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March 14, 2011

Looking at the Jeff Hardy situation at TNA Victory Road

It’s no secret that buy rates for TNA pay-per-views are embarrassingly low, and I have a feeling they are about to go even lower.

The loyal TNA fans who spent $35 to watch Victory Road Sunday night were treated to a main event between Sting and Jeff Hardy that lasted all of 88 seconds.

The finish saw Sting hit the Scorpion Death Drop to win clean and retain his TNA world title.

And now for the rest of the story.

Citing TNA sources, reported that the match was so short because of concern backstage that Hardy was in no condition to perform. Sound familiar?

A similar situation involving Hardy occurred in December at the Final Resolution pay-per-view when he was champion. According to online reports, there was concern over Hardy’s condition that night as well, so much so that TNA officials were considering stripping him of the title and sending him home.

Ultimately, Hardy’s scheduled match against Matt Morgan took place, with Hardy retaining the title as planned. Hardy reportedly convinced TNA officials that his condition was due to exhaustion as a result of his hectic travel schedule.

If the reports about Hardy’s condition at Victory Road are accurate, then TNA needs to take some kind of action immediately. A pay-per-view main event that lasts 88 seconds is inexcusable (couldn't TNA have come up with a Plan B and given fans a legitimate match?), but the truth is that there are worse things that can happen if problems are ignored.

Hardy, who still has pending drug trafficking charges from 2009, was suspended twice for no-showing events during his first stint with TNA in 2005. He also had two Wellness Policy violations while in WWE.

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Jeff Hardy has had 3 strikes in both WWE and TNA now..... Is he really worth the risk anymore? I am hoping honestly that he is done with wrestling as he is not only putting himself at risk but everyone he gets in the ring with!

i dont know if youve seen the footage eck, but you should check it out if you havent.
its not just a case of a repeated offense, last time it couldnt be proven. this time there is little doubt that he is off his face. its one of the worst things ive seen in wrestling..
and to top it all sting responds to the 'bull----' chants by very clearly saying 'i agree, i agree'

I'm not a fan of TNA, but when I read what happened I was pi**ed. When are people gonna realize that Jeff Hardy is a walking disaster? He just got married, he's a new father and this company allows him to trash himself in front of the world. An 88-second PPV main event that's not a boxing match or UFC fight? This company is a runaway train, just like WCW and it doesn't matter to Hogan & Bischoff because, just like WCW, it's not their money. Let those two egomaniacal blowhards put up the cash themselves and see if Jeff Hardy wrestles f 'ed up on TV. This company will not be around by Christmas....mark my words.

While I am a fan of Jeff, he is the Charlie Sheen of wrestling. He needs long term help before he hurts himself or someone else in the ring. He should not be allowed to wrestle period. As for TNA, this is yet another example of a botched booking attempt. 88 seconds is not a main event. Dixie if you read this, you need to FIRE Hulk and Eric before you are the latest WWE purchase.

Wow! It's like they're trying to fail. Making Hardy their franchise player was a huge mistake, but I would be more forgiving if that was their only mistake. Now it seems more of a surprise if they do something right.

I wish ROH would get a basic cable deal.

To me, it seems that TNA's decision to keep Hardy on is driven by their fetishization of being "more adult" than WWE. They're doing what WWF did for a long time, albeit far less successfully, which is to be shocking and controversial at all costs. Except instead of faux-lesbian teasing, TNA is dangling a man whose addictions are going to kill him. And you can rest assured with the new hard-on the country has for Charlie Sheen, they're going to keep dangling Hardy until his last feeble kick. I bet you 10 to 1 that next week there's a Charlie Sheen-like angle.

Apparently no one told Hardy that it was to be a quick finish. Check the replays, he's kicking out at 2 but Sting is pushing him back down. Looks totally pissed off afterwards, but he was totally spaced out. Should never have been there in the first place.

Ref gives the X signal before the match...I reckon Bischoff's intervention was unplanned. He seemed to have a lot to say off mike to both men. But why did he let it get to that stage in the first place? Dangerous for all.

TNA really can shoot itself in the foot sometimes.

This is too crazy, could it be kayfabe?

TNA has ppv's?!?

Does this come as a surprise? He looked in terrible shape Thursday night.

