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April 4, 2011

More thoughts on WrestleMania XXVII

If you saw the video posted earlier today of Brian Fritz and me, you know that both of us thought that WrestleMania XXVII was a good show.

Judging by comments on this blog and other wrestling websites, however, apparently we are in the minority.

The major complaint that I’ve seen about Sunday night's show is that the main event between WWE champion The Miz and John Cena didn’t deliver and had a flat finish. Fans also seem to have been disappointed with what The Rock brought to the show and with most of the matches in general – The Undertaker-Triple H and Randy Orton-CM Punk matches being the exceptions.

A number of people said that show felt more like an episode of Raw than the biggest pay-per-view of the year. It also has been noted that since WWE began having two world titles defended at WrestleMania in 2003, at least one of the belts changed hands every year until Sunday night's show.

Who knows, perhaps I would have had a different opinion of the show if I had watched it in my living room on pay-per-view, but being there live in the Georgia Dome in a big-show atmosphere with more than 70,000 fans, I thought WrestleMania XXVII was pretty entertaining.

On the other hand, the expectation for the Super Bowl of wrestling (oops, sports entertainment) is high, so in that regard, I suppose a case can be made that “pretty entertaining” isn’t acceptable and that the show didn’t live up to the hype.

It certainly wasn’t “the most memorable WrestleMania of all time” as The Rock promised it would be in his promo that opened the show.

With that being said, however, I think saying WrestleMania XXVII was “terrible” or that it was the worst WrestleMania ever is off base, but everyone is entitled to their opinion.

The Miz-Cena match wasn’t a classic by any means, but I didn’t think it was an epic failure. I do, however, agree with those who said that most people just seemed to be waiting for The Rock to show up. Was the finish a little flat? Perhaps, but I didn’t walk out of the arena feeling as if it was a big letdown either.

On a side note, I saw at least one person who wasn’t at all pleased with the finish. A young boy in a purple Cena t-shirt and cap who had been holding up pro-Cena and anti-Rock signs, ripped up his signs and was nearly in tears after Cena lost. I felt bad for him. I reacted the same way when I was 10 and heard that Superstar Billy Graham had lost the WWWF title to some young, red-haired punk named Bob Backlund.

As for The Rock’s performance, I thought what he did was fine and he certainly electrified the crowd at the start of the show, but I wouldn’t say that “The Great One” created any great WrestleMania moments Sunday night.


My biggest complaint about the show is that the two world title matches only went a combined 26 minutes. And why even bother having the eight-man tag team match between The Corre and The Big Show, Kane, Kofi Kingston and Santino Marella if you’re only going to give it 90 seconds? But in all fairness, even with four hours to work with, WWE had a lot of stuff it had to get in, including some backstage skits with The Rock, which were necessary since he was the host and fans were expecting it. I could have done without was the Snoop Dogg segment, however, and I’ve never been a fan of Pee Wee Herman.


It will be very interesting to see what happens tonight on Raw (I will be in attendance at Atlanta’s Philips Arena) with The Rock and Cena. I’ve been saying this for a few years now, but it might finally be time for WWE to listen to the crowd and turn Cena heel. As a bad guy, he would have more heat than Vickie Guerrero and Michael Cole combined and it would really freshen up his character.


Speaking of guys switching sides, I see a babyface turn in The Miz’s future, perhaps before the end of the year. He has mostly turned the corner as far as gaining the fans’ respect and he is beginning to get some cheers (he certainly had his share of fans Sunday night). If the angle is done well, I think The Miz will become one of the top babyfaces in WWE. I didn’t see it in him for a long time, but I have no doubts now that The Miz has “it.”


I figured The Undertaker and Triple H would have an entertaining match, but what they put together exceeded my expectations. It told a great story and seemed to have the crowd truly believing that The Streak was going to end. The Undertaker, who for years had subpar matches at WrestleMania against lumbering big guys such as Giant Gonzalez, King Kong Bundy and Mark Henry, has now had the best match or second-best match at WrestleMania for five consecutive years. As for Triple H, this was his best WrestleMania match since WrestleMania XX in 2004 when he faced Chris Benoit and Shawn Michaels in a triple threat match.


I was a little disappointed that the Cole-Jerry Lawler match didn’t have more heat after the great buildup on TV. When Cole was on offense, rather than getting all worked up, the crowd began a “boring” chant. In the end, however, Austin delivered three Stunners and did the beer bash celebration with Lawler, which the fans enjoyed.


The most spectacular move of the night goes to -- surprise, surprise -- John Morrison for doing Starship Pain off the top onto the floor on Dolph Ziggler.


I loved Metallica's "For Whom the Bell Tolls" being played before Triple H's regular entrance music. Conversely, I don't think Cena coming out to a gospel choir really worked.

