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July 27, 2011

Top 10 list: Favorite wrestling entrance music

Entrance music in pro wrestling has become a topic of discussion this past week, thanks to an article by ESPN’s Bill Simmons and the fact that CM Punk came out to new music (well, it was actually his old music) on Raw Monday night.

Here are my top 10 favorite entrance themes in wrestling today. Only wrestling personalities who are currently active in WWE or TNA were considered. (Note: If Edge, Shawn Michaels, Batista and Chris Jericho were active, their music would certainly be on the list. So would "What's Up" if R-Truth was still using it.) The list is based entirely on my musical taste and nothing else.

I welcome your comments and your top 10 lists.

10. “DOMINATION” (EZEKIEL JACKSON): This one didn’t grab me right away, but it has really grown on me.

9. “SOME BODIES GONNA GET IT” (MARK HENRY): I’m more of a hard rock guy than a hip hop guy, but this song kicks a**.

8. “ANGEL ON MY SHOULDER” (VELVET SKY): Whenever this song begins, I know that Velvet Sky is about to enter the ring – and that’s a good thing.

7. “SAY IT TO MY FACE” (ALEX RILEY): The newest theme on the list, this one is rising fast – just like A-Ry.

6. “JUST CLOSE YOUR EYES” (CHRISTIAN): This song is just plain catchy. I liked it the very first time I heard it.

5. “VOICES” (RANDY ORTON): I was a big fan of Orton’s previous theme, but it wasn’t long before “Voices” was stuck in my head.

4. “GET ON YOUR KNEES” (JACK SWAGGER): Any song that sounds like it’s by Rage Against The Machine has to be good.

3. “SLEEPING GIANT” (MATT MORGAN): An infectious guitar riff and screaming vocals. What’s not to like?

2. “THE GAME” (TRIPLE H): One of the ballsiest wrestling entrance themes ever. It’s the perfect music for a guy who walks around pounding people with a sledgehammer.

1. “THIS FIRE BURNS” (CM PUNK): It’s only fitting that the best wrestler in the world also has the best entrance music. I hear the brain-scorching opening strains of this song several times every day – whenever my cellphone rings.

Posted by Kevin Eck at 6:13 PM | | Comments (65)


John Cena's music is also great, not included

No Cena??...just kidding.

Agree with most on the list, but personally I'd have Aj Styles on there

idont get why wont u put rey mysterio song or john cenathey are actually good and the miz

Horrible choices. Christian's TNA music was far better. Orton's original music was better than his current. HHH's is the ONLY one on here that's any good.

Awwww!!! C'mon Man!! You got to do best of all time.

No love for Jeff Jarrett's music?

It would be much more fun to have do this list taking into consideration all the themes, ever. Your list would certainly be better than Simmons' lame effort.

Since we're on the subject of entrance themes what did you think of Dolph Ziggler's new Downtait version of I Am Perfection Monday night?

RESPONSE FROM KE: Like the old one better.

Punk's theme is also the ringtone on my cell phone. I often let it go for a while before I answer it - except in church!!!

Good list...especially the number one. I also am not usually a hip hop fan, but Mark Henry's theme is pretty heavy. You should check out Immortal Technique. The song "Point of No Return" is a good place to start.
Also, the new version of Christian's theme, or the old Captain Charisma, Waterproof Blondes version before he went to TNA? Which do you prefer?

i already like cm punks new music better than this fire burns. it just fits punk to a T.

CM Punk said on Bill Simmons's podcast that the new music is permanent, so it looks like you'll need to find a new ringtone.

I believe that Swagger's music is performed by an actual RATM tribute band.

cm punk is on bill simmons podcast and said that his music change is permanent. he said that he believes when the character changes drastically the music should change(he also says the look and gear should change)

10. Winter
9. Sheamus
8. Jack Swagger
7. Alberto Del Rio
6. Rey Mysterio
5. Zack Ryder
4. John Cena
3. Undertaker
2. Randy Orton
1. The Miz

If CM Punk really does switch over to Cult of Personality, that might just slide into my number one spot.

