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April 3, 2011

Live blog from WrestleMania XXVII: WWE champion The Miz vs. John Cena

Live report from the Georgia Dome in Atlanta:

The Miz came out to a mixed reaction, while Cena was booed louder than anyone on the card. I’m talking Vickie Guerrero heat times 10.

After about eight minutes of back and forth action, Cena hit a flurry offense, but Miz halted his momentum with a DDT.

Cena locked on the STF at the 7-minute mark, but Miz made it to the ropes for a break.

After Cena was briefly distracted by Alex Riley, Miz connected with the Skull-Crushing Finale for a near fall.

Miz went for the move again, but Cena blocked it and there was a ref bump at 9 minutes. Cena landed the Attitude Adjustment, but there was no referee.

With the ref down, Riley entered the ring and nailed Cena with the briefcase. The referee recovered and made the count, but Cena kicked out at the last second.

Miz went to hit Cena with the briefcase, but he ducked and Miz nailed Riley. Cena then hit the Attitude Adjustment, but Miz kicked out and the crowd erupted.

The action spilled outside the ring at 12 minutes, and Cena speared Miz over the top of the barricade. Both men were counted out and the match was declared a draw at 14:44.

The Rock then hit the ring. The anonymous Raw GM chimed in, and Rock stepped to the podium. He began to read the GM’s e-mail:

“And I quote. As the Raw GM, I think … It doesn’t matter what you think!” Rock then trashed the computer and ordered the match to be re-started.

Cena and Miz got back in the ring and began exchanging punches near the ropes. When Cena turned around, he walked right into a Rock Bottom from The Rock.

The Miz covered Cena and the referee made the three count. Your winner and still WWE champion, The Miz.

After the match, Rock slapped Miz around and hit the People’s Elbow on him to end the show.

Posted by Kevin Eck at 11:08 PM | | Comments (49)


what a lackbuster finish

I know you're blogging live, but the ref mad the pin count, not the Rock. It's a small mistake, but I figure you might want to fix it.

Watching tonight and trying to live tweet, have a massive amount of respect for your ability to actually blog what's going on. Great job, as always.

RESPONSE FROM KE: Thanks. I made the fix.

C'mon Kev--really?? REALLY?? I know Baltimore and Cleveland guys have a bit of a rivalry, but gotta point out that the match wasn't "WWE champion John Cena vs. The Miz". All kidding aside (and I'm sure someone else spotted that first) great job on the blog tonight. I'm sure it wasn't easy!!

Move over LT and Bam Bam. You've just been surpassed by The Miz and Cena for the weakest main event in WM history.

The result was something we anticipated. Could have been a better Wrestlemania final match. We really wanted to see Cena, Miz and Rock fight each other, and it turned to be the usual RAW fare. I will not buy PPVs anymore.

I didn't hear the massive for heat for Cena on TV, though I wish I had. I don't know if it was just my TV, the audio stream, or the crowd, but I heard very little crowd noise the entire PPV which was kind of frustrating since I love hearing fan reaction on normal raw.


This match IMO was worse than HHH vs Orton at WM 25, if The Rock hadn't shown up this would be an all time disaster even surpassing WM 9.



The entire card except for Edge and Taker HHH was horrific

They should have kept the double count-out finish..............the Rock embarassed himself tonight, and this show was, at most, a "C"........not worth the hype, and I'm glad I didn't blow $55 on this...

im very upset wth the rock he is notthe peopls champ cena is i have so much respect for cena i hope cna dont let rock try and rule him

Poor John Cena. Man did he get booed. The Miz got almost as many cheers as Cena. He still had his supporters though. There were a few moms and little kids in the crowd who were furious with The Rock for hitting that Rock Bottom on Cena, but pretty much everybody else loved it. This was just a so-so match though.

The Miz may not be a great wrestler, but he has that star quality to him that's undeniable. The vignette they showed of his rise from reality star to WWE superstar was well done, and it seems it's just the beginning for him. The prayer and gospel choir for Cena's intro was kind of bizarre. Cena didn't really seem his normal self when he came to the ring, not as animated as usual. The boos may have had something to do with that. I have alot of respect for Cena, because the kids do love him and moms too because he gives kids a positive role model to look up to, but WWE needs to do something to freshen up his character because it's no longer a tie. The boos are starting to drown out the cheers for Cena.

