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April 3, 2011

Live blog from WrestleMania XXVII: John Morrison, Trish Stratus and Snooki vs. Dolph Ziggler and LayCool

Live report from the Georgia Dome in Atlanta:

Snooki was booed out of the building when she made her entrance.

This one didn't last long.Snooki hit a back handspring elbow on Michelle McCool and then followed up with a handspring into a splash for the victory in 3:17. I kid you not.

The crowd was impressed (and probably surprised) by the "Jersey Shore" star's athleticism and they popped for her.

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what a joke.........and a bad one

Taker/HHH got mid carded, courtesy of the wwe wanting to keep the jersey shore fans interested in watching as long as possible.

I think every one was surprised by Snooki... I guess her cheerleading background was a little stronger than anyone expected. She actually looks trainable.

And Mrs. Undertaker took the pin...

Snooki's handspring back elbow was the smoothest move done on the entire card! She could barely see over the top rope, however...

I noticed a bit of arguing between LayCool and despite the shortness of the match there were some misqueues on their part. I wonder if finally we might see them split or go on the road to it.

I was pleasantly surprised by Snooki. I don't give a crap about reality tv and I'll grant this woman hasn't done much in the ring but what little she did was done well. First her Thesz press and then the stuff last night. Clearly she worked hard to make sure her small part went well. Props.

Also the starship pain to the outside had me cringe a bit but there didn't seem to be any problems arising from it.

However, what was with none of the tag matches getting any time? How sad is it that this was under five minutes but still almost three times as long as the other tag match.

For me, Snooki's back handspring elbow was the biggest and most astonishing moment of Wrestlemania 27.

Not trying to sound jaded or negative but it's the truth. That & Stone Cold roaring down the ramp in his ATV were the two moments that got me up out of my chair.

I have never seen her TV show but I sure love how Snooki is put together. Short, sassy & stacked... I'd take her over most of the "Divas."

If Snooki was a newly signed unknown who had done that well at WM people would be posting all over the Internet about how she was going to single handedly save the women's division in WWE. But because she's on a reality tv show, people are determined to hate her. I hope this isn't the last we see of her.

I always look for the surprise heel/face turn and I guess that we got it with LayCool. I'm guessing that it has to happen because that would be the only thing that will make the SmackDown Divas activity new and watchable. In my opinion they are the female talent on SmackDown and they could carry each other in an angle for a little while, say a few months. I see Layla as the face.

sadly anon, you have a bit of truth on that but then again, look how Miz is still treated, I mean yeah he's no Austin/Hogan but still in his words, REALLY smh.

and I agree with Matthew when he said that she made sure with what little she did didn't look bad at all. That's more than what I can say about the others that have been training WAAAYYYY longer.

Wow, no wonder I couldn't remember watching this match! It didn't even last four minutes. Did you clock the introductions? I imagine they lasted longer than four minutes.

At least this was the penultimate match of the night, so if HHH/Taker went over their time, WWE could take it out of this match instead of the main event. I'm guessing that's exactly what happened.

Say goodbye to John Morrison's push from here to eternity, everybody. He snubbed Trish Stratus and has pissed everybody off in the process. This ain't no make believe, John. You will be a stepping stone in Zack Ryder's push very soon.

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