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April 12, 2011

WWE Raw: Edge announces his retirement

There were plenty of noteworthy developments on Raw Monday night.

R-Truth was made to look like a star as he earned a spot in a triple threat match for the WWE title at the next pay-per-view; the heated rivalry between Michael Cole and Jerry Lawler took another turn; Sin Cara was impressive in his first match on WWE television; a cool vignette for Awesome Kong was shown; and a new – and unlikely – Divas champion was crowned.

But all of that paled in comparison to the shocking revelation that Edge’s career has come to an abrupt conclusion.

The 11-time world champion announced that doctors told him he had to retire after they saw the results of his recent MRI. Edge, who underwent a spinal fusion in 2003, said that he has been suffering from numbness and uncontrollable trembling in his arms and hands.

According to a story on, years of taking bumps after surgery has resulted in a narrowing of Edge’s spinal column above and below his fused discs. If Edge continued wrestling, doctors said he would be risking paralysis or even death.

As Edge was making his retirement speech – which was classy and heartfelt – I kept waiting for someone such as Alberto Del Rio or Christian to come out and interrupt him, thereby indicating that this was all just an angle.

But deep down, I knew it was just wishful thinking on my part. While I never expected to tune into Raw Monday night and hear Edge say that his career was over, I wasn’t totally surprised by the news.

Edge had said in some newspaper interviews over the past year that he could see himself retiring in two years when his contract is up because of all of the injuries he has suffered.

Edge, 37, has had a spectacular 13-year career in WWE and has won more championships than anyone in company history. It’s sad that he won’t be wrestling anymore, but it would be even sadder if he ended up in a wheelchair – or worse – by continuing to get in the ring.

So if saying goodbye to Edge means that Adam Copeland can have better health-related quality of life, then I’m all for it.

Other thoughts on Monday’s show:

It was announced that Edge will surrender the world heavyweight title at tonight’s Smackdown taping. My guess is that Christian takes Edge’s place in the ladder match at the Extreme Rules pay-per-view on May 1 with the vacant championship going to the winner. …

Since I have been following wrestling (close to 38 years – I started young), I can only recall one other wrestler retiring as world champion – AWA legend Verne Gagne in 1980. Unlike Edge, however, Gagne retired due to age (55), not injury. …

It was cool that WWE showed Edge’s final walk backstage, where he was applauded by his peers. Babyfaces and heel stood side by side to pay tribute to the Rated-R Superstar. Dolph Ziggler – one of Edge’s recent on-screen rivals – was the first to embrace him. …

I would love to see Edge remain with WWE in some capacity. I would think that he could have a job as a backstage producer if he was interested. Another thought would be to use him as a color commentator. He has the gift of gab, and he showed last week with Cole on Smackdown that he can hold his own as far as the verbal sparring that goes on with the announcers. …

Had it not been for Edge’s retirement announcement, this show would be remembered as R-Truth’s coming out party. He was the star of a five-man No. 1 contender’s gauntlet match that also involved John Cena, Randy Orton, John Morrison and Ziggler. I was surprised that R-Truth was even a participant in the match much less ending up as a co-winner along with Cena. After Ziggler got a quick rollup on Orton thanks to a distraction from The Nexus (without CM Punk), R-Truth pinned Ziggler and Morrison in succession. The fresh Cena then dominated R-Truth, but R-Truth kept kicking out no matter what Cena threw at him. The match ended in a double disqualification when WWE champion The Miz – who sat in on commentary during the match – and Alex Riley attacked both men. The anonymous Raw general manager then announced that Cena and R-Truth were co-No. 1 contenders and would face Miz in a triple threat at Extreme Rules. …

I have a hunch that R-Truth’s sudden elevation is leading to him turning heel. I had thought for quite a while that R-Truth was worthy of a big push, but I had pretty much given up on that ever happening. …

Jim Ross – who was in Lawler’s corner to counter Cole, who was in Swagger’s corner – showed a lot of intensity when he was trying to get at Cole while Cole was in the Cole Mine. …

