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April 30, 2010

Bubba The Love Sponge's rant on Awesome Kong

Before I get into this, let me first say that I would like nothing better than to never have to type the words “Bubba The Love Sponge” ever again. One, because I hate giving him or any shock jock publicity when they say outrageous and venomous things because that is exactly what they want; and two, because he is a crony who only has a job in pro wrestling because of who he has latched himself onto.

However, I just cannot ignore the latest disgusting antics of this classless individual. In typical shock jock fashion, BTLS ambushed Awesome Kong Thursday on a radio program called The Cowhead Show. Kong (Kia Stevens) obviously was brought on the show under false pretenses and had no idea BTLS was going to be there.

The January incident in which Kong beat up BTLS backstage at a TNA taping was rehashed, and BTLS challenged her to either a sanctioned shoot fight or boxing match. He said they would donate the proceeds to charity, sarcastically adding that they could raise money for Haiti, which got a giggle from the geniuses in the studio.

During the verbal exchange, BTLS called her a word that cannot appear on a family Web site seven times and also made remarks that had racial overtones. Kong, who was released by TNA in March, said that she was in the process of moving into a new apartment, and that BTLS could come down there (she gave him her address) and they could settle it face to face. After she hung up, one of the guys on the program said that they should take a camera crew to her apartment and “beat her up.” BTLS said that he doesn’t “want to go down to the hood with all her, you know.”

The initial heat between Kong and BTLS stemmed from him making crass remarks on Twitter in regard to the U.S. providing financial aid to the relief effort in Haiti after the earthquake. Kong had led a wrestlers’ campaign to raise money for the cause. When TNA was criticized for its association with BTLS after his inflammatory remarks, he issued an apology, which, judging by his tone on Thursday’s show, obviously wasn’t sincere.

I like TNA president Dixie Carter, and the consensus among everyone I know who knows her is that she is a classy person with a good heart. That’s why I think it’s so unfortunate that she has chosen to associate herself and her company with this type of individual. She’s better than that, and I hope she takes action before BTLS embarrasses her and TNA again.

To listen to the audio of the Kong-BTLS exchange, click here. Be forewarned that there is strong language.

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TNA made a big mistake with Chubba. He contributes so little to the show (his best moment, maybe his only entertaining moment in TNA, was getting punched by Foley) and he has a huge downside. I heard that Kong left for more reasons than just Chubba, but TNA would have been wise to take everything they were paying him and offer it to her, since she had done WAY more for the company.

Wow, just wow. As someone who does not watch TNA I always thought that BTLS's antics were just getting blown out of proportion, now I see that you and everyone who criticized him were completely right. I would like to apologize Kev, for doubting your criticism of BTLS.
I don't think TNA or Dixie Carter can be taken seriously as a wrestling promotion while this man is still in the company.

Someone you can build the woman's division around, which just so happens to be the most popular part of your program VS a friend of the boss who will never bring a single dime to the company and will probably cost it money due to his toxic personality.

If you choose the former, you are a normal, intelligent human being. If you choose the latter, well, you just Crossed The Line TNA-style, baby!

Flush that dung, Dixie...It will be the best thing you could do..

Bubba needs to be kicked out of TNA so hard that his behind ends up around his ears. The only reason he is there is because he is friends with a washed up publicity hound named Hogan. I understand why TNA wanted Hogan, publicity, but I don't think that Dixie Carter counted on the baggage that came with him.
I still think that the handle Bubba The Love sponge sounds like a name he got in jail from the other prisoners for his activities in jail.

BTLS = Big Tub of Lard Sh**

I will stop watching TNA until they get rid of that loser.

Hi Kev,

I am not a big BTLS fan. I actually change the channel when I see him on tv.

I listened to his on radio exchange with Kong. This guy is a real dirt bag! I don't care if he is Hogan's buddy Dixie needs to give this guy the boot! Not trying to work things out with Kong and siding with Bubba has to be in top 5 of TNA's stupidist decisions made.


Thanks a lot Hogan for bringing your pal on board. Another example of why it's not what you know. BTLS is not even that well known outside of Florida. His show sucks.

Hogan, (whom I admit i was once a huge mark for) sucks and has not improved TNA. The only way TNA or WWE for that matter will ever improve is when they realize that recycling washed up crap in the creative department will never work because these clowns push their friends and their cronies.

Give me one month booking TNA and I guarantee results.

That was quick. Good riddance to bad rubbish.

I'd started to enjoy watching Impact recently. I found a lot of it quite refreshing compared to RAW.

However, after Bubba's tirade I will not watch TNA until Dixie Carter fires him. If she has a moral bone in her body she cannot possibly keep him.