I can't disagree with you too much on any of your choices. After all music taste is totally subjective. However, I've been partial to Drew McIntyre's entrance music "Bad Dreams" by Shaman's Harvest. To me it has a Celtic punk kind of sound. Then again I'm partial to The Drop Kick Murphy's so.....

Kev, no Zack Ryder??? WWWYKI

These would be in my top 10 but aren't on your list:

The Undertaker
Drew McIntyre
Vladimir Kozlov

Good list. I love how all of these (maybe aside from Jackson) are instantly recognizable. The first second of the song gives it away - which is AWWWEEESOME. Speaking of that, I'd have to throw Miz on the list for this sole reason: after Orton beat Barrett to retain the title the night after the "Cena - Free or Fired" PPV, I'll never forget the look on his face when "I Came to Play" hit and Randy knew that the MITB was about to be cashed in.

Ooooooo Radioooo...tell me everything you know!!

I'm a bigger fan of Cena's song than I am of Cena. That song needs to be on the list.

Eck, have you ever thought about doing a list of the wrestlers today that would thrive during the territory days? Evan Borne in WCCW, Kofi in Mid-Atlantic. I remember Jim Ross saying that many talent today would be so much better and more over if territories still existed, saying that Shelton Benjamin would be huge.

Will CM Punk be using this song anymore? the last we know he changed it to his older one.

You should go with an all time list. Although maybe you cant because of copyright issues. I clicked on the link fully expecting to hear the glass shatter, or If you smell what the Rock is cooking. The HHH theme is a classic though, Lemmy is God.

10 Big Show
9 Sheamus
8 Dolph Ziggler
7 HHH (The Game)
6 HHH (King of Kings)
5 Monday Night Raw Intro - Counts right?)
4 Zach Ryder - WWWYKI
3 Drew McIntyre
2. CM Punk (Cult of Personality)
1 Randy Orton

Eck, how could you list Punk's old theme if he just recently entered to a different one this past Raw? How's this different from R-Truth?

RESPONSE FROM KE: Just pretend I made this list prior to Monday night.

Beer! Money! Watch your money, and your alcohol.

Under? Taker??

Swagger's music rules. If only his storylines were as strong as his theme song...

I've never been good at ranking things but I feel like while we share a lot of the same opinions i think i would have added evan bourne's "born to win"

I rightly feel "the fire burns" deserves the top spot.You can see how awesome it is.When CM punk makes his way to the ring and stands on the turbuckle looking at the arena and the part "Even through the darkest days this fire burns" plays in the background is pitch perfect.

I think,Miz,aj styles,alberto delrio,maryse,the great khali(the punjabi mix) etc should be there.


When you said the best wrestler in the world referring to punk.Did you really mean it?

.Because i have read 100's of articles at bleacher report and other sites and all the writes are now referring to punk as the "BEST IN THE WORLD".Which i am totally cool with!!

RESPONSE FROM KE: I said it because that's what Punk calls himself. But do I think that he's the best all-around performer in the business right now? Yes, I do.

I'm another with This Fire Burns as my ringtone. Think I'll go with Punk and change it to Cult of Personality too though, catch tune.

Not many of the others in WWE excite me. Riley's is good, as is Christian's.

Bit of a soft spot for Drew McIntyre's too.

Previous favs that got ring tone status were Evolution and Scott Steiner's WWE tune (WITHOUT the "Holla if ya hear me")

right now has to be triple h,,,favorite all time is and always will be the nature boy,,,ric flairs ,wooooooooo!

10)broken dreams
9)nation of violence
8)I am Perfection
7)written in my face
5)sleeping giant
4)I came to play
3)just close your eyes
2)this fire burns
1)the game

I liked "Cult of Personality" the first million times I heard it...shoulda kept his newer one...
Stone Cold, Jake Roberts, the original Hart Foundation, and "The Game" are my personal all-time faves...the NWO's wasn't bad either...