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I watched on PPV and was entertained for the most part. Obviously, there were some letdowns (Cole-Lawler). However, UT-HHH, Orton-Punk, Mysterio-Rhodes, and Del Rio-Edge were all stellar and superb matches. Cena-Miz could have been better, but wasn't a total clunker. The rest was meh, and the true disappointment was no Bryan-Sheamus match on the PPV which very well could have been very good if given the chance.

I wouldn't say I came away from Wrestlemania thinking it was awful, but dissapointing. It was a good show, but I expeced a lot more:

- Rock for me fell flat, I think a lot had to do witht he fact we all knew how Wrestlemania was ending for him, and the fact he had some bad segments to work with, thank God for Stone Cold!

- The main event was okay, a failry good match for WWE standards, but the ending of a count out killed it, and as many people have pointed out we were all waiting for the Rock.

- there was very little in terms of match action, take away Cm Punk vs Orton, HHH vs Taker, Rhodes vs Mysterio and Edge vs Del Rio and the matches were rushed and awful. In fact I'd say apart from HHH vs Taker even those matches were only okay/good. I really felt this Wrestlemania missed MITB...

Overall I'd say it was a good PPV, but we want Wrestlemania to be amazing, and it was solid but dissapointing in what it lacked...

You're so off-based about HHH-Taker it's comical. The match was decent, nothing more. The fact that the two spent more time writhing on the mat, selling injuries for several minutes at a time between predictable spots, was frankly boring. Hell, they started acting like Rocky and Apollo Creed at the end of Rocky II within about three minutes of the opening bell. That's just a lazy way of selling a match between two guys who'd spent months out of the ring. I guess it was nice to see live. Watch it again at home and prepare the fast-forward button for Taker's epic stretches lying on the ground.

I think anyone who attends 'Mania in person is going to have a great time. I love every live wrestling event I go to, even if the matches are subpar.

That said, HHH-Taker far exceeded my expectations. I've long felt that both are borderline stale characters and clearly not in the prime condition they once were, but they showed that ring psychology can go so, so far in making a match excellent.

The problem with the end of the main event is that there was no blow-off. It really did feel like Rock was just getting his heat back for the week before, and tonight on Raw there will be a furthering of the storyline. As one person I saw put it, "What is different about any of the title pictures or major feuds now compared to Saturday?" It's great question considering the price tag of the show.

ive read many of your blogs and think you do a wonderful job but this wrestlemania was horrible. like many fans, when we of this event, we expect greatness and for this event to deliver and it didnt. this event shows why wwe is becoming wcw at the end. they continue speak of building stars but most of the talent was buried by being in a bad matches and being hurt by creative. wwe continues to lack go creative direction. only three matches were good really. other than that wwe made millions of one of the worst wrestlemanias ever.

I think WWE did a horrible job in this year WrestleMania i really would have liked to see both titles change hands Taker and HHH was one of the better matches and Cody Rhodes and Mystrio match man did Cole and Mystrio take lot of heat for there wrestling gear her comes Joan Rivers fashion police .

the biggest problem of wwe WrestleMania XXVII is they had only one main event per year with for example TLC matche, Money in the bank, Royal rumble etc. and they take that out wrestlermania to creates more events during the year and spoil wrestlermania. Now the price of wrestlermania should be $19.95

I bought the PPV (in HiDef) and watched on my Big *ss TV, but it still didnt help this poor PPV. There were too many rest holds, bad acting, and too many video vignettes. WWE-It's your biggest PPV, show wrestling matches!!!! Rocky took too many breathes and too many breaks. If you cut out all of the fluff, they could have had the Bryan/Sheamus match. Snooki had more wrestling moves in the PPV than most of the wrestlers.

Orton/Punk was the best match, the rest of them didnt wrestle long enough for me to care. That was my last WWE PPV.

my take is simple, everything is relative. People see what they want to see. All in all, wrestlemania was great. I think Taker is the only true legend and Orton is his child. The future of wrestling is in the hands of Orton.

Kevin I agree the choir was werid.

ok now iv watch wwe/wwf since iv been 3 im now 18 and dis has been the worst wm iv watched , having a world heavy weight title match at the start of wm is a massive no , its shud always be something big to kick it off , ladder match , even thou the rock was gr8 to open but the only match i rely enjoyed was hhh vs undertaker which was unreal but the rest like were so short i think the core match was jus under 2 mins , waste of the tickets payers money , i am going next yr to miami but please let it be better den last nights performance , i thought the best entrance of the night went to del rio or hhh and taker . austin was good as always but perdictable , we missed alot this yr frm the past wrestlemanias and rely there were no classic memorable monents to talk to our kids about in the future wen thay watch der first wm . i stil think wwe is gr8 but really would wanna try looking at what they did wrong , i think im not the first to say , the rock vs john cena because we all h8 cena rely , big miss dis yr without hbk and vince mcmahon , not sure what was going on with taker last nite at the end of the match because he had a taunt supposed to happen when the 19-0 showed but was unable to even stand , randy orton surprised me last nite with his lack of sicotic acting skills he has , 71,617 , i shud only think anyone that paid over 600 $ got there money worth for the hhh match but i felt sorry for lots of ppl in that arena , it is true ppl say its like the superbowl saying you have to see it for real in front of you a wrestlemania moment you have to live i do agree but not when you have a show like last nights , best wm iv ever seen is between wm 17 and wm 23 alothough all wm are gr8 moments except last nights show , april 1st 2012 looking forward to it ,
thank you .

