funny thoughts and information.

Don't get brainwashed by the Dark Side and turn on the O's & Ravens to the Yankees, Red Sox and Patriots!

I pretty much started to cry when my brother told me that this blog was done BUT I am so happy for you. If anyone deserves a job on WWE creative it's you.

And if Rated Eck ever makes it on TV I will mark out like nobody has ever marked out before.


This is Ryan from Hong Kong, and I've been your blog's reader for 3 years. Kind of sad to see this blog ends but best wishes to your run in WWE.

Congratulations, Kevin!! It's good to see the WWE hiring someone who loves the business as much as you do. I enjoyed reading your blog over the years, and I look forward to seeing what you're up to with the WWE.

Kevin, Congratulations! I've been following your blog since it first came out and I've literally been checking your blog everyday for any new posts. I started watching wrestling about two weeks before I stumbled on your blog, and reading them has definitely played a huge role in making me a huge fan as well. Best of luck in the WWE!

I have so enjoyed your work since coming across it about 2 years ago. I check it every day for new entries. I only regularly read 2 wrestling blogs, and yours was my favorite of the two. You never came off as negative, critical, and downright annoying like so many internet wrestling writers do. You were always just a fan writing about something he loves. Thank you and may God bless your new opportunity.

Huge congrats Kevin. Been reading your blog here for the last couple of years and been a big-time fan of it for awhile. Seriously very awesome that the WWE is bringing you on board. From all of the good, interesting commentary you've had on the WWE's efforts recently, I hope that you have a nice good impact with the creative team there :)

Congrats! and Go Ravens!

Congratulations Mr. Eck for getting a job with WWE. Out of all the wrestling websites out there, your opinion is the only one that i've liked over the years and I have always agreed with what you've had to say about the wrestling business. You've taught me so much in how the business works and I thank you. I've never posted a comment before because I never really knew what else to say other than what a great opinion you seem to have on everything you type on here. Hope you enjoy the WWE. Again, congratulations, this must be really exciting for you!

Freaking amazing, this made my day!!!
Seeing a truly dedicated wrestling fan get to live the dream and do it in a classy manner. I guess it's just twitter for now - @manasviabrol.

Good luck, Kevin. Thanks for informing us with this column and best wishes in your new responsibilities.

Kevin, speaking as one newspaper sports guy to another, I am confident that "sports entertainment" offers better long-term employment prospects than our fast-fading business. I have enjoyed your "Ring Posts" for several years. Best of luck to you.

I'm out in Los Angeles and have been reading your blog for a few years. Any chance you can still blog once in a while like JR? Will definitely miss you blogging on TNA though.

Its about damn time!

Seriously though congrats on the new job Mr Eck, your blog has kept me upto date with wrestling while my passion for sitting and watching it fell alway. This is the only place I'd think about coming to for a quality review of the shows, a voice of reason on the internet full of self important idiots. So thank you for all the time and effort you have put into these blogs off your own back, when i was watching wrestling 10+ hours a week it have me a new perspective and when i couldn't spend another minute with wrestling on TV i could still bullshit a conversation with fellow wrestling fans i know online or in person. Tough shoes to fill but even tougher being our voice in the company... Zack Ryder to have the IC title by christmas you hear us!? (just kidding)

Added you on facebook, will follow on twitter once i work twitter out (its still new to me) now what would a wrestling post be without a... NA NA NA NA, NA NA NA NA HEY HEY HEY GOODBYE!

WHAT! thats awesome dude.... though im sad to see this blog go....

Thank you Kevin - clap - clap - clapclapclap...

...both for what you've done and for what you're about to do.

Much respect from the West coast. It's clear that your efforts have been appreciated by a great many. So, let our praise and best wishes be the wind in your sails. Full speed ahead.


I can honestly say that I don't read many blogs but Ring Posts was a must-read for me since the day I found it. To find someone who had such a passion for professional wrestling and give such in-depth analysis was a dream come true for a near 30-year fan.

I will truly miss reading this blog. But what myself along with all the other readers is that you will help make WWE just a little bit better. While Ring Posts was a blessing for all of us, we hope that your position in WWE will bring outstanding entertainment to all the fans of the sweet science.

Thanks, Eck and all the best to you. We'll miss ya....

Congrats Kevin and best of luck working for WWE. As a lifelong WWE fan, I'm excited about you joining the creative team because I know your involvement will be nothing but a positive for the product.