Swagger lost the match to Lawler, but it was a fluke rollup after he was distracted, so he isn’t really hurt by losing to the sexagenarian. As per the stipulation, Lawler gets to face Cole at Extreme Rules. Cole berated Swagger for losing and slapped him across the face. Lawler then announced that it will be him and Ross facing Cole and Swagger in a tag match at the show. Could this be leading to a face turn by Swagger? …

Cole was so obnoxious – and I mean that as a compliment – constantly jawing outside the ring during the Lawler-Swagger match. …

I laughed when Ross got too close to the action and the referee said, “Back it up J.R,” and Ross shot back by saying “Aw, shut up.” …

Sin Cara looked good in his victory over Primo and already is over with the crowd. The finish was spectacular, as Cara hit a C4 off the top rope. The move was botched at first, as Primo slipped while on the ropes, which accidentally knocked Cara off the top rope and onto the floor. Cara kept his poise and went right back to the move. …

Awesome Kong’s face wasn’t shown, but the braided hair gave it away that it was her in the video in which a mysterious figure knocked the head off a blonde-haired Barbie-type doll. Business is about to pick up in the Divas division. …

Speaking of the Divas, Brie Bella is the new champion after her victory over Eve. Both Bellas have improved, but it’s still a bit of a crime that a Bella has the belt while the talented Gail Kim is just lucky to get a cameo on TV. ..

What was with Eve copping an attitude with Kim and Natalya backstage? And by the way, whatever happened to the budding romance between Kim and Daniel Bryan? …

I really liked the video package on The Undertaker-Triple H match from WrestleMania XXVII. It sure seems as if WWE is planting the seeds for a rematch. …

The match between The Corre and Team Apple (Santino Marella, Mark Henry, Evan Bourne and Bryan) was entertaining. For those who missed Raw, Apple stands for Allied People Powered by Loathing Everything you stand for. Cute.

To read what some top names in the wrestling industry are saying about Edge, click here.

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Don't you think the only reason R-Truth is in the triple threat match is so that neither Miz nor Cena have to do the job? That Miz will likely pin Truth?

Undertaker/Triple H rematch will have to happen at SummerSlam so HHH can get his victory. Can't imagine HHH would put the Undertaker over at Wrestlemania 2 years in a row.

Sad to see Edge go. I'm guessing he'll need surgery and be out for a few months, but a return as a guest ref or announcer at Wrestlemania next year would be fantastic.

I think everyone was expecting that Edge's retirement was an angle, only because "important announcements" so often are. And given the suddenness of his retirement, it was hard not to think otherwise at first. But when a guy starts talking about numbness in his hands and a wheelchair, you know it's serious. The backstage segment was nice. Glad to see WWE suspend the storylines just long enough to congratulate a legend.

Did you really use the word Jerry Lawler and sex(agenarian) together? Divas everywhere are shaking their heads. LOL!

Is Punk in the doghouse? Or is he being burried, we have only seen him once since Mania.

'APPLE' has to be rib on the "Corre" as being part of an apple... If it wasn't Santino doing that whole thing the segment would have bombed, everything he touched he turns to gold. I know people complain about comedy but if your going to do it, do it right like he does and be very entertaining. Daniel Bryan couldn't stop laughing on the stage, showed a good nature side which he needs as a loveable babyface who can destroy you in the ring.

I loved watching Edge and Christian together and i was hoping for them to renew their Tag Team Status so much. But what the doctors say is MUCH MORE important than the fans, i would rather see Edge back as an announcer or commentator (please someone fire Michael Cole) on Raw or on Smackdown. Good luck Edge, your run in the WWE was great.

Edge will definitely leave a long lasting legacy and he is a true star of pro wrestling, who'll be sorely missed.
The words "you don't know what you had until its gone" ring true for Edge.