It seemed like a lot of the segments were used to extend WrestleMania and ended up just dragging on & on. The Rock's promo opening the show had long pauses and water breaks and all I heard was the same thing he has been saying on Raw for the last three-four weeks so it didn't really get me excited for the show. The show wasn't bad, but I think watching HBK & the Undertaker the last two years set my expectations a bit to high. Was it a "hot" crowd there because watching on tv, they didnt really seem into a majority of the matches.

I have mixed feelings on wrestlemania 27.I agree with those fans who are disapointed that neither the WWE title or World title changed hands. The Rock's interference was predictable and The Edge-Del Rio match seemed more like a SmackDown main event. There was nothing spectacular and the bookers were only thinking about buiding up the next Pay Per View. I agree with your comments Kevin about the Miz.He has really stepped up his game.He has plenty of charisma. I also see a face turn from Alberto Del Rio.Personally, I would have Del rio turn face now.My reason is: capitalizing on the fact that he made a guarantee and did not deliver. Also, the fact that the fans could sympathize with him after Edge destroyed his Bentley. The look on Del Rio's face was priceless. The fans cheer for him and he is very talented.

Something will happen on Raw tonight, which will set the tone for John Cena's next move.that's my guarantee.I would not even be surprised to one day soon see a Rock vs Cena match.

On a side note: my sources have told me that both the Undertaker and Triple h were severly banged up after last nights encounter.One WWE source cited that the Undertaker had to be assisted out of the building. Keep up the good work Kevin.!

Jkay says

The future of wrestling is in the hands of Orton.


The future of wrestling is in the hands of CM Punk :)

There's just no pleasing people. Next thing you know people are gonna say The Rock is ruining WWE. Hell, he's the only reason why I'm watching again.

John Cena has been the top guy in WWE for a while but right now he's right where a lot of people have wanted him for years and that's backed up against a corner. How will it turn out? This alone is worth the price of admission. And people are disappointed? WWE has life for the first time in a long time in my view.

This was pretty much a 1 match Mania with Taker and Tripple H being the best match on the card. I was positive Del Rio was going to win,so I was shocked to see Edge win in a good match.Did we get that Hogan/Andre Mania momemt that will stand rhe test of time? I would say no, but overall I would give it a 7 out of 10. Big disappointment No Bryan/Sheameas match.I mean that was the match I was telling my friends would steal the show,big dissapointment WWE!

Great coverage of 'Mania. I watched it with friends yesterday and I have to say I would have had NO problem if I had ordered this myself and put down the $60.

A few things were slightly disappointing but hey, everything's not for everyone.

One thing I'm not sure you could pick up by being in attendance was the real emotion that Miz was feeling when he came out to that stage. I could tell he was trying his hardest to keep his cocky attitude on display but he was fighting tears of joy to be there, main eventing Wrestlemania. It really was "awesome".

i feel that this wrestlemania did not stand up to others that i have seen on ppv or the two that i went to. most of the matches could have been better if you had bruno sanmartino in them i was disappointed in the miz v cena match. yhe lawyer cole match was a joke. the hhh v taker was okay but i think it should have taken longer for taker to win

I don't think this was a poor Wrestlemania at all, I enjoyed most of it and it delivered well overall. There's always going to be a few things in there that don't please but that's just what happens. And anyway, no 'mania will ever be as bad as Wrestlemania 7 in 1991. Now there was a stinker.

I really liked the Rhodes/Mysterio and Orton/Punk matches, but obviously my favourite was Undertaker/HHH. I thought it was epic if I'm being honest. Not quite as good as Taker's two previous outings against Michaels, but still thrilling none the less. I knew it was going to be an amazing match going into it too, and both guys did not disappoint.

The two world title matches were just okay, certainly not awful but not classics either. Another thing that was a bit of a let down was how little The Rock was actually on the screen. Granted, he stayed out there for a long time at the start, and there was that awesome face off he had with Austin, but then he only came out for the last few minutes of Cena/Miz. Thought he would be getting himself about throughout the whole show.

