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July 19, 2010

Money in the Bank thoughts

If you ordered WWE’s Money in the Bank pay-per-view Sunday night primarily for the two MITB matches, you definitely got your money’s worth. The Raw and the Smackdown ladder matches both delivered in a big way.

The world championship match between Rey Mysterio and Jack Swagger also was very good, and the tag team and two women’s title matches were adequate.

As for the main event – the steel cage match between WWE champion Sheamus and John Cena – it wasn’t a bad match, but I have to be honest: I have a really hard time mustering up any enthusiasm for a one-on-one title match that involves Sheamus. Plus, everyone knew that The Nexus was going to get involved in the finish, so until they showed up (which was at about the 20-minute mark), I wasn’t all that invested in the action.

The big news is that Kane not only won the Smackdown MITB ladder match, but the world title as well. After Mysterio successfully defended his title against Swagger, Kane cashed in his contract and pinned Mysterio in less than a minute to capture the championship.

All signs point to Kane being the one who attacked The Undertaker and a match between the two “brothers” taking place next month at the SummerSlam pay-per-view – whether anyone likes it or not. The Undertaker was even shown in a SummerSlam commercial during the broadcast.

The Raw MITB briefcase went to The Miz, who scored the biggest victory of his career and solidified his standing as a guy on the verge of superstardom.

Here is a match-by-match look at the show:

WWE champion Sheamus defeated John Cena in a steel cage match (23:01): The match had a pretty slow pace until the final few minutes. At about the 20-minute mark, Cena hit the Attitude Adjustment, but Sheamus kicked out at two. Then The Nexus made their way to ringside. Michael Tarver was carrying bolt-cutters, but a referee on the outside of the ring took them away from him, so Tarver still can’t do anything right. The Nexus then tried to intimidate another referee on the floor into giving them the keys to the cage, but he tossed the keys into the crowd. Inside the ring, there was a ref bump, followed by Cena applying the STF to Sheamus. The champion was tapping, but there was no referee to see it. Cena then attempted to climb out of the cage. Justin Gabriel cut him off at the top of the cage, but Cena shoved him down to the mat. Cena continued to try to escape the cage, but he was thwarted by The Nexus. Meanwhile, Sheamus recovered and climbed over the opposite side of the cage. Heath Slater tried to stop him but was unsuccessful, as Sheamus dropped to the floor to win the match. I suppose that means that Sheamus is not associated with The Nexus. After the match, a furious Cena clothes-lined Tarver and hit him in the head with the ring steps.

World champion Rey Mysterio defeated Jack Swagger (10:45): Prior to the match, Swagger was backstage on the cell phone with his mother and he cut a hilarious promo on her, telling her at one point to shut up and that his father got what he deserved on Smackdown Friday night because he was trying to steal his spotlight. Swagger and Mysterio put on a well-worked, back-and-forth match that told a good story and kept the crowd engaged. The finish was reminiscent of the Eddie Guerrero-Kurt Angle match at WrestleMania XX. Mysterio, who sold an ankle injury the entire match, had loosened his boot just prior to Swagger attempting the ankle lock. As Swagger pulled on Mysterio’s foot, the boot slipped off and Mysterio hit a huracanrana for the win. After the match, Swagger jumped Mysterio and put him in the ankle lock. Kane made the save, beating on Swagger and chasing him up the ramp and to the back. Seconds later, Kane’s music hit and he re-appeared on the stage, this time carrying the Money in the Bank briefcase that he had won earlier in the night. It was announced that he was cashing in the contract right now.

Kane defeated world champion Rey Mysterio to win the title (0:54): A weakened Mysterio tried to avoid Kane but he couldn’t hold him off. Kane hit a chokeslam followed by a Tombstone piledriver for the victory. Kane is now a two-time world champion (he held the WWE title for one day in June 1998 when he defeated “Stone Cold” Steve Austin for the title at the King of the Ring pay-per-view and lost it back to him the next night on Raw).

