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April 28, 2011

Quick hits on WWE Tough Enough

• After being one of the bottom three for the past two weeks on Tough Enough, Rima was finally eliminated from the competition on Monday night’s episode. She was such an obvious choice to be sent home that “Stone Cold” Steve Austin didn’t even bother selecting a bottom three; he just eliminated her outright. It was clearly the right call. In fact, Rima should have been given the boot sooner. Not only was she not picking up the basics in the ring – she couldn’t even properly do a flat-back bump – but she also showed up 20 minutes late for a workout and was caught using padding underneath her ring gear to cushion the impact of hitting the ropes. I think the only reason she lasted as long as she did is because she’s Miss USA and was bringing attention to the show.

• After eliminating Rima, Austin told her that he thinks she has a future in the business. I agree with him, but it’s not because I saw even the slightest bit of potential in her. I believe WWE wants Rima to make it and will give her every opportunity to succeed.

• Martin (formerly known as “Donny Osmond”) has been coming on strong and appears to be Luke’s toughest competition. However, while Martin may rival Luke in conditioning and in-ring ability, when it comes to having a superstar look and charisma, Luke is far superior.

• Jeremiah is green but he has a quirky charisma and is a physical specimen, so while he probably won’t win this competition, I could see him making it in WWE after he gains more experience.

• Only two women remain – Christina and Ivelisse. Christina (who is Alicia Fox’s sister) is athletic and shows promise, but Ivelisse has not been impressive.

• Bret Hart’s appearance was pretty underwhelming. The contestants seemed to be hanging on his every word, but he really didn’t say much except for a few clichés about never giving up on their dreams.

Posted by Kevin Eck at 2:00 AM | | Comments (13)


If you watched tough enough and raw back to back... anyone else think that with Orton's new facail hair and haircut... him and luke kinda look alike?

kev, i believe the main reason Bret's speech was underwhelming (if the rumors are true) are because the "E" edited out his comments with wrestling and wrestler in them..Im not sure whats more stupid, the potential rumor or potential fact.

RESPONSE FROM KE: I hadn't heard that, but If that's true, my apologies to Bret. And knowing an old school guy like him, he's not going to refer to himself as an entertainer rather than a wrestler.

I think win or lose the competetion, several of them will eventually end up on WWE. I agree that Luke will be WWE regardless if he wins or not. He has good potential as a heel. I agree that Jeremiah will be in as well. Martin seems to me as the guy who will probably win the competetion, but never be a true main event star. Erik has the look and if he got in shape could probably make it too.

At the end of this show Luke and Jeremiah should debut as a tag team. They clearly have chemistry with each other out of the ring, just a matter of putting it together in the ring.

The Bret Hart thing was sad. It was clearly very heavily edited; he probably just rambled on. Still, nice opportunity for the kids to meet him.

I appreciated what Luke said about how few came to the show with the proper conditioning and what that says about their attitudes. Like him or not, he's absolutely right, and his cockiness and confidence is based on the fact he worked hard to be in the shape he's in.

On the other hand, Jeremiah looked great on the rope-hopping test, and has showed commendable gusto for even deliberately embarrassing stuff like the cheerleading, etc. With Rima gone, Jeremiah is probably the most likable of the bunch.

Rima should be kicked out early. Whatever i'm impressed.

Beyond editing out the words "wrestling" or "wrestler," I'm sure they edited Hart's speech down for time purposes. Big Show, Hart and Cena collectively spoke for about 2 minutes on the show, and we certainly know they weren't invited out there just for a soundbite. It's a TV show, so it's hardly real-time.

RESPONSE FROM KE: Of course, they were edited. But you'd think WWE would take the best of what they said rather than just a bunch of cliches.

" With Rima gone, Jeremiah is probably the most likable of the bunch.

Posted by: Jules B. | April 28, 2011 11:57 AM"

Wouldn't that make Rima the previous most likable? I think you'll find yourself pretty alone with that opinion. I thought she was unbearably annoying and I was gleefully counting down the seconds until she was cut.

This was by far the weakest episode in what has been a great start to a show I initially doubted.

Everyone raises great points in that Bret Hart gave us close to nothing in his "appearance."

Also, Booker T being absent for an entire taping is inexcusable. How does a guy who wasn't with the company four months ago get double booked?! Keep him on TE...Smackdown doesn't really need him.

Another issue I've seen come to the surface has been the clear favoritism of showcasing certain guys. Luke and Jem get far too much of the screen time, while guys like AJ and the guy with long hair who isn't Skidmarks are pretty much extras on the set at this point.

My suggestion? Hurry up, get rid of the girls, and let us get to know each of the remaining male wrestlers. Otherwise this'll get staler than recent Ultimate Fighter telecasts.

You don't know what you're talking about. Oh - Luke has a "superstar look?" Pretty boy Luke? Don't you remember the days of Randy Savage and Jesse Ventura? Did they have the "look"?

You didn't see Bret in the entirety and don't know all he said. Oh...didn't he have "the look"?

You're a joke.

Rima.....sighhhhh. Damn I'll miss you! If eye candy were the standard you'd be WORLD and WWE Champion.

well, maybe because the show spent so much time on her relative to other contestants, I really grew to like Rima. I thought she was refreshingly down-to-earth and her "beauty queen with something to prove" story was compelling.

I also loved that she "cheated" by padding her hip; I thought that showed panache and intriguing sneakiness.

I'm sorry but I'm African American male and even I can't push the black guy on this show. I mean, I wish he would stop making a fool of our community and just eliminate himself. Among the few positive stereotypes we have, its being good at sports and he is just doing harm to that image. lol! Kevin, I know you had positive words to say about him last week and I honestly tried to forge up something positive, but I can't do it. He just reminds me of a freaking teddy bear. There is no way he is going to make it.

What is the name of the one guy with the long hair and the mustache? He kind of reminds me of the Undertaker a little bit. That's who I am pushing for. He's kind of low-key and stays out of all the drama. He said he had a wife and kids. To me, he has the look more than does Luke or Jeremy. I really really want that Undertaker look-alike to make it.

As for that one chick going home, FINALLY. Omg! I like that Trish is standing up for her girls though. You have to appreciate that. I love that she shows a degree of compassion for the fact that they are females. Good looking out Trish.

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