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August 2, 2010

Video: Battle of the Bloggers six-man tag match

Here are the highlights of the six-man tag team match that pitted me, Ronnie Zukko and Cole Callaway against Baltimore Sun sports columnist and blogger Peter Schmuck and Fed-Up at Maryland Championship Wrestling's Shamrock Cup Saturday night at The New Green Room in Dundalk.

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Lookin' good, Kev. Good job out there. Hope you get another chance to get in the ring.

looks like fun. i'm sure with having some training you'll probably have the urge to get in the ring again....just drop the rko as the finnisher. spear would be easier and look better and go with your rated eck suit.

Wow, and you wonder why people make fun of wrestling and Dundalk? I'm embarrassed for all 6 of you. Just sad beyond words.

Kevin, I just have to say that you were great out there. You sold like a pro and if it wasn't for the Schmuk fainting before you gave him your finisher that would have been awesome as well. BTW, that clothesline you took looked rather stiff, was it?

RESPONSE FROM KE: Thanks -- I really appreciate the compliment. I too wish the RKO had looked smoother -- but it got the job done. And yes, the Fed-Up boys did not go easy on me -- which is what I wanted.

Looked like gate was good that night. I assume that you got a main event pay since you were the main draw.

RESPONSE FROM KE: Schmuck and I worked for free.

What's the gimmicks of your tag partners? And who was the blonde in the ring before the action started?

RESPONSE FROM KE: Well, I think Cole's gimmick is pretty obvious. Ronnie does a 1950s' Grease gimmickm and the girl (Candie aka Kim) is his valet.

Wrestling has rubbed on you well! Excellent selling there.

Good job Eck. A pretty entertaining match and Schmuck played a pretty good heel. I imagine that's kind of his natural persona around the Sun offices. I do have to say though - you fell for the handshake trick? Really? Really?

We should never have to hear you down TNA again.

Great match! I liked how you guys planned around your inexperience, and emphasize Schmuck's schmuckiness!

Nice tights, bro. That was the slowest Diamond Cutter ever, but I forgive you! ; )

Vintage ECK!!!

It looks like you finished him off with an "R-K-O my sweet Jesus that move looked horrible." It's obvious that you trained with Gillberg and Schmuck trained with Goldberg-- that guy couldn't take a bump to save his life. I've seen better looking bumps hanging from the lips of streetwalkers in Dundalk.

I think Linda McMahon takes a better bump than that schmuck!

RESPONSE FROM KE: Tell me about it!

Who was the babe screw the wrestling

Although that was a mean Eck-O you ptu on the schuckster

You know you watch too much wrestling and read RING POSTS too much when you have a dream last night about going to WWE Smackdown Australian Tour (which I am attending tonight) and the cab driver's name is Peter Schmuck and refuses to drop you off at the stadium!!

Looks like you guys had a good time with it. That was fun.

Knowing what we know about pro wrestling, do you plan on talking a little about the work on both sides that went into doing the match, or would you rather leave the suspension of disbelief intact? ;-)

RESPONSE FROM KE: Maybe one day we'll do a shoot video interview

haha awesome man, nice rko

Wow you look alot like jack swagger! it is almost uncanny!

Randy Orton calls gimmick infringement!!!!!! :-p I'd have thought you'd have gone for the flying elbow or Sweet Chin Music being the Michael's mark that you are. Or maybe a Sharpshooter as an inside joke, lol.

In all seriousness, good job being entertaining to both you and the Schmuck. I'm sure it's much harder than those guys make it look.

Rated Eck! Nice job out there! Although, I have to admit. I'm a bit disappointed that a member of the KISS army would come out to the Village People. You need to come out of retirement just to rectify that!

That was very entertaining! Congrats!

And thanks for having that Eck-K-O in slo mo in the video so we could all admire your technique!

Congratulations on the win! It was certainly...something to remember.

Great work, Kev. Wish I could say the same for the Schmuck - dude makes The Great Khali look like Dean Malenko.

Great job in the match, you made the most of both of your skills. It was nice to see Mickie James again. WWE really dropped the ball when they forced her out. James and Trish Stratus arguably had the greatest women's match in Wrestlemania history back in 2006.

So you put an "RKO" on a 55-year-old man. Who's next? Mae Young?

RESPONSE FROM KE: Hey, Peter's only 54.

lmaoooooooooo @ Schmuck's Rick Rude impersonation. The match was entertaining and high-larious. Looks like you guys had a great time! And Mickie James as always was HOT!!!!!!!

You're way to desperate to be in the business. That was embarrasing on so many different levels.

RESPONSE FROM KE: Yeah, but at least I didn't spell "too" and "embarrassing" incorrectly.

That was pretty entertaining, Kevin. Good selling. Nice job by Peter putting himself over the ropes on your snap mare. That was probably the most difficult spot you guys did in the match.

How come the video is in slow motion? Just kidding :-)

Well done.

RESPONSE FROM KE: Hey, Peter's only 54.


paul lighten up and give it a rest, but hey good job, work on the diamond cutt.. oops RKO a bit better and you'll be on the money a bit more, but anyhow, good job

Eck,that wasthe worst and best of wrestling I have seen in a long time.That aborted DDT,(or whatever) with tthe man on his knees before you even touched his kneck was classic. All in all though I have to say I enjoyed the "old school" comedy and in fact started to giggle again as I typed this. Don't quit your day job,but thanks.Mick***still giggling

Damn..lot of smack being said to a guy who wrestled ONE match.
And as far as for Kev "talking down" TNA, I've read many times where he spoke well of Angle, Styles, Wolfe, etc. As for his opinions? I can't play football, but I know the Browns are terrible. Maybe Kevin can't "wrestle" like HBK or Flair in his prime, but that doesn't mean he isn't correct when he makes some of the criticisms he makes (of BOTH TNA AND WWE).

you are now 100% my hero.

just remember that to stay undefeated you'll need to stick to the "shawn michaels retirement plan" rather than the "ric flair retirement plan". ;-)

awesome work!

Wow. I just checked your blog today after one internet-free week and I am glad that you already posted the video.

It's nice to know that you put an effort in your ring attire... unlike some other guys. *cough* Schmuck *cough* I enjoyed it. Sucks that I didn't get to watch it live. The crowd's really in on it huh?

Good job, Kev!

So you're retiring undefeated. Do you know how long retirements last in wrestling? BTW, pathetic RKO. Give you credit for one thing though you took a few more bumps than Schmuckers did. He really looked so weak.

This made me miss the old days of local wrestling in West Palm and Ft Lauderdale.Good OLD Florida Championship Wrestling days.

I just have to ask though Kev, how could you fall for the "handshake" bit at the beginning of the match. Next time go for the lock-up and open up a can of whoop-ass on him.

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