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April 26, 2011

CM Punk looking to leave WWE?

CM Punk could be considering leaving WWE when his contract expires in a few months, according to

Citing WWE sources, the report said that Punk has been offered a long-term deal, but he has not signed it because he is burned out from all the traveling and also is unhappy with his position in the company.

If the report is accurate, Punk’s refusal to sign a new deal could just be a negotiating ploy. However, I wouldn’t be all that surprised if he truly wasn’t pleased with his current spot.

Despite being a three-time world champion and a guy who is usually in the mix, he has not been consistently booked as strong as some other guys at the top level.

It’s also no secret that Punk is a bit of a free spirit. Perhaps he has decided that the corporate environment of WWE just isn’t a good fit for him.

Punk – whom I consider to be one of the best all-around performers in the business today– would undoubtedly have no shortage of options if he does leave WWE. It will be interesting to see how this plays out.

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i think in the business today. he is THE best all round performer.

I think that if this is true, Punk just may not sign the contract so he can get a break. Frankly, he's been traveling a lot the past few years. Even when he was hurt, he was doing color commentary.

I could imagine a scenario where Punk leaves for a few months and comes back, a la Chris Jericho. I could also see Punk spending a short stint doing independent matches, perhaps going back to ROH. I don't see Punk going to TNA, since Punk has spoken very negatively about them. Not to mention the fact that both Hardys are there. If this were to happen, as long as he leaves on good terms, I think that WWE would welcome him back at anytime, very similar to how MVP left the company this past fall.

But yeah, I don't see Punk going to TNA, unless they make some drastic changes in the upcoming months.

Options yes, but good options? I don't know how someone could go from the spotlight of the WWE back to nothingville, which is where he would go. TNA is a mess and no one else has a decent TV deal. I hope he stays.

Jericho has proven you can come back. Punk will take some time, and come back in a year.

I will quit watching WWE if CM Punk leaves

hes the best all around wrestler in the business today wwe does treat him like crap he has good reason to be ticked off. if he leaves i riot

I wanna see CM Punk, the master of MuayThai, go over to UFC and kick some ass.

I'm actually happy b/c Punk is more of a fit for TNA than he is WWE. I think Punk is the one guy TNA needs to finally get their star at the top that they can push.

The WWE flat out doesn't know how to use Punk the correct way.

Punk deserves to take some time stated above he's stayed true to the company by working through a few injuries the past couple of years & even did some well received commentary to stay on TV to build up more heat for what i think is his best storyline in a while with Cena...every wrestler gets burned out & eventually needs a break...a break doesn't mean he's going to go wrestle somewhere else if he takes a few months off, it wouldn't be worth it for him to screw up his WWE relationship by doing that...even if McMahon himself told Punk "it would be ok with him" if he wrestled a couple times for ROH or for the other so-called "wrestling" company that will always remain nameless when referred to by me for reasons that are obvious to anyone that has suffered through an entire episode of it or have even tried to watch it a little tiny bit of it, Punk wouldn't dare do it cause he knows it would offend McMahon or any of the other high-ups that said themselves to his face that "it would be ok with them" if he wrestles somewhere else...Punk knows his wrestling HOME will forever be with the WWE & that he'll have a job there as long as he doesn't piss off any of his connections & continues to work all-in-all does Punk deserve time off; yes of course, will he work for ROH or any other "wrestling" company; of course not, so the only question left is what will he do on his time; fish? snort some bath salts? take a vacation to Cabo? maybe a stint on Dancing With The Stars, anyone who has seen Punk wrestle live in person knows he's a fantastic dancer (a joke for most of people thats seen him live)...what does everyone else think he should do??? i'll tell you what i think he should do; "it doesn't matter what i think!" or what anybody thinks about what Punk should do/does with his well deserved time off because who really gives a s**t what Punk does as long as he comes back HOME!? survey says: nobody!!...sorry this was so long & as pointless to read as all the other lame ass things people comment about, but i'm a little geeked out at the moment so please forgive me, bet i could go on another hour on this topic alone but i'll save you all the trouble & end this well written read on a low note..yes i said low note & not high cause my bath salts are about gone haha!! cheers to all of you that couldn't stop reading this amazzzing comment until to the very end & i bid each one of you an adieu, until my next batch of bath salts that is! haha! stay pro-choice in whatever your definition of straight edge is & don't crucify others, like myself, for their choices, cheers mates!

No way in hell is Punk going to TNA. WWE msy not know how to use him right, but TNA doesn't know how to use anyone right.