Glad I decided to save $70 and not order this thing. I'll buy when The Rock and Cena actually wrestle each other.

There was only two interesting things going on and they were both predictable. The Rock giving Cena the rock bottom and costing him the match further pushing their fued. Now who didn't see that coming? Especially after Cena's attack on The Rock last Monday.

And Undertaker going 19-0, there's a big surprise. I think The Undertaker is just an old fart who hasn't had the balls to job in 19 years, it's crap like this that makes wrestling suck these days.

Other than a couple of halfway decent incidents and one almost respectable match....... this years Wrestlemania was a complete bomb and waste of maney..... really it pretty much totally sucked compared to previous years.... we all could have seen any of this on any monday night raw. It definitely was not worth paying anything for.

The Rock is a looser and not a people's champ. There's only one people's champ! John Cena!

Wow... Never expect this anger from fans. looks like everyone hated 2011 wrestlemania. How about pop up friday song by rebecca black?

After further thought...Overall, it sounds like it was a decent show. I mean, what do you expect? I just didn't care for any of the matches, only good match was Taker vs HHH, and The Miz vs Cena was more about what The Rock would do. The actual match could go to hell, who really would care about Cena vs Miz? If it wasn't for The Rock and what he has done for the past month, I wouldn't even be talking about this right now. It's amazing how far wrestling has fallen, remove The Rock, and you really don't got much.

Wrestlemania costed $55 or something but if you want it in HD, and who in the modern world with an HDTV doesn't??, it costs $65, that's almost 70 bucks for an event, I don't have that kind of money or I would of bought it, it was just too expensive. But when The Rock vs Cena comes up in a real match, no matter what, I'm buying it.

Overall, the event was a huge success, it was packed with 77,000 and made a bunch of money. I'd say success and The Rock coming back has really paid off, and the best is yet to come as Cena vs The Rock in an actual match is money.

Who was responsible for the entrance of Cena? That guy should be fired on the spot. A gospel choir, really? On the other side: the video of the Miz was excellent.
Cena was booed when he entered but I didn´t hear much fan reaction at the first 10 min. or so. It sounded (at least on my TV) like everybody was waiting for the Rock. And sorry but the match was terrible. I wished for the Miz it would have been better. But at least he´s still the WWE champ. I didn´t expect that.
Heel turn for Cena, PLEASE. How long shall this go on? It seems he gets booed more and more every time.

that was the worst wrestlemania ever

They really should have put Taker/hunter on last. This match had little crowd reaction or drama because no one; smart, mark, young or old, thought that it was going to be over until rock came out. At least with the taker match, you had genuine drama, especially at the tombstone.

"And Undertaker going 19-0, there's a big surprise. I think The Undertaker is just an old fart who hasn't had the balls to job in 19 years, it's crap like this that makes wrestling suck these days."


Lorenzo Fernandez, you really don't know nothing about the undefeated streak deal are you?

Man..did Cena get booed. Cena did not seem into it tonite anyway...I think the absolute disrespect from the fans which has really spiked with the Rock coming back is beginning to tell.

To all those whinging fruity peebles it doesn’t matter what you think!

You can take your pathetic whiney mouths and shove it up each others candy ar$€s.

I'm only speaking for myself when I say that was the worse Wrestlemania I've ever witnessed. HHH vs Undertaker was only ok for me. For a no holds barred match I expected them to be all over the place. HBK vs Undertaker was a much better match in my opinion. John Cena vs The Miz was a pitiful match. I like John Cena but a school bus full of kindergartners can sneak up on him. First of all the match ended with a count out. I'm pretty sure that pissed a lot of people off who paid their money to see a good match. Luckily, The Rock restarted the match. But instead of a good championship match that people paid good money to see, we get a Rock Bottom and a pin fall for the Miz. Really Rock? John Cena can kick up from a Skull Crushing Finale but can't kick up from a weak ass Rock Bottom. Really Cena? Waste of money!