I guess there were only two things I was totally disappointed with, that being the ridiculously short eight-man tag and Snooki's appearance, although I think she executed her spring board move very well so I'll let her off.

I actually thought the absence of a ladder match on the show was going to take away from the whole thing as a spectacle, but I don't think it really mattered in the end. There was enough there to still make it great, and it just means we get to look forward to a whole pay-per-view of ladder matches in a few months.

Booker T's announcing is pretty shocking at the moment, but I must admit he is very funny with the things he comes out with. And his totally random spinaroonie was genius.

And FINALLY, the great Jerry Lawler got his chance to perform on the grand stage, even if that match wasn't quite up to scratch. Still pleased for him none the less.

Worst Mania in history. Period.

Kevin, your high opinion of this show may have been influenced by the fact that no one rear-ended your car.

RESPONSE FROM KE: Don't jinx me. I'm not leaving Atlanta until Tuesday.

After the Punk vs Orton Match, things we're going very well. I loved Rey/Rhodes, Edge/Del Rio and Punk/Orton and was looking forward to the rest of the show.

I wouldn't say it fell flat, but people look down on a show when it doesn't end how you hope. The Cena/Miz match felt rushed and was too short (no fault of their own) and The Rock's interference and rock bottom to Cena was too predictable.

Taker/HHH was great but of course it'll steal the show when it gets 30 minutes and the other matches get half the time or less. For me, Cena/Miz should have had the chance to be a classic, these guys are capable of more. If this was the case and the Rock interfered at the last second to screw Cena, I would have been much happier. It's WrestleMania and I hope to see fantastic/epic wrestling matches.

There were other things that could have been different (Cole's offense was the first time I started to rub my eyes). But you can't please everybody and I'm sure for the most part it was a success.

As I've said elsewhere today, it clearly wasn't the worst WM, but it definitely ranks in the lower half/third. The biggest issue was the lack of actual wrestling. The action was good for the most part, there just wasn't enough of it. Only Taker/HHH got the time it deserved to tell a compelling story. There was way too much Raw-level filler. Much like I said about last year's show, it would have been fine for any other PPV, but for WM more is and should be expected.

Eck, I did have one question for you. Watching on TV, it didn't seem that Cena was his usual intense self during the match. I spoke to some people who went there live who seem to believe he got his bell rung pretty good during the match. He's no technician but by and large he delivers in big matches and PPVs, but I didn't get the feeling last night that he was completely into the match. Your thoughts?

RESPONSE FROM KE: It did not strike me that he was going through the motions. When the DVD comes out, I'll take a closer look.

This was the first live Wrestlemania I've ever seen. Back in the late 80's and early 90s we rented Wrestlemania a couple times after the fact. I was suprised at how few shockers there were.

There were no turns, no betrayals, no upsets. The matches were solid with a occasional awkward spots but typically decent.

I was really disappointed that the Bryan vs Sheamus match got demoted to a dark match. The show could have been a lot tighter which would have allowed for longer matches. The 8 man tag was a waste of time. The match with Snooki was too short to be worth the time even if it had the greatest move of the night and a surprisingly good performance for a celebrity.

Right there we have three matches that basically got disrespected. The singles matches were largely entertaining. Cody and Rey did a good job, Edge and Del Rio did a great job, Orton and CM Punk was great too.

My only complain with Punk/Orton was Orton couldn't seem to decide whether he was selling an injury or wrestling at full health and it got distracting. I know we need to exercise suspension of disbelief at times but it still stretched.

HHH/Taker and Cole/Lawler were decent but I think they could have tightened the pacing. Watching it, the Taker/HHH match seemed to move in bursts with long long pauses in between these bursts. If they could have shortened the pauses I'd have no trouble calling it a phenomonal match. It was still good but not perfect. They did take an 8th of the show.

Cole/Lawler suffered from a lack of interaction. Either Lawler was down and getting beat on or Cole was down and getting beat on. There wasn't really any back and forth though the moment with the towel was great. Admittedly, I got bored with Stone Cold stunning everyone then drinking beers any time he comes back years ago so I kind of shrugged at that..

Miz vs Cena should have been longer. I'm not pissed, after it's not like it was Hardy/Sting. Should have been longer.

My one complaint above the three disrespected matches was the filler. The number of long video packages really dragged down the pace of the show. Something exciting would happen then the next 10-15 minutes you'd think you were watching Superstars with all the recaps. People who paid for Wrestlemania would likely have known the back story to these matches. Sure my 6 year old nephew and his friend had no clue but just about anyone 10 and older would have known what was going down. That was time wasted that could have been used to make the wrestling matches longer (well the ones that were short).

