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April 22, 2010

Mickie James, Shelton Benjamin among six released by WWE

WWE released six wrestlers today, the most surprising of which are Mickie James and Shelton Benjamin.

The others let go are Katie Lea Burchill, Jimmy Wang Yang, Slam Master J and Kung Fu Naki.


James (left), a six-time women’s champion in WWE (second only to Trish Stratus’ seven reigns), was the company’s most popular babyface and one of its top female workers and talkers. However, there have been reports in the past that there she had heat backstage for various attitude issues. According to, she was considered to be on thin ice for unprofessional conduct during the recent European tour, including arriving late for the bus and holding up travel.

It also had been reported that WWE was not happy with her weight, an issue that was turned into a story line. The fact that James made no secret about her aspirations to branch out in the entertainment field beyond WWE – her debut country music CD is scheduled to be released next month – probably didn’t do her any favors either.

If James is still interested in wrestling fulltime, there is little doubt that TNA would be interested in her. She previously worked for company in 2002 and 2003 as Alexis Laree. One benefit she will have is that she can continue to perform as Mickie James, since that is her real name.

Benjamin has been viewed for years as an underachiever who never was able to form a strong connection with the audience despite his vast athleticism. Clearly, the stop-and-start pushes that he received in WWE didn’t help him his cause – nor did his less-than-spectacular promo ability – but there also were reports that he was satisfied with his mid-card spot and did not have a burning desire to become a main-eventer.

The biggest push of his career came in 2004, when he scored multiple pinfall victories over Triple H and also defeated Chris Jericho for the Intercontinental title. I wouldn’t be surprised to see Benjamin reunite with former tag team partner Charlie Haas, possibly in TNA.

Burchill had a unique look and can wrestle, but she never received the push in WWE that her talent warranted.

Yang and Slam Master J (formerly known as Jesse, the tag team partner of Festus), who were both used as enhancement talent, are good workers who almost always had solid matches and made their opponents look good.

Amazingly, Fu Naki had been with the company since 1998. He’s been virtually invisible for years, and the only surprise about his release is that it didn’t happen years ago.

Baltimore Sun photo by Kenneth K. Lam

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I am a WWE supporter, but the releases of James, Benjamin, and Katie just show that WWE doesn't like wrestlers that don't fit into the "WWE Look"

James took the torch from Trish and did a great job. She wants to do more outside of wrestling? What ever happened to the attitude that its all promotion for the WWE whenever talent branches out. As for her weight, well, look at the pics.

Benjamin could have stayed in the mid-card for years. A run at the IC or US title would have been fine. Classic matches and programs against Kofi, MVP, Bourne, Christian, Hardy could have easily happened.

Katie was just labeled with the "right look:" stigma. She can wrestle, she has a different character, yet she can be released.

The worst part is they probably will wind up in TNA.

I can't believe they let Mickie James go! They have now lost the two most popular Divas between her and Maria. At least Mickie, Shelton and Katie Lea will find a good home in TNA. Katie Lea and Daffney could make a very fun to watch duo.

Whatever was left of the former cruiserweight division in WWE is now gone with these releases. I knew that Jesse's release would happen sooner or later after Cryme Tyme's break-up. I'm surprised that Jimmy Wang Yang had lasted as long as he did with the company, I wouldn't be surprised if he ended up in TNA and star in the X-Division like he did many years ago. My prediction is that Shelton Benjamin will be main eventing in TNA in the next 3 years. Look at the past-Booker T, Christian, RVD, Jeff Hardy, and even Scott Steiner-guys who had brief main event pushes in WWE but were on the mid-card for most of their time in WWE were pushed to the main event in TNA right away.

TNA has such a huge roster I can't seen them going after any of these wrestlers. Sure Micki James has talent and looks but TNA is loaded with great looking female wrestlers. As for Benjamin, TNA has an up and coming major superstar in the Pope and Orlando Jordan is no slouch. The other released wrestlers are just card fillers that I don't think would be able to dent TNA unless they expand to another for traveling shows.

sorry to see them all go...they were all good workers

I can't wait to see Shelton Benjamin working with AJ Styles and Pope, it'll be a sight to see.