But you put it perfectly Kevin in that his health and well being is the most important thing. So lets hope Edge enjoys his well deserved retirement

Seeing Cole at ringside during Swagger's matches (not just last night, but in weeks past) reminds me a lot of the old-school managers like Skandar Akbar, barking at his man and the opponent during the match, but Cole took it to a new level last night. With the way Cole's character's progressed lately, I would be really surprised if the WWE didn't break their unwritten "no manager" rule and keep Cole at ringside. If not...I don't see Cole staying at the broadcast table unless they just totally believe that the WWE Universe are a bunch of no-short-term-memory-having idiots.

At the house show in Evansville the week before WM, I saw Primo/Sin Cara, and it was an excellent match. While not given as much time on TV as it was at the house show, those two tore it down, and everyone by the end was on the edge of their seats. I really think that positioned right, Sin Cara has the ability to be at the top quickly.

At first I was thinking it was all a work, but when he said that he didn't want to end up in a wheelchair, that brought it home for me. There have been too many tragedies in the business and we don't need one more.

Christian has to take Edge's place in the Extreme Rules title match. It's a shame that Edge's retirement may serve as the catalyst for Christian finally being in the title picture, rather than his own abilities.

It's surreal to me that R-Truth is in the title picture as well. He better do everything in his power to steal the show at Extreme Rules.

I was catching up on the shows and watched Friday's Smackdown just before Raw last night, and it seemed when Edge speared Clay on the outside last week he stayed down for a few seconds, like he'd tweaked something.

In light of the retirement on Raw it really makes me wonder if that had something to do with this.

He's always been a great wrestler and entertainer, and assuming this all really IS legit (and I hope it is, because it'd be a really bad angle to pull) it was good to see him go out with the belt, I mean championship, able to give a speech or two to the fans as a babyface. He's one of those guys who just had "it" and made just about any role he played work.

Really gutted to see Edge retiring. Definitely one of the best of all time. Just a few questions Kev:

Do you think we will ever see Edge wres- sorry, entertain - again? (Perhaps, one last match vs Christian or a one-off match at some point down the line?

Any thoughts on when we will find out who the Raw GM is? Who do you think it is Kev?

Keep up the great work!

RESPONSE FROM KE: I don't think it would be wise for Edge to wrestle again, but you know -- never say never. I have given up trying to guess who the GM is, although I wouldn't be surprised if it ended uo being Cole.

Very sad to see Edge having to retire, especially when it wasn't an angle. It's definitely a loss, but much better than Adam Copeland will be able to enjoy his life. It seems bittersweet and almost ironic, but this may be the final thing that leads to his best friend winning the Title...?

so sad edge is retiring it must be so hard for him not to go on his own terms but he did it with dignity and class and i really hope he will be back on our screens as an announcer he is great on the mic. So glad r-truth is getting his shot i am so sick of it being the same wrestlrs getting a championship shot. edge is a legend.

Dude, why in the world would they have HHH beat Taker at Summerslam? That defeats the purpose of ending the streak...HHH has beat the Undertaker outside of Wrestlemania before, along with other superstars.

Great to see the WWE gave Edge a few minutes to say goodbye. Sad tha tthe fans never know if it's a work or a shoot. I hope at Smackdown he gets a better reception and ovation as he is saying goodbye. He is a first ballot Hall of Famer. He truly lived a dream and will hopefully lead a healthy and productive life after his in ring career.

R-Truth didn't see that coming.

HHH/Taker next Mania for sure. HHH puts him away ending the streak. Taker would want to do the job if it were HHH that was the victor.

I think Punk is resting a legit injury from Mania.

Edge leaving opens up a huge spot. Who will take it?