From TNA's Facebook page:

Effective immediately, TNA Wrestling has elected to terminate the services of Todd Clem p/k/a Bubba the Love Sponge.

I frankly thought he should have been the one to go instead of Kong way back when. (Kong was a popular and talented wrestler, Bubba was an accessory, aside from being a loudmouth pain.) Maybe this is a sign that the PTB at TNA are starting to get things together.

Looks like TNA made the correct decision and fired Bubba. Hopefully, in the future they'll listen to you more.

Are you guys kidding me right now. In case you forgot, let me remind you, it's WRESTLING! It's not boxing or MMA. Come on, it's all fake, including the trash talk. Bubba has what they call "Heat," according to Hogan on a recent appearance on Howard Stern. That is, people really hate him because of this trash talk, and that's good for business - and here's a newsflash, that makes them money, a whole lot of it. Hogan said he hasn't seen anything like this since Iron Shiek, which is saying something. You guys are really overreacting and childish. And I don't even watch wrestling, haven't watched it in many years now, do not even know what TNA is. But I used to watch it and we all know this is all fake.

And as far as the comment about him being successful because of who he latched onto, I am not sure if you mean Stern or Hogan, but either one of them would tell you he hasn't latched onto anyone. Bubba and Hogan have been friends for years and years...good friends. I know Hogan was at Bubba's wedding and I even think he was IN the wedding. And that was years ago. So if Bubba was latching on, it would have been years and years ago. Not now.

As far as Stern, Bubba was a successful radio personality before he hooked up with Stern's channel. And even now, being on Stern's satellite channel, he still has his own show on regular radio. Bottom line, there's no question that he's not latching on to anyone. He's been a wrestling fan forever, and now he gets to be involved in the thing AND make a lot of money. Best of both worlds, and anyone would do that. Same thing with The radio gigs. In any other world, he's being very smart and making a lot of money. Any of you would do the same exact thing.

1st off you jabroni, you know-nothing piece of crap working in that piece of s*** town of Baltimore. You are such a mark that you let all the words get to you. You wouldn't know a shoot if it slapped you in the face. And all these haters on your site, they too are just a bunch of marks. Ain't a one of you knows the REAL Bubba, because if you DID, most of you would like him. Unfortunately, because you are the biggest hater of them all, this won't get posted on your website. Just know this, I (and i'm sure masses of the Bubba Army) will no longer watch TNA and the progressive dwindelling of their mediocre ratings will be evident that Dixie made a HUGE mistake by firing Bubba. Have a nice day jackoff

Great article..Glad Bubba The Jerk is gone. His Bubba Army is saying the ratings and the fact Hulk Hogan was at TNA was because of Bubba. They're coming for you. Yes, they really do think they're that important to wrestling.

Bubba says it like it is. You are all PC cowards to afraid to truly express yourselfs. The whole Haiti thing Bubba said was why help them and raise money for them when this is the time to invest in the US when we need help here. You all just need to listen to. His show for a week straight with an open mind and see yopu are all wrong. Bubba Army!!!

Well u guys r a bunch of panzies u don't even understand anything ur not real men ur a bunch of b****** hiding behind ur keyboard y don't u confront bubba all u n let him get his words back

Bubba's great, I like to watch TNA know. The stupid b**** should have said something in a personal approch. But know! She just comes out swing'n .."woow is me"!
Your article is B.S!

Good news though.

In light of all this, Dixie Carter fired Bubba today

First off you jobbers are a bunch of dorks. Sitting in your moms livingroom watching wrestling. If you don't listen to his show, then you wouldn't know how much he does for his community, and the areas his show is played. So before you talk your cyber smack you might want to realize who's the loser here, some grown man writing about what happened in Florida (instead of the tremendous crime in his own town), or a group of guys that are enteraining as hell while making money? You idiots can now hope in your Prius and drive off a cliff!

Kong needs to learn how to work. She could have used situation to draw heat. I never watched TNA until Bubba came on.

It's about time TNA did the right thing and got rid of Bubba.

Now all they need to do is get rid of Hogan and Bischoff and things will finally look up.


Not even the power of Hulkamania can save Bubba from the power of the dreaded "N" bomb! LOL, how stupid is this clown? You can't go around calling people that and expect to salvage a media career. Now he's tweeting he was going "to go the high road"? Sorry Clem, you had that chance repeatedly and you refused to take advantage of it. Too late, too late.

But honestly, if TNA is going to fire Bubba for this, how can they justify keeping Ric Flair on ship?

Bubba has more listeners on a daily basis then you could ever hope to get to read your little HORSE**** article.....BUBBA ARMY!!