Mickie James' departure yet again confirms that the WWE want their womens division to be full of cookie cutter, plastic looking model types.
I don't know if she'll want to go to TNA but if she does i can't wait to see her show up WWE just as Gail Kim did.

I really do hope to see Katie Lea Burchill in TNA.
She's got an interesting look, she seems to be able to work but just never got the push her talent justified, no doubt once again because she wasn't straight off the 'bleached blonde, breast implant' production line.

I haven't seen enough of Ray Gordy to make a definitive call on him but he seemed like a good, solid worker who would bolster TNA's midcard ranks nicely.

So how does santino manage to keep a job and Mickie and Shelton get fired? It's almost as if they are trying to give tna an advantage.

I wonder how many more releases will come between now and Monday with the draft coming up .. still cant believe James was released .. who are they going to turn babyface to take her place now?

AWESOME!!! (just like the miz!!!)

"Burchill had a unique look and can wrestle, but she never received the push in WWE that her talent warranted."


At first, I thought that you were belatedly referring to Paul Burchill. I'm glad that I didn't chime in with a correction notice.

I'm not sure if this had to do more with Mickie's "conduct" than it does with her branching out to do other intrests outside of wrestling. The WWE has the reputation of making it known that wrestling should be the only thing their superstars should be known for except bad acting. So it's no suprise she was under the microscope. I can't understand why they can't support their wrestlers with their other talents rather than focusing on movies with wrestlers who can't act. Not every wrestler is the Rock however they put together movies left and right trying to find that type of crossover star. Since they are in the "entertainment" business I would think they would not just focus on movies and maybe try helping singers out as well. Cena had an album that was mainly to get his character over. Jericho has a band but you don't see WWE promoting his band like they do their movies.

I wonder if her release had to do with her catching up to Trish's record as well. WWE does not want the face of womens wrestling being someone who does not look like Barbie. If Mickie decides to stay in wrestling it would actually get me to watch TNA. If not, she will be ok at whatever she does. WWE doesn't realize what a great babyface Mickie is and it's a shame her wrestling talent won't be shown on WWE anymore.

Shelton would get a better chance to show off his in ring skills in TNA as well as Burchill. If TNA could pick up these three, instead of focusing on 80's stars, I might become a fan instead of a casual viewer.

Silly of the WWE to let to great performers like Shelton and Mickie go. Great news for TNA though it means they can make there talent list even stronger and maybe draw a few more WWE viewers over while they are at it.

the talent is there for three or more companies to have solid weekly shows. why is it that these gifted performers can't find airtime?

As a wrestling - not a sports entertainment - fan, I am bummed about Benjamin. On the bright side, he's likely to get an actual push in TNA.

WWE's loss will hopefully be TNA's gain. I would love to see Shelton Benjamin and Charlie Haas reunited with Kurt Angle.

Sorry Kev, the Charlie Haas thing probably won't happen for a while. Yeap that's right, he's signed with WFX, I love living in Winnipeg!!!

PS Bob "Hardcore" Holly teamed with Sabu last show, t'was awesome!

Pretty shocked they released Mickie James. If it was for inappropriate behaviour, o.k. but if it was because she´s pursuing a music career then I don´t get it. Isn´t Jericho the perfect example that you can be a wrestler and a musician? But WWE seems to make a difference between females and males here. They release Mickie and Maria but seem to have no problem with Jericho and his band Fozzy. Not that I want to compare Jericho with any of the divas, God forbid, just saying.
Anyway I´ll miss Mickie James and Katie Lea Burchill as well. Their leaving won´t do the women´s division any favours. And at least Burchill looked different than the typical blonde WWE Diva who I´m getting so sick of. Honestly don´t they all look the same? Maryse, Tiffany, Kelly Kelly? That´s getting so boring. But maybe I should just getting used to that the WWE looks at the women´s division as eye candy only. My fault I know.
Btw, will we see Sereena as a wrestler in the near future? She can´t be worse than some of the others.

