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May 6, 2011

Ring Posts Hot 10 List: Wrestling’s sexiest women (w/poll)

In honor of Maxim magazine releasing its annual Hot 100 List – which included former WWE Diva Stacy Keibler and current WWE Diva Kelly Kelly – I’ve put together a list of the 10 hottest women in wrestling.


“Hot” of course is in the eye of the beholder, and this is merely one man’s opinion. Your lists, of course, are welcome and encouraged.

And because we here at Ring Posts are equal opportunity offenders, anyone who wants to send in their list of the 10 hottest male wrestlers should feel free to do so.

While some may find these types of lists to be offensive, keep in mind that wrestling is a business in which both sexes take pride in their physical appearance. If they didn’t, would they run around half-naked in spandex in front of millions of people?

So this list isn’t about objectifying these women; it’s about celebrating their beauty. … Oh, who am I kidding? It’s really just about the page views. So click early and often.


To view the list and photo gallery, click here.

Maryse photo courtesy of WWE

Posted by Kevin Eck at 10:55 PM | | Comments (46)


eve torres

because i judge beauty by 'who i'd most like to mix genes with'
(natural beauty)

Where is "Awesome Kong"

I don't get it...

Stacy Keibler has legs!

Alicia Fox has chicken legs...

Right now, Layla does it for me. Oh, the things I would do to that poor woman.

Karen Jarrett? Really? I can think of a few other divas/knockouts that I'd put in a top 10 list ahead of her.

1. Maryse
2. Kaitlyn
3. Layla
4. Trish
5. Angelina Love
6. Melina
7. Eve
8. Kelly Kelly
9. Natalya
10. Gail Kim

1) Eve
2) Lacey Von Erich
3) Maryse
4) Christy Hemme
5) Layla
6) Tiffany
7) Kaitlyn
8) Michelle McTaker
9) Miss Tessmacher/Brooke Adams
10) Velvet Sky

Your poll should be "All-Time" hottest women, Mr. Kev. In which case, #1 would be Nancy "Woman" Benoit, with Stacy K. and Sunny nipping at her heels.
The way it sits, there can be only one, and that's Velvet Sky!

Can you please make a list of your 10 favorite active Diva/Knockout (as performer)?

Isn't that picture giving a bit of influence on us men? Not that it changed my vote at all, I was already giving it to Maryse.

Okay, Kev... You forgot one of my favorites (and still a favorite) on the list... Trish Stratus!!!

RESPONSE FROM KE: I wanted to keep it to those who were active. Even though she came back for one match at Mania and is doing Tough Enough, I don't really think of Trish as active anymore.

well mr. kev thats where I feel sad,being a huge "sports entertainment" fan and a great admirer of ur job.
You constantly speak about how the divas are not given the necessary push,the push they deserve.
but what surprises me is the fact that you decided to rank these divas in accordance of their beauty and not their talent!!
come on man,wouldn't it have been better if your list would have been based on their talent and not their beauty????
what do you say??

RESPONSE FROM KE: I say we shouldn't take everything so seriously.

A few years back, Angelina Love might've topped the list, now she's not even on it--WAYYYY too thin.

Natalya. 'Nuff said.

Mickie James...all day and all night. And Kev...I know you agree with me !! Also, Mickie is the best wrestler in the ten as well for a clean sweep for Mickie James!! What do you think Kev?

why is Karen Jarrett on here but Angelina Love isn't?

RESPONSE FROM KE: Just my opinion.

My top ten:

1. AJ
2. Kaitlyn
3. Gail Kim
4. Layla
5. Nikki Bella
6. Trish Stratus?
7. .......

And equal opportunity, top ten guys:

1. Randy Orton (I wish I looked like that)
2. John Morrison
3. Cody Rhodes
4. Dolph Ziggler
5. ......

Man, ten is hard either way...

1 Maryse
2 Velvet Skye
3. Kelly Kelly
4.Michelle Mc Cool
5. Layla
6. Gayle Kim
7. Miss Tessmacher
8. Sarita
9. caitlyn
10. Winter

Now if Maria or Christie Hemme were still Diva's This would be totally different.

