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July 18, 2011

WWE Money in the Bank thoughts

Now that the much-anticipated CM Punk-John Cena match at WWE’s Money in the Bank pay-per-view is history, there are more questions than answers as to what’s next for Punk, but at least one thing is certain:

On Sunday night, CM Punk became a “made man.”

In what was advertised as Punk’s last appearance with WWE due to his contract expiring at midnight, he defeated Cena for the WWE title and then stuck it to WWE chairman Vince McMahon by walking out of the company with the championship.

By doing so, Punk became an anti-establishment babyface who very well could become the next big thing in pro wrestling. Only time will tell, but at least the talented Punk now has the opportunity to prove that he can be a top guy.

The Punk-Cena match – which went nearly 35 minutes and took place before a raucous pro-Punk, anti-Cena crowd in Punk’s hometown of Chicago – was a fantastic climax to the best pay-per-view I’ve seen this year.


There were any number of scenarios being tossed around by wrestling fans and pundits as to how things were going to go down with Punk at this show. With Punk expected to take some time off, combined with the fact that McMahon said he would fire Cena “if Punk walks out with the championship,” I went with what seemed the most logical – and, admittedly, the most predictable – ending: Punk defeats Cena for the title, and then the Raw Money in the Bank Ladder Match winner – most likely Alberto Del Rio – cashes in the briefcase and wins the title from Punk thanks to McMahon’s interference.

As it turned out, after Punk beat Cena for the title, he was able to thwart Del Rio’s attempt to cash in the MITB contract (the bell never rang, so Del Rio did not blow his opportunity).

It will be very interesting to see if Punk goes through with his sabbatical, and if he does, just how long he’ll be gone. I’m certainly looking forward to Raw tonight to see if Punk makes a farewell speech and how McMahon addresses the WWE title situation.

As for whether Cena will be “fired,” my guess is that McMahon will say that instead of terminating Cena, he’d rather keep him around to make his life miserable. McMahon insinuated as much in an interview with Josh Matthews during the show.

Punk was not the only new world champion crowned at MITB, as Christian defeated Randy Orton for the world heavyweight championship, thanks to the stipulation that Orton would lose the title if he was disqualified.

Surprisingly, the Smackdown MITB Ladder Match – which did not have nearly the star power of its Raw counterpart – was the better of the two, and both were quite good. The result of the Smackdown match was a very pleasant surprise as well, as Daniel Bryan captured the briefcase.

It certainly was quite a night for hardcore fans, as Punk and Christian emerged as world champions, and Bryan now appears destined to become a world champion within a year.

Here is a match-by-match look at the show:

CM Punk defeated WWE champion John Cena to win the title (33:43): Not everything these two did was smooth, but their overall efforts combined with an electric atmosphere and terrific story-telling made this an instant classic and a strong Match of the Year contender. The pace was slow at the start, which was to be expected since they were going long. At about the 10-minute mark, Punk slapped hands with Colt Cabana, who was sitting in the front row but was never identified in commentary. At the 13-minute mark, Punk hit a cross-body off the top onto Cena, who looked as if he was going to roll through it, but that didn’t happen and Cena sold a knee injury, which he continued to do for the rest of the match. Punk took a big bump at 13:40 when Cena suplexed him from the apron onto the floor. Around the 20-minute mark, heel commentator Michael Cole was actually rooting for Cena.

At 21:40, Punk nailed Cena flush on the chin with a knee and followed up with a bulldog and flying elbow for a near fall. Cena caught Punk in the STF at 22:50, but Punk got to the ropes and forced a break. There was a great sequence near the 25-minute mark, as Punk went for a cross-body off the top, but Cena rolled through and set up for the Attitude Adjustment. Punk reversed it into a GTS attempt, but Cena reversed that into another STF. Punk eventually slipped out of the hold and locked on a neck vice submission. It looked as if Cena might get choked out, but he managed to get to his feet and hit the AA. Cena made the cover, but Punk kicked out. At 28:40, Cena hit a leg drop off the top for a near fall. A minute later, Cena landed another AA, but Punk again kicked out of Cena’s finisher. At that point, Cena smiled in disbelief as he questioned the referee on his count.