While this is my first time posting a comment on your blog, I've enjoyed reading it since I discovered it over a year ago. In particular, I enjoyed reading your reviews of all the major TV and PPV shows because your opinion is one of the few on the internet I genuinely respect.

In closing, I hope living your dream is even better than you could have ever imagined it. Take care.

your drive to do what it is you love is very inspiring to me
thank you

and thank you for the ring posts! i'll miss them


Well now what am I supposed to do at work? Work?!

Well done and even more Well Deserved! I'm looking forward to your contribution Kevin!

All the best in your Future Endeavours!

Good luck to you, Mr. Eck. You have always been a great source of information and someone for us fans to use as a sounding board for whether or not our ideas would make sense in the industry. I'm not surprised that you got an opportunity like this, I'm just surprised it was with WWE. I was expecting this to happen for you with ROH in 6 months when they moved their TV production to Baltimore.

You will be missed. I wish you the best in your future endeavors. This truly is Awesome with a capital A.

Oh, and good luck in your inevitable quest to get Velvet Sky to come to the WWE Universe.


Good Luck Kevin!
All the best mate.
Only discovered your blogs about a year and a half ago. Really enjoyed reading ur views.

Wow you're getting a lot of love here! And rightly so.

I’ve been reading your blog for about two years and you are one of the only wrestling bloggers who’s writing made sense and clearly connected with a lot of readers. Best of luck at the E Kevin. And make sure to tell the stories of working for Vince when you get back!

Congratulations Kevin, what a great opportunity. Wish you all the best in your new job, I'm sure you will be a success, you have a great mind for the business. On a selfish note, i will miss your blogs

Let hhh know I think his character sucks. Don't eat the food. There might be roids in it. Try to make it less boring. Come up with an angle for Tatsu and I'll watch. Have a nice summer. Thanks for the blog and the opportunity to sound off;p

Wwe creative is an oxymoron. Straightedges don't drink redbull.

Congrats and all the best. I will miss reading your articles. Hopefully the WWE will become a little bit better with your input.

Congrats and all the best. I will miss reading your articles. Hopefully the WWE will become a little bit better with your input.

Congratulations Kevin! I'm a fan of yours from Malaysia...have been reading your articles for a very long long time...I really hope that when you are now a part of WWE creative team, the storyline about WWE shows (esp. NXT!) will be better and more relevant too..All the best and good luck!

WOW! Good for you Kevin! I have been an avid follower of your blog for only about a year now and, like many others, have enjoyed your insight and reporting. Good luck in Stamford! Maybe we will catch you doing interviews in the back some day?

Congratulations Kevin! I'm very happy for you! WWE finally gave you a nod after all these years! You've always wanted to turn John Cena heel which WWE never did, now this is a great opportunity to pitch in that idea now you'll be writing storylines for them. :) Great work, man. Kudos!

Best of luck....btw i hope they don't feed writers during meetings and starve them...while vince n stephanie eat like pigs in front of them...hope that changes...

and kevin...please do tell CM Punk....that i am his no.1 fan from INDIA!

@ kevin....

How about you give your thoughts on the last smackdown and raw one final time...

and 370!

Fantasic news Kevin!

Congratulations on your new role!

P.S I've enjoyed your blog immensely and you getting your new role is an inspiring journey!

Congrats Kevin! Have been reading the blog for years and both you and it will be sorely missed... But what an opportunity for you! Looking forward to reading your autobiography in a few years time, which will hopefully include how you convinced WWE to turn Cena heel and induct Randy Savage to the HoF. I'm a big Charger fan, but your passion for all things Baltimore has made the Ravens my second team. Best of luck for the future, and what a bright one it will be for WWE with your mind on board.

The selfishness in me is sad that I will no longer be able to read your thoughts, ideas, and reviews of various wrestling events. I am extremely happy for you and your family however, and as a current aspiring professional wrestler myself, I hope to one day be able to talk to you face to face!

Oh my god... it's so clear now...


Goodbye, kev. You did a great job.

I heard your good news from my friend, REFEREE TONYA STEVENS who is now with MCW. She's still trying to get her foot in the door of WWE. Will you be interviewing the King in Frederick tomorrow?

A final comment/memory.Last July '10 I was vacationng in Ocean City, Md.I was on the beach listening to Peter Schmuck's sportsline radio show on WBAL. All of a sudden there was Kevin Eck calling in to have pre-match words with his opponent that evening. Most of the talk was of course Orioles/Ravens but that all changed with your call about a wrestling match. It's a shame you couldn't have a loser leave town match with Schmuck but I guess we'd all know the outcome. Again best wishes.