Can't Cena for once lose clean?? When's the last time that happened? One of the big problems with this WM is that no feuds ended. WM appears to be setting up the next show to have some title changes. Ugh.

I'm no stock holder, and I don't claim to have any knowledge of WWE's P&L. But there is NOOOO way that whatever positive they associate with Cena (whether it be merchandise or whatever) can possibly be worth this.

PLEASE, for the love of God, "It's time to give the people what they want" ... no, not a rock bottom. A Cena heel turn.

But.... alas, a new red t-shirt means there's merchandise to be sold... : (

looked like the miz took a bad hit on cena's jump on him outside the ring. his head hit pretty hard on the ground. there was no faking that.

The must have edited out the boos. You could kinda hear them, and I said to my friends watching "they must be editing out the boos"

They were.

Similarly, at M&T bank Ravens v. Steelers we had a LOUD no-mean-no chant and rapist chant going - like zero chance it wasn't audible. They edited it out for TV viewers. LAME.

I was hoping for Cena to turn heel since he was booed so loudly. Also, was it me or did the Miz looked like he hit is head pretty hard over the barricade and was concussed throughout the end? He didn't look like he knew where he was.


i'm really not surprised to see the less than positive reactions to this year's Wrestlemania. there was so much things they coulda done better. first off:

- Keep Sheamus and Daniel Bryan on the main card. w/ them changin it to a regular dark match to a non-title battle royal, they definitely screwed themselves(WWE)and Sheamus and Bryan Danielson. after rebuilding Sheamus, why would you pull a stupid move like that?? for wat: to give others the wrestlemania spotlight wen you coulda just gave it to them in another capacity w/o harming the ones that deserve their own spot? i wouldn't be surprised to see Danielson finally get his rematch tonight on RAW.

- shoulda made show/kane/kingston/marella and corre the dark match. they put a match w/ a good potential to be good or even great on before the main show and they put a match on that last for about a minute. thank god i missed that.

i guess another thing that brought the atmosphere down was the barely-there crowd reaction. usually w/ Cena in big matches, they would boo the hell outta him and cheer like crazy for his opponent. they didn't even do that last night. they barely did it w/ a few cheers for Miz, like 5 guys cheering for him but that was kinda it. w/ the lackluster card, they shoulda realize that this was REALLY the time to make every match count and make a Wrestlemania to remember. they say that all the time, but this time they really shoulda had all the competitors go all out. yea this will be memorable, but for all the wrong reasons.

PS: and yea Lorenzon Undertaker is an old fart. an old fart who can still leap clear across the top rope up to 10ft in the air and still carry on stellar matches. yea he's an old nobody alright. you sure know your stuff.

OK i'll stop now. but yea they got alot of work to do next year.

Kevin, since you were there, I'm sure you'll agree that the last match was flat. Completely dead in the arena. It seems there were 4 problems:

a. Wrestlemania is just too long and at the end, the crowd is dead. I know they wanted to give us our money's worth (riser seats were 275 bucks a pop), but 4.5 hours of action is just too much. WM25 felt really long too and was also dead at the end.

b. Since Rock came back, he really had to go on last. Unfortunately, no match over the past 3 years could follow Taker. Fans are so invested in the streak - we had people running up and down the aisles high fiving after ever Taker kick out. Other than Rock 1 on 1 with Cena, nothing will keep up the interest if it has to follow Taker.

c. The ending was screwy and left everyone confused -- but there was no element of surprise.

d. Cena bombed. He was booed out of the building (even though WWE kept turning up the volume on his choir to try and drown out the boos) and didn't like it one bit. He looked pissed off the entire match and his performance showed. This was MIz's first big WM match and Cena, as the "face" of the company and big match veteran, didn't give him any help and should have been able to carry the match to a higher level.

How you end a PPV is always the most important part - as far as perception. And for Rasslemania, it's gotta be great. The ending was just a complete egg layer and had me feeling like I wasted my money. The action in the match was okay, but the double countout was lame. Then, they got our hopes up with Rock re-starting it, and then they shattered them again by ending with a quick pin after Rock interference. How did they think the fans would like this? Granted, it was no surprise that Rock was going to hit Cena with the Rock Bottom at some point, but that wasn't a good way to do it.