Wrestlemanis is the biggest ppv of the year because feuds get resolved there. Both the main event and Lawler's match didn't get resolved and will continue tonight on Raw. Compare that to the year Benoit and Eddie won the belts. Or Hogan slamming Andre. Or Flair or HBK
s retirements? To put it another way, what was the unforgettable moment of this year's Wrestlemania? I don't think 'Taker napping through his match counts. (And I was there too, and it wasn't any better in person.).

I felt that this Mania was good, not great. Anyone that says that this Mania was the worst ever must not have seen Mania 9 or 11.

I felt HHH-Taker was the best match on the show, Not as good as their match as X-7, but it still had a solid amount of action and drama. I was watching at Loafers and the crowd was full on excited during the match.

Orton-Punk and Mysterio-Rhodes both were very good matches. I felt Cody Rhodes in particular stepped his game up bigtime. I'm looking to see his character going forward.

Miz/Cena just never seemed to click, why I'm not sure. But it just was a letdown for a WWE Title Match. In comparion, the World Heavyweight Title match between Edge and Del Rio was a great match. Not sure that I would've had this open the show.

Can't for the life of me understand why they would have Cole go over Lawler. I figured Cole would get pummeled and taken out on a stretcher, much like Vince against HBK in Mania 22. This anonymous GM stuff has been going on way too long and has gotten old.

The mixed tag and the 8 man match were too short for me to care.

Bummed that the Sheamus/Bryan match was bumped to a dark match. Sheamus is one of the best things about Raw, in my opinion.

The greatest Mania? Not even close.
The worst Mania? Not even close.

In closing, like I sd before, good but not great.

I was at Wrestlemania 27, but looking at it from the perspective of someone who watched at home, I guess Wrestlemania 27 did seem more like a three hour Raw in format than "The showcase of the Immortals". But I do think you just had to be there to get the big show feel of it. When you see and hear 70,000 people and Wrestlemania fireworks, the music and video and audio production, it's definitely awe inspiring and you can't possibly feel that at home. The fans are an event amongst themselves. There were thousands of people carrying championship belts, talking in promo speak, people in costumes, I met people from other countries, people were doing chants for their favorite wrestlers. It was like a fellowship. So for me Wrestlemania was about a lot more than just the card itself.

However, a few things the WWE needs to look at improving. By taking the big gimmick matches and turning them into pay per views, like the Money in the Bank and TLC, there weren't very many gasp, he almost died, death defying, OMG moments. They should reconsider putting the money in the bank match back in wrestlemania for that purpose alone.

And guys like John Morriosn were wasted. Morrison's style is taylor made for Wrestlemania, especially with no show stealer like HBK performing. Morrison could fill that role, so he should be unleashed at mania, not baby sitting Snooki. Evan Bourne as well. Let the high flyers fly. Taking the U.S. title match from the PPV hurt as well. Sheamus and Daniel Bryan would have put on a good performace for the people at home, and it's unfortunate on both sides that they weren't able to.

Also, it seems as though there is a shortage of good baby faces to cheer for and an over abundance of cool heels that the fans seem to embrace a lot easier than the faces. When your top face gets some of the loudest boos, then there is problem and I'm not sure what the solution is.

And Wrestlemania 27 was defintiely The Rock's show. Vince probably had to promise him that just for him to appear in the first place, and the event was built around that. But not even The Rock, as entertaining as he is can carry a spectacle by himself. So it probaly was a little too much Rock. Too much style and not enough subtance, I think sums it up pretty good.

The Undetaker / Triple H match was great except for the last third of it where Triple H beat down The Undertaker. I knew politics would play a role in this match. I thought Triple H would use his power in WWE to force a victory, but instead he forced The Undetaker to take a beating and allow Triple H to look strong in defeat in exchange for keeping the streak alive, so I guess they both came out winners.

The Miz is a star period, and he seemed right at home in the spectable of Wrestlemania. If he were a better technical wrestler there's no telling what he could do. The Miz is exactly what Vince has been looking for. A hollywood entertainer who has the gift of gab and can play the role of WWE Superstar. Entertainer is the key word here, and it seems WWE has become solely an entertainment product and is leaving the wrestling aspect behind. The Miz fits perfectly into this and that's why I look for him to figure prominently in the years to come.

As for Cena, well it's like said in a previous post, I repsect Cena. He seems to really truly embrace his standing as a role model for kids, and with the whole PG WWE, they need that hero character for the kids, but adults other the kid's moms seem to want nothing to do with that, because most people don't live in PG world. So it seems with Cena, WWE has come to a cross road. I think Cena's current character has gone as far as it can go, and they need to change it up, otherwise Cena will become irrelevant and not taken seriously as a character.

But over all I enjoyed my Wrestlemania experience and I guess I can only say the only way to truly enjoy it is to be there. Watching your favorite band playing at home is nothing like seeing them perform live. Wrestlemania is no different.

I watched Wrestlemania after taking almost a year off from wrestling. I went to Extreme Rules at First Mariner last year, and loved it, but since then it has been fading out of my life.