At the 31-minute mark, Cena set up for an AA off the top, but Punk countered with a huracanrana. Punk then hit the GTS, but Cena rolled out of the ring. Suddenly, WWE chairman Vince McMahon and executive vice president of talent relations John Laurinaitis walked halfway down the aisle. Cena applied the STF again, and McMahon frantically called for the bell to be rung (a nod to the Montreal Screwjob) and sent Laurinaitis running down to the ring. Cena, however, released the hold and decked Laurinaitis. Cena yelled to McMahon that he wasn’t going to win that way. Cena then got back in the ring, but he walked right into a GTS, and Punk pinned him to win the title as the crowd went nuts. An incensed McMahon stormed down to ringside, ripped Jerry Lawler’s headset off at the announce table and demanded that Alberto Del Rio come down to cash in his Raw Money in the Bank contract. Del Rio suddenly came running down the aisle and into the ring, but Punk was ready for him and nailed him with a kick to the head. Punk then taunted McMahon by blowing him a goodbye kiss before he exited through the crowd with the WWE title belt in his possession. A stunned McMahon looked as if he was on the verge of tears.

Christian defeated world heavyweight champion Randy Orton by disqualification to win the title (12:17): The crowd was firmly behind Christian and booed Orton, although not nearly as lustily as they would boo Cena later on. During the opening minutes of the match, the fans chanted “Let’s go Christian,” and Michael Cole said they were chanting “Let’s go Randy.” That was funny. At the 9:20 mark, Orton went for the RKO, but Christian turned it into the Killswitch for a great near fall. Christian then set up for a spear, but Orton leapfrogged Christian and got a near fall after hitting a neckbreaker from an inverted body vice. Just before the 12-minute park, Christian, who was cowering in the corner as Orton went on the attack, spit directly in Orton’s face. Orton went ballistic and kicked Christian low right in front of the referee, who disqualified Orton and awarded the championship to Christian.

WWE fooled me with the result of this match, as I thought it was just too obvious for Orton to lose the title on the disqualification stipulation. After the match, Orton destroyed Christian, twice hitting the RKO on the announce table (which didn’t break either time). The crowd, which had been against Orton, suddenly got behind him during the post-match beatdown. I was waiting for Smackdown Money in the Bank Ladder Match winner Daniel Bryan to come out and cash in on the helpless Christian – and there was a mild “Daniel Bryan” chant – but it didn’t happen. It doesn’t make Bryan look to smart, but I suppose he’ll say that he doesn’t want to win the title that way, which makes sense for his character.

Alberto Del Rio won the Raw Money in the Bank Ladder Match over Evan Bourne, Kofi Kingston, The Miz, Rey Mysterio, R-Truth, Alex Riley and Jack Swagger (15:52): All eight competitors had a ladder at the start of the match, and seven of them went after Del Rio, which made sense since he had attacked most of them with a ladder six days prior on Raw. Bourne delivered the biggest spot of the night when he hit Air Bourne off a big ladder outside the ring onto a group of opponents on the floor. At the 5-minute mark, Del Rio knocked The Miz and Bourne off a ladder, and Miz sold like he had blown out his knee. He was carried out and it was unclear at that point if it was planned or if he was legitimately hurt.

Near the 13-minute mark, Kingston and Swagger knocked each other off the ladder, and Kingston appeared to land on Swagger’s head, which looked scary. Miz then made a dramatic return, hopping on one leg to the ring. As Miz scaled the ladder, Mysterio prevented him from reaching the briefcase and delivered a sunset flip into a powerbomb off the ladder. The crowd booed Mysterio. It came down to longtime rivals Del Rio and Mysterio battling on the ladder. As they fought over the briefcase, Del Rio ripped off Mysterio’s mask, and both guys tumbled to the mat. As Mysterio stayed down to hide his face, Del Rio climbed the ladder again and grabbed the briefcase for the victory.