The Hottest Women of All time

1.Velvet Sky
2.Miss Elizabeth
3.Torrie Wilson
4.Kelly Kelly
6.Stacey Keibler
8.Trish Stratus
9.Karen Jarrett
10.Alicia Fox

Holy sh.... I knew Alicia was gorgeous but I've never seen her look as good as she does in that picture. Wow.

There should have been an "other" option. I vote Daffney.

How can you have a Top 10 Wrestling’s sexiest women without TNA Madison Rayne?

1. Velvet Sky
2. Maryse
3. Layla
4. Kelly Kelly
5. Kaitlyn
6. Madison Rayne
7. Miss Tessmacher (sp)
8. Mickie James
9. Bella Twins
10. Eve Torres

I like Alicia Fox's new Rihanna-inspired look but I haven't really seen much of her, sadly.

Velvet Sky #1. Out of respect to her, there is no #2. Angelina Love is top 10

Viewing this from a purely scientific perspective *ahem* I voted for Layla.

Though I think the sexiest woman in wrestling is Cheerleader Melissa, who also happens to be an awesome wrestler too.

What? No love for any of the wrestlicious women? I would have thought Lacey von Erich might have got a mention...

I wanted to vote for Kelly Kelly, but anyone who could look so awful in a photo couldn't be the beneficiary of my support.

Truth be told, I can't believe Eve wasn't listed. She was my first choice.

What, no Rosa Mendes?

Kelly Kelly was my number-one Diva for quite a while, but I have now gained a greater appreciation of Gail Kim's wiles.

What about Kharma / Kong? For shame Eck! For shame.

1. Maryse
2. Kaitlyn
3. Layla
4. Trish
5. Melina
6. Angelina Love
7. Eve
8. Kelly Kelly
9. Velvet Sky
10. Mickie James

Velvet Sky by far.


Where's Vickie??? ;-)

AJ Lee
Velvet Sky
Gail Kim
Kelly Kelly
Michelle McCool
Mickie James
Alicia Fox

for me, maryse gives me a ... you know what ;) rest of them - not so much

This is hard.

That's what she said.

As for the hottest men in wrestling: there is only one (active or not): HBK
Nobody else even comes close :-)

Velvet...although I might have considered Tessmacher if she was here--hell, I'll consider her anyway.

Strangeness---The list is in alphabetical order, and the first five women are the lowest votes, with no one coming close to 10%, and the last five are the ones 10% and more--split neatly in half.
Does this mean that overprotective fathers should name their daughters using letters from A-J?...Have to be careful with K though---it seems like the shift is somewhere between Ka- and Ke-...It seems like the best name for a truly unattractive daughter that can be pronounced would be ABBA. See, that works on more than one level. People would avoid her like the plague.

Rishi--check out Kev's Ring Posts Female 20 from last fall. He gives you just what you asked for!

Socal Val is the hottest woman in wrestling bar none!

Here's a name for the future file: Mia Yim! A local young lady who is HOT!! She is currently in Japan!

1. Velvet Sky
2. Velvet Sky
3. Velvet Sky
4. Velvet Sky
5. Velvet Sky
6. Velvet Sky
7. Velvet Sky
8. Velvet Sky
9. Velvet Sky

AND Number 10 (in all fairness to women who are not named Velvet Sky)
10. Talia Madison

1. Ms. Tessmacher
2. Rosita
3. Mickie James
4. Bella Twins
5. Kelly Kelly
6. Eve
7. Winter
8. Velvet Sky
9. Madison Rayne
10. Maryse

Honorable (inactive) Mention:
Maria (Would be 1)
Tiffany (Would be 3)

Mickie James is #1. shes the most beautiful, sexiest, cutest, hottest, shes EVERYTHING. and she has the hottest body shes thick with huge boobs, a big thick a**, and thick sexy legs. nobody is hotter than her

Agreed, poll should be "All-Time" hottest women.... my vote for #1 would be Beulah McGillicutty from the original ECW

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