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May 21, 2010

Carlito released by WWE due to Wellness Policy violation

Even though it was his first Wellness Policy violation, Carlito (Carlos Colon) was released by WWE for his subsequent refusal to attend a rehabilitation facility, the company announced on its Web site.

Under the guidelines of WWE’s program, the penalty for a first offense is a 30-day suspension. Three violations results in termination. In a similar situation to Carlito’s, the late Umaga (Edward Fatu) was released last year for his refusal to go to rehab after his second violation.

Carlito, who had been with WWE since 2004, had the reputation of being a talented performer whose lack of motivation prevented him from rising above the mid-card. He and his brother, Primo, reunited as a heel tag team a couple weeks ago, but it did not seem as if they were in line for a significant push.

Carlito, 31, reportedly asked WWE for his release in 2007 due to frustration over the direction of his character, but was talked into staying. There was speculation around that time that he was bound for TNA.

It wouldn’t surprise anyone if he ended up in TNA now that he is a free agent, although there is talk that TNA will be reducing its talent payroll imminently.

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Carlito has had some amazing moments, but I can't say I'll miss him. In spite of having all the ability in the world, both in-ring and on-mic, what did he really add to the show?

I'm still sore that Mike Knox was dismissed... there's a dude with a HUGE untapped upside.

What a shame. Carlito could of very well been in the main event by now if he had a better work ethic. He was in the elimination chamber in 2007(?) But then again, so was Chris Masters.

I've always thought Carlito & Kennedy/Anderson would make a great heel stable.

Even when he was getting his push, I was never much of a fan. It was always hard to take him seriously with that ridiculous hair, and his lame entrance music. Strange he hung around so long while being so low on the card. But not a loss at all. I guess the big question is who will replace him on NXT?

Maybe Primo will form a tag team with Tyler Reks on the next episode of Superstars.

on the wwe website, carlito's release notice was on the scroll down news section with picture. Has this ever been done before? Normally there is a small blurb about it under the wwe news tab, and without pictures.

Carlito never got the push he deserved. Same as many wrestlers in the WWE. Primo has to be looking right over his shoulder right now-unless the Colon from FCW gets drawn up to the main roster.

He's a talented guy, and I hope he doesn't end up on the ever-growing list of wrestlers who died young like Eddie Fatu did.

I'm surprised he lasted this long. You could tell he stopped caring a loooong time ago.

He'll probably do a few shows here for the WWC before showing up in TNA.

I guess Primo will continue to be "tito santana" then (the latin Jobber to the Stars)!

Carlito didn't even get the "we wish him well on his future endeavors" treatment.

Who cares.

I've read other places that some say it will be good for Carlito to go to TNA because the WWE had no idea what to do with him. First of all, Carltio held several titles in the WWE but was reported that he had a bad attitude. Second, fans said the same thing about Mr. Kennedy (Anderson) but he was in line to be involved in a storyline where he was Vince's illegitimate son and be involved in a feud with HHH where he was supposed to win the Heavyweight belt but messed it up by violating the wellness policy a few weeks before it was to come out he was Vince's son. Then he got hurt. And that ended with Hornswoggle as Vince's son but only to find out he was Finley's son. So you know who's to blame for the rise of Hornswoggle. Carlito, Anderson and others are grown men, it's time we stop blaming Vince and blame these grown men who are supposed to be adults and accountable for their actions. Lastly, when TNA hires these wellness policy violators and continually ignores the drug problem in their own company, why doesn't Congress and all these other groups who get outraged if it was the WWE step in?

"That's not cool."

Based on his physique, it doesn't seem to have been a PED violation. Perhaps his drug of choice was recreational?

Makes sense that he was absent for the episode of NXT. So now who replaces him and mentors his...oh, nevermind. Micheal Tarver was his rookie, right?

Haven't visited for awhile, what is your take on NXT, Eck?

To me it is a neat concept, but the overall lack of talent in the ring and on the mic really bothers me. It could be so much more.

I'm not too worried about Carlito. Judging by his laid-back attitude and not exactly WBF physique, I have a feeling his violation was of the marijuana variety. (Complete speculation on my part, obviously.) It's too bad, he has plenty of talent. I'd like to see him in TNA.

So, is this likely why he wasn't on NXT this week? Hmmmm, let's see if R-Truth is around for the next 30 days after the PPV. Not to point fingers, but well, it would be interesting.