I like your choices but mine would be:

10- John Cena (thugonomics)
9- Undertaker (old school)
8- RVD (Invasion era)
7- Samoa Joe
6- Stone Cold Steve Austin (Invasion era, non Disturbed)
5- Kane (original)
4- Juventud Guerrero (WCW, It just stuck)
3- Edge
2- CM Punk
1- Beer Money

I also agree Drew MacIntyre has a killer theme. The slow start and then how it kicks in, the threatening feel of it... taken altogether, his is one of my favorite current entrances.

AND MacIntyre is a great wrestler AND solid on the mic. Wish he was on TV a lot more than he is. Remember his awesome rampage in the Elimination Chamber??

I also feel Sheamus has a good song that suits him perfectly.

ay yi yi... that Velvet Sky second-rope rub... my heart, my heart...

At first I did not see what you wrote about active wrestlers as opposed to non. So here are my choices for active and non.

Non active:
10- Ultimate Warrior
9- The Rockers
8- Kanyon (Who's better than kanyon???)
7- Duece and Domino
6- Mick Foley (Wreck)
5- Rob Van Dam (Invasion Era)
4- Stone Cold Steve Austin (original)
3- Edge
2- Honky Tonk Man (For some odd reason, its cool.)
1- Stone Cold Steve Austin (Invasion era non Disturbed)

10- Samoa Joe
9- Triple H
8- AJ Styles
7- Undertaker (would be up further on the list if he was more active)
6- Matt Morgan
5- Kane
4- Jeff Jarrett
3- The Icon Sting
2- CM Punk
1- Beer Money

The Nexus theme and Shaemus themes are cool, yet, Beer Money is still the best.

no beer money??? come on man

As for non-active, for my money you can't beat the Von Erichs. Kerry with Rush's Tom Sawyer, and Kevin with Nugent's Stranglehold.


I love and totally agree with your logic on Angel on my Shoulder...Velvet is my favorite women in wrestling!!!

the american wolves intro is pretty awesome right now - I know you didn't include ROH guys on the list, but the video for it is here:

solid list overall - i don't like morgan's or HHH's as much as you, but I think the beautiful people's theme is among the best ever (even with my eyes closed).

I agree with you top 2. But otherwise I'd have Alberto Del Rio in there + Sting, Daniel Bryan, Sin Cara and probably Yoshi Tatsu.

Hate to say it, but what about Kelly Kelly? In fact, at my house we have alternate lyrics for the start to her song:

"My song is really cool... but I am really lame..."


Kev in stunned I thought your #1 would be sexy boy, #2 DX, #3 The rockers theme music.

Thanks Kev, you do great work. This topic is great, intro music can make or break a wrestler's connection to the crowd (most with ADD. ha!).
My two fav not listed are: Big Show & Jericho
Both pop the crowd and let you know something special is coming down the ramp.
I also miss Batista's pyrotechnic machine gun...that was classic!

Just wondering, how close were Miz "I came to play" and Cena "My time is Now" to making the list?
I'd say they both deserve a spot and that's just my opinion.

RESPONSE FROM KE: Not that close. Beer Money and Drew McIntyre were closer.

Since Punk's "new" music fits his personality (no pun intended) so well, I wondered what popular tunes would be appropriate for other wrestlers:

Jeff Hardy - Buckcherry's "Lit Up"
Mr. Anderson - Denis Leary's "The A**hole Song"
Kelly Kelly - Aqua's "Barbie Girl"
John Cena - "Kryptonite" by 3 Doors Down ("Will you still call me Superman...")

The current Sting theme *is* pretty cool.

I'd put Velvet Sky's number 1. It always puts me at attention.

Of course, the best of all time was DX's.