Who would have believed at first that Edge was really retiring? When Lawler kept saying the rumor was he's retiring, you had to think it wasn't real. But just like you, I knew about a minute in that it was real, yet I wanted to believe Del Rio or Christian would come out.
I was at WM 6, my only WM I've attended, and for some strange reason, because Edge was there too, he's been one of my favorite. I was really glad when he turned babyface last year.
I enjoyed when he mentioned the Brood and laughed about how silly that was in retrospect.
Edge would be great on commentary, but there seem to be so many announcers now, that I see him more as a behind-the-scenes worker.
Since there were no turns at WM XXVII, I see Swagger and Truth turning shortly. Gives each a fresh look.
I'm glad Miz made the point about why the Rock didn't challenge him, the champion. It looks strange from a pure wrestling pov, but of course Cena vs. Rock, and their history, will be more anticpated.
BTW, I would like to see VKM remove Hogan from the Hall for his comments about Edge. I know HH is saying crap like this just to get noticed, but my god someone needs to shut his no-talent, white-trash mouth.
All the best to the most championed champion ever! - Edge!

R-Truth's push seems a little strange to me. He hasn't even been on TV since his 3-minute long entrance in the Elimination Chamber, and it wasn't too long ago that he called Milwaukee Green Bay, which I'm sure upset a lot of WWE people knowing how they think. It's very weird, but I'm sure it's so that Miz can pin him and Cena gets another shot at Summerslam.

When Edge first started speaking about retirement I was sure it was a work, only later research online showed me's a real shame, but it's the right choice if the doctors have told him to do so. I think Edge could make a great commentator, (please replace Booker! and where's Matt Striker gone?) Edge was one of those guys that carried the show but didn't get all the appreciation he deserves, he will be dearly missed by fans and the WWE.

When R Truth came out in the opening segment I just laughed, R Truth, really? But fair play to WWE for making him mean something again...I wonder if this was meant to be Morrison's spot until everything with Trish?

I thought the crowd were pretty quiet during Sin Cara's entrance, and the botched spot had me cringing...apart from that it was an okay debut, but I know he can do better.

Awesome Kong...can't wait for that impact (no pun intended)

2012 Hall of Fame class begins with Edge.

Only within the past few years or so did I become a big fan of Edge. I never really thought he was quite great enough to get all of the World Title reigns he's had. Let's face it there are a number of superstars higher on the pecking order who have never even been a world champion or have only had one or two reigns. Also, I never really liked the spear as his finisher, because to me that move only makes sense as a finisher when it's delivered by a bigger, stronger man.

However, over the past few years Edge began to grow on me. I think he began to project a new and different vibe because maybe he knew the end was near, but he became someone I wanted to see perform and that I could pull for. And now that his career is over I'm feeling as though I missed out on a lot from him, and that's why I'm dissapointed over this.

He's still young in wrestling years, but it seems all those great TLC matches have taken their toll. It seems he's more popular now than he's ever been. He got one of the biggest pops at Wrestlemania. And as he said he's got baggage, so he's not the goodie two shoes, corny babyface that John Cena is, which makes him easy to relate to. But if it really is over, It's good that he can get out now and take care of hmself instead being added to list of wrestlers who have died too young by not stopping when they should have. Good luck Edge! You've been a warrior and you will be missed. Next stop: the hall of fame.

Now as for R-Truth, I've been all over him lately as future endeavor waiting to happen, and honestly nothing that happened on Raw has changed that for me. He's been on a dwonward trend I seriously doubt he will be winning the WWE title, oh sorry "Championship" any time soon. The fact is minorities took a beating at Wrestlemania 27, except for The Rock and he's not on the active roster. In the Dark battle royal R-Truth was the first one eliminated, and Kofi Kingston (who was added to the card at the last minute)got about 10 seconds of ring time, as did Ezekiel Jackson. Rey Mysterio got beat and so did Alberto Del Rio. So unless the WWE wants another lawsuit on their hands, they will have to push a Black man at some point and for right now R-Truth fits the bill by default. This might sound controversial and politically incorrect to some people, but I'm a minority myself, so I can speak on this. They had to do something to get a black man involved, and R-Truth is the beneficiary. Personally I was rooting for John Morrison in the gauntlet match, but oh well. R-Truth has an opportunity, and we'll see what he does with it.