Michelle Mccool single handedly destroyed the entire divas division. I wish Mickie James all the very best for her future

How many guys were better than Benjamin In-Ring??? He could have been in some classics, Bret wasn't the best on the mike either. With the possibility of a "war" going on he's too big a talent to release. I hope he goes to TNA and gets 30 minutes against Angle on a PPV to show what he's worth. . .

I had completely forgotten about Fu Naki, I thought he was let go months ago. And as for Yang and Slam Master J, you could kind of see this coming because the pair, as strong as they are as workers, never seemed likely to get any major push that would enhance their careers. Once her "brother" Paul was realised a while back, I knew it was only a matter of time before his sinister sibling also bit the dust. Hopefully Katie Lea can find work in TNA, as I think she would fit in well with their Knockouts division.

But obviously, the biggest shock of all the cut backs has got to be James and Benjamin. I felt for Benjamin in recent years, as he was always considered a strong mid-card performer with amazing ability, but could never get beyond being just that. Every year he'd be included in the MITB Ladder Match at WrestleMania, but that was as far as his achievements were to go in recent years. And as for James, well I think the Women's division in WWE has taken a serious knock because of her realise, and made it even less interesting than it already was. She was pretty much my favourite womens wrestler in the company, and she will be sorely missed. Actually, the Divas in WWE haven't even had a decent storyline since James first came in and wrestled Trish Stratus at WrestleMania 22 in 2006, which is, in my opinion, probably one of the greatest women's matches of the last ten years, given the state of some of the matches produced since then.

This is a huge blow, but I really hope that both James and Benjamin find their way to TNA, as I think both have just got too much to give to not be performing on our TV screens each and every week.

Mickie I thought I heard was close friends with Daffney, if she is releasing a country album TNA has exposure that could hit that demo and give her enough time off to do independent promotion of it (radio, talk show, etc). Shelton Benjamin would be a fantastic add to TNA. His size has been a problem in WWE but in TNA he is easily the size of all of the title contenders. Any match with him and RVD or AJ would be a must see. Usually there is a non compete clause, Kev do you know if this applies when a wrestler is "released"?

This came as a suprise. Why get rid of Shelton & Mickie? They really were 2 of the better stars they have had recently. Now were going to get more Michelle McCool shoved down our throats! This announcment came just 20 hours after i told my daughter we were going to see Mickie at an autograph session in detroit on the 22nd. Guess i don't need to ask for the day off of work now. I'm not going to go stand in line to see R Truth!! I'd hope they'd go to TNA - But they have really screwed that company up latley too. Maybe i need to start my own promotion...

I will miss Mickey. I thought she was a great wrestler and played both heel and face equally as well. Not to mention I thought she was way hot. Her run with Trish Stratus as the obsessed under study was very good. She will return at some point. I read a brief blip about her upcoming CD in Country Weekly. She is following a path not uncommon to oter Divas before her. Her recent attitude was probbaly the yearnign to move on from the WWE.

Shocking! Are you friggin' kidding me?!? What is wrong with WWE? I hope both Mickie James and Shelton go to TNA and get the push they deserve.

Every one of those wrestlers released by WWE could go to TNA and be better than someone on the current TNA roster.

Good luck to all six. Hopefully if Mickie was having "diva" issues, then this is a wakeup call for her. I loved her here in MCW.

To be honest I am shocked but not surprised that Mickie James was released because she hasn't been on good side of management in a while especially with her weight increase and complaining about being drafted to smackdown. I will miss her but why do I get the feeling tna will try to signed her?

As for Shelton Benjamin, the wwe dropped the ball with him. When he beat triple h and had a little feud with him years back I thought for sure he would have been in the title picture in the coming future. I guess since Shelton has to Triple H's sparring partner like Sheamus in order to become champion.

As for the rest I really don't care for them that much but I do feel kind of bad for them.