I enjoyed the pay per view. I honestly thought it was one of the better Manias of the last few years. Maybe it was because i do not follow as closely as I used to and was not following storylines and backstage news. I went into the show as a complete "mark" and loved it. Taker and HHH were awesome, and the Punk match was great. Sure there were parts that were boring but it happens. The magic was there and I found myself intrigued by all of the big matches.

on a side note Mysterio looked like he has lost a step or two since i have watched him.

i only buy one ppv per yr.thats wrestlemania.after what i saw last night ,it will take a hell of a lot for me to buy next yr.why would you have a WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP MATCH AS YOUR OPENING MATCH.Then A Terrible 6 Man Tag Team Match Later On In The Card.Matches SHould Have Been Done In A Particular Order.What Happened To Bryan And Sheamus That Would Have Been Better Than The 6 Man Match.Flat Finish To The End Of The Card.Rethinking Whether I Want To Go To Capital Punishment On June 19Th In Dc Even If It IS A Ppv

As a first time WrestleMania viewer (in any capacity) I took hold of the opportunity to see it live in my home town. I was absolutely giddy with child-like anticipation (as were the other guys going with me- my wife was pretty stoked about going too, despite only watching wrestling over the last year or so because I had control of the remote) the entire day, and couldn't wait to take my seat in the capacity crowd Georgia Dome. All I had ever heard about any live WWE event was that it was the most amazing live event a person could see. I walked into the Dome at 5:30, expecting an intense assault on my five senses and took my group found our seats- behind the entrance stage. Bummer on our part, but we figured we'd live. When the show finally did start, I was extremely disappointed to find out that despite being on the lower level, and having four huge speakers mounted no more than 20 feet from my face, the sound was so distorted that we had to strain to make any of the dialogue out, not that the WWE had much to offer in that department. I couldn't wait to feel Rey Mysterio's "619" rattle my bones as he entered the ring, or be drowned in "I came to play" before The Miz let us mere mortals know how awesome he really was, but was let down in both aspects. The Dome really dropped the ball on the sound, and WWE stole a huge part of the pageantry of wrestling by not allowing the superstars address the crowd. Maybe this is just a part of WrestleMania, and I don't know it- any thoughts?

When it comes to the matches, I thought that from a seat in the Dome, it seemed that many of them were slow, especially the Lawler/Cole card. Cole was dominating, then he was giving up. Lawler couldn't get off the mat for an eternity, then he had spirit for jokes. While I loved how Lawler decided to use the ankle lock on Cole instead of pinning him, I much more would have liked for the build up and rope-a-doping (for lack of a better wrestling term) to be scaled back to save time for the Sheamus /Bryan match.

The vignettes were pointless (and time consuming) the the eight man tag-team match was at best a joke. The main event, which had been incredibly played up over the last few months as Miz desperately vied for the attentions of Cena and then the Rock, was a let down, as was Rocky's big return to WrestleMania.

Did I expect too much going into the WWE's biggest show of the year, leaving no possible outcome except for disappointment? While I would definitely shell out the cash and go back to WrestleMania in a heartbeat, I can't help but think that Atlanta has lost its chance to host another 'Mania for a long time, and the WWE has possibly taken a SNL like turn- for the worse.

What do you think?

The highlight of the night was Booker T' thinking he was gonna party with Austin. That never turns out well for anyone. Other than that... This was the first Mania I bought since the Attitude Era died. It will also be the last. I honestly thought I was going to get alot of screen time for Austin, Rock, and perhaps a Michaels run-in. I ended the show like "whaaaaat"... Severe buyers remorse. HHH/Undertaker was just two old dudes hitting finishers and chair shots and laying there looking at each other. I guess it was no dq or count out because they would have both been counted at least 50 times....

Yeah, I think it definitely didn't come off as well on TV as live, but I certainly don't think it's as bad as a lot of people thought, certainly not the worst WM ever (go watch the Vegas one and see if you still think that). I agree with a lot of what you said here and in the video with Fritz. Cody Rhodes really stepped up; that was my favorite match, in fact. It had a real old-school wrestling match feel; you can tell that Dusty had a lot to do with planning the match.

I thought that Punk/Orton was a little weak, but my *cough*illegalfeed*cough* started to give me problems during that match, so that definitely affected my enjoyment. But I think the whole "Orton entered with a bad knee" angle was overplayed, and kept them from really putting something memorable together. And, of course, the wrong guy went over.

It's funny, but Edge/ Del Rio went exactly as I wanted-with Edge winning and Christian not turning- but I was still somehow disappointed. I kept waiting for something to happen, particularly when Christian had the tire iron, and when it didn't, I just said "oh, that's it?" I do really hope that we get an Edge/Christian program without one of them turning, at least not Christian. He deserves to climb the mountain as a babyface.

