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April 26, 2011

A look at WWE’s supplemental draft

Here are the results of WWE’s supplemental draft, which took place this afternoon on


Beth Phoenix
Tyer Reks
Kofi Kingston
Chris Masters
Curt Hawkins
Drew McIntyre
Kelly Kelly
Jack Swagger


Alex Riley
Tyson Kidd
Ted DiBiase Jr.
Yoshi Tatsu
William Regal
Alicia Fox
The Usos
The Great Khali
Daniel Bryan

Quick thoughts: Sheamus’s move to Smackdown means that the Friday night show now has the U.S. champion (Sheamus) and the Intercontinental champion (Wade Barrett). Neither title is scheduled to be defended at Sunday’s Extreme Rules pay-per-view at this point, but I would think that has to change. Perhaps Kingston will face Barrett at the show and bring the I-C title to Raw. ... One of the big winners of the draft could be Bryan. With Smackdown being the more wrestling-based of the two shows, that plays to his strengths. I could certainly see him rising up a couple notches in the pecking order. ... The heel side on Smackdown has no proven top guy, so that could be good for Sheamus and DiBiase (as well as Mark Henry, who turned heel on Raw after being drafted to Smackdown). Conversely, Raw is loaded with talented heels. In addition to The Miz, Alberto Del Rio and CM Punk at the top, there’s Dolph Ziggler, R-Truth and now McIntyre and Swagger. I thought a change of scenery would be good for McIntyre, but on the surface, he appears to be worse off now. Swagger seemingly would have been better off staying on Smackdown, as well. ... Going from Smackdown to Raw seems to be a lateral move for Kingston. ... One of the biggest surprises to me is that no members of the potentially soon-to-be-defunct Corre were drafted to Raw, but in retrospect, it would have only added to Raw’s glut of heels. ... Riley’s move to Smackdown means that he is officially no longer part of The Miz’s act, which is a shame. It also hit me that Ricardo Rodriguez was not drafted to Raw along with Del Rio. I think it would be a big mistake to split up those two.

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I agree with moving both Swagger and McIntyre not being a good idea, maybe a face turn is in order for one of them? If they actually give Bryan a chance to compete on Smackdown, he should do very well. I also noticed that Curt Hawkins moved to RAW. Maybe he will reunite with Zack Ryder.

PS You said that Ricardo Rodriguez was not drafted to RAW, are you sure you're not referring to Brodus Clay? Rodriguez still acted as Del Rio's announcer while Clay was not at ringside.

RESPONSE FROM KE: ON, Rodriguez is still on the Smackdown roster.

Alright. I noticed a few things...Brodus Clay is stuck on SD....and that The Tag Team champions..(The ones who brought life to the belts) Were split up. Kevin what do you think will happen in those two situations?

RESPONSE FROM KE: Hard to say about Clay. I could see WWE pushing him as a monster but I also wouldn't be surprised if he was stuck in the mid-card. The tag champs being split up means nothing because they can go on both shows anyway.

Rodriguez doesn't work for WWE (in storyline), he works for Alberto. Riley on the other hand also works for Miz, but was technically fired by the Miz when he lost the cage match.

Maybe rhodes and DiBiase will reform legacy seen as they are both now on smackdown and the major brothers as they are both on raw, include the usos in the picture and things could heat up in the tag team division which I would love to see. Separating Riley from the miz and Ricardo from Alberto is a bad idea in my eyes as they help them get over as cheating heels who need outside interference. I can't see Chris masters or Tyler reks doing anything on raw.....

Kevin, are u suggesting that Ted DiBiase might be getting a push again?

RESPONSE FROM KE: Sure, why not?

I hope Beth moving to Raw won't start an early feud with Kong (Kharma). That needs a one year build up for Mania.

The WWE Supplemental Draft T-Shirt = Parting Gift for your "Future Endeavors"

I really don't get why they bother including some of these names.

Also, Zach Ryder's Twitter post about hoping to be drafted off of Superstars was hilarious! What's the deal with WWE confiscating his signs at live events? I hate to admit that I laugh more when he is on TV than I do when Cena is talking. He could actually make that ridiculous gimmick work.

kevin ,

I noticed that raw is now packed with heels , do you think a few face turns are in order and if so can you tell me who you want to and how you would do so?

With the Miz and Del Rio on Raw what happens if Raw gets both titles could this pave the way for a undisputed champion possibly at the Night of Champions PPV your thoughts Kevin .

I think the WWE web department just made an oversight with Rodriguez. He can't stand alone without Del Rio.

Ok, so basically the WWE have decided that the superior brand of RAW is to be butchered and made into Smackdown, whilst Smackdown gets some RAW goodies to make people watch it... personally I feel like outright giving up watching full stop. The draft thing is getting pointlessly stupid IMHO, there should have been som trades, granted, like trading Michael Cole for his weight in jelly beans and doing the WWE a favour removing him. But RAW without Orton? That'd be like taking Taker off Smackdown again... one of the main draws of the program, moved to the "competing" program to do what? Oh right, please the "SyFy" channel to sweeten the deal... honestly WWE what have you become? Gone are the days of good rivalries, wrestlers who can all cut promos and still have talent in the ring (neither of which R Truth seem to have), the good old days where a little blood, and violence made the shows so successful. yeah I know we all miss the attitude era, and while it is over... surely they can see the PG era is a flop and is just bleeding the fans out of WWE with their stupid dumbing down of everything and incredibly bad storylines.