Daniel Bryan won the Smackdown Money in the Bank Ladder Match over Wade Barrett, Sin Cara, Justin Gabriel, Kane, Cody Rhodes, Sheamus and Heath Slater (24:27): It didn’t take long for this match to get exciting, as Bryan, Gabriel, Slater and Cara all hit high-flying moves in rapid succession at the 4-minute mark. Shortly thereafter, Cara hit the C-4 off the top on Bryan, which got a huge pop. At the 7:30 mark, Cara took perhaps the biggest bump of the night when Sheamus powerbombed him off the apron onto a ladder, which broke. Cara was carried out on a stretcher, which I believe was an angle. Bryan also took a nasty-looking bump near the 14-minute mark when he was on the receiving end of the Doomsday Device – Kane came off the top with a clothesline while Bryan was perched on Sheamus’ shoulders.

Near the 21-minute mark, Sheamus took a hard bump when he was chokeslammed by Kane off a ladder onto another ladder. In one of the most impressive moves of the night, Gabriel hit the 450 Splash on Kane off a ladder that was lying across the ropes onto Kane in a very tight space. The finish saw Bryan and Barrett battling on the ladder. Barrett got Bryan in position for Wasteland, but Bryan battled out of it with repeated elbows to Barrett’s head. Bryan followed with a big kick to Barrett’s head, which knocked Barrett off the ladder. Bryan then grabbed the briefcase for the win, which the crowd popped big for. This was a really good match and I was happy to see Bryan win. Hopefully, he won’t become the first guy to cash in the briefcase and not win the title.

Mark Henry defeated The Big Show (5:58): “The World’s Strongest Man” was put over strong in this match. After Big Show kicked out of Henry’s World’s Strongest Slam, Henry hit the move a second time, and then landed two big splashes for the clean victory. After the match, Henry grabbed a chair and “Pillman-ized” Big Show’s ankle by hitting a Vader Bomb off the middle rope. It looked and sounded painful, and Big Show – who was carted out – did a great job of selling it.

WWE Divas champion Kelly Kelly defeated Brie Bella (4:48): There’s really not much to say about this one other than Kelly Kelly hit her K2 finisher to successfully defend her title. Eve Torres was in Kelly Kelly’s corner to neutralize Nikki Bella, but neither of them got involved in the match.

Photo of CM Punk blowing a farewell kiss to Vince McMahon courtesy of

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This seemed like a brilliant way to get rid of an unecessary second heavyweight championship without the boring and yawn-inducing "merger match."

Punk takes the title and poof, it's gone into the heap with all the other belts that have just vanuished in far less memorable fashion.

Well, this was probably one of the better PPVs of the year, and now we see why.

I kinda predicted that Del Rio would win, but throwing Bryan the briefcase was kind of a shock.

Punk winning wasn't a big shock to me, and nor was Christian going over Ortan, although I didn't think it would be by DQ.

Henry going over Big Show was cool, I guess, and the Divas match, well, I really didn't care. :P

Awesome show. CM Punk just put on a killer showing. Give an assist to crowd. The match was good anyways but with the storytelling of the match feeding off the energy of the crowd it might go down as a classic.

There's lots of speculation about what happens in both the short and long term. One of the more interesting theories out there is that WWE is secretly partnering with ROH in a talent exchange like they did with ECW in the late 90's. CM Punk could show up with the WWE title at ROH shows during his time off. Meanwhile, Vince scrambles to undo all the damage Punk has done, perhaps even punishing the conviently-just-pushed-to-the-main-event Daniel Bryan, another guy associated with ROH. Eventually Punk has enough and comes back, bringing Colt Cabana and The Kings of Wrestling (all three rumored to be signing with the WWE), maybe even Tyler Black too.

There's lots of speculation out there along these lines, some even more outlandish than the scenario I just outlined. I don't know if it will happen, but there is a lot of stuff happening with WWE & ROH right now that hints at something like this: ROH's new TV deal, former ROH guys Punk and Bryan being very prominent on MITB, uncharacteristic mentions of ROH and Colt Cabana on WWE TV, and the ROH guys that have been signed or are rumored to be negotiating with WWE. It could all be a coincidence, but the internet never lets that get in the way of a compelling conspiracy theory. Kev, any thoughts about the likelihood of a WWE/ROH collaboration?