"As for Benjamin, TNA has an up and coming major superstar in the Pope and Orlando Jordan is no slouch."

Why exactly are those two wresters the natural comparison/competition for Shelton Benjamin having a spot?

I've got a hunch, but I would want to give someone the benefit of the doubt.

Hi Kev,
I've always wondered when WWE releases a wrestler does the wrestler still get paid if their under contract.

Do they get ant severance pay


RESPONSE FROM KE: From what I understand, they still get paid for 90 days while they are unable to work for the competition.

Oddly enough i think its a winning situation for WWE:
think of it like this, TNA will attempt to sign most of these people, even though their roster is overloaded as it is, they know Russo and Bischoff will do this, Remember Brett Hart in WCW circa 1997, they had to have him, even though they had no clue what to do with him, ultimately if the timing isnt right to bring someone in, they probably shouldnt be brought in, TNA will bring all of these people in, and push out people like Joe, Styles, Beer Money, after all didnt they rush to sign Booker, Christian, Angle, Dudleys, Hardy. Have any of them truly helped their ratings... No, will any of the ones WWE loses hurt their ratings??.... no.... the only exception to that rule is Vince losing Hall and Nash in 96, Hindsight.... yeah he should had given them what they wanted...

Another thought with Mickie James being released, and WWE's determination to be kid friendly, they have done an effective job of cleaning house of the Diva's they were all to happy to promote posing for Playboy, and in the case of mickie james things she sis before she came to WWE which can only be found on the net.

Mickie James released four days before a hometown (Richmond VA) Raw show. The crowd usually gives her a good pop there. I wonder if there will be any crowd reaction Monday.

Thanks Vince,we all know now with certainty that there is but one look for the WWE,you might as well make the WWE one if those Hollywood productions like Avatar(a reach) but more like an animated Disney film,muscles perfect,no flaws,apparently this is what the WWE has come to. It's amazing to me how The Fabulous Moulah was able to be the woman's champ for what 20 some years,the minute you have a talent like Richter you bury her because she stands up for her rightful pay, yet now you pay basically Playboy models to carry your womans division. The weight angle with Mickie James and prior to that Vicki is just sophomoric and hurtful,sends a terrible example to the supposed target audience of "G" rated youth it's simply a sham. On the plus side in 90 or so days we will likely get to see Mickie,Katie, & Benjamin, get the deserved treatment they should have had all along. Solid work should get solid back up,I am starting to think as Vince ages he has become more and more slimey,chasing the girls(rumours on the old 70-80's hot sheets had it being the boys) and just being an overbearing arrogant a$$. Thank you Vince for making the competition better.

look like TNA will be getting them and look like i be watching more TNA. WWE is beginning to suck

The only thing Shelton will be known for in the WWE, was the thunderous "sweet chin music" he took from HBK coming off the ropes a few years ago.

Shelton had talent, don't get me wrong. But he never had gotten the push he deserved for a world title shot.

Yang gimmick stunk, Fu Naki should've been gone years ago, Burchill should get a TNA call, Slam Master J who? (exactly) and Mickie should take time off and focus on her music career and see where it takes her.

As someone who has a huge crush on Mickie James, I can't be objective here. I am devastated to see her go. She was the only reason I ever watched Diva matches. It made me furious when they did the "piggy" angle. She was one of the few who actually looked like a real woman. I'm just wondering something here...I'm sure this is from way out in left much of an effect does Linda & Shane(do we know what he is up to?) being out of leadership positions have on the way the company is being run these days? My interest has been waning for quite a while. I know it will sound silly to some but between the general direction of the story lines & booking, retirement of HBK & this development, the only connection I'm going to have to sports entertainment for the foreseeable future is Ring Posts.