I disagree with people that think Taker/HHH should have gone last... yeah, it was the best match, but this show was all about Cena and Rock. I will NEVER understand why it doesn't bother the WWE more that a large segment of the audience- heck, maybe the majority- can't stand the guy. It makes matches at shows like this, where the crowd's going to be much older because of the ticket price, almost comical in the reaction to the hero. This feud with the Rock's done no favors for John-boy.

My take on the matches:
Edge-Del Rio and Orton-Punk were good matches, but they didn't end well. The edge/Christian relationship should have come into play somewhere in the match(either straining it our strengthening it) and I can't stand any more "surprise" RKO finishes. Kofi superkick seens more dangerous to me than RKO. Orton character was needing a loss. Even Super Cena loses from time to time. Orton have to be bashed by 8 guys before losing.

Mysterio-Cody math was the most "right" one. I was expecting a good match, they gave me a good math. No more, no less.

The Corre math was a joke. If you got away with it, we could have seen more of Morison.

The last, the main event, was awful! The math was bad. Miz can't really work in a high level in ring, even Cena is better. He is a outstanding heel, but his maths make me snore. If the ending was good I would be ok. A clean win for cena(but having miz feet under the rope or something like that), miz winning, clean or with Riley help, even a double count out in the ring(a double chair shot in a ref bump).

The rock all in all was ok. The opening was good, not great. All the segments were passable, but unnecessary. And the end was too predictable.

The only good surprises was Snooki match. Her somersault to make boos into cheers was hilarious. Morrison doing what he does best, and Trish showing you can be a sexy hot woman and DO something in the ring. It's a shame we have Kin, Natalya, Phoenix and now the Kong and Trish, and have to watch the Bellas, Eve and LayCool. This math I was expecting to me a snore fest, and was full of surprising moments.

I liked the Jerry-Cole match, but Cole got the upper hand for too long. And the ending was totally unnecessary. They could have keep the disqualification for today on RAW

Of course the best damn match of the day, and the year up to now, was Undertaker-HHH. I was never a fan of Hunter work, but they were amazing. I was a hundred percent sure Taker would win, and was jumping in my chair each near fall. I bow to then.

We were in attendance and had a blast. My five-year old was the reason we went, and he was into every match. The Cody Rhodes match was a pleasant surprise. We had met Vickie Guerrero at Axxess and I will never boo her again. She was very sweet to my little boy; she pulled him to her side of the table, gave him a huge hug and posed for a picture. It made his day. The show was great, I'm sorry all of the Cena fans are crying that he lost (those are probably the people who are the most saying that it was a terrible show), but he definitely was booed out of the building. The roof nearly blew off for the Rock, and we went apes*it when 'For Whom The Bell Tolls' was played. Still recovering a day later.

I enjoyed the whole atmosphere as usual. Wreslemania is about more than the individual matches. It's a gathering of past of present - HOF ceremony and the special appearances at Wrestlemania itself. An annual celebration of the industry is what it's all about.

The other name you were looking for when you mentioned taker took on big guys was A Train

Anyone who says they were disappointed in the Cole/Lawler match is a fool. What did you expect? A scientific match? Cole was supposed to run away, he was supposed to rely on Swagger. For what it was, it was entertaining, as was Booker T's commentary for the match.

I've said this alot to people i have talked to in recent years, I have never spent the money on wrestlemania and regretted it. That still holds true today the day after 'Mania. i was upset that the DQd King, but it fuels the story.

And just wanted to say thanks Kev for the great coverage you've given us for the past week and a half for Wrestlemania. I really enjoyed the live blog which i was reading while watching.


Is it just me or does the wwe not have any faith in the Miz? Outside of the lawler ladder match, every title defense he has had they've written outside interference. This is the worst title reign Ive ever had the misfortune of watching. on a side note, will michael cole ever be fired or turned? He ruins raw with his countless rants and diatribes that just get mundane and unoriginal.

This was a PPV right? Then why in the blue hell were some of the comments silenced?? It's not the USA network!

You missed the best part...good ole JR was back!!!

I gave it a "good" but I was wavering to say "average." I watched it with some people that new fans. Before every matched I asked them to predict the finish time and who would win. Then I gave my take. They were amazed that I called every match and was within a minute every time. I even explained to them why the results were the way they were. I even called the DQ overturn before they made the call with the computer. It had to happen or there would be nothing for Cole to do ever again.

WrestleMania XXVII was good but that is all to me.

The Rock while good on the MIC was just a guest host at the end of the day and the ending between Mizz and Cena was somewhat predictable. Although I will admit seeing Cena lay down at WrestleMania was a pleasant surprise.