One final note I feel compelled to bring up... Rey Mysterio and Sin Cara... did anybody else think "Finally, both on the same show, we could get some awesome Lucha action where they both can fight properly" only to be disappointed with one of the most pointless swaps ever... WWE you have missed a golden oppurtunity to have some crowd pleasing, aerial acrobatic, non stop andrenaline pumping, awesome matches.... and decided to stick with your boring PG rated failure filled thing you've got going for you nowadays.... very disappointed... next we'll find out that all along, Hulk Hogan is your secret behind the scenes booker and plot developer, slowly killing the WWE the way WCW went...

Moving Riley is mind-blowingly dumb. There is just no upside to that decision that I can think of.

"The heel side on Smackdown has no proven top guy"

Maybe they're thinking about turning Christian heel...

And I agree about Bryan, since Smackdown is more of a "wrestling" show than Raw, Bryan would be better off. Might even be able to make it to upper-midcard in Smackdown rather than being stuck in the lower midcard in Raw.

I'm a huge Ziggler fan, and seeing what backstage has done to him (haircut, lack televised entrance), do you think we're seeing the beginning of his burial on Raw?
For that matter, what is your take on the company's underutilization of the young talent -- Morrison, Ziggler, Shaemus, Ryder, Bryan, Rhodes? Even Punk, who I've heard is contemplating leaving because of his mistreatment?

A thought on swagger.

Do you think it's possible that he will play bodyguard/mentor with Miz? I was thinking there could be some "awesome" segments with Miz, Swagger and Cole if not an actual heel faction.

Do you think they might put them together like that? I think it could benefit both miz and swagger as miz would get a higher profile sidekick with some real in ring ability and skills on the mic and swagger would be in the mix with the top guys on raw.

@Jack Windham: You'd be surprised. Honestly, I wouldn't be surprised if we see Rodriguez stay on Smackdown. I could see two possibilities:

1. He brings back his Chimaera gimmack from the independents, which is a masked wrestler. This could lead to some amusing segments, such as him suddenly becoming a good wrestler when he is wearing his mask (note: he's actually pretty decent).

2. He becomes a manager for Sin Cara. Cara is still lacking in the English department, which Rodriguez easily fill.

Daniel Bryan might be better off on Smackdown except for one important detail - we won't be getting a Bryan vs Punk feud anytime soon and as you probably know, that's a dream feud for anyone that's been following their careers in the indys. You're right that there are too many heels on Raw now. Punk should have been drafted to Smackdown instead of Orton. We need new babyface main-eventers more than heel main-eventers and I hope Orton's presence on the blue show won't affect Christian's current push.

Poor Kelly Kelly is going to get squashed by Kharma.

Christian is going to win the world tittle at Extreme rules and Orton moving to smackdown is a great idea cos it gives him the chance to get back to the tittle phase. And also The great khali has the chance to become a 2time world champ champ.

Is it just me or is the phrase "supplemental draft" just another diss towards the undercard that isn't as well-thought out as it could have been?

I think there are a bunch of superbly talented people that moved as part of this transaction, but when you "treat" former world champions like Sheamus and Jack Swagger (who could take the ball and run with it RIGHT NOW) worse than new draws (i.e. Sin Cara) along with guys who could main event soon like Kofi, McIntyre or leads me to ask:

How are the people suppose to 'believe' in these characters getting over strongly when they're part of the freakin' 'supplemental' draft?!?

RESPONSE FROM KE: In fairness to WWE, I don't think they used the word "supplemental" like they have in past years.

Moving Sin Cara to Smackdown while moving Rey to Raw makes a lot of sense if you ask me. Smackdown has a large latino fanbase and the WWE probably wants Sin Cara to get over with that demographic without Rey around to steal his thunder.

Hey Kev,

With no apparent 'top' heel on Smackdown, maybe the reason the Corre is parting ways is because Wade Barrett is going to be elevated to that status. He would be better off alone in my opinion. We've only seen him as part of a faction since he came from NXT. Your thoughts?

Remember a few years ago when Christian kept trying to call out John Cena but never had the match? What is with the WWE? Is Vince so out of touch with what the fans want or is he not really running things as much?
I think Smackdown got the best of the whole draft. Bryan and Orton can excell....maybe Bryan can win the Int title.
We keep waiting for the Cena heel turn is like waiting for gas to go below $2 a gallon. Its a nice fantasy but you know it will never come.
The draft kind of hurt McIntyre. He is very talented yet he will never advance high on the Raw pecking order. He will probably be put in a fued with Evan Bourne.
Is the WWE in need of announcers? If so, why doesn't Vince contact Tony Shivonte. He could do a better job that Michael Cole has been doing lately.


Do you plan on posting a blog about where you see WWE going with feuds now that the dust has settled? I would be interested to see your take on things including whether or not you see any face-turns coming to offset the heel-turns of Henry and Truth.

And I do agree with most of the fans that think that the draft show sucked... but I none-the-less always look forward to it, if only to hold onto the hope that maybe it will let to us seeing something FRESH and NEW soon.

I would have liked to have seen the Anonymous Raw General Manager sent to Smackdown! I don't know if I missed one of your posts or not, but is there ever going to be a payoff with this? It was ok for a while but for me it is getting old now.

@dave1105: someone told me that Michael Cole is the Anonymous Raw General Manager. And if that is true, talk about a lame payoff. Would be better if it was someone like Roddy Piper, Dean Malenko, or even DDP.

You don't see Jack Swagger bailing on Michael Cole? He will be a mid-card face by the time the next RAW starts. As soon as I saw he was drafted, it confirmed the turn for me.

Jun has a good point about Christian turning heel. That would be an easy turn to make happen, albeit probably not as early as this Sunday.

RESPONSE FROM KE: I think the Swagger turn is a distinct possibility. We'll see.

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