It will be interesting to see what the stipulation is in the Cole-Lawler match at Extreme Rules. I think the tension between Swagger and Cole is a swerve. Right before he makes the face turn, Swagger will stick the dagger in Lawler's back and Cole will win again. Swagger is becoming relevant again with Cole behind him, so why derail his momentum with a face turn?

As for the diva's, it seems they will have to overcome their back stabbing and band together in order to take on Awesome Kong.

Honestly, I'm really sad about this.

Edge was the only consistent good thing in wrestling for while now. He and Jericho, but Jericho has taken hiatus' and also been mis-used at points.

He might be one of the greatest wrestlers I've ever watched, above the Rock, Austin, UT . . . and at the same level as an HBK.

He was an entertainer, but his in ring skills are better than most of the legends I can think of outside of HBK.

And he seems like a good person.

I hope he gets the medical treatment he needs to live a good life.

I loved the crowd giving him huge applause when he mentioned that retiring meant that he wouldn't end up in a wheelchair.

Wrestling crowds get a lot of crap for condoning the physical tolls that the business takes on the wrestlers. It was a good moment and Edge seemed like he didn't expect as long a pause break at that moment.

Thinking back to last week's Smackdown, Edge did grab his neck in apparent pain after spearing Brodus Clay at ringside and seemed to stay down for a bit after. Perhaps that was the final straw for his neck/back. If that's the case, then I have to believe that Clay might be getting the Bam Neeley treatment soon.

As a huge Edge fan, it is heart breaking to see him end his career this way, but agree with you, if it's better for Adam's life then I'm great with it. When I saw Awesome Kongs (or whatever her name will be in WWE) video before the Diva match, I thought they gave the title to Brie just for Kong to crush her when she debut's. I've been waiting for Kong to debut for awhile and now that I actually see something happening, I'm excited. She actually was one of the reason i used to watch TNA.
I gotta admit, R Truth cleanly beating Ziggler and Morrison surprised me... a lot. I'm wondering if he's in the triple threat match just to do the job so none of the top stars have to. So I guess for at least the rest of this year we will see Cena going after the title. proabbly winning and losing it a few times. Maybe I'm thinking way too far int the future, but since they are pretty much declaring what the title match will be at wrestlmania, it kind of will take away which title the Royal Rumble winner will challenge for.
When I saw Corre, I thought " I hope they don't stress the draft or bragging rights this year". Evryone is pretty much just going where they want right now, even after wrestlmania.

I wouldn't get too excited about R-Truth's sudden push. This is classic modern day WWE, like they're just sitting around looking at all of their stars and decide "What the hell, let's put Truth in there. No one will see that coming" and then R-Truth spends a month getting serious TV time and a PPV match and then its back to the midcard...if he's that lucky. It's more than Morrison got, he didn't even get the PPV match.

Also how sad is it that DiBiase can't even job on Raw anymore?

As for the Kim, Eve, Natalya deal I have a feeling we're going to get treated to an angle about how women all hate each other.

It was sad to see Edge go but his health is definitely more important. I know u mentioned him coming back maybe as a commentator but what about as the Raw GM? As far as I know he is still anonymous unless I missed something. What do u think?

I cried so much. :,( I was really shocked.
Thank you so much Edge for everything. :(xx

R_truth will take da belt home wit him

Edge is and will remain one of the greats in the WWE. When I first saw my first WWE live show in years at Cal State San Bernardino in Calif., I saw the passion the man had for the sport in his eyes - especially after the show when he was greeting young fans in the audience. The smile he had on his face could light up a room and that's why I enjoy the WWE so much - the passion.

Last night's RAW was an improvement from the past few weeks aside from Edge's amazing retirement speech. I'm glad R-Truth is getting the push he deserved, but is he really going to be given the championship belt over Cena - I mean really? Doubt it, but it is fun to see nonetheless.

I agree with you, Kevin, that the Bella twins have improved their in-ring appearance, but they still have a lot of work to do. I do not understand why Brie is the new Divas champion, but I guess that should be explained later on..... Hopefully. (And yes, Gail Kim DESERVES more than an on-screen appearance here and there. She's awesome!)

