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April 17, 2011

Matt Hardy: Jeff Hardy considering retirement (w/video)

Matt Hardy posted a video blog in which he says that his brother, Jeff, is considering retiring from wrestling.

He said: “There’s another man that I have to bring up right now, that is hurting severely, who’s actually thinking about actually having back surgery, who’s actually thinking about ending his career in wrestling, especially on the heels of Edge doing it as well, and that’s my brother, Jeff Hardy.”

Matt Hardy loves to work the Internet Wrestling Community, so while Jeff may very well be thinking about having career-ending back surgery, I take everything Matt says with a grain of salt.

In the video, which was shot late Saturday night, Matt also talks about the Lethal Lockdown match that he will be in on TNA’s Lockdown pay-per-view tonight.

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Good riddance. If only Matt Hardy can retire too.

Well, I speak for all hardy fans when I say this. We love you guys and jeff can't leave on the note he left on. He's. One of the greatest ever. Don't leave jeff your fans love you!!

I remember laughing when I saw an episode of byte this a long time ago where Lita accused Matt Hardy of talking in wrestling promos (he really does). With that being said, that was a damn fine wrestling promo, if Matt were able to execute that well on TV he could be the 2000 version of Jake Roberts.

Real nice Matt,but let's not forget that this man is high as hell,troublesome to say the least,he looked horrible in the Lockdown,and has looked horrible,please Matt retire,please,your time is up until you can clean up.End of story,man is on something and a lot of it.

i'll miss JHs dreadlocks

In the words of the David Spade character from SNL "buh-bye" Jeff.

Looks like someone's still pissed about Lita. "HMM, Edge is getting all this attention, time to make it all about ME, MATT HARDY, INTERNET SUPERSTAR!!!

"And Jeff. Whatever. Gotta keep him pilled up and falling from great heights. Kids love that schtick."

matt hardy needs to go away. he's boring at this point. he moves so stiff he looks like every joint in his body has been replaced. he's obviously high as a kite in the video. His young man skills are gone and now he just looks old, stoned, and beat up. good bye matt.

I always go back to the season one finale for NXT when Mr. Regal kept referring to Matt as Eugene. I think that speaks volumes.

Sorry for didn't finishing my comment... Had problems with my computer... My opinion is: He's a person and it's only his decision how to live. I'd understand, if he left wrestling.. If I was him, I'd do the same! It's only reasonable! Understand, that he needs a break, please! Stars are ''only'' people too. And every person is a star! ;-) Don't forget, that we're all the same and everyone has got problems and is not perfect. And that everyone has got feelings!

Considering what Jeff has done to his body it is no surprise that he has turned to drugs. I can only hope he gets the help he needs to clean himself up and come back and wrestle again. No need for Jeff to destroy his body anymore.

Good lord Matt open your eyes! It's hard to take what you're saying seriously when you look like you're about to pass out. Jeff is better than you, Edge is better than you, they always will be.

As long as the hardy's have deluded fans that think falling from a ladder makes you a great wrestler, Matt Hardy and his webcam wont go away... sadly.

According to Matt's twitter TNA's plan is to push him in the world title picture... If Anderson's Austin impression is boring how are the TNA audience going to react to the lesser Hardy complaining he was always held down until he became mean and emotionless, which is just an excuse for him having the personallity of Jim Duggan's 2x4, being the world champion?

the worst part of all of this? People give a s**t what Matt Hardy has to say in his hotel room. Jeff Hardy might well be planning to retire but considering how old he could be after a stint in jail for the charges he faces isn't retirement the only option anyway?

people should quit judgeing others as if its their lifes. i will always have mass respect for matt and jeff hardy because of what they've done in the ring, they have risked their health and sacrificed so much to entertain people. i couldnt imagine what wrestling would have been like without them! love them always no matter where they go with their careers!!! good luck with everything.

Jeff Hardy, I have never given up on you, through everything you have been and still are my biggest hero! I know you have been through hell, and i hope you continue to wrestle, but i think all of us(your fans) will always support you, once a HARDY GIRL always a HARDY GIRL! Matt, i will love you just as i always have, and i thank you for supporting Jeff and caring so much about your fans. It means so much. So to both of you good luck with whatever decisions you make. All of your true fans will still support you no matter what. I LOVE YOU! -Holly

lol at the last two fan girls, yeah I guess I was a fan of the two,but now I dunno. Much like the guy who said that maybe it was them falling off of ladders that had me thinking at my young age was so "superior" and "technical" esque wrestling that now, well.... (I guess since everyone almost does it now) I mean I don't mean to "abandon" then when they're down, but given how they've carried themselves out of the ring (forget the drug part, also how Matt and his GF a**ed themselves out, esp. during WM weekend) and constantly beg for more attention than they deserve, then turn around and complain about the reactions they get from folks, (see them always hollering at the IWC/dirt sheets) they are making it harder for me to still like them.

And thank you to the guy who saw right through this mess. Well I guess since Edge is getting all the attention well "let me make a post about me and Jeff with the feigned concern of Jeff possibly retiring."

I mean what was Lita thinking by hooking up with this guy anyhow? Was he like this before or after her, I could see him changing after splitting from her but if he was like this before then she needs a bop upside the head lol, though I still like her but still.

Good luck on the back Surgery Jeff. My Dad has gone threw one & needs another. So I know how risky it is. Matt you need to get clean.You too Jeff. From what I can tell doing better then Matt at keeping clean. I know a lot of people with a lot less in there lives get clean. I Know its hard but you guys can do it! Good Luck!

To everyone talking smack about both Hardy's getting clean..are you addicted to any drugs? Because if not, you don't have any right to judge either of them. I'm addicted to pain pills and have been clean for almost 3 months now but the withdrawls are so painful, you have no idea. Much worse than jumping off of a ladder or going through a table. Having an addiction and getting clean is very painful and it is not as simple as "just quitting." Many people want to but they can't stand the physical pain of withdrawls. So unless you've walked a mile in his shoes, maybe you should think before labeling him a drug addict scumbag.

everyone needs to stop making comments like "if only matt would retire too" matt and jeff hardy has brought so much good entertainment to the wrestling world, they come out and give it their all everytime and give the fans a great show. they deserve alot more respect then they are getting, i mean honestly they are what alot of the reason people tuned into wwf if it wasnt for them ,stone cold, the rock, undertaker and the other older wrestlers wwf would have been exactly like wwe is now boring and childish. matt and jeff did things that people had never seen before there was never a dull moment with them everytime they came out everyone knew they was about to see a great match. the wrestling world needs more people like matt and jeff to be honest look back at their matches and compare it to the new matches and you will see first hand what wrestling entertainment should be like. most of the people giving them crap is a bunch of 12 year old kids who never seen them in their matches. another thing that is stupid is how jeff is being called a drug addict, i mean its ok for a rapper to sing about raping women and snorting coke all day long, but someone like jeff hardy does it and is instantly called a drug addict. stop being over judgmental children and grow up, just because jeff hardy does or did drugs doesnt mean he wasnt a great performer all it means s that he is having a road bump in his life what you should be doing is giving him support and kind words to help him instead of judging him.

jeff you have always been awsome no matter what problems you had matt not so much but none the less i wanted to say thank you both for all you have done

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