Hey Kev

This top 10 might lead to posting your top ten "sellers" of all time, because Evan Bourne was all over a few of these entrance videos. He can really sell a move. He makes everyone looks strong.

Swagger's song is by a group called "Age Against the Machine". No joke. I don't mind a good cover band, but I think it's there's something off about a cover band that makes new music in the same style. There's a difference between imitation and and biting on someone's sound.

The real question is, how do you feel about the American Males theme? ;)

How about a scary, horror-like entrance vote?

Papa Shango!

Even today, that voodoo/witch-doctor like arrangement in the minor key can send a mysterious, errie chill up the spine! Probably great as some fun Halloween music!

How bout doing a top ten songs of all time?

How about a bottom 10 list of your least-favorite entrance songs (past and present)?

They would all be better if Bill Shatner sang the songs....

I was just wondering if you listened to Bill Simmons podcast w/ CM Punk and if you did, what did you think of it?

RESPONSE FROM KE: I haven't, but I've read some recaps. Very interesting stuff.

I think the best theme is Domination i think that song kicks ass and not to mention old school Undertaker

Kev your list is pretty good.

I think the best song out right now would be:

1. Velvet Sky
2. Steve Austin
3. A J Styles
4. Undertaker
5. The Rock
6. C M Punk
7. Kurt Angle
8. HHH
9. Kofi Kingston
10 Miz

and since both the Rock & Austin has made multiple appearences I think they should count

I like Angle's TNA theme. I also like Sting's, kinda, although theres not much to it. It's probably meant to evoke "Seek and Destroy" and The Crow playing on the rooftop.

My brother said he started to like Jarrett's music after he got his but whipped by him a million times trying to finish the TNA video game.

I think Yoshi Tatsu's is pretty cool, too. They need to push that guy somehow.

"Sexy Boy" and the NWO "porn" are 2 of the all time great's, in large part due to the performances associated with them. Syxx's DX theme was pretty good, also. It was cool that there was a good little rap layed over the DX theme.

"Voodoo Chile" (or as Tenay once said "Voodoo Chili") is obviously great, but I always thought it was a cop out to use prefab themes.

Big Show's used to suck, until they redid it. Now, it's better.

Taker's obviously is perfect for him.

Police sirens are kinda cool for Steiner.

ECW using the riff from "The Zoo" always got me hyped. They pretty much used all mainstream music, which was kinda cool, because they were kinda indy. Major companies should make there own themes if they can.

"Cult of Personality" is great, but it's so old. I'm with the guy who liked it the first million times he heard it.

Someone should come out to "More Than Words" to bust CM Punk's balls (It's a stretch, but something like that).

Cena's music is really good. The horns, man, the horns.

Only moderately related to this, but do you still watch Superstars, Kevin? I think the show has become much better after it went off TV, and this week there was a Jack Swagger vs Alex Riley match :)

RESPONSE FROM KE: I haven't watched it in a long time. Let me guess: Swagger lost.

Hey if you did top ten of all time you would haue to include the hardys tagteam song and of course the roadwarriors song. Also if you included any women it would have to have litas song as well. Others on the list would include austins, rock,cena,hbk, batista, ultimate warrior and triple h.

Very little known, but well documented fact. Randy Orton said in multiple interviews that he brought the song The Fire Burns to WWE management cuz he didn't like his other song. Instead they gave it to cm punk. The rest is history.

Hey Kev,

Did you know that "This Fire Burns" was originally Randy Orton's? He used it for 1 episode of SmackDown before switching back to his original theme.

No discussion of music and wrestling would be complete without major kudos to Jim Johnson, who composed and produced many of the WWE wrestlers' music, particularly in the 80's and 90's. Jake Roberts and Brutus Beefcake's entrance themes were examples. This guy demonstrated remarkable talent.

Here's a link to a wikipedia article about him:

Pretty sure Jackson's tune samples the old Brawl For All theme.

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