That was probably the best PPV I've ever seen. And the crowd made it great. Booing Rey Mastrio, cheering for Christian.
Didn't it sound like the counter-chant to the kids' "let's go Cena" was "CM Punk" instead of the usual "Cena sucks"?
Christian and CM Punk win titles, ADR & DBD win the briefcases. Great show. Could be the last one I watch for a long time.

I didn't realize it during the PPV, but neither IC champ Jackson nor US Champ Dolph Ziggler where anywhere to be found

In your opinion, when was the last WWE PPV that was great, top to bottom, like Money in the Bank was?

RESPONSE FROM KE: Wow, I'd have to think about that.

I feel insanely naive for asking - but you think Big Show and Sin Cara's injuries were both angles?

Show was cussing, and one of the paramedics asked something like "Was he supposed to do that?"

WOW. What a show!

Awesome PPV!

I am kicking myself for choosing not to buy tickets to the PPV last night (I also had to turn down tickets to the Cubs game on Friday when Punk threw out the first pitch)!
I'm glad I caught the PPV at a bar last night though. It was one of the best PPVs I've seen in a long, long time. The main event had a big time feel that I've not seen in years. Kudos to the Chicago crowd for being so hot last night.
And of course, kudos to Cena, Punk and McMahon for putting on an outstanding angle and match. I love that this storyline will continue.


I may be biased because I am a prototypical "smark" who roots for heels and boos faces mercilessly. But last night I think we may have witnessed a seminal moment in the WWE's history. One of the other moments was also in Chicago when Stone Cold Steve Austin faced off against Bret Hart in the match that basically kick-started the "Attitude Era." I think Punk-Cena will do something similar where the WWE's tone takes an edgier feel.

What I think may have made this moment surpass Hart/Austin was the match itself. It wasn't always pretty, but it told a hell of a story that actually keeps you hanging on for more. And as much as I malign Cena, I think he has to be given credit for being a big part of this angle. He always sparks a very strong reaction from fans, and it's not necessarily "go away heat." Even if you hate him, you want to watch to see if he's going to lose, which is definitely a sign of success.

As for Punk, I think this match pretty much catapulted him to being the second guy in the WWE next to Cena or [to a lesser extent] Orton. Let's hope the WWE makes the most of this opportunity.

Hi Kevin,

Do you not think that Del Rio was made to look a bit of a kipper? Firstly having to be told to cash in his money in the bank contract by Vince (after all what good is the contract after that night if Punk walks out with the belt, he should have been already half way down the ramp when Punk won) and secondly getting knocked out straight away by a guy after wrestling 35+ minutes with Cena?

Who the hell was directing this PPV? They were showing a replay when Randy Orton went berserk. They missed countless ladder spots while showing random shots outside the ring. It was amateur hour in the production truck.

Thanks for the quick posting of this. Great PPV.

I take back my earlier question. Bravo to Cara, Show, and Miz for selling their injuries. We thought all of them could be legitimate.

That wasn't bad at all. I respected WWE for their recent efforts by actually buying MITB. It wasn't perfect, but the long-term changes that WWE needs seem to be set up. Punk's situation just continues to be compelling, and this was the best way they could have played it. It was damned nice to see Christian get the title, as well as see a young guy like Daniel Bryan be thrust into the title picture.
Hopefully they'll keep it up. WWE is on probation in my book, but I will tune in if they develop what they have started here. (It is somewhat inexplicable as to why Cena was not turned heel, because that really would have pushed this right over the edge into new and open territory, but fans had enough victories not to complain----unless it's about an obvious attempt to cast Orton as the slighted party in the title feud, with Christian as the lawyering heel---when this is a scripted reversal of the real-life circumstance---If not clean wins for Christian, at least back to a Captain Charisma type heel----WWE would be smart to push that and take advantage of the ball that TNA dropped with Anderson. It would be nice to see an a##hole tweener willing to cheat and be more weighted to heel than face get a run, and Christian would make a great one--).