Weight issues with Mickie? They have to be kidding me. Vickie is much worse, then I believe most fans are like me, tired of seeing her and hearing "excuse me" and her whinning voice.
Mickie is much more of an asset than Vickie, they dump Mickie and keep Vickie, give me a break.
Ray Gordy, aka Slam Master J, was not a suprise. His late father, Terry "Bam Bam" Gordy was also never pushed in WWE on multiple times there. I guess Vince doesn't like anything that has connections to BadStreet USA being around, although I'm not sure how Michael Hayes has survived there.
I hope to see Mickie show up in TNA. Now I would love to see WWE loose this Monday Night War 2. I think Mickie and Tara would make a great tag team.

"She was one of the few who actually looked like a real woman".

I'll second that!

Are you kidding me? They let Mickey James go which was easily one of the best women wrestlers they have. She is also very beautiful and not fake looking like most of them left. I just recently stopped watching TNA (the nursing home of wrestling) but if she goes there they got a fan back.

I think Shelton Benjmain, and Mikie will return to wwe before the 90 release peirod. They're in the dog house right now, and when they work things out backstage with management they will return. I Michelle and Jack Swagger were used to set an example to both stars. I'll expect to see the both in the future.

I am sorry to burst some of your bubbles about Mickie James, but she has already been on TNA and is most likely not going to be welcomed back since she left them for the WWE. I HATE to say it but I believe we have seen the last of Mickie James in the wrestling ring. =(

RESPONSE FROM KE: Yeah, I noted that she worked there in 2002 and 2003. Leaving for another promotion happens all the time. Bottom line: If TNA thinks it will benefit the company to sign her, they will.

I think that "Posted by: Christopher | April 22, 2010 10:00 PM" had a very valid point. Mickie WAS catching up to Trish Stratus's record and the WWE probably didn't like that to much. They are probably just annoyed and freaked that Mickie has so much talent. Thinking back they through her into some very challenging situations and she handled them better than any of the other divas did. SHE TOOK ON BETH.

I think that the next diva to be thrown out is going to be another talented diva either Beth or Melina are going to be the next victims.

WHAT?! I think what shocks me the most is that they didn't even let her have some type of final goodbye match. She has been by far the most popular and most dominant Diva since Trish left. As far as the weight issues go that is a bunch of b.s. Look at her when she first appeared in the WWE versus now. She's in better shape and in my opinion the hottest female on the roster. I didn't realize the whole "Piggy James" was a real thing with the WWE. The fact that VICKY was allowed in on that makes me sick to be honest. Mickey deserved much better than that. At this point the Womens Championship is pointless.

I think mickie james deserves to get thrown out of wwe michelle is way better than her

Mickie James is the only surprise of that group in my opinion. The WWE has no clue on how to promote women's wrestling (which I do like).Other than Beth Phoenix (who the WWE buried for over a year), James is the only other female they had on the roster who could actually wrestle. TNA has much more female wrestling.

I Can't believe Vince would fire Mickie James over her weight if that the case the WWE will be considered to be shallow.She is one of the best Divas of all time like Trish and Lita.They may say she's big but she does more athletic abilities than the other Divas combined.It was a mistake firing her And the WWE needs to rehire her.This is a very stupid call on WWE's behalf.With this they may loose alot of fan base to TNA since TNA is starting to take some of WWE's beast superstars, like Jeff for instance.Now they'll lose the BEST WWE DIVA MICKIE JAMES MY FAVORITE.

Mickie James released? Why Vince, Why!? You just got rid of perhaps the best thing to happen to the women's division since Sable! To paraphrase C3pO, "You're going to regret this!"

WWE Universe is fill of S*** for letting mickie James and Shelton Benjamin go. Bring back Mickie and Shelton!!!!!!

Mickie is one ugly woman. Pure white trash, and the most overrated diva in history. Good riddance.

