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April 10, 2011

Report: Scott Hall hospitalized after incident at independent show (with video)

Scott Hall was hospitalized after his bizarre appearance at an independent wrestling show in Massachusetts Friday night, according to a report on

Hall, whose history of substance abuse problems is well-documented, was clearly out of it at the show (the disturbing video below speaks for itself).

Geena Jinev Anac, a representative for Hall, told TMZ that Hall was being treated for cardiac issues and will be hospitalized for at least three more days. She added that doctors believe Hall’s condition at the show was a result of his medications interacting poorly with one another.

On Saturday, Hall’s longtime friend Kevin Nash tweeted: “Scott is in the hospital up north. I'll be at the airport when he lands and taking him to my home when he lands.”

In a news release a day before the incident, Anac said that Hall was being treated in an Orlando, Fla., hospital for “extremely low blood pressure.”

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Scott Hall's publicist does him no favor by covering up the fact that he is, indeed, a drug addict. I'm glad to hear Kevin Nash is stepping in to try to get him help, My heart goes out to Scott, Jeff and all those other wrestlers that need the help to get off the track they are on.

That promoter that allowed Scott to still perform in that state should be tarred, feathered, and never allowed to hold a promotion ever again.

Having had medicine interactions that lowered my blood pressure to a really low level, it has those exact effects. You really feel like you are in slow motion and about to collapse.

This will be Jeff Hardy in fifteen years...if he makes it that is.

That's just disturbing.

Not sure what's worse, Scott Hall showing up like that or them being totally cool putting in the ring like that.

Paul Bearer may need to start following him around with an urn.

So how long before TNA puts the belt on him?

There is a time for tongue-in-cheek humor, and there is a time to just shake your head at how sad it is. For me, this is the latter.

at this point i think its not a matter of if but when that scott hall's passing is announced right before raw comes on.

Thankfully the other guys were able to basically keep Scott out of the match..someone could've really been hurt otherwise.

Yeah, let the guy on drugs swing a chair. What is wrong with some people? Someone needs to send him to the rehab clinic that Dawn Marie started. What? That was all a ruse? She was arrested for stealing money? Oh. Sorry, Scott. Maybe if you're lucky enough, you can do a 90 second match with Sting at Hard Justice, the Biggest Party of the Summer. Wait, that tagline's a rip off of WWE, too? Yikes. I blame TNA for Hall's problems, not because they caused them. I just don't like TNA.

To be fair to Scott Hall, there are a lot of people his age with serious health conditions on medications with strange side effects. Add to his age the fact that he's had that history of drug and alcohol abuse that puts a strain on his system, and the fact that he was in a field of employment that put a lot of physical wear and tear on his body (both from the in-ring action and all the travel), and it's actually very plausible that even if he is or were stone cold sober 100% of the time going forward he'd still be having some serious health issues and/or medication issues he'd have to deal with.

Of course, it's also possible it's just the same old issues with drugs and alcohol. Either way, the guy is obviously having a rough time, and I wish him the best. He's a great entertainer and I'd like to see things turn around for him.

I can't imagine the level of stupidity... to let him perform in that condition. Didn't someone understand the risks involved - physical and monetary?

This is very sad. Hall is one of my all-time favourite wrestlers (are we allowed to use it for ex-WWE employees?), and to see how his career has slid into drink/drug addiction is heartbreaking.

This may well just be a mix-up in medication, but the promoter should have let him nowhere near a ring, let alone wield a chair, when the industry is already under close scrutiny over chair shots.

I always hoped that his Kliq would step in and help their buddy, but only Nash seems interested these days.

Someone needs to step and quarantine this legend of the ring to rid him of his drink/drug demons once and for all, before we read his obituary.

Hall 4 life...hopefully

Cliff, Dawn Marie wasn't arrested and it was confirmed that Steve Williams asked that the money raised go towards his medical costs & not his voice box, and the money was accounted for.

TNA should hire Hall again so Bischoff can exploit Hall's alcoholism again, since that worked so well the first time.

I really don't have words for what I just watched.

It's not an excuse for what happened (Hall had no business in the ring and the promoter and other other wrestlers...including his '"friends" (including Justin Credible) had no business letting him in there in that condition). he's coming through the curtain at about 0:29 - he wearing a hospital ID bracelet?

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