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April 3, 2011

Live blog from WrestleMania XXVII: Randy Orton vs. CM Punk

Live report from the Georgia Dome in Atlanta:

Before the start of this match, there was a backstage skit between The Rock, Eve and Mae Young. After a comedy bit with the women, Rock turned around and "Stone Cold" Steve Austin was there.

When they were face to face, the crowd reaction was off the charts. There was tension between them, but they shook hands.

Punk gained the early advantage and worked over Orton’s “injured” knee.

Punk got a near fall at the 4:30 mark after hanging Orton upside down in the corner and coming off the top rope foot first into Orton’s midsection.

Punk went for the GTS, but Orton maneuvered out of it and attempted an RKO. Punk countered with a roundhouse kick to the chest for a two count.

Orton hit a superplex at 6:50 for a near fall. Punk then went back to work on the knee, including a figure-four leglock around the post.

Punk locked on a triangle choke at the 11-minute mark, but Orton got to the ropes.

After hitting a DDT while Punk was hanging on the middle rope, Orton set up for the punt to the head. However, Orton’s knee gave out as he tried to run across the ring.

Orton then attempted an RKO, but Punk slipped away and the crowd gasped. Punk went for a dive off the top rope, but Orton caught him with a mid-air RKO for the win at 14:45.

Best match on the show thus far.

Posted by Kevin Eck at 8:13 PM | | Comments (10)


best match so far

Good match, lame see-it-comin-from-a-mile-away finish...........

This was a great performance put on by Orton and Punk. And considering it was just the two of them with no run ins or outside intererence, it's even more so.

The ending was pretty predictable, but Punk was rather impressive in this particular match. Mark out moment for me was when he did the figure four on Orton's legs around the ring post. Bret Hart should be proud.

Randy Orton never fails me. Still think best RKO surprise came with Evan Bourne match. Good show Randy.

Is anyone else starting to get tired of Orton hitting the RKO more and more as a counter/reversal than an actual stand-alone finisher? It used to be cool when he would hit it out of nowhere but now it happens so much it is starting to lose it's sizzle for me.

I enjoyed a lot of the matches but one of the problems here for me was Randy Orton seemed to constantly switch between selling the knee problems and wrestling like he was 100%. More than a couple times he went form hobbling to kicking ass. Yes the announcers said it was a burst of adrenalin but after a while it just seemed like a bad job of properly selling his injury. Still some solid wrestling.

I and most of the people I watched Mania with thought this was the best match of the night. Two great WRESTLERS putting on a great WRESTLING MATCH, imagine that! Great drama, flow, pacing, facial expressions... nothing but praise for both these guys!

I am not a fan of either of these men myself, but even I will recognize this match as "Match of the Night."

Yet somehow when the end of the year rolls around, I can imagine HHH/Taker will get more honors of "Match of The Year" distinction. Go figure!

In response to Matthew's comment:

If a wrestler had to constantly sell their injury, then they wouldn't be able to get any moves in. It's pretty normal for wrestlers to put in the moves they need to and only sell the injury in between. Frankly, I thought Orton did a super job selling his knee injury throughout the match.

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