Well done Kevin. I'm Scottish and live in Glasgow. Stumbled across this blog just after it started and I've checked in ever since. Great to see a fan and I guy who 'gets' wrestling get a job on creative.

Sure you'll do a great job mate. All the best!

I have never posted on this, nut just wanted to say congrats and good luck. Really enjoyed your blog.

Congratulations man, really enjoyed reading your blog!


I've always loved pro wrestling, there was a time in my life where I stopped watching it, as everyone else around me had to I went along with it. I live in the UK, I started watching it again in 2007 and came across your blogs almost immediately.

Ever since then I have been reading Ring Post as my only source of the 'IWC'. I have never commented on one of your articles before, because I never had anything to argue against, I seemed to agree with everything you said.

I will genuinely miss reading them, I really wish you good luck with the WWE. It must be a dream job! Hopefully you will keep your twitter updated on what you are doing on a regular basis!

Thank you. Congratulations. Your a good man.

You have to take action to make your dreams come true, you have done that.

I think half of the reason why I read this blog was the blog itself, and the other half were the comments. I would read every single comment (even on this one, took me forever).

I would read this blog at work. I would hurry up and copy the whole thing, paste it in notepad, close the browser, and read the blog/comments and not be suspected since I didn't have the "internet" open. I'm gonna miss being shifty.

Since I can't read updates anymore, I will have to resort to poring over the archives.

Congrats Kevin! That is great news...

Item #1 on your agenda at WWE needs to be to bring back the TV-14... We need more blood, adult content, and the Women need to go back to Bra and Panties matches, Paddle on a Pole matches, etc.

Good luck Kevin - please remember to fire Hornswoggle or at least keep him off our TV....and please do all in your power to keep the "belt" on Christian.

Do you recommend any other Blogs to follow in your absence?

Congrats and good luck on your new job. Your blog has been instrumental in me getting back into wrestling and looking forward to wrestling nights. Having that extra little insight makes things that much more interesting. Thanks for the work you've done!!!

Good luck, Mr. Eck. All the best with the WWE.

One question: Will Kelly Kelly continue to dominate now that you're with the company? LOL.

Hi Kevin

I am distarught and elated all at the same time. I really hope you are able to put your mark on story lines and bring back the magic to wwe.
Reading your comments on how you would have handled the storylines i often thought "I wish!"
Now I have my wish, good luck fella!! Keep er Lit!!

Well earned, Kevin. Thanks so much for providing the blog and making it informative and entertaining - and thanks to the Sun for giving you your platform for 4 illustrious years. Best of luck to you in the WWE - we're all happy for you.

Best of luck mate. You wrote a great blog and I enjoyed it immensely. I'm looking forward to seeing your stamp on WWE. Thanks for the great blog and all the best to you.

Thanks for notposting my comments. Glad to see what happens with wwe creative employees. You'll fit right in . . . Welcome to the machine.


Sorry Kev, someone had to say it and I couldn't believe that in 400 comments someone hadn't said it already, but I didn't see it.

Seriously though, congratulations on your new position, sorry to see 'Ring Posts' go! Take care, best of luck and be patient, it's going to take time to affect any type of change up there.

Congrats it took a lot of *** kissing but you made it. Now I get why you buried TNA and always praised WWE. I used to think this guy must be on the WWE payroll. Anyway just what the WWE needed a guy who think John Cena is a better wrestler than Samoa Joe.

Apologies. You posted my comments. I forgot about the east coast timezone. Welcome to the machine stands. I respect your passion.

Huge congratulations Eck!
This was the best blog on the net - but if you get your way 'up north' there will finally be a chance to wipe TNA away!

Good luck in the new role - WWE will be much better off now.

I thought it seemed like they were almost following your suggestions and ideas recently, perhaps that was indeed the case.

I hope you can add a link to your facebook here or on twitter, as I was not able to find you last night. I'll try again.

Congrats and good luck.

Wow, congratulations, Kev! This is indeed awesome news. We'll miss your Ring Posts articles, but I'm happy that you're getting to live your dream! Looking forward to better storylines in WWE and will keep on rooting for you in your new role.


I wish you the best of luck. I stumbled upon this blog around 2008 and occasionally commented under various names. It was always a pleasure reading your insight, keeping track of news, and getting a glimpse of people through interviews. It also gave me a few tips on how to handle my own blog for Penn State sports a few years ago.
You blogged about great ideas over the years for feuds and storylines. I hope in Stamford you're given your due and your ideas aren't swept under the rug. Knock 'em dead in Connecticut, sir.