Okay, this is Vince Russo we're talking about here. He can't come up with a halfway decent "Plan A" and you're wondering why there was no "Plan B"?

At this point, TNA should just become a reality show a la Celebrity Rehab.

Perhaps this was TNA's way to embarrass Jeff and show him that this type of behavior is not tolerated.

Everyone in the company should be embarrased.

Sting really has to be questioning his life choices right about now.

Whatever problems Sting has with Vince or the WWE that made his choose to be TNA Champion instead of having a truly epic WM moment in front of thousands of adoring fans in the WCW home turf, there is no way he can still think he made the right choice. Sure he would have had to job to Undertaker but at least Taker wouldn't have been stoned during the match. And no matter who Vince jobbed him out to for the remainder of his time in WWE, there's no way it could have been more embarrassing than his match with Hardy.

TNA just used Jeff Hardy, as unprofessional as he may appear to be. A replacement should have been used for him in the main event, especially since he is not the champion if Hardy couldn't compete. People will make him the bullseye here, but WCW/TNA shouldn't have put him out on stage last night if he was unable to compete.

This is sad for the fans, sad for the talent on the TNA roster, sad for everyone who didn't profit off the $35 buys...just call it grand larceny.

Jeff Hardy = Charlie Sheen?

You know it had to be said.

I don't watch TNA anymore.

This Just goes to show TNA's days are numbered, this is just another nail in thier coffin!

Man I use to be such a huge fan of Jeff Hardy but I just can't do it anymore if this is how little he cares about his career and more importantly his life then I'm done and I'm sure the rest of his fans are to. I hope Jeff leaves professional wrestling and gets some help before we end watching a life and death of Jeff Hardy dvd. please jeff get some help soon.

Hardy is going to be the next wrestling major casualty. I just know it.

I guess there was a reason TNA didn't hype this PPV much. Aside from the Ultimate X match and the excellent Styles/M.Hardy match, this PPV was filled with uninteresting matches and bad finishes.

Ending the PPV the way they did just increases the problem. Sting was obviously embarrassed at having been a part of it.

So will the Charismatic Warlock get a rematch or what? :)

I know I will be booed out of the clog for this but there is a way out for TNA. First there is no denying that this was handled ridiculously on all sides,no question,but maybe they were trying to help Hardy,wrongly yes but perhaps they feared with his court date so close if they were to make this public instead of innuendo (and it is innuendo at this point there is absolutely no proof to the contrary as of now)then Hardy would have been facing major felon time when he went to court. This way they can play it off as an angle so at the very least they could hopefully help him instead of him getting a 30 year sentence which most people would agree does no good to any of us when you are talking about a person with an addiction. Surely there was a better way but surely as well there is a better way of dealing with a person that is addicted to a drug then throwing them in jail for 30 years,don't we have enough of that already? It is as ridiculous as that match,helps no one,costs the tax payers a fortune and doesn't keep any of us any safer which is supposed to be a major part of incarcerating someone. I know BOO BOO HISS HISS,fine,stupid choice,dumb decision,should have done something much sooner. But get serious ho many bodies lay at Vince's doorstep?If Benoit hadn't killed himself,played up a story that there was a home invasion,Vince would have had him on Monday night just like the ill advised show he had about them after that tragedy,let's not forget Pillman,and the rest either.All that being said,TNA needs to come clean with the fans,first they should do just that,second they should offer the next pay per view (their biggest of the year) for free,no ifs'ands'or buts.FREE. Make it the biggest show of the year,their Wrestlmania,and make it a big assed I'm sorry we f'd up we are going to make up for it,Bound For Glory is FREE.That would be the start,Hogan and Bischoff need to climb off of their pedestals and own up to f'ing up,make things right and restart from scratch,they have a very talented roster with some phenomenal performers,make it happen,apologize and make things right.I've given my 2 cents,I'm sure I will get murdered here but I like TNA,I like their wrestlers,I like a lot about them,I dislike quite a bit as well,but part of growing as a company is admitting when you are wrong and taking big steps to make up for it and prevent it from happening again. A big apology to Ken Anderson needs to be included,he was likely the first known victim of a Jeff Hardy screw up,could have been much worse,but think about it,one of the simplest acts in wrestling,a simple chair shot cracks the man's skull open,for real,no blading,not forehead easy split for effect,a straight up blast to the back of the head,luckily he seems to have recuperated,but as Chris Nowinski will tell you he may seem fine but you never get those back,Ken will never get that one back,with God's will he will be lucky and have minimal long-term effects from that shot,but he may well have long lasting effects,that none of us can predict.That's what I am pleading with TNA to do,I plan on sending this same type of letter to them,let's hope they get it,finally a "THEY" that can make things interesting and right.For those of you that truly love Pro Wrestling,and know that we need more than one company I would hope that after you have finished shooting me with "F" Bombs",you can think about this and hope for the same.I as a fan and a human,I hope Jeff get's the help and guidance he truly needs,and take a look at his brother,he seems to be in even worse shape than Jeff and I don't mean physically,I mean mentally,he looks to need the same help as his brother.We can only hope.

