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April 19, 2011

Quick hits on WWE Tough Enough

• For the second week in a row, Ryan and Rima were in the bottom three on Tough Enough. On Monday’s episode, they were joined by Mickael. Just like last week, I thought Ryan was getting the boot, but “Stone Cold” Steve Austin had other ideas. Realizing that Mickael and Ryan don’t like each other, Austin told Rima she was safe and then had the guys cut promos on each other. Ryan won the verbal battle in a rout, and Austin cut Mickael. I’m amazed that Ryan survived again, but I can’t say I’m unhappy that Mickael is gone. I didn’t see much in him to begin with, and he came off like a jerk much of the time.

• There were actually two eliminations this week, as Michelle quit because she couldn’t handle being away from her family. I don’t think she would have been around much longer anyway.

• Luke has emerged as the clear favorite to win the competition. At this point, I don’t see anyone posing much of a threat to him, although it’s still early. He’s in the best shape of all the competitors (as he proved by easily finishing first in the running challenge), has a good look and – judging by his simulated match with Austin – seems to know what he’s doing in the ring.

• The Big Show said that when he walked into the room, his eyes immediately gravitated to Eric. I totally agree with him. At first glance, Eric looks more like a WWE star than any of his peers simply because of his height. It’s become obvious, though, that he has a ways to go as far as his conditioning.

• It was nice to see Baltimore’s own Stacy Keibler make a cameo appearance.

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I don't get Eric at all. He has awful conditioning, and his look is really generic in my eyes. He's tall, sure, but so are a whole bunch of other wrestlers. The look of perpetual "duh" on his face doesn't help much either.

Really glad Mickael got the boot. The guy was a complete jack---. Ryan actually cut a decent promo...

Don't know if you watch The Ultimate Fighter but it has the same feel as TE. An entertaining hour but really hard to see anyone other than Luke making an impact.

I am really loving this show.

Which, of course, means there's no way Luke wins. No TV reality-show producer is going to allow for an outcome so obvious that it renders the entire season boring and pointless.

I'm guessing that Mickael knew almost nothing about pro wrestling, which is why he had no idea how to cut a promo against his opponent.

I also got a kick out of Austin seeing right through Ryan's sudden change in attitude. Oh well...kudos to Ryan for figuring out what he needed to. Better that total jerk Mickael than him.

I was glad to see Michelle finally go. I was tired of hearing about her alleged "11 years of experience" and not seeing any skill to back it up.

I was pretty impressed with the passion behind Ryan's promo - I'll be interested to see if he continues to show some fire or if he goes back to being the goober of the bunch. I think his early-90's jobber look isn't doing him any favors, either.

Please keep rima in the bottom 3. She is so HOT when she's dressed to leave.

Glad Mickael is gone to what a donkey/tool,as they say if he was 1/2 as good as he thought he was he would have something but he wasn't,outside of Ryan being a bonehead and adding stuff during the technical matches I think he did well,needs to stop trying to go over the top and just stick with the program for now,was doing well until he did all of that---well I don't even know what it was but the in between moves stuff wasn't good or needed. As for Eric,look the guy hung in until the last tech match,yes he gassed and yes he needs to be in better shape but he did damn good on the tech side of things outside of that. Hopefully he is being truthful about how the Big Show had an impact on him,if it did and he steps up he will win. Luke is getting plenty full of himself and he's another that isn't nearly as good as he thinks,apparently he reads his own press as they say. Matt (I think that is who wrestled Eric) looked good too so to say Luke is "the man" is way way premature not to mention inaccurate to me, but of course that's why they are called opinions right? In closing this is one kick a$$ show in my book, I love it,Stone Cold is great as are Trish,Booker and Hugh (like his stage name better). Keep it up WWE the only show you have on air that I like. Closest thing to wrestling (oops that's not allowed is it?) you have on the air anymore.

im sorry but if u have young kids at home and are trying to pursue a career in the WWE than u have your priorities mixed up... stay home and take care of your kids. im sick of people who say " o i miss my who" you are on the road everyday for 300 out of 365 days ...if u want this life....DONT HAVE KIDS!!!!

"I was glad to see Michelle finally go. I was tired of hearing about her alleged "11 years of experience" and not seeing any skill to back it up."--found something interesting about Michelle. Apparently this girl was a previous contestant on America's Next Top Model who's married to infamous "Survivor" contestant Jonny Dalton (aka Jonny Fairplay). Wonder if she didn't follow his example, and tried lying about her life to try to get ahead in the game (check Jon Dalton on wikipedia if you don't get the reference). Anyway, I guess she's only the second most irritating wannabe star in her own home!!

Michelle is a liar. There's not only the "11 years of training" hocus-pocus but in addition, I don't think she gave a rat's about her daughter: I think she left that competition because she knew she couldn't handle it any longer. It was only after she looked physically incapable of continuing during those last few practices that she ALL OF A SUDDEN had this dying need and concern to tuck her daughter in at night. BULL! What a slimy excuse, using her daughter in that sort of a manner. It was an excuse because she knew she couldn't win and was in danger of being cut. It's far too coincidental to see Trish up in her face, asking her if she's all right just the day before. I was a little disappointed in Austin in ending the segment with a hug and his respects, rather than berating her for her dishonesty. She's a quitter and wasted his time, getting other contestants who really wanted to be there sent home in the process.

What in the blue hell kind of promo was that from Mickael? It doesn't even sound like he's aware of what a WWE-style promo is. He was still talking about why he should be on the show instead of portraying a character and talking-trash as if he was going to win a scheduled ppv match. Not only is he a dirtbag but you can tell he signed up for the competition without ever really having watched wrestling before. Austin actually went much easier on him than I thought considering he admittedly was only there because he had nothing much else going for him. It wasn't his passion. I expected Austin to be all up in face about that. Oh well!

I agree with you about Luke. He's the most talented.

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