Huge congrats to you.

Your blog is (was) the main reason I got back into wrestling after years of hiatus from watching. I even went to my first ever show a few months back.

I always had a feeling that wwe was sometimes reading your posts and coming up with similar ideas for their storylines (your hiring proves that theyve been paying attention).

I'll miss reading your insights into the business, i enjoyed checking in daily and being disappointed if there was a new entry.

I have no doubt that big things are in-store for Rated Eck - good luck and runnnn wiiillllddd on the wwe brotha!!


Congrats, you'll be head writer in no time. Is the baltimore sun looking for someone to take over ring posts?

Congratulations are in order I think. Good luck on the inside!

As an occational comenter and very regular reader I have to thank you for your consistantly insightful and entertaining commentary. I salute you, sir.

Kev, Ring Posts over the years has integrated itself into my intake of wrestling. The transition from being a blog on the internet, into the home of all happenings in & out of the squared circle was seamless. I'd watch along wondering what your views were/ would be. I'll truly miss the blog. I respect few others views & opinions on the subject as highly as I do yours. Must also praise the writing & with it, enjoyment that reading Ring Posts has provided. Looking at the comments, countless others agree too. It has never been a chore, even when watching the product, at times, was. If a couple blog posts were missed, it was a joy to catch up on your views. Good luck Kev, a dream it seems has been realised. The WWE's great roll continues on.

A few suggestions you could use in your first big meeting":

1. The WWE could have a battle with the ruling power that could be called "the Network"

2. Put the World title on an actor, maybe someone like David Arquette.

3. Clever vinettes, like maybe having a superstar get amnesia, and then be found living with degenerates in some town, maybe Cleveland.

Well, think it over.

Well Kev, it's time to play the gaaaaaaaaame! As a professional writer and professional wrestling fan, I can't even begin to describe how much respect I have for you and how happy I am for you. If it weren't for your blog, I may not be watching wrestling on TV right now. Most weeks, your blog was better than the shows. The night of Punk-Cena at Mitb, I happened to order the ppv simply because I didn't have much going on that night. I posted on this site it was the first ppv I'd ordered in 12 years. I was so happy that night, like it was a joyful return to my youth that I never expected to happen. But I can honestly say, after hearing this news, I'm even happier than I was on that night. When good things happen to good people, it makes me happy, and if you're not down with that, I got two words for ya...

and three more words: Greatest. Blog. Ever.

also, I submit my vote for Andrew, with his super cena vs super shane no sell comment, to either join the creative team as well or take over this blog. Someone keep this thing going!

Congratulations to you Kev. WWEs gain is our loss on this side. Good articles like yours are a lost art. Have as much fun as we wish we could have in your position!

Can you answer me one question? Do you think we will ever see some venom from Cena when it comes to The Rock?

WOW. Just WOW. I've been a quiet reader for years now, and I can tell you all the way from Europe that your blog will be missed.

But, congrats man. You did it (again!). From now on, everytime I see a good piece of storyline I'll think "Eck is doing a great job!".

But then again... DAMN!

You will be missed. I read your blog all the time and I thank you and best of luck

Congrats & Good Luck

Congrats and thank you Kevin. Vince really dosen't miss a beat does he !

Tough break for this Eck'oholic, but have found this the best, most balanced viewpoint in the IWC bar none. Good luck and thank you.

Congratulations on the new job! I have been a reader since blog post #1. Now where am I suppose to get my wrestling insight news from?

@ Steve


There are unconfirmed rumours this has been the cause of all the civil unrest in London of late...

Congrats Kev - you truly deserve this gig, and like everyone else, I know WWE will be in safe hands, but will miss your blog terribly. You were our voice of the voiceless. Thank you.

So YOU'RE the guy they hired instead of me! You, sir, have started a war!
Joking. Congrats on the gig and have a blast. Make sure Santino stays on TV and you'll have my eternal gratitude.


Your blog will be missed. No other newspaper I am aware of offered sensible well-thought out wrestling blogs or articles.

Being from Pittsburgh your anti Steelers rhetoric was always a good read, misplaced as it was.

Good luck with the WWE


This is the worst! Of course, I'm just being selfish as I have really enjoyed reading your posts.

Good luck to you in all your future endeavors.

Congrats, i'll miss the blog, I've literally read this thing every week since I found it back in 2007. Good luck with WWE.

Well done Kev. My love of wrestling was reakwakend around the same time you started writing this and it's been a constant pleausure reading it.

Good luck, do us all proud.