Easily the best PPV of the year...Punk-Cena was awesome...Daniel Bryan winning Smackdown MITB was a nice surprise. I thought he was going to cash it in on Christian too. Can't wait to purchase the DVD. To borrow a quote from the late Gorilla Monsoon: The crowd at Loafers were going "absolutely banannas!"

I'm a very happy man right now. John Cena was pinned clean, Christian is now a multiple time World Champion, and a great "wrestler" like Daniel Bryan has been rewarded with a shot at being a world champion. It seems WWE is listening to it's hardcore fan base, and gave us just about everything we've been wanting to see at MITB.

In Cena vs. Punk, The Montreal Screw Job finish didn't make sense because it's been done before. Also, it was obvious that Cena could not beat Punk without outside interference, so he would have had to turn heel, which ain't happening, so the only way for it to go down especially in Punk's home town, was for Punk to win clean, and that's what happened. It was a great match, the psychology was excellent, and the story telling was compelling and realistic. It almost had an MMA type of feel to it. it will be interesting what happens moving forward.

After Christian got screwed out of the World Title after TLC, I boycotted watching Smackdown and have not watched one episode of Smackdown since then. Well now that the belt is back on Christian, I will resume my viewership of Smackdown, and I feel vindicated for having stopped watching it because I've gotten what I wanted. We'll see how long Christain keeps the title this time.

Daniel Bryan winning the Smackdown MITB was the icing on the cake, and hopefully he will get a World Title reign as well, but for some reason I can see them having Bryan cash in his opportunity in a scheduled match, instead of cashing in by surprise, and then have him lose. I hope it doesn't go down that way, but I have a sneaky suspicion it will. Alberto Del Rio has been on the verge of becoming a world champion, and he will cash in by surprise at some point.

That Chicago crowd was hot. It reminded me of crowds during the attitude era. A lot of it had to do with Punk being from Chicago.

Again, it seems WWE is listening to it's hardcore fan base. Atleast for one night I feel vindication. Atleast until it goes back to business as usual, probably after Summer Slam. Otherwise this was a great PPV.

As much as the crowd made the main event even more special than it already was, I really think that it was a great match by itself...honestly I actually think it was better than AJ vs Daniels from Destination X (controversial opinion though I'll admit).

Before going into this one I thought it was all about Cm Punk and the rest was just filler...But from the first match (the amazing Smackdown MITB match) I was hooked to all of it - Daniel Bryan winning is amazing, and like you Kevin I hope he isn't the first to cash in and lose.

The only matches that I thought were average were the divas match and Big Show vs Henry (shock). But the post match angle with Henry was very well done.

Overall this was an amazing ppv, with a fantastic main event, easily 10 out of 10 for me.

Cm Punk = the next Stone Cold Steve Austin - "The voice of the Voiceless!"

I was there live, and it was electric. Punk/Cena might very well be on my top ten matches of all time list. Who would have thought that this month we'd have two PPV of the year events from both TNA and WWE?

"It doesn’t make Bryan look to smart, but I suppose he’ll say that he doesn’t want to win the title that way, which makes sense for his character."

I agree that he wouldn't want to win that way, but also, Christian would have been in no condition to start the match. The ref wouldn't start the match unless Christian was able to, and it's believable after that beating, that he wouldn't be able to.

I don't get PPVs all that often, but there was so much hype and a feeling of unpredictable-ness on this one that I had to have some friends over for this one. The show absolutely lived up to the hype, and then some! The crowd was super hot for most of the matches, especially Punk-Cena.

We all thought the Raw MITB match was a bit better than the Smackdown match, especially the spot near the end where almost everyone in the match was up on a ladder trying for the case.

But regardless, that was the best PPV in years!!! I'm amazed that VKM pulled the trigger on something interesting and something of a nod to the "insiders" for once and for the first time in a long time I'm intrigued with Raw again.

re: Sin Cara's injury--he's been suspended for 30 days for failing a Wellness test.

