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April 11, 2011

Owner of independent promotion comments on Scott Hall incident at his show

Steve Ricard, the owner of Top Rope Promotions, issued the following statement regarding Scott Hall’s disturbing appearance at his show this past Friday in Fall River, Mass.:

Top Rope Promotions has been holding family oriented wrestling shows for 30 years now, and on our 30th Anniversary event, we brought in one of the biggest names in pro wrestling, Scott Hall (aka Razor Ramon).

We drew a packed house and a good majority of them were there to see Hall. Hall and his people down in FL had all claimed he was clean and good to go. His flight and hotel were pre paid, and his appearance fee was demanded upon arrival at the airport (which he asked for within 3 min of being picked up).

Hall had arrived in a wheel chair with 3 bottles of prescription pills in his posession. Hall had performed an interview with our local newspaper The Herald News around 6 PM on Thursday night, saying how much he was looking forward to coming to the show, and how he was clean. Less then 24 hrs later, he showed up in the state he was in, demanding his appearance fee. Right off the bat, we were in a bad situation.

Having Hall at the building, already pre paid with his appearance fee, hotel, flight, etc. He even harassed my driver in the process. Hall was persistent to appear on the show. His heart was in the right place, unfortunately I can't say the same about his mind or his body.

Throughout the night he made threats to numerous members of my staff, as well as myself demanding more money, demanding to go to the ring when he wanted to etc. He was also threatening to kill me if I "screwed" him over. I'm 31 years old and I should be in no circumstances, babysitting someone in there 50's.

Hall made at best, an embarrassing performance in the ring and for the fans who came to see him, trashing matches that were on the show before him and addressing the crowd as if we were in England.

Neither Hall, nor anyone who helped line up the date, or any of his close friends or agents have called to apologize or offer a refund for his "less then stellar" appearance. He showed his true colors and who he was this past Friday night. If he's upset that we're airing a stream of this atrocious appearance, maybe he should issue an apology to the fans, the promotion, and the workers of the company. One would only assume that no one that night got what they paid for, myself included.

Here's my take: Ricard makes some fine points, but I can’t feel too sorry for him. Hall’s reputation is well-documented, but Ricard chose to do business with him anyway. For any promoter who books Hall, I’ve got two words for them: Buyer beware.

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Not excusing Hall one bit. But I find it disgusting this guy is using his trainwreck performance for publicity. Pro wrestling isn't exactly full of saints but this is as low as it gets.

I pray Scott Hall can clean up his life before it is too late. But I have my doubts he will sadly.

"Hall made at best, an embarrassing performance in the ring and for the fans who came to see him, trashing matches that were on the show before him and addressing the crowd as if we were in England."

What's that mean, what do we do over here in England???

"...and addressing the crowd as if we were in England."

Can you clarify what that means? Don't worry not shouting racism or anything just wanted to know what he means by addressing an English crowd

10 years in public relations has taught me when anyone begins a statement with something like "we've been a ___ company for ____ years" hope you have a lot of ketchup cause you're about to get served a heaping ton of s**t.

You know how when little kids get in trouble and they start giving detailed accounts of other "worse stuff" their siblings or friends did? That's what his statement reads like. No question Hall was at fault for showing up in that state, and may have been acting like an ass but as Eck said, you know what you're getting with him in the first place. I think this guy spent time hyping his event around Hall being there and decided as long as he had to pay the guy he was damn sure going to get his money's worth. Then after realizing he looks like an ass is making it seem like Hall held a gun to his head and demanded he go to the ring. If you had that much of a problem with Hall's state when he arrived and he was being threatening about being sent home, why not call the police?

Hall is a jerk with some serious problems, but that doesn't give this guy the right to use that fact to exploit him for profit & then try to make himself the "real victim". Then he also throws in that REFUND line towards the end, gimme a break dude. He definitely sounds like a 31-yr-old running a business.

Please. Hall couldn't even walk and he didn't know where he was. Pretty sure he wasn't coherent enough to even know where he was, let alone threaten the promoter and all that.

Hope some bad can come from a terrible situation. Hasselhoff got it together after the cheeseburger moment. Let's pray Hall can at least get a taste of recovery then decide if he wants to continue his prolonged suicide. VERY SAD news considering most of those that follow Meltzer thought Hall missed HBK's Hall of Fame induction to stay way from people, places, things. TRULY SAD Razor Ramon has always been one of my favorite characters in wrestling. Godspeed.