And more Wade Barrett on RAW, please! Thanks.

Kev, I could see Gail Kim aligning w/ Kong. The angle could be that she was being held down by the "Barbies" and now her and Kong are going to demolish them. Plus her and Kong have a history in TNA, while it was adversaries they probably have good chemistry.

Michael Cole is gold, this guy has taken his heel factor to almost Mr McMahon level.

Funny how many who began to to think it was cool to say within the IWC over the last year or two, "I wish Edge would retire with his overrated a**" is now doing an about face. Yeah you didn't expect him to go out like that but lesson here is be careful of what you wish for.

Sin Cara wasn't bad himself ya know lol ;) nice recovery at the end as well

As for R truth , good for him but smh at him probably only getting his spot cuz of JoMo's salty acting self. I bet he is kicking himself right about now.

As for Eve, I think they're doing something for her in regards to the character, which they havent' given her much to work with but of course whne it's nearly too late, (ala Swagger) then they want her to do something, maybe it has something to do with a certain diva killer who's coming soon..... hmmm...

Nice speech of Edge, and smh at hogan's no good self

I wonder if this will lead to Christian finally getting his push as he dedicates the title match to Edge much the way Mysterio dedicated the match where he became world champion to Eddie. Grant Edge isn't dead but I could see them going with this.

Alberto will be able to get all kinds of heat just by claiming Edge is afraid to face him again.

well w/ Brie Bella winning the championship, i kinda don't really care who wins it because it's not like it's a prestigious womens title anyway. actually that's who that title is made for, ppl like Brie Bella or Alicia Fox, the ones who can't really wrestle all that well or are just OK. Eve Torres is a much better competitor and is worthy of a more prestigious womens championship like The Womens Championship, which shows how much they care about the division by cancelin that title and bringin in a new title for the non-wrestlers to win. So even though it would be nice to see Gail Kim win a title, i'd rather her just goin out and havin great matches than seein her hold a title that doesn't mean anything.

man if that weak NXT win of R-Truth's rookie didn't mean anything, now R-Truth has a WWE title shot now. we're definitely not gonna be seein that guy or see him get his tag team title shot anytime soon now lol. but SO happy for R-Truth! Finally puttin some new African-American wrestlers to the mix. Not gonna dwell on any negativity on how long it may last, but at least it's happening so i'll definitely be stayin tuned.

What you call planting the seeds for a HHH-Undertaker rematch, I call HHH stroking his own ego...again. I agree the rematch will occur and I also agree they are planting the seeds for that, probably leading to SummerSlam. And I don't mind that. But add in all the video montages before WM27 involving other wrestlers talking up how "important" it was (out of character) and the fact that HHH walked tall out of WM while 'Taker had to be stretchered out after about 30 minutes of HHH kicking 'Taker's ass for the most part, and sorry, but wrestling fans tend to have ugly flashbacks and conspiracy theories running through their head. And when it involves HHH they tend to be correct. HHH knew he had to lose at WM, but that doesn't mean he couldn't come out of it the better.

As far as Edge (Adam Copeland) retiring, I was left speechless. One of the genuinely heartfelt and saddest moments I can recall (other than a wrestler's death - Owen, Eddie, Benoit, etc...) on WWE TV. Edge is truly one of the all-time greatest to ever step in a WWE ring and will go down as one of the great talkers (perhaps the most underrated of his generation). I'm happy Edge can still walk and live a somewhat normal life, but there is no doubt WWE will miss him. It leaves a HUGE hole on Smackdown, and having the current World Heavyweight Champion gone is yet another top guy lost for Vince and Co. I'm also sad for guys like Christian and Del Rio who were only beginning what could have led to some really great storylines and matches with the Rated-R Superstar. But none of this matters because the health and life of Adam Copeland trumps everything.