The Miz won the Raw Money in the Bank ladder match over Evan Bourne, Ted DiBiase Jr., Edge, Mark Henry, Chris Jericho, John Morrison and Randy Orton (20:27): With everyone down about seven minutes in, Maryse – who had accompanied DiBiase to the ring – took off her high heels, entered the ring and began to climb the ladder for some reason. She didn’t get very far before she was pulled down by Morrison. The action intensified at about the 16-minute mark, when Bourne hit the Shooting Star Press on Orton. At that point, Jericho was hanging from the ladder with his leg caught between the rungs, and everyone else was selling. Bourne climbed the ladder and it appeared that he was going to win, but Jericho finally managed to free himself, and he knocked Bourne off the ladder by smashing him in the head with the briefcase. Rivals Jericho and Edge battled on the ladder before Orton took out Jericho with an RKO off the ladder, and then pulled down Edge. Orton was the only man standing at the 19-minute mark, and the crowd was popping in anticipation of his victory as he climbed the ladder. The cheers quickly turned to jeers, however, as The Miz tipped over the ladder. Miz then climbed the ladder and unhooked the briefcase for the win. After the match, Miz cut an intense promo in which he called out all of fans and critics who said that he’d never make it (yes, I was among them at one time). “You are all living in my moment,” he said. “I made it!”

Kane won the Smackdown Money in the Bank ladder match over The Big Show, Christian, Matt Hardy, Kofi Kingston, Drew McIntyre, Cody Rhodes and Dolph Ziggler (26:17): This was the best match of the night, and while it had its share of high spots, it also told good stories. One of the main themes was that six of the competitors at times worked together in an attempt to neutralize the two biggest men in the match – The Big Show and Kane. There also was quite a bit of interaction between the two sentimental favorites and ladder match specialists – Christian and Hardy. The biggest spot of the night occurred about 10 minutes in when Kingston hit the Boom Drop from a ladder outside the ring onto McIntyre, who went crashing through the announce table. It had been established early in the match that a normal ladder would not hold Big Show, as he broke one of the rungs with his foot on an attempted climb. He later brought in the super-sized ladder that he unveiled on last Friday’s Smackdown (he at first tried unsuccessfully to pull it over the top rope into the ring before ultimately bringing it through the ropes).

At the 20-minute mark, Big Show was pushed off the giant ladder and over the top rope by Kane. Once Big Show was down on the floor, the other participants all buried him with ladders to effectively take him out of the match. It appeared at the 25-minute mark that it had come down to Christian and Hardy, as the two battled at the top of the ladder while everyone else was down. They ended up knocking each other off the ladder simultaneously. At that point, McIntyre – who had been incapacitated on the floor for about 15 minutes since taking the Boom Drop – crawled into the ring. The crowd booed loudly as it sensed that McIntyre was going to steal the victory. As McIntyre slowly climbed the ladder, however, Kane recovered, climbed up the other side of the ladder and chokeslammed McIntyre. Kane then grabbed the briefcase for the victory.

WWE unified tag team champions The Hart Dynasty defeated The Usos (5:53): This was a solid but not spectacular match. David Hart Smith got the win for THD when he forced Jimmy Uso to submit to the Sharpshooter. THD came off as the superior team, but the Usos made a decent accounting of themselves in defeat.

WWE Divas champion Alicia Fox defeated Eve Torres (5:52): Fox dominated the match, which made it all the more surprising that she ended up winning. She concentrated her attack on Torres’ back. Torres attempted a somersault off the ropes during her comeback, but Fox got her knees up and nailed Torres in the back. She followed up with a scissors kick for the victory. This was an impressive showing for Fox.

WWE women’s champion Layla defeated Kelly Kelly (3:59): It wasn’t the smoothest match, but the pace was quick and outside interference by Michelle McCool and Tiffany helped make it entertaining. The finish saw Kelly Kelly attempt a sunset flip off the middle rope, but Layla shifted her weight, sat on top of KK and hooked both of her legs for the pin. Rosa Mendes surprisingly did not come out during the match to show off her formidable jump-roping skills.

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I Looked At Your MITB Preview Right Before I Watched The PPV..And The Whole Time I Was Watching,I Could'nt Get Over How Your Predictions Were So Spot On..As Far As Who Would Win And About Kane Cashing In His Briefcase..So I Have Come To The Conclussion That You Kevin,Are The Secret Raw GM!!!

Kevin wrestling in general has started get boring i mean you here it the crowds same people win every week . I miss the attitude era and miss the competition between WWE, WCW, and the old ECW . When John Cena heads to Hollywood thats the end.