WWE ratings are probably going to down because of firing Shelton and Mickie.Shelton is probably going to go to TNA.Then TNA rating is probably will rise.I think it is really stupid to fire someone because of there wieght.
I am a big fan of WWE and I dont want to see them go

are u crazy mickey is a fine piece of a$$ the rest r sexy as hell shelton is one hell of a talent they just got pushed not the one they were lookin for tho i hate it shelton should have been world heavyweight champion twice and mickey should surpass trish vince u r really makin me sick now this from what was a wwe fan

Not being happy with Mickie James weight is not only a joke,but part of a big double standard.What about Mark Henry and The Big Show? Mickie James is not fat-she may seem a little bigger compared to sticks like Maryse and Michelle McCool,but fat she is not.She is a talented wrestler and she presents a positive body image for the young women watching the sport.Back in the day Moola was not the thinnest neither was Wendy Richter for that matter,yet they were great talents and did amazing things for the sport.In order for wrestling to continue to move forward and grow in a positive direction they need to stop playing to trends and concentrate on improving talent.Better yet fire some of those backstage using drugs to boost their weight physiques and nurture those with natural ability and talent.

i'm devastated about Mickie. i hope what people are saying about her returning in 90 days is true. if not, she'll be a great edition to the knockout roster in TNA. well done WWE, the diva division has 4 strong cotenders left. Beth, Natalya, Gail and Melina. and none of them have received a push recently apart from Beth with the title. WWE's a joke nowadays

The only primary reason that Mickie was released from the WWE was because she was slated to win the Women's title and the executives (or idiots) didn't want Mickie to break Trish's record so they fired her from the WWE before she could do it.

Mickie is one ugly woman. Pure white trash, and the most overrated diva in history. Good riddance.

Posted by: John | May 4, 2010 11:15 AM

Wow, Kev, I didn't realize that the Sun had a braille edition! Though I'm not sure why blind people would care about wrestling,

Mickie James should have NEVER been fired!! She was one of the few who could actually wrestle and was better than a lot of the "so-called" talent in the women's division. So what if she breaks Trish's record? Big F'N deal!! As far as I am concerned, she ranks up there with Trish Stratus and Lita. Those people who say she is fat and ugly need to look in the mirror. There is nothing wrong with her at all; one of the finest women out there. As far as Benjamin is concerned, he should have been a world champion long before now. He is way too talented and I am sure he wanted to be pushed into world title status. Sorry-a** [people] like Vickie Guererro , R-Truth, and punk a** Santino Marella should be the ones getting thrown out on their a**es!!!! I wish both of them luck in whatever they choose to do, because they both have so much to offer.

I can't wait until july august to see mickie & shelton in tna one of the brightest moves tna can do and I don't think with the tna originals would get pushed to the side and the chin shot Benjamin caught was heard around the world

Man! I'm starting to hate wwe. I can't believe they released mikie james. Mikie james was the best diva to appear in wwe. Hopefully wwe board would see their mistake and bring back mikie. If they don't she should go to tna. I'm still shocked!t

mickey j rocks
she is the r i watch divas ma she is realy wr
love mickey your bigger fan

Vince is Crazy he is giving more ammo to TNA pretty soon they will have more than one TV Show and the WWE will be in trouble. They let go good Wrestlers to put on Crappy people who just "Fit the Image" of the WWE. Don't be surprised when the WWE starts to get buried in the ratings when it happens because TNA has better match types and Wrestlers. WWE just has Personality and entertainment.

ow yeah,,,im from asia and love to watch WWE programmes,,and i agree that they released mickey james so that she cant beat the records of former champion trish stratus...what the...heck...any way love to watch the banging actions of a lady from states of virginia..

Ok, first mistake: Letting HBK retire without removing the streak.
second mistake: John Cena v Batista
third mistake: Releasing Shelton.
fourth mistake: Releasing Mickey James. (Yes, this is a big mistake.)

I'm shocked at what the great phenomenom that WWE once was, has now become.

Kev, I'm praying that Mickey and Shelton come back, Can you tell me your thoughts?

We are going to miss you Mickey James and WWE has lost a lots

why did they let mickey james ?go she was only divas in wee that make the game cool.

Mickie and Shelton? Hate to see you go.

Batista? Good riddance. Didn't like you as a good guy ... even less as a bad guy.

Jillian Hall? Why is she still around?