What was the purpose of executive vice president of talent relations John Laurinaitis' appearance? Cena will probably find a way to stay while Laurinaitis gets "Fired".

It still boggles my mind that the doofus Sheepherders flag bearer and the untalented member of the Dynamic Dudes is a highly placed executive in WWE. Miracles do happen for some (or great @$$kissiing).

What an awesome PPV...I enjoyed this from start to finish (with the obvious exception of the obligatory bathroom break divas farce).

The main event was hugely entertaining, the crowd really made it special. Punk is simply THE hottest commodity in wrestling right now. Awesome character.

Loved Orton's post match intensity as well. Does anyone play the cowardly, slimey, smarmy heel character better than Christian?

Delighted for Bryan too, give this guy the ball! He needs a proper series of matches with another top worker to reall showcase what he's about.

The penny seems to have dropped within WWE now, PG doesn't have to mean boring and repetitive. I feel like we've seen a far edgier and intense product over the last few weeks. And talented, deserving guys are getting big time pushes. With rumours abound about that Castagnoli, Hero and Tyler Black could be joining the roster in coming weeks...maybe it's not just TNA where 'wrestling matters' after all!

Sin Cara suspended via Wellness Policy?
Think he would've won the match if not for this, but I'm glad Bryan won. He's great!

Why couldn't WrestleMania be that fun of a PPV?? No match sucked, and the show went quickly. That had to have been John Cena's best match since he fought Shawn Michaels in their 'Mania re-match in London ( the one that went an hour ). The "you lose, you're fired" stip almost guaranteed Cena would win.....almost!!

I was into Orton/Christian, so much that when Orton was DQ'ed I forgot he was gonna lose the title.

Fun we play "What's next?"

I think ole Vinny retires that belt and brings out a newone and Del Rio and Cena duke it out at Summerslam.

The Punk-Cena match has to be one of the best ever.Punk took a hell of a beating and showed amazing resilience and when cena locked him in Stf as many times i was like "Not this way...not this way".And we all know Supercena has never tapped out in his damn career.

By the way it was quiet funny how Jerry lawler labelled colt cabana as a fan.Lol..I dnt think anyone will go and high five their fan every 10 mins.I was expecting Cena's tshirt to be thrown back at his face but cena played it safe an tossed it to a cena fan.

Micheal cole after all showed his true colors rooting like a cheerleader in favour of cena.i Gues it would have been awesome had punk put a GTS to del rio and then leave the arena.But it makes sense that they dint want to let del rio's long awaited "destiny" or should i call a "formality" go in waste.Del rio will def make one hell of a champion.Guy can talk the talk,walk the walk and people were cheering for him and booing mysterio and he kind of made a babyface entrance.

Btw i feel daniel bryan's reign wont last more than a month.

I guess everyone is sick of Orton being the blank face champion all the time and orton is well known for his backstage politics.

I can't wait for Tonight's raw.Which i will have to watch tomorrow by downloadin it from piratebay :p


You were superfast for your thoughts on MITB.Because generally you take a good 2 days to come up with raw and smackdown reviews.But i have noticed you have been posting about the raw the very next day since CM punks heroics :p

so many nods to the IWC. I don't think any WWE who is above the age of 12 can complain about this PPV. Daniel Bryan, Christian and of course Punk all getting over and beating top guys.

I really interested to see what happens with Del Rio. He becomes #1 contender, and loses it just as fast. Then he wins MITB, and CM Punk walks away with the title. His role should be interesting.

Joey Styles saids on his twitter account that he was interviewing Bryan when Christian won the World Title. So this reason can be use if necessary.

The Sin Cara's injury must be an angle to cover his suspension for the violation of the wellness policy...

The big question now is if WWE gives the IWC everything they want will they still complain???

It can't be a coincidence that Randy Orton, John Cena and Big Show lose the same night that Daniel Bryan, CM Punk and Christian get a big break.The WWE definitely planned for every match (except maybe the divas match, Gail Kim didn't somehow walk away as an all-powerful heel champ) to have an IWC friendly finish. That had to be on purpose.