Is anyone ever going to lose the match when they cash in the MIB contract? Every single time I believe its been cashed in when the champion was already flat on his back.

Great to see Kane win the strap, I can't believe it's been 12 years since his last world title victory. I remember watching that PPV, it was "King of the Ring" and I believe it was the same PPV that Mick Foley took his fall(s) from the cage. I hope history doesn't repeat itself because if it does, Kane will lose his strap tonight on RAW.

I popped so huge when Kane won!!! It's just too bad that he's most likely going to be announced as the one that attacked Taker. Oh well.. I'm still holding out hope!

The Eve vs Alicia match was actually pretty good! Too bad the crowd was completely dead for it because it was a good match.

Ist winning the WWE title about doing whatever it takes? When Cena was clining on the outside of the steel cage and being prevented from dropping to the floor by Nexus, he shoukld have just launched himself off the cage. He probably would have suffered another beating from Nexus, but at least he would have been the champion.

Sometimes it seems that all logicality goes out of wrestling.

With Sheamus winning its almost certainly going to be Triple H vs Sheamus at Summerslam.

What do you think, Kevin?

Agree with your summary, except I thought the RAW MITB match was better than the Smackdown MITB. Maybe it was just because The Miz won, but it also seemed like the RAW match had better storytelling if not better spots.

One thing that definitely made it better for me was there were four guys in the RAW match I could have been happy with winning (Jericho, Edge, Orton, Bourne) along with The Miz while the only guy in the Smackdown match I could root for was Kofi.

Though Kane's win and subsequent cashing in at least saves me from having to watch Rey as World Champion, so I guess that's something.

Hey Kevin i have met Ollie Anderson he lives in my home town of Athens,Ga and he says wrestling today is terrible .

Awesome job on your correct predictions!

Wow Kevin you were spot on on most of your predictions. I will say I was happy to see Miz win. I used to groan whenever he came on but he is usually one of the highlights now. And what happened to Smackdown. It was the better show leading up to the last draft and it is almost unwatchable now. Punk is the only person on that show I want to see. I could not care less about Kane or the Undertaker at this point in their careers. A program between them is just another step down for Smackdown.

Wow....Almost everyone one of your predictions came right. That is some solid blogging. One of the reasons that I love your comments and this site. Great stuff...

After The Miz promo about how he has (essentially) achieved world title status, I have a feeling he will be the first man to cash-in and lose the match! Maybe cash-in on a champion playing possum, or cash-in on a heel champion who gets himself counted out or disqualified to retain (kudos to Rey for seemingly attempting that during his second title defense), so Miz will be known for a brief time as the man who lost a sure-thing.

Honestly, I think it would help his reputation more than winning a world championship would considering how freely those world championships have been tossed around lately.

I hope the Kane/Taker program concludes at Hell in a Cell, so we can FINALLY see Undertaker extract revenge on Kane in the environment where Kane made his first mark (this HIAC dream match is the only reason I ever want to see the Kane/Taker feud reignite).

Plus, I think WWE would have a good opportunity if Undertaker beat Kane in a retirement match (especially if Kane's planning to retire this year) so he could have retired both Kane and HBK in the same year. Then, Undertaker could face a Drew McIntyre at Survivor Series in a retirement match, and let that one be the retirement that doesn't last after Taker wins. It would be a good hook to risk Taker's career on the 20th anniversary of his WWF debut.

Miz winning was the right decision and the more I think about it, the more obvious it becomes where this storyline is going. Miz winning obviously sets him up for a main event push (where I think her will stay for a long time) but I think his push will be bigger than anyone anticipates.

Miz is going to be identified as the leader of the Nexus movement and Michael Cole is going to be revealed as Raw GM. Hear me out. Cole constantly praises Miz on all programming, but it started on NXT, where Miz is the only pro to be involved in both seasons- giving him more of a connection to the rookies than anyone else. Last night Cole went out of his way to push Miz as an emerging superstar, despite the fact that Cole typically plays a face as Raw announcer.

Since Nexus has been attacking Raw, Miz has had little confrontation with the group and he went out of his way to avoid confrontation with them on NXT this past week. If they can get the best of everyone else (including Cena, the legends, and Smackdown star Cody Rhodes) there would be no reason for them not to get the best of Miz as well unless he is allied with them.