I haven't watched much WWE recently. But, I was always in awe of Mickey James & Beth Phoenix. These are/were the only true women wrestlers that they had. Sorry to hear that Mickey has been released. Hopefully, Dixie Carter has convinced her to join TNA. That alone would encourage me to watch TNA more.

My only issue is her photo shoots prior to WWE. My nephew googles her and got more than he b argained for. (We turned the computer off immediately). But on the other hand, she was talented and more like a real woman. I would think the WWE would do what was best for the business (being a stock holder). Not sure if their motivation had anything to do with trish since they write the story lines. We'll just have to wait and see. Since TNA lacks ANY class at all, I hope she'll persue other interests.

I am the # 1 fan of Mickie James and I
don't believe she is fat .She looks better than Maryse's Hair flippin self. She can't even fight. The last time I saw her win an match was with Mr. and Mrs. Laycool or Horrible ear killer Jillian last night she used her to win the match she nothin but an fake Blonde French Kisser loser who can't fight. So i know and believe Mickie James would whip any girl who stood in her path she did it to Trish all the way to Katie Lee Burchill back to Maryse and team Laycool P.S. Laycool would be perfect for NXT they can fit there BIGG 1 old EGO bak.. to Smackdown all the way Layla goes to London & we'll michell micloser back to the shelter until her uncle KenKEN let her go bak on to the dang old farmo! and goodnight


What does Shelton Benjamin have to do to get a fair shot at a lengthy championship run. Talk about a guy that probably had the most appearances in The Money in The Bank matches..and he held nothing back. I thought he didnt get his chances that he should have. TNA will get him and he will be a big player in that division. As for Mickie James, her weight was not a good storyline...look at Awesome Kong. Besides I like a woman with meat on her bones. But the tardy problems well cant do nothing about that. I wish her luck.

WWE Lost Alot look they kicked torrie candice Ashley Maria Now Mickie who next Melina Beth Eve WWE lost a good viewer now

Wow very big chest

This is the stupidest thing wwe ever did. Mickie was the best diva in the WWE for quite a while(besides trish and lita) In my personal opinion, mickie was/is the hottest diva in wwe and she was nice to see compared to the other divas who all look the same(kelly kelly, michlle mccool, maryse,ect.)WWe has just lost a fan. 1: because they released Mickie James and 2: because batista quit. if mickie goes to TNA, i will be happy because then i will be able to see her every week like i used to. and PS: everybody who says she is fat or ugly, get a pair of glasses because your crazy.

why release shelton benjamin and mickie james two of the best perfomers in WWE, well it's the gain of TNA,SHELTON AND MICKIE WERE GREAT.

WE WANT MICKIE JAMES BACK IN WWE! If she ends up in TNA, they'll BURY her! The Knockouts Division is dead!

Reinstate Mickie, Vince! You're an IDIOT for firing her! WE WANT HER BACK! You'd better make it happen or WWE is finshed! Get the picture?! REHIRE MICKIE!


her talents are staring at your face


we want mickie! we want mickie! we want mickie! we want mickie!


What they fired mickie why if she is the best, she is the only one that can wrestle better then other divas that they don't even know how to wretle, they should fired fox or eny other that dosent know how wrestle oh and by the way she wasent FAT like everyone was sayin, and by her "whight" she have won so many matches and have be come wwe womens chamions.


All Mickie James fans who want her back in WWE, pease sign this petition:

She needs to be brought back to WWE.

I had heard that Mickey James got released frow WWE I had to do some checking. I really liked Lexi Laree or how ever they spelled her name in WeW but i LOVED and still love Micki in WWE format.

WWE became background noise during the week and right now as i am posting this MITB ladder match is on and my friends are here watching it because i get it free.

The only reason i watched WWE was because of Mickie James and now that she is gone so am I.

Where ever she turns up is where my attention will be.

Mickey James was the main reason I gave a crap about women's wrestling. Mickey was and still is the most talented performers WWE ever had. She is/was also a pure natural beauty of a female and not a freakin plastic barbie doll like most of the others. If she goes to TNA, then I might have to start tuning in to TNA more often. A LOT more often.