Coming on the heels of Edge's forced retirement, this would truly be a total disaster for WWE. I genuinely believe CM Punk is the all-around best guy going right now. His role and position in the company reminds me a lot of Chris Jericho at the beginning of this decade. Multiple times world champion, one of the best in the ring and arguably THE best on the mic. Criminally undervalued in terms of booking and used as the "workhorse guy" at the main event level. I like Orton, but Randall just steamrolled Punk (w/cronies) in their feud. Add in the disintegration and demise of the SES, and I'm pretty sure Punk isn't thrilled with the material he's being given. If I were Vince McMahon and company, I would figure out what Punk wants, and do everything short of giving him control of the company to keep him there. Because outside of Cena, Orton and Miz, the WWE is starting to lack seriously over guys.

Brandon, in response to your comment, I believe Stone Cold put it perfectly: What?

CM Punk leaving WWE would kill my interest in the company right now. There is no greater heel in the business, and no one in the same league who can step up to the plate. If WWE or more specifically VKM cannot push Punk to the very top like he more than deserves, then it's their loss if he decides to take his ball and go home.

To think he has only had 3 runs with the belt/strap/championship/title is a travesty. He is burned out as he always puts on 5-star matches and cuts classic promos, yet is overlooked for the rewards his talent should bring.

Chris Jericho, please tell me you must be imminently returning or I am not watching WWE anymore. Without Punk AND Jericho, it's not worth watching.

No! No! No! No! CM Punk is the best thing going for WWE. He's the only reason I would watch Raw (now that Sheamus and Daniel Bryan are going to Smackdown). Plus we never got a CM Punk Daniel Bryan match that was teased at when he was doing commentary.

Would be a big loss for WWE in my opinion. However, i really do not see TNA as the right direction for him. Please don't go to there IF you leave CM Punk.

Punk is terrific, and I would actually watch TNA if he was on TNA. He definitely hasn't been used to his full potential in WWE.

Punk is also my girlfriend's favorite wrestler, and she'll be really disappointed if he isn't at Hell in a Cell, in October... we already have tickets! What is "a few months?" The end of the summer?

p.s. to Brandon on "bath salts," straight edge means I'm better than you.

WWE seems to have more people concerned with following the Rock to Hollywood than there people on the roster who like wrestling.

Punk is one of the few that is trying to make a mark for himself as a wrestler, but Cena (The Marine) and The Miz (Reality Show) seem to be their bigger push....

In Punk they have a new age Ric Flair if they played it right. No not flamboyant, but you could not help but hate Flair growing up and how he lied cheated and stole to keep that title for long periods of time.

Punk deserves that and the WWE should push him instead of the Miz. In all honesty, TNA is doing a better job (sometimes erratic) of feuds and storylines at the moment.

The Fortune v Immortal feud, the Jarrett v Angle feud, even the geriatric NWA feud is better than anything WWE has going on at the moment....

WWE had a chance with the Orton and Punk feud... crazy versus crazier depending on the day and they failed horribly with it.

Punk deserves better or am I missing something?

Hopefully he doesn't leave and end up in TNA as another cookie-cutter member of some lame faction. Seems like unless you're a mid-card enhancement talent within TNA, you're destined to be aligned with Immortal or Fourtune after your debut.

lol at Andrew and Jules, I mean the poor guy was going on and on (though I enjoyed him) and he was letting his bath salts go to waste by keeping on typing. Dude Brandon, take your bath and type later lmao!

Seriously, I hope he does stay because I don't think he'll go to TNA with how they're booked. Yeah Punk is too carefree (see UT backstage debacle year before last) and given now that it's PG, and he turned heel right when the company was going PG, well we might never see a full all out crazy heel version of him (similar to ROH or the other indie shows). But I don't think it would work properly in TNA cuz they'll find a way to derail it as well (looking at you Russo/Eric/Hoegan) besides, Dixie wouldn't know what to do.

Punk is the best in the WWE, no doubt.

I don't think Punk would go to TNA to work under Hogan and Bischoff. They'd have to give him a lot of creative control, but it would be worth it. Punk is clearly a better performer than Mr. Anderson and The Hardy's, the other recent additions from WWE. The fact is, Punk in terms of in ring ability and promo skills is the top performer in the business right now, and is in his prime.

One of the things seperating WWE and TNA is the talent at the top of the card. Sting vs. RVD is TNA's main event, and yet a guy like Punk can't even get in the main event in WWE. Punk would bring instant credibility to TNA, and give them a star to build around. WWE can't afford to lose a guy like that to TNA. I expect WWE to do all they can to keep Punk in the fold, if for no other reason than to keep him away from TNA.

Kev, if Punk does stick with WWE, what would you like to see them do with him?

Post-draft Raw is loaded with heels, so I'd love to see a face/tweener turn. They should have him in an alliance/respectful feud with Cena much like the HHH/Jeff Hardy scenario a couple of years ago and slowly transition him into the new face of the company.

Also, Punk should never, ever utter the words 'Straight-Edge' again. That angle has been overdone, although it would be cool if the announcers still referred to it once in a while.

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