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April 3, 2011

Live blog from WrestleMania XXVII: Triple H vs. The Undertaker

Live report from the Georgia Dome in Atlanta:

The match spilled to the floor in the first minute. Triple H charged at Undertaker and they both went through the Cole Mine.

Undertaker went for Old School a minute later, but Triple H pulled him off the ropes and then clotheslined him out of the ring.

Triple H tried a Pedigree on the announce table, but Undertaker backdropped him off the table onto the floor.

At the 6-minute mark, Undertaker did a headfirst dive over the top rope reminiscent of the move he did against Shawn Michaels at WrestleMania XXV. It was scary-looking, but he appeared to be OK.

At the 8-minute mark, Triple H hits a spinebuster through a table.

Back in the ring, Undertaker hit a chokeslam for a two count. There were dueling chants at this point.

After Undertaker hit Snake Eyes, Triple H landed another Spinebuster for a near fall.Triple H brought a chair into the ring, but Undertaker took it from him and nailed him in the back with it. Triple fired back with a Pedigree for a near fall at the 13-minute mark.

A minute later, Triple H kicked out of The Last Ride. Undertaker did the throat slash and hit a Tombstone at 16 minutes, but Triple H kicked out.

Triple H then hit a DDT on a chair, and both men were down. After they got to their feet, Triple H hit the Pedigree, but Undertaker kicked out at the last second. Triple H followed with yet another Pedigree, and Undertaker kicked out again.

Triple H nailed The Undertaker in the back with about nine chair shots and then collapsed to the mat in exhaustion.

Triple H hit him over the head with a chair (Undertaker appeared to get his hand up at the last second) at the 23-minute mark.

A weakened Undertaker tried to grab Triple H by the throat, but Triple H swatted it away. Triple H then did the throat slash and landed a Tombstone at 25 minutes. Undertaker kicked out and the crowd erupted.

Triple H slid backwards and stared at The Undertaker as if he were looking at someone who isn’t human.

Triple H grabbed his sledgehammer from under the ring. As he prepared to use it, Undertaker caught him in Hell’s Gate. Triple H struggled and eventually grabbed his sledgehammer, but Undertaker wouldn’t release the hold.

After being in the hold for a long time, Triple H went limp and the referee called for the bell at 29:25. With that, The Undertaker extended The Streak to 19-0.

Undertaker stayed down a long time after the match and was taken to the back on a cart.

This was by far the best match on the show to this point. While it wasn’t in the same class as the Undertaker-Shawn Michaels matches at the past two WrestleManias, it was still very good and had tremendous crowd heat.

Note: I've been told by several people who watched the show on TV that Triple H did lightly tap out.

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Triple H's best match ever. Got to hand it to both of these guys

Kevin, just wanted to thank you for posting updates throughout Wrestlemania. Couldn't order it this year, and really appreciate the blog.

I don't think that was a pedigree to a chair, but rather a DDT.

From the TV, it looked like HHH tapped out on Undertaker's arm instead of just passing out. It makes more sense for him to have just passed out though.

After the first pedigree on the chair, both men were down, but Undertaker clearly had a hand on Triple H for at least a five count. The ref was right there, but apparently did not want to count the nonchalant cover.

Only match that was worthy of being on a WM PPV.
I don't care for HHH but I give him his props for tonight, he and UT put on a show worth the entire price of the PPV.

Overall this WM was on the bottom of WM events. The Rock didn't help, came off as a ego-manic who had to try to steal the show at every turn. He's the past and he needs to go back to CA now, he's not entertaining on WWE shows any longer.
The Miz-Cena match was bad enough on it's own and Rock just made the ending even worse

Man triple h should have won that match.

So I was wrong, the streak didn't end, but it may as well have. The Undertaker had to "allow" Triple H to give him an ass kicking, and to top it off Triple H gets to walk out of the arena under his own power and The Undertaker gets carried out on a stretcher. Triple H comes away looking stronger than The Undertaker in defeat.

Awesome match, both men just beating the absolute **** out of each other. Third year in a row that the Undertaker is involved in the match of the night.

Couple of questions -- was Undertaker (to your knowledge) legitimately that out of it at the end? Also, how would you compare the crowd atmosphere to that of Undertaker-HBK's match in Houston?

RESPONSE FROM KE: I believe The Undertaker was selling. The crowd was comparable to Houston.

Undertaker is the best thing in sports entertainment for the past two decades.his streak will never be broken.its symbolic every one has to pay death a visit you can't cheat it u may beat it once or even a hundred times but when it counts and really comes you are another victim.I see 20-0 then retirement I would hate to see that day but what a way to end it.Rahmel Rush south Jamaica queens.

the headshot with the chair was a big scare moment but I'm glad both men were able to pull it off in an utterly convincing but safe(ish) manner.

so, now can we safely say that HHH now has his wrestlemania moments?

