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April 21, 2011

Kevin Nash: Scott Hall is in bad shape

Kevin Nash wrote a somber entry in his blog about longtime friend Scott Hall today.

“Scott Hall is in bad shape and each time I talk to him I feel it may be the last,” he wrote.

Nash said that Hall suffers from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and is neither a drug addict nor an alcoholic.

“Drugs and alcohol aren’t the problem, to Scott they are the solution,” Nash wrote. “He is a fragile and broken human being. ... The media will want to blame wrestling when Scott passes. Scott was broken way before he broke into the ring for the first time.”

To read the entire entry, click here.

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Wow, I always liked the guy, he always seemed a bit too smart for the business though...reading his words here, you can tell just what a real guy he is. Kudos to him, and hopefully we won't have to talk about how right he was any time soon...but you wonder.

Is Scott Hall really from Baltimore like Kevin says in that post? I hadn't heard that before.

RESPONSE FROM KE: I have never heard that Hall was from Baltimore. I was surprised when I read that as well.

I'm praying for you Scott Hall.

Kev, one thing I didn't get about Nash's blog was where he listed Hall as from Baltimore. Is that news to you? I'm pretty sure he wasn't born here and I know he wasn't billed from here. Maybe he moved here recently.

Denial isn't just a river in Egypt.

Has Scott Hall been diagnosed with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder by a medical professional, or just Kevin Nash? Because it's an actual medical condition, with actual symptoms and sufferers, and if Nash is just throwing the term around to justify the actions of his junkie friend, that's pretty offensive.

I'm not trying to belittle Hall's struggle with his demons, but to claim he's struggled the way a soldier returning home from war has is ludicrous. Drug addicts often have friends and family members trying to excuse them for the choices they've made; it's called enabling. I remember reading an article about Kurt Cobain before he died, in which his wife claimed that he wasn't a heroin addict, because he just used it to combat the pain of his ulcers. Nothing wrong with that logic!

If Scott Hall has PTSD, he needs professional help. If he's an addict, he needs professional help. Bottom line. What he doesn't need is friends looking to excuse his behavior.

It is sad that this is playing out on twitter and in public so to speak. Hopefully, Nash, HBK, and X-Pac can get through to Scott, or care for him and direct him as he should get directed. If Scott has not hit his "bottom" then all their intervention is not going to help. They need to contact the A&E show intervention and have one of those mediators do the meeting. According to his ex-wife's Twitter page which has a pic with a boy and a girl, he has two kids that still needs a father, even if he was not around as much as they would like him to be. I still remember the promo where Scott was walking through a market area and talking about how he was "the bad guy" and he could take what he wants, when he wants (point being made as he took some fruit off a vendors cart and not getting any slack from the vendor)

Kev, do you have any opinion or thoughts on this with your background in the business?

I actually agree with Kevin Nash on the not being an addict, etc. thing.
I've known quite a few "addicts" in my life, and it does seem from my own experience that the addiction usually comes after something else---whether it's loss, abuse, trauma, or any of the myriad of life's tragedies. I've also seen that treating the addiction to what the person is using is never quite the same as the person coming to terms with whatever hurt him or her in the first place---which can be complicated beyond belief by the substance--but is not rightly part and parcel of the substance itself-( or plural substances if you're really serious about your medication ).
The substance becomes the crutch---but the leg is already broken. Until you notice where the pain is actually coming from and get the bone tend to get pretty dependent on the crutch---and the injury keeps getting worse---and using the crutch all of the time starts injuring and atrophying other things.
Unfortunately, we have not been and are still not very well-equipped as a society to understand this, and Scott Hall's profession as a wrestler probably WILL result in wrestling being blamed, when we can actually find these stories in all walks of life. It's easier that way, I guess, than coming to terms with a complex subject--which we as Americans never like to do.
The cheap thing is that people will say all sorts of things about it---but the truth is that there isn't anything of real importance that we can say. We can just hope to be aware and mindful that we don't fall into the same traps---and have compassion for someone who does by recognizing that it could be any of us just as easily. Even that is cheap. Life hurts sometimes, and that's just reality. The ocean is beautiful sometimes---sometimes it rages and smashes and drowns you. It seems to be part of the travel package.

what does he have PTSD from?

Wrestling uses people up and spits them out in alot of cases. But, these guys are adults and everybody has free will so ,although it is sad what has happened to "razor" I find myself not feeling that sorry for him. Hall has made a ton of money in the biz and has had more chances than he deserves to get cleaned up. It is a combination of the power of addiction and Halls lack of personal discipline that has ruined one of the greats. I hope somehow he can get straight but when a guy is this far gone there usually is no coming back -- except ina pine box. One question Kev, is Hall from the Baltimore area as Nash says? What area is he from I have never heard that before. I'm such a mark that I assumed that he really was from Miami.

Nearly finished reading Bret's book and remember the paragraph about Scott Hall keeping a cancer suffering fan waiting for hours only to only disappear. No-one should feel sorry for Scott Hall.

I wonder what part of Baltimore he's from?

I wish Scott Hall could get 100% better so that he could get into shape and sign a legends deal with WWE like kevin nash did. Then Scott and Kevin could re-unite as The Outsiders and they could beat up NXT rookies.

I've watched wrestling mist all of my life. My grandfather was a fan up to the day he died. I remember Scott as the Diamond Stud and all the names that came after. I loved watching him. I guess alone with most people, Razor Ramon was my favorite personality. (Hay----------Yo) I always got a kick out of that.
Scott I hope one dayI soon you heal your body and mind. Live long my friend.

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