RESPONSE FROM KE: Probably, but I got you to read. Thanks for the page view. Actually, thanks to all the BTLS supporters. Appreciate the traffic.

Oh please. Bubba gets attacked and does what most wouldn't, not hit back and yet he is the bad guy cause he called her some names?!?! It's just words. Bubba does more for the cops, and the state of Florida then most know, he isn't a bad guy at all.

Hogan, you are the one who brought this dirtbag with you to TNA. Bubba Sponge is a reflection of you! He is your homeboy. You Hogan should assume all responsibility for Sponge's antics and behavior. Shows what a judge of character you are Hogan.

You are right on Kev. Thank you for advising us as to what a fat dirtbag Sponge is.

@John You said "Someone you can build the woman's division around, which just so happens to be the most popular part of your program VS a friend of the boss who will never bring a single dime to the company and will probably cost it money due to his toxic personality."
You obviously have no Idea who BTLS is do you? A highly rated Radio Show in Florida. The number 2 show on Sirius XM only to Howard Stern..He has some pull when it comes down to Ratings Dial..I for one am going back to watching WWE because of this.

you too much of a p**** to post anything not anti bubba?? YOU MAKE ME SICK!! stupid internet tough guy! Bubba would beat the f*** out of you cuz you are a sorry sack of a human!!

Funny I don't see any pro Bubba comments. That wouldn't have anything to do with the fact that you have to give approval on all of them before they're posted would it?

RESPONSE FROM KE: Nope. It has to do with the fact that I don't spend 24 hours a day approving comments, genius.

Wasn't Awesome Kong originally fired from TNA for responding physically to a verbal comment? If memory serves me, she punched BTLS in the face because she did not like his comments of “F--- Haiti.” Then, from what I understand, either Awesome Kong or her attorney filed a lawsuit against BTLS, claiming that he called her on the phone and threatened her and called her a bunch of racist slurs.

So, maybe Bubba is a little angry with her. And how did he respond? He gave her a verbal-tongue lashing. He called her names. And he challenged her to a sanctioned fight.

Awesome Kong physically assaulted Bubba. Awesome Kong filed a lawsuit against him, in what I can only assume, was an attempt to take money from him.

I don’t watch wrestling… I don’t see the appeal of it. But, I thought that this type of verbal confrontation was par for the course.

One last thing, I know his style of Radio is not for everyone. He works for Sirius Satellite Radio on one of the Howard Stern Channels and has the number 1 morning show in Tampa, Florida. This is not accomplished without talent.

Well, as you said, Bubba was only employed with the company due to who he knew (Hulk Hogan). First of all, shame on Hogan for bringing someone aboard who has absolutely zero knowledge of the wrestling industry. Then again, Hogan has a track record of taking care of himself and those he calls friends, regardless of whatever collateral damage it causes the people he may work for (see WCW).
Secondly, Dixie Carter, noted humanitarian that she is, in your eyes, should have disciplined, or fired, Bubba, immediantly after his remarks about Haiti and Kong, in particular. The coming to blows between the two should have never happened, under proper management.
Regardless, good riddance to bad rubbish. Hogan, if the ratings don't pick up soon, perhaps you will be next to get the ol' pink slip. It would seem the days of a show picking up ratings due to a simple rub of "The Immortal One" have passed. Now, you are just a lowly mortal who, despite your best efforts, may have to actually work to get by in this existence.

Thank god that waste chubba was terminated. Hopefully TNA will rehire Kong back. That would be the right thing to do.

It's ok to sucker punch someone in the face, just don't be honest with a stupid black person, some idiot will write an article labeling you a racist.

I heard the show and Awesome Kong hung up because she had no excuse for what she's done. She's a lunatic and if a man did what she did he'd be in jail.

kong admits to attacking him without being provoked, or bubba even knowing why... and bubba is the a$$hole? if it happened anywhere outside of wrestling she would be locked up

You're painting Bubba as a racist, which is quite wrong but it's convenient for your article.

Why are you not mentioning the fact that his remark was made in the name of "freedom of speech" and this "Awsome Kong" Assaulted him. Why aren't you speaking about that?

You people crack me up. You take five little minutes out of context and jump to conclusions. There were no "racial overtones". He said she was black. Last time I saw her, she was black. And, for the record, Bubba even refers to himself as "White trash with money". Is he racist against himself now? Though I doubt any of your readers know that. Or know about all of the good that the BTLS Foundation has done. But information and facts don't really fit in with your perception of Todd Clem now do they?

But hey, it's nice to know that you all support someone who's clearly unstable and possibly psychotic. Well done. Well done indeed.

RESPONSE FROM KE: Out of context? Really? That's the defense? Really?