Nice match! Great 2 see d Undertaker prevail. Now I think dat d WWE should give HHH atleast 2 months off & Taker atleast 4 months.

Match told a great story. Couple of close calls though. Hunter's head damn near hit the announce table on that back drop and taker almost landed on his head on the dive over the ropes. That chairshot was great, they showed from the back and it looked brutal, but the replay showed that he got his hands up. I was convinced there was no way the streak was ending, but that tombstone had me off my seat. Great job by both.

this is my first ever wm ive watched so yes im a virgin to wm and man it was bloody amazing
the undertaker i dont think he is human bad i would like to know if he is ok and if he had to go to hospital coz i cant find anything on the net can someone tell me if he is ok

It sucks but HHH did tap out it was messed up

For Whom the Bell Tolls!!! Probably cost them a few bucks but it worked.

And if I'm Triple H, I get on TV tonight and say that I walked out, while the Undertaker got carted out. So who really won?

Am I the only one that realizes that WWE took what actually happen in UFC 117 and portrayed it to the UT/HHH match. Anderson Silva got destroyed for 5 and 4/5 rounds and put Shale Sonnen in that exact submission as time was running out. Silva could barely walk after the match. This is all significant because obviously UT loves the UFC so it makes sense but nevertheless this is what the match was derived from

triple sucks

Ut knocked out or not is the best thing thats ever happened in sports entertainment

How AWESOME was it before HHH came out, that they played Metallica's "For Whom The Bell Tolls", as a knock against the Underaker.
I thought how they used the song was killer, BUT, then the WWE TOTALLY & completely GAGGED.
They had a chance to make this EPIC, just by intro's alone. HHH uses that song to tell ALL of us, and the Undertaker, that your time is endning NOW. GREAT...but, I don't know who was in that Creative meeting when they planned that part out, but how could NO ONE think of it! It was right there!
Right before Undertaker camne out, they should have done the same thing with him, and used Metallica's, "King Nothing" as a knock against HHH..if that was done, my God it woulda been even more EPIC.
The lyrics to King Nothing were PERFECT to be utilized, but the WWE Creative Team, sorry, but you GAGGED! BIG TIME!

I think HHH's pre-entrance, For Whom The Bell Tolls, got me even more than the match did. Music + props + his outfit = FREAKING AMAZING. He was my favorite wrestler of the night, JUST for that entrance.

Triple H TAPPED OUT!! I paid way too much money for this crappy PPV because I got it in HiDef. I definately saw HHH tap out.

This match could have been better, I was looking forward to it, but I felt it didnt deliver. There were too too many rest spots.

And Undertaker was fine applying the finishing submission move, but then just "dies" after he wins the match. The trainer taking his pulse and checking his watch needs to take acting lessons.

I thought that wreastle mainia was great people was so worried about the rock must of not been whatchin the matches the people should of whatched the matches better maybe they would of injoyed it more. And cena was looking hot last night

This match reminded me of WrestleMania XXIV against Edge, where the match itself was a total thrill ride towards the end but the beginning (or in this case, the middle) of the match dragged on.

Regardless, the storytelling of this match was great for their characters. I loved when HHH gave Undertaker every thing he could, before thinking that Undertaker cannot be beaten at WrestleMania.

For the record, it would have made a lot more sense for HHH to pass out than tapout, i.e. "die trying." Oh well, good enough to meet its lofty expectations. At least it wasn't a total bust like their match at King of the Ring 2002.

undertaker is the best thing that has ever happened to wwe he maybe old but not cold, triple h deserved to lost who does he think he is messing with the undertaker.I say triple h was lucky he could still breath after his match with the undertaker.

I am die-hard fan of Hunter Hearst Hemsley.Prior to d match i've predicted dat Triple is gonna win d match bt Undertaker....Moreover,D KING OF KINGS rendered d Last Outlaw helpless,paralysed,...on d ring.I want to urge every one to go and watch "No Way Out"(2010). The match was a steel cage fight among Edge,Jeff Hardy,Big Show,Vladmir Kozlov,d Undertaker,and Triple H.

Although it wasn't match of the year caliber, I thought it was nonetheless had great booking. And I also liked how HHH and UT tried to make their moves look as realistic as possible, with hard shots and near-dangerous spots, and especially when HHH broke character for just a split second when UT collapsed on the floor.

Also, I disagree that HHH looked better since he walked out even when he lost the match. In the context of the match, with UT taking multiple chair shots, including one in the head, it made more sense that he would be "knocked out" even if he won the match.

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