Kevin, I really don't agree with your take. If a performer has a problem, then you do your due diligence before hiring him. If we take Ricard at his word, then he apparently did so by first checking with Hall "and his people down in FL." Whatever they said convinced Ricard that he could safely hire Hall.

You're basically stating that Ricard either got scammed or was too trusting, so too bad for him that he wasted his money, alienated his fans, and damaged his promotion. That's ridiculous.

"Buyer beware" only goes so far. It doesn't excuse professional adults from defrauding others and making a complete mockery of their contractual obligations.

RESPONSE FROM KE: Let me put it this way: If I'm an independent promoter, I'm not risking my repuation by booking anyone with a track record like Hall's. I'd need more than his people's word that he was in condition to perform.

Not excusing Hall in the least, but how do you not know what you're getting into when you book Scott Hall? Hall owes everyone an apology, but moreso - Ricard owes everyone an apology. I suspect this is all going the way he envisioned it would - all publicity is good publicity in his situation.

I feel the same way, Kev. Booking Scott Hall is a gamble, but this guy is no better than TNA allowing Jeff Hardy on camera in bad shape.

They're just another in a long line of money marks looking to make a name at the expense of a troubled performer. Who's gonna book Hall vs. Hardy with Jake Roberts as ref.....any takers??

Controversy creates cash. I'd book Hall hoping he'd do something EXACTLY like this. Now Tope Rope Promotions name is out there. Nice job, Steve Richard.

Heard the England thing was Hall being confused about being in New England (Massachusetts) instead of England. Think R Truth and his Green Bay/Milwaukee problem.

KE: I'd need more than his people's word that he was in condition to perform.

To be fair to Ricard, he claimed elsewhere that Hall made appearances in New Jersey and Florida last month without incident.

I don't think this invalidates your point about "buyer beware" with a track record like Hall's, but hey, if I were running an indie promotion and Jake Roberts or Sid Eudy seemed stable and had been living up to their commitments recently, then I'd probably pay them at the airport, too.

If Hall isn't giving back the appearance fee, then I have no problem with TRP trying to sell the promotion. Sure, booking the guy was a risk, but how many shows has he been doing over the last year where this hasn't happened? Seems like at least a few.

I'm just disappointed that no one has come out and described the type of line Hall drew instead of autographing his name. Because, by no means am I thinking he made it straight.

What does "addressing the crowd as if we were in England." mean?

Can anyone shed any light?

Mike, it means when Hall came out he said, "Ello Govna. Can I pardon you for a spot of tea before this bloody good match, chap?"

What does "addressing the crowd as if we were in England." mean?

Can anyone shed any light?

Hall was confused he thought he was in England and not New England.

Hey everyone curios about the England reference, please go on YouTube and search Scott Hall in Fall River MA (1/2)

The video will show exactly what it means, he truly believed that he was in The UK

Scott made a fool of himself once again

I know people love Hall. I do too. But this promoter is trying to run a business and prosper like everybody. He PAID Hall to perform on his show, and Hall crapped all over him and every fan that paid to see him. He had every right to use the footage of HIS show, and to comment on Hall ruining it.

I mean try to look at it objectively. If you paid, lets say R-Truth, to headline a show, and he showed up drugged out of his mind, would you hesitate to call him out on it? Or would you say screw your business, your fans, and your show, and say nothing because HE has a problem.

Guys, if you watch the full ppv you can see Hall starts chanting "Easy, easy, easy!" and then he puts on a sparkly top hat and says "we shall not be moved" and does a belly-bump to win the match.

Scott Hall's problems have been very well documented throughout the years. Recently it has even come to light that he is no longer participating in the WWE Wellness program. This fact alone, that Scott basically 'dropped out' of his rehab/wellness program is enough to show that this man has a serious problem.

Given that the promoter is a young hot shot I would not be surprised to find out that Scott Hall was booked with the hopes that something like this would happen. Let's face it, would we even be talking about Top Rope Promotions or have even heard about them had it not been for this?

The fact that this little man would exploit the problems of an obviously disturbed human being is a disgrace!

Note to Self: NEVER support this classless promotion!

"Unfortunately, Scott was apparently so impaired that he thought he was in England instead of New England, and called the crowd a bunch of Wankers, which is an English insult."

what a loser! /shame on u Scott Hall! U r an embaressment to all!

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