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April 23, 2011

WWE Smackdown: Edge crashes his retirement party

All those Edgeheads out there who were about to start experiencing Edge withdrawal got a pleasant surprise at the end of Smackdown Friday night.

Edge – who announced his retirement last week due to injury and had said that he was “going off the radar for a while” – came out to interrupt the mock retirement party that was thrown for him by Alberto Del Rio.

I knew that Edge had accompanied the WWE crew on the European tour, but I figured he would only appear before the live crowds in a non-televised role. I was expecting Christian to be the one to confront Del Rio.

As it turned out, Christian made the save when Del Rio ordered Brodus Clay to attack Edge after “The Rated-R Superstar” had cut a promo on Del Rio. Before Clay could get to the “defenseless” Edge, Christian hit him from behind with a ladder. Christian proceeded to take out Del Rio as well.

Then he put the ladder in the ring, climbed up it and grabbed the world heavyweight title belt, which had been suspended from the ceiling, just as it will when Christian and Del Rio wrestle each other for the vacant championship on the Extreme Rules pay-per-view May 1.

The scene of Christian clutching the gold belt on the ladder while Edge looked on approvingly from the stage and Del Rio grimaced in pain outside the ring made for a nice visual to end the show.

Other thoughts on Friday’s show:

The retirement party bit with Del Rio was pretty funny, mainly due to Del Rio’s delivery and mannerisms. The appearance of a super-sized “Lita” was the highlight of the segment. ...

The Rey Mysterio-Cody Rhodes match was good. Mysterio avenged his loss to Rhodes at WrestleMania, but Rhodes got his heat back by getting the better of a brawl on the floor after the match. It was announced that the two will face each other in a Falls Count Anywhere Match at Extreme Rules. ...

Rhodes cut a decent promo. I’m not sure the bit with the paper bags really worked, but I’m betting that we start seeing fans in the audience wearing them. ...

LayCool appears to have finally broken up, as Michelle McCool attacked Layla during their couples therapy session. I’m looking forward to seeing these two wrestle each other. I just hope Layla doesn’t get buried. ...

Speaking of breakups, I’m more than ready to see the members of The Corre go their separate ways. ...

I was happy to see The Big Show and Kane win the tag team title from The Corre’s Justin Gabriel and Heath Slater. The belts are instantly more prestigious now that they are off two guys who are pretty much booked to be glorified enhancement talents. ...

The match in which Wade Barrett successfully defended his Intercontinental title against Kofi Kingston was OK, but the finish was sloppy. Kingston has to win a match again at some point, right? ...

I like it when WWE books Jack Swagger to look like the beast that he is, which it did by having him quickly squash Trent Barreta. ...

It was nice to see Drew McIntyre back in the win column. If he had lost to Chris Masters, I would have rioted. Well, not really, but I would have been mighty upset. ...

I wonder if Michael Cole is wearing Booker T.’s old cape from the King Booker days.

Posted by Kevin Eck at 6:17 PM | | Comments (18)


Hey Kev,

What are your thoughts on the Corre. It's obvious that Wade Barrett will be major player in the future, but what about the other three? I see potential in them all, especially Justin Gabriel, but i don't know if WWE does. Could it be that he is just lost in the mid-card shuffle throughout his career, or can he go places?

RESPONSE FROM KE: I think Gabriel will be around for a while, but I'm not sure he'll ever be a major player. Jackson, because of his size, is going to be given every opportunity to succeed. I don't see all that much in Slater.

not only am i waitin to see a match between Layla and Michelle, i'm also anxious to see if they give Layla some backbone. i am so tired of seein her being treated like crap and havin no sense of pride and confidence in herself. besides I'm the kind of guy who hates seeing beautiful women cry(BTW she showed how much of a good actress to actually cry. those were real tears!)

Also waitin to see Ezekial Jackson get his big break and win a championship, maybe even from Wade Barrett. I always thought immediately that havin Justin, Heath Slater and Wade Barrett all have(secondary)championships really hurt Ezekial Jackson. Woulda came out waaaay better if they had Heath and Justin w/ the tag team titles, Barrett w/ the World Heavyweight title and Ezekial Jackson w/ the Intercontinental title.

and why is Booker T supposed to be the good/unbiased commentators but he's slowly startin to sound like a heel, wat w/ his comments towards Kingston durin his match talkin about "these" fans and watnot? i was like "dude give him a little bit of props instead of tryin to bury him. that's Michael Cole's job." it's too bad that he has such a frantic personality where he talks fast otherwise i wouldn't mind him commentating. but until he gets that under control and actually starts to make sense in some of his dialogue, go back to wrestling. we all know you can.

Would the real Lita never come back?

RESPONSE FROM KE: Never say never

Was it just me or did Cody Rhodes come across a little bit like Heath Ledger as the Joker in Batman, smacking the lips and all? I really liked his promo, and I quite liked the paper bag gimmick as well. I think it would be quite cool if he donned his victims with a paper bag after each victory...

the only problem i have with cody rhodes's new "gimmick" of the paper bag treatment is that it resembles the storyline the beautiful people did in tna 2 years ago too much. after a match (usually one the person lost), he (or she) attacks the opponent and does the paper bag treatment. maybe gail kim or awesome kong gave them that idea. my favorite part of the edge-del rio segment was rodriguez coming out to kerwin white's old music. would have really enjoyed it if dolph ziggler had come out to it instead

"I just hope Layla doesn't get burried"

burried...haha! I get the reference!!! *wink wink*

I love the Cody Rhodes idea, except it seems like if he's trying to hide his injury, he should be wearing something other than a clear mask.

Just saw a commercial for an upcoming Smackdown taping in Nashville. One of the featured matches: Edge & Mysterio in a tag team match vs Rhodes and someone else. Don't really know what to make of that. Possibly the commercial was sent out before Edge's retirement, because he's holding the belt.

terrible ending to the show. that whole segment was horrible

I like how Cody Rhodes is progressing...he might be the first breakout star in 2011. I just hope he doesn't plateau out at upper-midcard like his brother.

As far as the match is concerned, I also appreciate when the pinfall is achieved by something other than the wrestler's signature move. I know it's all a work, but still, seeing the same move over and over again for the win is kinda...silly.

I think just by the fact that Big Show and Kane acted REALLY happy when winning the title gave the titles a decent rub.

And finally, I may be one of the few who thinks Booker is a pretty entertaining commentator, but with Edge available now...

swagger uses the ankle lock too much

And one more thing...I was really surprised at the pop that Chris Masters got. I mean, he gets consistent pops during Superstars, but getting this much of a reaction on the main show...maybe it's time for a little Chris Masters push?

Chris Masters seemed to get a good pop when he came out. I kind of like him as the fall guy.

I'm happy to see the tag belts off The Corre but I don't much like the team of Big Show and Cane. That said, I don't know who else there is to give them to at the moment.

Kevin, did you say "belt?" you know the rules!!!

Ricardo Rodríguez doing Edge's pryo while in the scooter was pretty good as well.

Here's one to test your knowledge, Kev - do you know who it was that was portraying "Lita"?

RESPONSE FROM KE: I have no idea.

Is it me or is Rhodes' gimmick very similar to the Phantom of the Opera?

Hi again, the woman playing "Lita" was veteran British wrestler Klondyke Kate.

Here she is in action:

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