It's funny that no man has won more championships in WWE than Edge, because he may go down as the most underrated performer of all time. HHH and Undertaker are the long-lasting veteran legends and Cena + Orton are the top guys of this generation. Edge has been the bridge from Attitude to PG Era guys seemingly being of both eras and both sets of guys. Ultimately, he goes down as one-half of the greatest tag team (IMO) of the last 15-16 years, most reigns as World Heavyweight Champion, winner of Royal Rumble, KOTR and Money in the Bank. And oh yeah most decorated wrestler in WWE history. That's a great career. He wasn't perfect and made several mistakes, but he grew up and seemed to learned from them. The wrestling world has lost a giant.

Thank you, Edge.

R-Truth go the spot because Morrison has been screwing up lately with his public comments.

I think CM Punk gets released soon, just a matter of finances.....

Edge looked like he was hurt right at the end of the show last Frdiay night.

Not sure how the go about building up R-Truth since he was about 0-50 in recent matches.

Edge will be missed.
Can some1 advise Michael core how 2 behave!

I enjoyed watching Edge. it is sad that he is leaving, but I'm glad he retired as a champion.
He'll be missed.

Will really miss Edge in the ring, I truly enjoyed the times he played heel.

When one of the commentators, after the Kong tease, commented "I wonder what thats all about?" I was saying what do you think its about! but I cant assume everyone knows ahead of time who is coming and going.

Pretty good RAW!

At first I thought the retirement of edge was gonna be an angle, like so many others, but when he started getting into it about the doctors and the numbness and trembling that's some serious s**t you don't joke about I've had friends become paralyzed during matches and its no laughing matter. HOWEVER on a better note Vince had better approve EDGE for the 2012 Hall of Fame god knows he deserves it.

edge will truly be missedand and edge you are the rated r supestar yo rock ur biggest little ten year old buddy pablo

Do you follow Cole on Twitter or read what he writes? I can't believe some of the stuff he says!?! I'm sure he is just continuing his character but some of it is disgusting,e specially what he says to Maryse.

Would just love to know if WWE officials are cool with what he is saying!??!

Some of my (sometimes irrevelent) thoughts while watching Raw:

John Morrison's promo was better than I had expected. He's still a little whiny though, when he talks.

I thought Michael Cole has his heel timing almost to perfection. He can work the crowd up without being TOO annoying, which Vickie Guerrero was sometimes guilty of, when she first started. Cole is just annoying enough.

As much as I like seeing JR back, I'm not sure if getting in the ring is a good idea for him. I also did like how ferociously he was going after Cole, though.

I liked Sin Cara's match, but what I kept thinking while watching was that a lot of his moves seem to depend heavily on the wrestler on the receiving end. I would think there would only be a few wrestlers in the roster who can keep up with him at full speed, and I think that would be the thing holding Sin Cara back.

I thought it was kinda silly how the announcers were pretending they didn't know who she was after Awesome Kong's vignette was shown. Hopefully, she doesn't turn out to be another Beth Phoenix or Natalya though and get homogenized into a Diva.

As usual, Santino Marella is gold on the mic. A thought...I don't know how good Sin Cara's English promo skills are, but if they're not up to speed yet, maybe they can turn Santino heel for Sin Cara's first feud. Santino would definitely be able to take Sin Cara's spots and prolly would make him look really good. Plus, it'll give WWE an excuse to make Santino talk more.

I thought it was kinda odd how Edge snubbed Vickie on his final walk backstage.

I thought in the past few months, a lot of spots performed by R-Truth was kinda sloppily done. But on this Raw, he seemed really crisp and smooth. I like seeing new guys given a push into the championship picture instead of seeing the same 3, 4 guys over and over again. But I hope that R-Truth doesn't become another Swagger or Sheamus, but stay around at or near the top stars for a while.

Like some other commenters I don't think R-Truth will actually win the title, but then again, I think him winning the title at this point doesn't help him as much as losing but keep coming back for more title matches, or if not, then maybe seguing into a feud with John Cena or The Miz. And having a good showing for a few months in the spotlight would be more helpful for his career than an undistinguished run as the champion.