I'm disappointed to lose your blog, but am thankful that you took the time not only to write it, but to engage with us readers in the comments section. Here's hoping that you can help WWE regain some of the magic it has lost over the last decade. Thank you, Kevin, and best of luck!

I feel as if one of my friends finaly hit made it big.

If you aint down with that.I got two words for ya.....


Well, finally I was able to access your blog and all I wanted to write has already been written over a hundred times.

Nontheless - Thank you from a German wrestling fan who often has been frustrated by the IWC and their blogs and writers, and then I found yours and I've become a fan of RINGPOSTS ever since. You have the uncanny ability to critique but in an entertaining manner and your points have mostly been fair and I found myself often agreeing.

Congratulations for getting your dream-job. I'm very happy to see the WWE hire somebody with your skills and this is really just an awesome news as far as I'm concerned - although I will certainly miss your blogs and reports.

Thank you for all you've done and go get 'em! The sky is the limit for you, I truly believe that

Kevin, first time commenting on your blog. Wow, well I am excited for you and I am SO going to miss your blog. Your realism and passion were evident in your blog posts. I will really miss you, your realism and your passion!

Good luck!!

I've read your blog for the past two years I think (my long term memory isn't so good) and I've never commented before but I had to because I wanted to tell you that I will miss you and your blog.

Congratulations on the new job.

I WILL MISSS YOOOUUUUUUUU. in a totally platonic way.

Congratulations, Kevin, and good luck with your new job. I've been reading your blog for a few years now, and I will miss your insight into the business.

Thank you.

Any ideas of a replacement blog to read?


I stumbled onto your blog about a year ago, and I have loved it ever since. I liked your insight and commentary, and I will miss reading your entries and your Ring Posts Xtra videos. I hope you can be a great creative force in WWE for a long time!

congratulations, and good luck.

Your commentary will be greatly missed.

Now i need to find a new place in the web to read about "wrestling" any suggestions?

I wish you well in your future endeavors.

Good luck Kevin! Your blog will be missed. I hope you have great success as a member of the WWE creative team. Hopefully you'll knock some sense into a few heads.


I will miss you terribly. My dad introduced me to your blog a little over a year ago, and since then waiting for your next post became a weekly highlight. The Dad and I always loved talking about your blog of the week and what you had to say, especially if you followed our logic or were on the other fence completely. HOWEVER, it is great to know that you will be working on the WWE creative team because we (this would be me, my dad and the 451 other commenters) know that there is someone on OUR side who knows what we, as fans, want to see. The WWE couldn't have made a better choice. Thus, GOOD LUCK to you in your future endeavors with the WWE. Now, go prove to the rest of the Universe that CM PUNK is the rightful CHAMP!!!

Congrats Eck! Glad to see WWE recognized your talents. You deserve just convince HBK to be the Raw GM

As much as I will miss reading your thoughts and comments here I take comfort in the thought that such a great creative mind will be helping to shape the sport we all love so much. Congrats and kudos to you and the WWE for entering into such a great relationship.

I wish you all the best in your future endeavors. ;) Seriously, though, congratulations. I look forward to WWE's product with you on the payroll. Thank you for all of your contributions to this blog. Take care.

Hi Kevin. I am another fan of your blog from Melbourne Australia. Congrats on the new job. Hopefully your insight will improve the creative direction of the WWE. Thanks for all your efforts in keeping us entertained with your writings and videos. You and all your impersonations will be sorely missed.

Congrats, Kevin! Rock it out and seriously, help improve the Divas division! ;)

Congratulations, Kevin! If one tenth of the ideas you expose here are true, WWE will be a lot more interesting to watch!
I discovered your blog soon after I started getting back into wrestling, at the end of 2009, and it immediately became a must read for me and my friends. At the beginning of 2009, we created, here in France, our own website dedicated to pro wrestling, Les Cahiers du Catch (, which became quite successful by F0rench standards. Your blog was the first one we linked to, and you have always been a great source of inspiration and debate for us. I speak for several hundreds French fans when I say that Ringposts is (was) one of the most avidly read and respected blogs here. You have a lot of fans in France, and we'd be more than happy to buy you a glass of wine if you ever come to Paris, just send me a email (I filled in the personal info :-)). Seriously. Good luck in your future endeavours, you helped us understand WWE, now help it to get as good as we dream of!
(And sign Tom La Ruffa, he's great!)

Kevin - Take Care.

Kevin Eck and Joey Styles -
Together in the same company.

A Jim Cornette and a Paul Heyman away from reuniting The 4 Horseman.