Seems like Cenanation is here and pissed

What was with that jackass in the front row, with the orange basketball jersey on? Fool kept standing up over and over again. Someone behind him should have beered him.

I'll say this. I didn't even plan on buying the PPV until several friends said they'd chip in to pay for it, and I had a feeling that Cena-Miz going last would end up a mistake, while not the same level it reminded me of when Jericho-Triple H had to close after Rock-Hogan in Toronto. I figured though Miz is good, and as much as I find him stale and annoying Cena is capable of having a good match at WM as he has before. And I can't believe I'm saying this, but it looked to me like Cena completely mailed in that performance last night. I think he needs to ask for a heel turn if no one is presenting the idea to him, he's going to have a hard time selling main events to fans older than 12 after that.

When their top star gives less effort than Snooki, that's sad. And on the topic, while I hated that Sheamus-Bryan got bumped props to Snooki for not just showing up doing schtick and collecting a check. She really gave an effort and as much as I hate that kind of stuff, that was appreciated.

I was glad to see the great tradition continue: the Mexican announcers table was trashed once again. I swear they've done that at every Wrestlemania I've seen.

Really, I think WWE made an honest try at an ending but it just fell flat. First, like Wrestlemania 25, the fans' energy was used up by the Undertaker match. Secondly, the match was boring. The crowd didn't really pop for anything until Miz kicked out of a pin after getting the AA from Cena. Thirdly, WWE should have just kept it simple. With the ref's back turned, Rock could have just come in and caused Cena the match. I don't get why the Rock had the authority to restart the match and make it a no disqualification match. I also believe The Miz getting his ass kicked at the end right after beating the top star of the company didn't do The Miz any favors. HHH vs. Taker would have been a better match to end the show with, but how can you blame the WWE for thinking that The Rock costing Cena the title would be a great buzzworthy ending. Sometimes the execution on these great ideas just stink. Anyway, I thought this was a pretty good Wrestlemania. I didn't like that the Cole vs. Lawler decision was overturned, but in the end, Cole got his comeuppance and Stone Cold stunned people. What more could you want? All the other matches, save the ones that were under five minutes and the main event, were great. Here's what you can say about Wrestlemania XXVII: at least it wasn't Wrestlemania IX.

the rock ruined wrestlemania? actually ruined the wwe by making it pg by making cena the face of wwe its vince and his politcal crap which shouldn't have any place in wrestling in the first place

I agree with "mike in elkton" - it looked to me like when Cena tackled Miz over the barricade and Miz landed on his back, he didn't tuck his chin and the back of his head smacked against the concrete floor. And afterwords he had this glazed look in his eyes - look at him just before Rock grabbed Cena to do the Rock-bottom, and then after the pin - Miz looks really wobbly. I think he was concussed when his head hit the concrete and they had to rush/alter the planned finish. My guess is that Cena (and/or someone in the back, possibly including The Rock) realized what happened and was trying to protect Miz by ending the match sooner.

The worst WM ever. And I paid extra to get that crap in HiDef too!!!

This match could have been better, and longer. Rocky was annoying the entire show.

Kev - You should start a poll on the overall thoughts on WM, the best match, and if you would ever spend your hard earned money on WWE PPV's in the future.

The only thing that made wrestlemania worth watching was good ol' JR, I hope he sticks around for a while, the man has still got it

If John Cena is the face of the WWE, he has the worst job on the planet. Hey John your job this week is to turn some limp dic-/noodle into a superstar. Cena has gotten a beat down on raw 3 times a month for the past year. John turn bad guy you will live longer.

The only thing that made wrestlemania worth watching was good ol' JR, I hope he sticks around for a while, the man has still got it

In response to the person who said Undertaker doesnt have the balls to job at WM: publicly Undertaker has stated he would perfer not to overshadow WM and if it were up to him he would not remain undefeated. Thats what he said aloud, who knows if thats how he really feels?

Did anyone else download "Hate me Now" after watching the Miz's video package? Very, very nice!!

The Rock was just about the only great thing about this Wrestlemania. Cena vs Miz was like Lesnar vs Goldberg with Austin replaced by the Rock.

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