Finally, I don't know who John Morrison ticked off for him to be constantly buried. It almost looks like he's being punished.

I met Edge, Chris Jericho and some of the guys who used to be in Shane McMahons group back in 1999 or 2000. Edge was in a tables match at the arena and ended up putting his teeth thru his lower lip and came to the E.R. to get stitches. Thru it all, he was a total class act. Taking pictures, signing autographs and even telling Jericho he wanted him to find him a milkshake. Take care Adam and get healthy. Your fans will never forget you or just how much heart you gave nite after nite.

Shocked to see Edge go, but you can't argue with it. Truth is for sure just a jobber in this match, as was said earlier in the show by Ziggler, there's a reason he's never been in a championship match one on one.
Also, does anyone else suspect that Edge won't be getting fined for saying 'wrestling' twice in his farewell speech.

The edge retirement is a work.....

10 / 10 RAW!

Vince will probably give Gail Kim the title since she was feuding with the Bellas, only to get squashed by Kong in her debut

Clearly, it seems to me that WWE Raw has become some random show that happens to air every monday night on TV. There are no more logical or consistent story lines, the matches seem to be selected randomly often pitting the very same oponents over and over and over again, the results are more than ever too predictable. It got so bad that superstars capable of performing are being overlooked to give clowns like Michael Cole time to cut promos about lame storylines. Who really cares about Cole vs Lawler? Yet, that feud seems to be the flavour of the month for the WWE. Talented performers with the ability to become legends are over and over denied the chance to peform and emerge. I think of the likes of Morrison, Ziggler, Swagger, Kingston, Drew etc. What has gone wrong within the WWE?

Have they lost interest in serious business? It really looks to me like, WWE creative has become very lazy. All they can come up now is all but quick and meaningless matches or "feuds" just to fill a show or PPV. Really, something needs to be done about the state of the WWE.

Kevin, I am hoping you can set up an interview with Vince and ask him some of these questions. I was wondering if you could not have a special post on suggestions on the WWE that u would summarize and pass on to the WWE about what the WWE universe thinks bcoz their program has become so bad. No wonder, kids adore Cena bcoz all they see is bad programs. The program has really become stale

My best (worst) memory of Edge was his skit with Lita after he won the WWE championship and prepared to get intimate with her on a bed in the middle of the ring.

And I loved the whole In-love-with-Vicki thing that he did on Smackdown. Those two were wonderful to watch.

As a tag teamer, he and Christian were so good. I wish the WWE cared about the tag teams. When that division was hot, the matches were so entertaining. Now days it's just another one-off joke.

Wonder if anyone else retired as champ? Not Rock, not Stone Cold, not Mankind, not Batista, not even HH. Has to be someone else besides Vern Gagne in the old AWA. Dusty Rhodes?

Re: Kong?...

...will be brought in to smash the Bellas to appear unstoppable until Gail Kim sneaks in for the title!! Hopefully!!

Edge said he started wrestling at age 23 and has wrestled for 19 years. Wouldn't that make him 42 years old?

RESPONSE FROM KE: Edge has been wrestling for 19 years, 13 of which were for WWE. He was about 23 or 24 when he started with WWE.

really going to miss you Edge, love u.

It wasnt the world title but Fritz Von Erich retired as the World Class American Heavyweight champion, defeating King Kong Bundy at Texas Stadium in 1982, fritz would only return for one last match with his sons vs the Freebirds in 1984. so with the question who has retired as a champion, that would be Fritz, Verne, Trish Stratus and Edge.

Edge (Sexton Hardcastle) - is the other name I would like to remember you by. I can see you now with the Canadian flag draped around your legendary figure.Man I loved Edge's all round wrestling/entertaining acumen.Edge can work with WWE Films perhaps as a 'vampire'.Adam Copeland is versatile.I am expecting to see Edge as an inductee into the 2012 Hall of Fame.
Please visit us in South Africa in Durban.Thank You Edge!

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