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April 4, 2011

Poll: What did you think of WrestleMania XXVII?

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Posted by Kevin Eck at 6:11 PM | | Comments (14)


It was an average show. For the cost of the PPV it should have been better. A MITB match w/ Sheamus, Bourne, Morrison and Ziggler from RAW + Drew, Kofi, Masters and Christian from SD with Christian winning would have been good. That would of set up an Edge/Christian feud. They should of kept the US title on Bryan and had him and Barrett have an IC/US title unification match w/ Barrett winning. Show/Kane vs. Slater/Gabriel for tag belts w/ The Corre winning. A 10 diva tag match: Eve, Gail, Nattie, Trish and Beth vs. Melina, LayCool, and The Bellas. Snooki in one corner, Vicki in another.

Yeah, yeah, WrestleMania... the real question is: what did you think of Impact on Thursday?!

Middle age male. Wrestle mania was one of the worst ever. And iwas very dissapointed. Ill never order an orther.

Did anyone else wonder why the referee never counted for the at least 30 seconds to minute that the undertakers back was on the mat while he was choking out HHH.

I choose fair, not one memorable match on the card. The best it had to offer was nothing more than average. Whole event was pretty forgettable to be honest.

No reason to watch it again which I think makes it unique in the events history. All previous Manias have at least one incident, swerve, surprise, title change that makes it stand out. I'd choose WM 9 arguable the worst over this because it had moments however bad made you talk about them. It's better to have something to hate than feel indifferent. Yoko, Bret, Hogan any day over double count out and Rock belatedly coming out.

It didn't feel like a WrestleMania but as a normal PPV it was acceptable.

I rated it "good". It was not excellent, since few of the matches were excellent (although most were good), and the backstage segments fell flat for me (especially the Snoop Dogg and Pee Wee parts).

The biggest disappointment for me was Sheamus and Bryan not getting a real match. The only reason I can think of for not only making this match dark, but replacing it with a battle royale, is that one or both wrestlers have some type of injury.

Edge/Del Rio was good, but not great.

Rhodes/Mysterio was decent, and used Rhodes's face mask and Mysterio's knee brace in ways I didn't anticipate. The long wait where Rhodes held Mysterio straight up in the air before the superplex was the spot of the night for me.

The 4-on-4 tag match was weird. Why would you book the match like that when you specifically make up a reason for Kingston to be in it instead of Kozlov? I guess the Corre is over..

Punk/Orton was a very good match, with good action and storytelling throughout. Some very nice spots, and I liked the ending. Yes, it's been done before, but it's still spectacular when it happens.

Cole/Lawler was too long, but it was ok for what it was. I didn't care for the GM's overturn of the original decision.

Triple H/Undertaker stole the show for me. As in the past several years, Undertaker brought his A-game for WrestleMania. Nice action both in and out of the ring, and even though I know Undertaker won't lose at WM, I still had a scare after Triple H's Tombstone. Excellent match, despite not being as good as either of the UT/HBK matches.

The 3-on-3 mixed tag match was entertaining, and Snooki impressed me with her athletics. Even so, I would have liked to have seen some in-ring action featuring Morrison and Ziggler. Not a stellar match by any standard, but it somehow worked.

Miz/Cena was decent until the count-out finish, but it should have been much better as the match ending WrestleMania. It would have been a fine ending to a regular PPV, but not to WM.

I haven't ordered a WrestleMania in over 10 years, but got this one. Big mistake. That show was awful. The only entertaining bit was Stone Cold almost taking out Swagger with the ATV when he came down the ramp full speed. Everything else was pretty poor. For the price they charged, I won't be ordering a WrestleMania again.

apart from the take and triple H match the rest of wrestlemaina was boring and all a tad predictable as for the rock as a host i never saw any hosting on view what so ever , need to revert back to the attitude era or risk losing so many fans to TNA

I thin kat least one title has to change hands at Mania. Teh titles are so secondary in 2011. back i nthe 80's and early 90's the meant everything and everyone usuall ywas defended at Mania. ithought HHH?Taker for their ages was the best match of the night. Miz/Cena I hated the ending.