It's been 3 months. If we haven't stopped ranting you to get Mickie back then we never will! BRING MICKIE BACK TO WWE!
Don't let TNA get her! They will make her career a WRECK!!
TNA isn't worthy of Mickie!!

Mickie James! Please return to WWE! The fans so terribly want you back!! We'll do whatever it takes!!!! Please come back to us!!

come back Mickie!!!!!!!!

Mickie James no compete clause is up today, so REHIRE HER, VINCE MCMAHON! WE WANT MICKIE BACK!!!i

I really miss Mickie James. WWE has to bring her back. It's never gonna be the same without her, and WWE has to realize that. Please WWE, resign Mickie to the company!
Do it for the fans! Please just listen to us!

bring mikie james back she is the best one you had.

yeah WWE should rehire mickie. if melina goes i will be devastated

what mickie doing now???

WWE has to rehire Mickie! This has been going on for months and the fans want her back! Please do not let TNA get Mickie James! BRING HER BACK, Vince!

I think Mickie will return to WWE sooner or later. Even if she ends up going to TNA. She accomplished alot and is one of the most popular divas of all time. The backlash for her release has been incredible. I'm sure Mickie will be back in WWE eventually. But it probably won't be this year. Maybe in the next year or two.

I don't understand why Serena is not wrestling as a heel Diva.I have seen some of her matches on U tube and she is quite good.

No wonder TNA is quickly rising up, You have good wrestlers and you let them go. I wish Mickie James, and Shelton Benjamin all the best in their future endeavors. And you can add one more lost, as a loyal fan, I have watched and admired the WWE for numerous yrs, but not anymore, the storylines are to predictable, and you toss your best performers to the side, for what may look like class acts, but overrated no talented performers at all. Mickie brought class to the womens division, shelton is a pure gifted athlete, and to let them go, look at your roster now, with the exception of the veterans, everything else is very mediocre, I can no longer be apart of the WWE universe, as much as I love wrestling, you have done a great dis service to the business, and in closing, you might want to make the storylines a lil better that what it is, its to damn predictable, you know whats going to happen before it actually happen, Vince is not the only mastermind in the business, Shelton and Mickie, there is a home waiting for you in TNA....................Adios

Please Mickie James, come back to WWE... We love you with all our hearts.


Hope they do go to TNA it is much better than WWE,why not get rid of the big jokes Nexus they are nothing but a joke.


WWE has go to bring back Mickie James. The divas suck without her! Please return to WWE, Mickie!

All i got to say is....The Money In The Bank match will never be the same without Shelton Benjamin.

I dont see a reason to complain about Mickie James's weight. She looks damned good.

Benjamin was a great wrestler. Dont understand why they let him go.

Burchill, i didnt care for. But she had skills in the ring.

Funaki, he didnt do that well wrestling but he made great comic relief as far as im concerned. (Like WCW had the Disco Inferno years ago).

Slam Master J, didnt care for that guy much.

Jimmy Wang Yang, corny.

I can't beleive WWE let Mickie James go.She was the hottest diva in WWE history. WWE should rehire her

mickie james was one of the best divas ever. wwe will hurt for a long time because of this. i love wwe but will be watching tna whenever mickie is on.



If the WWE can keep NASTY Vicki Guerrero around, they can keep Mickie James. At least Mickie is still beautiful. She isnt even that big, just a sexy thickness is all. Plus she moves around the ring like a cat. If she couldnt perform properly because of her weight, it be different. Its 2011, these days guys love meat on the bones. Has the WWE been looking at todays music videos. All the sexy girls are juicy. This is not the 80's Vince! Maybe if got off the blonde barbie look, the womens division wouldnt be such a waste of air time. The women pretty much suck, except for a few. They really dont have much talent just silicone. I think I speak for a great number of male fans, "We want the meat!" We love YOU MIckie baby... Your the best.

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