Kevin, when you talk about Hardy being in poor "condition," does that mean drunk, high?

I watched the tape on YouTube, and he clearly doesn't look good.

for me, Jeff Hardy gets heat. It's Sean Waltman heat though. His moves are fine and everything, but the mic skills are boring. His presence is just plain boring. He is not in the same league as Morgan, Jarrett, Sting and many of the others. Heck, Velvet Sky is more interesting to listen to.

Hardy is just a plain bust. "Go aaway" heat for Hardy please.

Jeff Hardy has Sean Waltman heat? Absolutely no way. Jeff has actually entertained fans for years with his wow factor style of wrestling and 10 x over with the fans than Waltman ever was. His heel character in TNA has also got widespread acclaim, particularly as wwe didn't think he would cut it apparently - although the 'antichrist of wrestling' thing is maybe a tad too far I agree. The only individual thing Waltman ever introduced to wrestling was the 'bronco buster'.

The fundamental difference here is that if Jeff DID manage to sober up and sort himself out, he'd be in the hall of fame in 20 years time. Waltman - no way.

Despite all of his past issues, Sean Waltman has been a great performer. And I'm pretty sure I've never read of any incidents where Sean attempted to perform under the influence.

The last time I was fortunate to see him was a match vs. Jerry Lynn in Minneapolis last year where they tore the house down.

Sean Waltman > Jeff Hardy

Scott- I would have thought he was probably doped up to the eyeballs with painkillers as with all the Hardcore matches he has been involved in, his body must be pretty beat up.

It seems to me that TNA hung him out to dry by letting him go out there. They should have changed the main event and made it a three way for the title. They could have covered it but having Hardy "attacked" earlier on the show.

Sting isn't blameless in this as he obviously went into business for himself as I'm sure that was not the booked finish regardless of Hardy being injured/doped up.

TNA says that it looks after it's performers, well it certainly didn't look after Jeff Hardy at the PPV!!

this is terrible for everyone involved here

why did they let jeff go out there like that especially when he's got that court date coming up for drug trafficking

sting just turned down wwe at wrestlemania time for TNA, in his first ppv match back he has to wrestle a messed up jeff hardy

why would TNA even let jeff go out there like that? why not just say jeff's been attacked or something and was replaced by matt or something like that, and what were they thinking when they even made an 88 second main event?

this right here just killed TNA

Having watched the match, and read Stings and Jeff's comments....even having visited net....) I feel that the truth is exhaustion from a heavy road schedule coupled with insomnia caused narcolepsy.
In the days before Victory Road, Jeff had a 3 night road match in NJ was against AJ Styles. Also March 10th Jeff married his fiance Beth in a sudden move. My best guess is some of the reports were because the Narcolepsy had him disoriented, lethargic, incoherent at times, unsteady on his feet and even slurred speech.
All these symptoms are remarkably similar to those of being drunk and or high. I myself have insomnia issues and have had narcoleptic episodes from that condition. Also, being a former drug user I would imagine the first thing you would do is Smoke a joint( I believe it should be legal) ot take a Sleeping Pill. Take a good look at all the statements, actions and reactions of those involved. Give Jeff a break, because you may be reading more into this than is actually ther. Remember, Road Warrior Hawk was clean and sober during the LO D 2000 drunk/high storyline....just saying.....

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