But even with all this work, I doubt the IWC will give WWE a break. They will probably be mad that they didn't push CM Punk "soon enough" to keep him from wanting a break.

Also, this ppv from start to finish was excellent. Easily the best ppv of the year and one of the best all time ppvs that I have ever seen.

That was the show of the year! Best show in a long time. The crowd were brilliant. Punk was even better.

Just wondering though Kev, what is with the crowd starting to boo Orton recently? Do you think he's turning into Cena in the sense that he's on his way to being booed by guys and cheered by women and children? Or am i just over-analyzing
Great blogging Kev!

I think I would say this was the best WWE PPV in 7 years. What pay per views would you say were better.

Show was awesome, but my comment is one that has been bugging me for months now. It is time for Jerry Lawler to go away, he is absolutely worthless on commentary now. His job is to make Michael Cole look bad as the heel announcer, but all he does is counter Cole's arguments & theories with stuff so naively stupid it makes you as a viewer side with Cole. Like I didn't expect Booker T to be anything other than what he is out there, but Lawler used to be good. I just roll my eyes so often during Raw & MITB was much worse than usual.

The worst point was when Cole said he thought Christian's actions were awful but had to give him credit for using the stipulation to his advantage & winning the title, and Lawler gave a response that sounded like it was written by a 6-year-old.

How about this, CM Punk shows up at Raw, Cena gets fired and shows up on ROH tv beating up all of Punks friends. He then issues an ultimatum to Punk and we get the rematch between the two

I kind of have a theory why CM Punk won the WWE title there have been rumors for months that a new championship belt was coming and i think that MITB was last time we see the spiner belt congrats to Punk and Danial Bryan .

On the idea of announcing, is it just me or is Booker T channeling John Madden's ability to be master of the obvious?

I ordered the PPV for a couple reasons - To see how the Punk angle played out and as a reward to my 5-year old because he wanted to see Sheamus in the MITB match. My son's reactions during the whole pay per view made it well worth the $45.00 we spent on it. When it looked like Sheamus was going to get up the ladder and get the briefcase, my son was on his feet cheering. When Bryan was about to win, he was going ballistic. We had so much fun watching this.

Greatest show I've ever seen. Major props to John Cena and the new WWE champion CM Punk for putting on an incredibly entertaining main event to cap a damn good show up and down the entire card. Totally worth the money. Props to the wrestlers and to WWE for getting it done marvelously!!!

I don't buy pay-per-views all that often, other than Wrestlemania. I just had a gut feeling I had to buy this PPV, and my gut proved me right. This was an excellent PPV from top to bottom. Both MITB ladder matches were great, and while ADR winning wasn't too much of a surprise, the fans were given a nice surprise by Daniel Bryan winning the briefcase. I hope he is not the first one to cash in and lose. The Divas match was ok, Mark Henry and Big Show was good for what it was, and the WHC match was a solid match with a great finish. And easily the best match of the night was John Cena and C.M. Punk for the WWE title. Punk's performance was nothing short of excellent, and I may be singed with hate mail for saying this, but Cena's performance was equally as good. The ending was icing on the cake of the best PPV I've seen in a long time.

Wow DumbSmark is impressed and he doesn't post a War and Peace response. Keep it up WWE and he may vanish altogether.


The Neck Submission hold Punk applied was his old Anaconda Vice finisher. I actually thought we were going to see the Pepsi Plunge at one point before Punk hit the Hurracanrana off the top rope. That would have been awesome!!

Amazing match!

RESPONSE FROM KE: Yes, it was the Anaconda Vice.

Dare I say Chicago is home of the greatest wrestling (emphasis on wrestling) fans in the world? Eck can you think of a hotter crowd that cheered who they loved in recent years, not just faces. Christian, Sheamus, and The Miz all got great pops from the crowd.

RESPONSE FROM KE: Chicago is definitely one of the greatest, and perhaps is the greatest.