There has been so much controversy over quality, that I finally had to watch it---courtesy of a friend whose questionable practices at least didn't see me having to pay...
I don't want to bash WWE needlessly, as they have certainly been in the past one of the primary sources of premium wrestling, however...I would not disagree with those who found it horrible. It is easy to mark out for what is the last big event left in wrestling, and the grandaddy of all those that have existed in the past, but it is clear that McMahon still does not understand the damage he has done in not encouraging, and stomping on when he can, any competition.
The Miz is fun, Mr. Eck, but you've watched wrestling your whole life as well as I really see him as measuring up to what we've had in the past?
Cena for that matter is an assembly-line dope in terms of his overall charisma and ability. I appreciate his work ethic and I don't mean to belittle him in terms of who he is as a person. The simple fact, with nothing but objective enthusiasm for the health of wrestling in general, is that Cena is NOT a Stone Cold or an HBK. He's not even an Ernest "The Cat" Miller or a Jim The Anvil or a Roddy Piper---or even a Honky Tonk Man.
WWE is pretty bereft of true talent, which is why while this PPV wasn't horrifically terrible, it wasn't particularly great either---and I think that's why some people are griping harder about it---every major talent that WWE has pushed was involved in one way or another---and it didn't come off that great---worse, it reveals a sort of future in limbo that I think that even people who can't quite articulate it pick up on instinctually.
When a match between two veterans with decades-long careers steals the whole show-including the main event-, you are revealing a surprising lack of long-term talent. Punk and Orton I believe are also great talents and could stand up to some of the all-time greats-but they are consistently mired in programs where folks like Cena or Miz are pushed hard, which brings the quality down for everyone in the end. McMahon has long ago decided that he can tell the fans who the talent is, and for the nine-year olds and impressionable minds it works---and disturbingly he catches some of the hardcore marks in that net too, but the truth is that talent shows when it is allowed to shine, and most of the greats got where they were because they shone when it counted----and when it counted had a lot to do with competition.
Taking a risk like sending a Steve Austin out to be "Stone Cold", is what makes a great talent work to its best ability. When you already are on top, and you don't have to take risks, and you don't give new guys a chance to shine and instead play safe politics and allow stagnant power structures to run unopposed---you get Cena. Cena or Miz or Sheamus or (pick a name that isn't either a long-time veteran or a talented young guy that DOESN'T get pushed as hard as the others-like Morrison) get a lot of crowd reaction because they're THERE. McMahon, et al keep them there, and after awhile, people of course are going assume they're important just because they don't go away.
Cena deserves credit for working hard, however----there are a LOT of guys who would work hard to be picked by McMahon to hold that spot, and many I can name off the top of my head would do a lot better than Cena--it's hard not to improve when you are constantly given a chance to. If you're stuck in the middle and the bottom-it's hard to ever look better---and the situation has gotten so bad that many fans AND writers seem to have lost the instinct we all used to have to spot potential no matter where the performer was on the card. Much like most of the rest of the media and modern pop culture, many seem content to have their opinions fed to them, and to accept as watchable whatever they are told is watchable.
So again---that's why I think you're seeing the reaction to this Wrestlemania. There is a startling lack of any FUTURE to WWE, which I think is what made some mediocre matches look to more frustrated fans like horrible ones. The main event featured two guys that won't go away because McMahon has them pinned with golden nails to the top of the board, (and don't get me wrong-I like Miz-I think he's charismatic and funny-BUT--he is only the top heel, (or face)-in a company in which everyone else being pushed is even less talented than he is), the mid-card was full of either over the hill retreads or young guys who are not pushed very hard or booked very strongly or are saddled with bad gimmicks-making them look like mid-carders when maybe they're not---while the most entertaining match is put out by two guys whose combined careers equal more than the age of the some of the parents of the other performers. Orton and Punk are the only exception---but again-these two have real talent-and no matter how McMahon pushes them or books them-(Orton obviously has enjoyed advantage in the past with this)-they are going to shine. They have more true talent between them than Miz and Cena have---and a program with good writing and booking that had led those two through a compelling storyline with each other would have been a different Wrestlemania.
You can use the Hall of Fame as a metaphor. All props to those inducted---however all those inducted must have some affiliation with WWE in the present or past. You're never going to see the Rock and Roll or Midnight Express inducted. Yet it is treated as THE Hall of Fame for wrestling, just as Wrestlemania is sold as THE event for our sport---but what does that mean when it's the only one? I guess it means that McMahon can change history and edit it as he sees fit---and that he can put any old thing on Wrestlemania and people with misplaced optimism for the future of the sport will eat it up, even if they should know better---or at least say "it wasn't that bad."
Well---yeah it was--not terrible--but pretty bad considering the lack of deopth it showed---it even required bringing out the Rock in order to make Cena and Miz more interesting---again, something I think some people picked up on instinctually as cheap and revealing something missing in WWE--even if they couldn't say it out loud. Unfortunately---as time goes on with no other alternative---wrestling is going to die. That's why I'll keep rooting for TNA---if for nothing more than if TNA could put a soild act together-it would wake the sleeping giant in McMahon's brain and bring the WWE back up to par again as well.

The only match that was close making it worthwhile was Undertaker/Triple H.. It just didn't feel like Wrestlemania to me. The spectacle fell flat and the wow factor wasn't there. The worst part is that unbearable Cole/Lawler storyline is still going on as of last night's Raw.

I think two things have contributed to this WrestleMania not seeming as special as it used to - first, nothing in terms of storyline seemed to be wrapped up. WM used to mean a reset. And two, there are just too many dang PPV's - 'Mania used to be special because there weren't 13 others in the year (and that only includes WWE PPV's).

Nevertheless, I enjoyed this year's version. I wasn't blown away by anything and the actual matches weren't given enough time - the video packages were definately overdone. You either watch enough wrestling to know what's going on or you don't, in which case you don't really care.

This years wrestlemania was terrible.except (edge vs alberto) and (undertaker vs triple h) but the other matches was normal monday night matches.and (jerrylawler and michealcole) match was the worsth match.the only thing that made it good was stonecold.and that general manager thinks he did fair by letting micheal cole win.well i didn't see him fair with john cena when the rock gave him rockbottom.thats why i think wwe is died. because the wrestlers like the miz,the corre and other dont have the talent to bring it.i really miss the old matches because it was great.but now if johncena quit wwe is going down.

I have rewinded and rewinded the tape several times...was that you Kev at the HOF ceremony..wearing a green shirt w white gloves ..who mouthed " I Love You showstopper" when Shawn Michaels was up?

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