The Undertaker vs HHH match was also predictable and wasn't a patch on Taker vs HBK from last year and the year before. The issue I had with this is that HHH has already been beat by Taker at WrestleMania and that match was just good nothing more. I expected the same here and that is what I got.

That is the two selling points for this years WrestleMania and both gave me what I expected. Overall this years WrestleMania was good but not great and I'm happy I didn't pay to see it. It should have been more but we have known the card for this PPV for some time so it wasn't disappointing.

Cena should've beaten The Miz. Miz=soooooo overrated! I hope the Cena vs. Rock match is for the WWE championship, with Cena winning, he's the best in the business right now! Seriously, this Cena hate seems to be blind haters trying to seem like smart wrestling fans when their just following the crowd.

I'm a big Rock fan, but his involvement on the show meant that people watched the WWE title match with a countdown clock inside of their head.

One of the reasons Wrestlemania seemed like a bigger spectacle when I was younger (aside from the fact i'm old) is that it featured matches you never got to see on regular TV.

Other than Saturday Night's Main Event you would almost never see Hogan defend the title against top competitors until Wrestlemania.

As others have mentioned, other than Taker/HHH there wasn't a match that couldn't have come off one of the better episodes of Raw.

So when the matchups themselves aren't noteworthy, I think the writers have to get more creative. Perhaps Christian could have turned on Edge, causing him to lose the title, Rock attacks Cena backstage but we aren't sure he did it, Sin Cara saves Rey Mysterio from a beatdown and rey turns heel, Kane joins the Core, etc etc.

No steel cage matches, no ladder matches, no Shelton Benjamin highlight moment.

It just seemed to be a very conservative show, not a bad one, just a safe close-to-the-vest show

How ridiculous did Rey Mysterio look as "Captain America"?

The choir sounded great, the timing of the choir was weird. I thought HHH's entrance was awesome. It looked great on TV, bet it was even better live.

I thought Edge's match was pretty good. Is it me, or is Edge losing a step? He looked a bit slow. I agree the 8-man tag match shouldn't have happened, nor should have the womens match. I wish McMahon would get rid of bringing in "special guests" to wrestlemania. I didn't care for Pete Rose several years ago, and I surely could have done without Snooki. I wish she would just go away.

I'm sorry, but you couldn't have held a gun to my head & made me buy this garbage(forgive me for the violent imagery). There is so much going on right now that either totally disinterests me or I downright hate. That brings me to Michael Cole. I am not surprised that the crowd wasn't into it when he was on the offensive. I think I speak for many fans when I say he has total go away heat & if they keep pushing him as a main character, that's what I'm going to do...GO AWAY! When he is on screen as anything but an announcer(which is bad enough)I'm going to wear out my FF button.

I can only imagine how it was "live" But I popped when "For Whom The Bell Tolls" started by Metallica. It was presented well on tv with the wide angles catching the music in sequence with the light show. Impressive.


This Wrestlemania, just didnt live up to the hype for me. I was excited before it started. I bet if I was there I might think differently though.

I can see potential in the Miz, for sure, but until he starts winning convincingly, for me it wont matter. Its been a boring title run. I wonder how it will play out with him and Cena as Ive noticed in house show announcements the two are supposed to be feuding for a little while longer.

@Craig, I don't think your expectations were too high. I think the time has passed for WrestleMania to be that "special" event it once was. There are 27 in the history books already, so each one isn't nearly as special as when there were only 8 or so.

Myself, this was my 8th WrestleMania to attend live (WM17, WM19-WM23, and WM26 were the others) and WM27 was by far the least entertaining. I bought tickets to WM24 but I didn't attend because I wasn't impressed with the card. I wasn't impressed with the hype this year either but it was my first time in Atlanta, so I was happy to attend.

Subpar hype + weak payoff = below average event. WWE was smart to book Cena/Rock for WM28 last night to get fans talking about next year instead of dwelling on this year.

But it was my first trip to Atlanta, so that was worth the visit. (Plus, we entered the Georgia Dome at the exact same time Lex Luger entered, so that was unique.)

I’ve watched every WrestleMania multiple times and I’ve even been to 5 of them. My take is that WrestleMania XXVII ranks somewhere in the middle of the pack. It definitely wasn’t the worst Mania ever. I think the major problem is that WrestleMania has outgrown itself. For the past several years WWE has tried way too hard to cram way too much product into the 4-hour time slot. My proposal is to make WrestleMania a two-day event. This solves a lot of these reoccurring problems. It would allow every title to be defended with plenty of time for main event matches. It also allows WWE to capitalize on the massive venues like the Georgia Dome. I mean really it seems silly to spend all that time and money to set up inside of a 70,000 seat stadium for only one night of action when they could just as easily do two nights back-to-back.

gospel Kevin, not gosepl...

RESPONSE FROM KE: Got it. Thanks.

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