The ending to the Christian-Orton match was hilarious! When orton kicked Christian in the nuts I almost fell out of my chair. The way he did it so matter of factly was great. Also, what do u think the chances are punk gets his own belt and gets rid of the spinner? Kinda the way Austin did that bridged the classic belt to the attitude era belt?

Here are my top wrestling cities Philadelphia, Chicago , Atlanta , Baltimore Memphis and Minneapolis .

Maybe the best wrestling show ever in the US - combining performances with crowd reactions. Congrats to Chicago and the WWE.

It sounds like John Cena truly has been fired reports from his Twitter account saying that he been future endeavor by Vince also apologized to the Rock what could have a great match at WM 28

RESPONSE FROM KE: He's "working."

After a long long long time..we had a rabid absolutely rabid crowd reaction for this attitude era type reaction. And guess what they were not cheering for Cena. WWE please get the message and drop the super Cena gimmick. It is not working.

The Punk-Cena gem last night made history, much in the way that Bret Hart and Steve Austin did at WrestleMania XIII. Punk's realism and fearlessness are unparalleled. While in the ring, it's the small things like pantomiming "Me or him?" during the "You can't wrestle" chant last night that put him on another level as a performer.

That said, John Cena is a superb performer. Even though I'm not feeling his character, he brings elements of realism and intensity that make you believe what you're watching. Standing up to the Rock in the angle leading up to this year's WrestleMania really earned my respect. I believe him when he says he does the talk shows and the endorsements because he loves what he does, not just to gain favor with Vince.

Cena and Punk are electric together. Their "You've become what you hate" exchange on Raw last week was perhaps the best piece of business I've ever seen.

Can't wait for Raw tonight. I have the same anticipation I did before watching WrestleMania III on closed-circuit TV as a kid, the same feeling I had watching Raw and Nitro during the Monday Night Wars with my college buddies.

I know this was a fantastic PPV when my only complain is with Michael Cole. He calls every one of Punk's submission moves, be it a Koji clutch, a triangle, or whatnot, the "Anaconda Vice", except for the actual Anaconda, which he called a "submission maneuvre." Seriously?

The entire punk match I was waiting for the pepsi plunge, especially as there was so many spots on the top rope. Would\'ve been a great way for Punk\'s character to give a f*** you to McMahon before he left, but I can hardly have any complaints for what was a brilliant ppv. Kev, I was a little surprised that you chose not to mention the simultaneous huricarana by bourne and mysterio off the ladders, I thought that was easily amongst the top 3 spots of the night.

For the first time since Undertaker vs HBK, I went crazy for a pro wrestling match. It's funny how they fumble their way along and then suddenly hit on something that really works... the complexity of heel twisting into anti establishment face reminded me of Stone Cold days. Nice job WWE.

Yes, the PPV was a fest for us hardcore fans. But why do I have a feeling that WWE will let us down in the end? I just don´t trust them. I marked out when Daniel Bryan won MitB but at the same second I was afraid he would be the 1st one to lose. Can you really imagine Bryan as World Heavyweight Champ? For me that´s almost like believing in Santa Claus again.
But hope dies at last, lol.

I thought the tittle doesn't change hands with a DQ.

RESPONSE FROM KE: That was the special stipulation of this match.

I didn't get the chance to see this PPV live...which I was devastated about...then by accident I found out the results the next day. Despite this I managed to watch the show and still absolutely loved it. The main event was delivered to perfection. This would have been good enough for me but favourite wrestler Christian got the title back which made me even happier..then to top it off Daniel Bryan got the briefcase and both ladder matches were good to great.

Excellent PPV which they will struggle to top this year. Going to by the DVD of this which I don't usually do apart from the odd WrestleMania.

I think a mention needs to go the hardcore fans in Chicago who made it even better..I wish I could have been in the building. The WWE certainly catered for the fans in attendance to make it a memorable show.

I think the quality of the product peaked at this PPV and we now have to be careful not to get ahead of ourselves. Just watched RAW too and the events of this one were excellent and I'm still intrigued to what's going to happen going forward. I hope we see the innovative angles continue!

Could it be possible that WWE have realised that wrestling is what they are known for and they should stick to what they know.

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