Right on !!!

Time for Eck to shake things up along with C.M. Punk!! I enjoyed your blog, and found it very enjoyable to read as it was the anti-IWC blog. You'v done a great work at the Sun and hope you do even better at WWE. Congrats and best of luck
Matt Champion

Will miss this blog. But I am very pleased for you, and it is good to see that someone with a true love of the business is getting a well deserved opportunity.
Wishing you all the best.

Have fun at WWE. Maybe you can make a the winged eagle belt come back, plus make it be called RAW is WAR Zone again! That doesn't matter so much as it is a good RAW is WAR Zone and not the John Cena mumbo jumbo TALK REAL LOAD be real quiet stuff anymore. The more BRET HART the better.

Congrats! You probably don't remember, but I had a great time talking wrestling with you on a bus trip to Philadelphia for Lockdown a few years ago. I'm sure you'll do great at WWE!

Dear Kevin,

I have enjoyed your blog immensely for the last two-years plus now as I've learned a few things by reading your blog every week. Your passion for the industry shines through in your work as I think you do one hell of a job.

My best wishes to you and your family, Kevin. In WWE, I'll be watching for your shine on the product. Congratulations!

Congratulations, Kevin. Thank you for the many years of reporting on the wrestling scene.

WWE will be a better organization with your creative energy and I look forward to seeing your influences there.

Take it to the next level!

Congratulations, Kevin. What an amazing opportunity! Thank you for the many years of reporting on the wrestling scene.

WWE will be a better organization with your creative energy and I look forward to seeing your influences there.

Take it to the next level!


So boring! Why would u! lol

What blog should i read now???

Anyway, i am happy that u fulfilled another dream in your life...

What a thing!

Best Wishes...

I think I speak for pretty much all of Kevin's readers when I say - I hope the Sun continues Ring Posts. Whoever replaces him will have big shoes to fill (figuratively - not in Gilbert Arenas style).

A suggestion to the Sun Powers that Be, until you figure out if there is going to be a permanent replacement for Kevin on the Blog, have someone post an entry for each of the 3 main wrestling programs each week - Raw, Impact and Smackdown - to provide a forum for the readers to comment on the show. All you would need for that is someone to review and approve the comments for each entry, even if they don't really follow the wrestling storylines. That would preserve a little of the community Kevin's efforts built over the last 4 years.

I know I'm a few days behind but I became somewhat worried after I didn't see any summerslam posts.

Congrats on your new gig! I've been reading your column for a few years now. I use to sneak away and read your stuff back when I was bouncing at a nite club in Ocean City and now while I'm sitting in my office in Frederick, passing your name along to those who still carry a passion for pro wrestling.

I know you have some great ideas and I'm excited to see where the WWE is heading. Good luck

p.s. see if you can do something about that ridiculous looking WWE Championship and the Tag Team championships. They look like silly plastic toys slung over their shoulders. Thanks

I would enjoy seeing a Legends Division in the WWE -- guys over 45 who are still in shape .... Powers, Roma, Beefcake, Santana, Road Warrior Animal, and even guys who never wrestled in the WWE, but were big in other areas ... former WCW, NWA and AWA guys who are still active on the independent circuit. Those Legends Reunions draw tons of fans.

WOW! Talk about a body slam, talk about breaking news, talk about a REAL SHOCKER!
Like many others, I am both extremely happy for you, and sad that your going. For many of us in the "know", while there are many many sites out there, dedicated to wrestling, or wrestling news, Kevin, you put them ALLLLLLLLLLLLLLL TOO SHAMEI You were smart, inciteful, and you have the knowledge of the glorious past.
I admit, I'm quite jealous also as I have watched WWF and wanted to work for them since the 1st time I saw wrestling..
it was shown on WWOR TV, channel 9 here on NY/Long Island. That was where, for the 1st time I ever saw something on TV that drew me in, (next too seeing Thurman Munson)Seeing "Polish Power" Ivan Putski I was HOOKED 1st images I remember was him clubbing some rube with the "hammer" as the guy bounced off the ropes, WHAM he went down, and WHAM, my eyes bulged, I was hooked. I'm gonna be 39 in December and proud of what I watch

Keep us in your thoughts man, and if you ever need some help, maybe bounce some ideas around, anything I can do, please, ask away. It'd be my honor to help in any way I could. Besised watching everyweek, hitting up the we sites and

See ya off the turnbuckle
Eddie H.

Great news for you, but terrible news for rasslin' journalism. Congrats!

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