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July 29, 2011

CM Punk is coming to TNA?

Hey look, there’s a picture CM Punk – the rightful WWE champion and the most talked-about wrestler in the industry today – splashed on the homepage of TNA’s website.

The top headline on the site announces that Punk is coming to TNA. Well, sort of.

It actually says that he is coming to

As part of the new TNA Archives Superstar Series, Punk’s matches in TNA from 2003 and 2004 will be available for viewing online next week.

I think it’s actually a smart move by TNA to try to cash in on Punk-Mania.

Posted by Kevin Eck at 9:42 PM | | Comments (17)


or a desperate move, depending on how you look at it.

I thought it would have been a smart move, before Money in the Bank, for TNA to publicly invite Punk to bring the title for a potential champion vs. champion unification match. Usually I think it looks a little bush league to refer to what the other guys are doing, but if you can get a rub from the hottest guy in wrestling, why not take it?

While surfing around the TNA website, I saw an ad for WWE Smackdown vs Raw. That's not a great use of advertising space for TNA.

It's a shame TNA insists on filming its show so far in advance. They shoot themselves in the foot by not allowing Impact to adapt to what's happening in the world around them.

I've got to lean toward them cashing in on the interest in Punk being a smart move. With him back so soon after "retiring," I doubt WWE has the guts to keep him their top star. If Punk remains as popular as he's been lately, I fear it'll be through his own work. I fully expect WWE to fall back behind Cena and ride mediocrity through to at least the Royal Rumble.

Hey kev i agree. Cm punk is on fire right now and it would be stupid not to capatilize on punkmania like u said speaking of mania,what do you think the fans would do if cm punk faced a returning Jeff hardy at WRESTLEMANIA 28? MAKES YOU THINK DOESN T IT?

Tna Should release the matches on Dvd with The Artwork on a T Shirt, Make money from the other companys star and fame, Much like how tna reformed the Nwo as the band and wwe starting selling nwo t shirts etc, it is smart as a business and cash in move. Hell R truth is hot as well a Truth dvd and Merch could sell as well. A Tna classics clothing line would be a smart choice and feature classic designs by Chrisitna R Truth Cm Punk, Raven Sabu and the companys past and present stars.

lol at the wwe trying to leech off of UFC's popularity by making a dvd about me from 2002-2004

I agree it's a smart move to try and make some money, but at the same time it does make TNA look like they're admitting that they're nowhere near the same league as WWE.

Mr. Kevin Eck

When making reference's to the World Wrestling Entertainment's Champion and/or World Champion, only mention the trademarked name's of John Cena and/or Randy Orton.

Failure in compliance with this request will result in further notification and if necessary, possible legal action - leading up to, but not necessarily restricted to,
an arbitration meeting to discuss possible damages suffered by the WWE , it's partners, and it's affiliates.

We appreciate your cooperation in this manner.

WWE Legal.

I think a feud between HHH and Punk is in the works, leading to a match at Wrestlemania 28. Sort of like what Vince McMahon did with Stone Cold Steve Austin.

It's not about desperation. It's about making money. Can't say it often enough, but wrestling is a business. The goal is to make a profit.

I don't consider it a smart move at all. TNA is showing a guy that everyone loves, that they had & wasted. If it was ROH doing this, it would be different because they aren't supposed to be WWE's competition & that's just where he started out.

Hey Eck, I hope you heard Punk on Bill Simmons' podcast when he said that ratings don't matter as much as they used to. I told you so.

RESPONSE FROM KE: Not to be rude, but since when is Punk an expert on ratings? They may not matter to him, but I bet USA Network executives have a different opinion.

Wow! I have not been to that domain in a while, so all I have to say about this piece of news is: THAT IS ONE UGLY WEBSITE!!!

I think Peter hit the nail on the head. Yeah, yeah...of course it's "smart" on a certain level to make money where it can be made on Punk. Yet the context of TNA among many fans right now is that they are sub-standard and that they are a sometimes laughable competitor.
The short term of cashing in on Punk may not equal the long-term loss of money of actually making the company look second-rate and desperate. This is a whole different discussion, but peripherally---profit is NOT usually the primary concern if you want a sustainable company. Especially if you have an entertainment company. The primary factor is to entertain---your profits come in direct proportion to the quality of the entertainment. If you are branding your company as second-rate and SEEMING desperate, whether you are or not---it just SEEMS that way--you're tainting future perceptions of the quality of your entertainment.
Ironically---with WWE's slippage in the last few years, etc., CM Punk was playing off the need for an increase in quality to begin with. Now he's beiing contextualized in terms of TNA's quality, as well as WWE's.
Anyway, yeah, there's a case for "cashing in"--but I think Peter's comment was the most fair, and I hope that my own thoughts add to his fine idea.

Not to be rude, but are the ratings low enough that Raw is in danger of being cancelled? Is Raw one of, if not the, highest rated shows on television? I don't think the USA network is worried. Give it up, Eck.

"Is Raw one of, if not the, highest rated shows on television?"

Uhhhh... no. If you look at you'll see that the typical 3.2 rating RAW gets would rank it 32nd among network TV shows. Note that the list I reference only includes broadcast networks, not cable channels. If you added all the shows on cable to this list, I expect RAW would drop a bit, but not by much. But it certainly wouldn't go up!

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