Miz's emerging intensity as of late also coincides with the Nexus movement and I don't think it is a coincidence. I think Miz will be gold as "Mr. Money in the Bank" and I expect him to hold onto the briefcase for quite a whille, but ultimately he will win the title because of Nexus and be revealed as the mastermind (along with Cole) of the "bigger plan" that Barrett refers to (I assume the plan is some type of WWE takeover by the younger generation that is led my Miz and Cole). It wouldn't surprise me if this takeover extends for much longer and includes a similar invasion by the Season 2 rookies on Smackdown. When this happens, it only makes sense for the "Vince Lombardi" of NXT to be the ring leader.

Moving on...

Rey's performance at MITB was epic and felt like an old school Mysterio match- one of the most memorable for me since Halloween Havoc 97 against Eddie. It's good to see Kane go over as champion but I wish it didn't come at the expense of Mysterio immediately following one of his all-time great perfomances.

The Smackdown ladder match was slightly better in my mind (although I like Raw's ending better). Kofi's leg drop was cool, as was when the Big Show was burried in ladders. The reinforced ladder was innovative and added a unique element to the match, although Big Show's struggles with it brought the match down slightly. I find it odd that Show was constantly refered to as "the Giant," so I wonder if a character change is coming.

I would have like to see Kofi Kingston or Drew McIntyre win and not Kane as for Miz is ok but it should have Orton or a shocker Evan Bourne . Cena & Nexus fued was predictable.

From beginning to end, it was an exciting show, well worth paying $44.95.
Did you happen to notice Randy Orton is afraid of heights? He was climbing that ladder, and he looked scared out of his wits at every rung. Even his knuckles were white-hot clinging to that ladder. Every spot where he fell off the ladder he was always near to the ground. Thought that was pretty funny.

I'm happy for the Miz. He has gotten so much crap and has never been taken seriously. It will be even funnier if he becomes the first guy to lose his MITB shot.

hhh will be the one who attacked taker for revenge for making michaels retire and he could also be with the nexus, it would be cool if kane could finally beat taker as well


Well done on your predictions for the MITB ladder matches. You couldn't have been more spot on!

It was a pretty good PPV, although the main event did bring it down a touch, and only the SM women's match came off like it should've been on free TV. All last week, I thought that last night would've been the perfect point for a Cena turn. Words can't describe how huge it would've been. The match was setting up for it, it was a pretty slow match because everyone was waiting for the inevitable Nexus interference. Then it happened, as we saw the same Sheamus steals a victory (when he desperately needs a clean victory to be established as a credible top guy)/Cena goes Superman wash/rinse/repeat cycle we've seen forever.

Everything else was fairly predictable, but predictable isn't necessarily bad when it's logical. I always said that I hoped the WWE didn't end up making Kane the one who "took" out UT. I thought it bad then and I think it's bad now, but does seem that's the direction they're going. Even though they haven't feuded in years, it's still not something I'd be interested in seeing.

congrats on being spot - on with your predictions.

I hadn't read your predictions so I was legitimately surprised that Kane won, but wasn't when he cashed it in that night. I don't have a problem with Kane getting a short lived pat on the back, and I've known since day 1 that he attacked the Undertaker. So let's hope something else good happens at Summerslam.

Gotta say, I love the MITB concept, but it needs to be changed so that you can only cash it in at a real match. The heel-ish move of cashing it in against a beaten down champ is now WAY too repetitive. I hope the Miz cashes his contract in (and wins) at Summerslam or Survivor Series in an actual match (or for a great heel move, cashes it in during the entrance of the intended opponent and forces him out)

It will be most likely that Undertaker returns this week to Smackdown because it's advertised that he'll be on the Australian tour which I'll be attending in 2 weeks.

As for Cena, Sheamus and the Nexus: Sheamus needs lose the belt to beat some credible opponents. Cena: I respect you man, but you need to turn heel, learn some new moves and get out of the title picture for a while. Nexus,, well, they need to have some matches now. The interference thing is now boring.

Very nice PPV, and great predictions Eck.