No rehab? That's not cool...........

That's not cool.

"I guess the big question is who will replace him on NXT?"

Wasn't Tarver his rookie? If so, I'm guessing no one will replace him.

that's not cool

I always wonder how TNA was able to pay all the wrestlers on their rosters. I know a lot of these guys will not work for free. I don't think

@ Common Sense: Yes, they are grown men. Grown men who grew up wanting to be wrestlers, grown men who make a lot of money wrestling, grown men who in some cases don't know how to do anything else (I remember reading that Shane Douglas wound up working at Target after he stopped wrestling).

Jim Cornette talked about drugs in wrestling shortly after Andrew Martin's (Test's) death. How Test was released from WWE, and went to the indies, and then after a while somebody from WWE saw a picture of Test and saw that he'd really bulked up. The decision was made to rehire him, even though there was no reason to believe he had become a better wrestler in the time he had gone and the only thing that had changed was that he'd gotten bigger.

I recently found another story, this one coming from Jason Sensation who had a cup of coffee with the WWF as a guy who did impressions of wrestlers. (I actually met him one time at Pearson International Airport before he got discovered; a lot of us fans were waiting around for Bret Hart to make an appearance and he was doing his impression thing. I asked him if he could do Pillman, whom he did a pretty good impersonation of on the spot.) The story is that Russ Haas, brother of Charlie Haas, was in developmental with his brother and the two of them were being told that they were almost ready to be moved up to the big stage, but that Bruce Pritchard and Jim Ross repeatedly told Russ "You guys are ready to go, you guys will be on tv but Russ you got to get bigger, Russ you got to get bigger, sorry Russ you got to get bigger." So Russ began taking steroids, and he wound up dying because there was an air bubble in the needle one time.

WWE puts tremendous pressure on its workers to be big and muscular. It can literally mean the difference between making a living and being unemployed, as it did with Test. All the suspensions for wellness policy violations are just to maintain appearances. "Oh, we don't condone steroid use at all! Look at how we're suspending the people we catch doing it! So whenever one of our employees dies from using these drugs, you can rest assured that we knew absolutely nothing about it and had no reason whatsoever to suspect it! It's just pure coincidence that most of the guys on our roster are so muscular that it looks like they're on steroids! Because we certainly do nothing to encourage them!"

Watch this video of Cornette talking about it (and for those sensitive to such things, some of the language is not PG)...

Test wasn't employed w/ the WWE at the time. He had just been released from TNA. I remember Jason, he did a great Owen impression. But how would some guy who did impressions know what was being said to talent down at OVW, Smokey Mountain Wrestling or whatever the WWF/E developmental league was at the time? Saying the wellness policy is to maintain appearances is ridiculous. If it meant nothing, why not just suspend Carlito? Why didn't they just suspend Umanga? No they fired them both because of they refused to go to rehab. I wouldn't put to much stock in anything Jim Cornette says in light of his recent rants. Plus Cornette has had a history of anger issues (See Santino). It still doesn't answer why TNA gets a free pass from fans and others on TNA's lack of drug testing (Rob Terry, Matt Morgan) and hiring known wellness policy violators (RVD, Hardy).


I also want to know why everytime we talk about violating the wellness policy most assume it's because of steroids or PED's? Carlito could have been fired because he's doing cocaine, crack or, yes, even weed. All I know is that Carlito got fired for doing whatever drug he refused to get help for. Meanwhile, Scott Hall (who has a list that stretches around the world of known substance abuse) get arrest for assult while being drunk in a bar and is still with TNA.

Eric C,

The reason for R Truth's absence from NXT was supposedly due to previous legal issues in Canada, not for a Wellness violation.

"Test wasn't employed w/ the WWE at the time."

True, his final employer was TNA. But he was released from WWE in 2004 and rehired by them in 2006. That's probably what Cornette was referring to. I wasn't watching wrestling in 2006 and I checked Wikipedia's entry on Test to confirm this stuff. The entry includes a picture of him after he was rehired, and he looks a hell of a lot bigger than I remember him from the first few years of that decade.

As for Jason being in developmental, it says that "...During the last 6 months of his contract he was sent to Memphis, TN to train as a heel manager for a future main roster spot." So there you go.

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