Did anyone els notice JoMo get hurt? During the spot where he was placed inside the upright ladder (making it a giant A) and tipped over, he hit the mat hard. And not on his ribs like Striker tried to point out, but his arm. I have been watching JoMo for some time now and I love his work, most importantly his amazing injury sells. With facial expressions and general riving in pain he has made some really weak bumps look incredibly painfull. The look on his face and his actions told me that this particular bump needed no selling, it was all real.

After the bump you can see Edge stop dead in his tracks and lower his head so his hair was in the way, he then tried to pick up and lightly kick JoMo, who screamed "No, stop!" and rolled out of the ring. Completely no selling the kicks from Edge. After this spot he was not seen again in the match.

I really do believe he may have broken his wrist. After watching the replays on my DVR you can see his wrist get caught inbetween himself and the ladder right before impact. Now, I really hope it's not true and that he was selling his ass off (by no selling) but it really did look like a legit injury. Thoughts Eck?

Is anyone ever going to lose the match when they cash in the MIB contract? Every single time I believe its been cashed in when the champion was already flat on his back.

Posted by: Eric

Rob Van Dam challenged Cena to a legitimate match when RVD had the MITB briefcase -- although it was in Philadelphia in front of a very pro ECW crowd. When Cena threw his shirt into the audience; they threw it right back.

Kev, I like you and all, but you're "approving" of Alicia Fox is disheartening. Her match with Eve last night was a hot mess. Eve actually has some talent, but Fox doesn't and both girls were running around like a chicken with their head's cut off. It got to the point where I wish I had recorded the show and watched it later.

The Divas matches are the worst thing about the WWE right now. They need to get some solid women talent on their roster or I may need to take another break from the WWE. (And please don't get me started on the Kelly Kelly match. I like the girl and everything, but she isn't a sold wrestler.)

Best matches from last night's PPV: Smackdown "Money in the Bank" and the Mysterio/Swagger match. I don't think I've seen that good of a wrestling match-up (between Swagger/Mysterio) in a long, long time. The match kept me on the edge of my seat and even though I'm not a huge Swagger fan, he earned some points in my book.

I slept through almost the entire Cena/Sheamus match until the Nexus came out. I just can´t get into Sheamus and Cena, oh well …. I know he´s the cash cow of the WWE and I really respect what he´s doing for the company but gimmick change, pleeeeease!
Pretty impressed by the Fox/Torres match, must have been one of the better women´s matches this year.
As for Kane becoming champ: I don´t have much of a problem with it considering the fact that he´s with the WWE for how long now, 15 yrs? and always played his character well. But I really don´t want to see Kane/Taker again.
So happy that the Miz finally took the next step.
Congrats on your predictions, I guess that makes up for your last predictions of the Fatal 4 Way PPV, lol.

You are "Paul the Octopus" of wrestling. :P

Spot on with your predictions Kev. I thought both Money in the Bank matches were excellent. I also thought that the introduction of the big men into the matches actually helped the story telling and made them more exciting.

All hopes vanish one day and I think it's true.
With KAne winning the world title, it's 99% sure: he will face Undertaker at Summerslam! For my consolation, I hope WWE creates an appropriate and logical reason for Kane to have attack the Undertaker. Apart that Kev, have you not find it ridiculous for seeing the same finish as in the Angle-Eddie match, mostly due to the fact that it was in the Mysterio-Swagger match.

With Triple H out of the Summerslam promo, I must say that I thought Cena will win. I thought that since Triple H v/s Sheamus was cancelled, Cena will propose to Wade Barett a WWE Championship match in exchange of stop invading his match. Now, with Sheamus champion, he will surely compete against Orton or Edge or Jericho. Not that it displeases me but it will not gain much heat in an event like SummerSlam.

The two MITB matches were rally good; no two opinions on that! Smackdown showed more actions spots. LOL when Big Show squashed the ladders as he stepped on it - it is awesome and speaking of Awesome, Congrats to the Miz.
I do not think that I will be happy in 'his' era but nevertheless, he deserved this win for his hardwork. Just hope, he will be champion with this briefcase...

I read today that Kane is now the second superstar to win the World Title, the WWE title, and the ECW title in their career. Big Show was the first to do it, but he won the World title in WCW, making Kane the first to win all 3 in WWE.

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