Obviously a lot of you have no clue about Bubba. The guy is a great father, somewhat caring husband. (lol) and business owner. He is really good friends with Hogan and avid wrestling fan. Over the years he has picked up quite a bit of experience in that area. To truely know him you must listen to his show. Otherwise you only have someone elses opinion of him. I personally wouldn't trust someone elses opinion. I'm not a huge wrestling fan because of the fake aspects. However because of btls I really enjoy hearing stories abt the legends of wrestling. All I'm saying is don't judge a book by it's cover until you've read it page by page. Just a note to the author, it's kinda funny that you use the same shock jock tactics in this article. Good job two face! Lol

RESPONSE FROM KE: Please educate me as to what shock jock tactics I used.

Congratulations to all the BTLS 'fans' you've proved to everyone you're as closed-minded and stupid as your hero. Everyone of you and BTLS are a joke.

Great article, Kev as always. Well Done Dixie Carter for firing his a**.

Take notice of how none of the BTLS supporters can string a coherent sentence together. Says more than any of Eck's (excellent) columns ever could.

Love the negative comments. They make me laugh. The ultimate irony is that they're doing exactly what they accuse you of: Hiding behind the internet.

In all seriousness though good riddance. I don't even watch TNA and I know this guy is a moron.

Another good post Kev.

How big of a jobber are you to be writing about Pro Wrestling for a Baltimore Paper? Do the Oriole's suck that much that the Baltimore Sun covers Pro Wrestling? As far as I know, you might be the only reporter in any newspaper that talks about wrestling a contrived sport. Bubba knows more about wrestling then you will ever wrestling mark. Bubba Army a-hole!

RESPONSE FROM KE: Well, I don't know if BTLS knows more about wrestling than I do, but I do know that I got a job in the industry based on my talent, not because I was sniffing Hulk Hogan's jock.

People it's pro wrestling.IT"S FAKE.
I can't believe somebody gets paid to write about this!!!!

RESPONSE FROM KE: Pro wrestling may be FAKE, but BTLS being fired is REAL, it's DAMN REAL

Got what he deserved. Infact, he hasn't got a fraction of what he deserves. What an idiot.

This all started because Bubba made remarks about wanting to fix his own country before helping Haiti. Then he was punched in the face by some crazy woman who has no ties whatsoever to the country of Haiti. I'm not totally convinced that this is not just all a work, since wrestling is all fake, but if it is, this may be the best one ever. If not, then I want to know why Bubba is being blamed for being sucker punched.

All of the Bubba haters should do some research on the guy. See how much money he has raised for legitamate charities. How many police officers and first responders, and their families that he has raised money for? How about the money he has raised for the Susan G. Komen foundation for breast cancer?

Look at the bigger picture. When it comes down to it, Kong was a performer who lost her cool because she thought that she was emotionally tied to a tragedy that happened and sucker punched a guy for words he spoke. I could see if he had said something directly to her, but he didn't. He stated an opinion and got punched for it. If anything, it should show the type of man he is that he DIDN'T turn around and hit her back. If this had happened anywhere else, she would have been arrested.

Eck, do some research...Bubba has the second highest ratings on a nationally broadcast radio show second only to Howard Stern. Quit being a jobber and just report on sports entertainment...TNA has never been more popular, and like it or not Bubba has had a role in helping with that. F**k*this bull****, I'm out of here

RESPONSE FROM KE: Do some research? Dude, TNA did a 0.5 rating Monday Oh, wait. That's probably because BTLS wasn't on the show.

So let me get this straight: Bubba uses his constitutional right to freedom of speech, gets punched in the face because of it, and HE'S the scumbag? She's lucky quite frankly he didn"t press charges, because there's not a jury in the world that would not convict her of assault.

Unfortunately i have been sucked into reading this garbage. The smartest thing this guy has ever done is write this article bashing Bubba because now he has more readers than he has ever or will ever have. My advice... keep talking sh** about Bubba if you wanna keep your job or at the very least feel like you are an intelligent reporter.

RESPONSE FROM KE: Hey, I'm not the one who posted my article on BTLS Twitter page. Thank the "Army."

In response to Tim Wilson's post...did you even read Bubba's tweet about Haiti? Personally, I agree with him we should be taking care of things here at home before worrying about other nations of the world. Tim, people like you are what's wrong with this country, looking to take away people rights because you don't agree with what they have to say. F*** Haiti.

Bye bye Chubba! Karma will come back for him, the worthless dirt bag that he is. Never heard of him before TNA, hope I never hear about the obese loser again!

This has been a hot topic on our weekly radio show. TNA banked on his XM/Sirius listeners following him to their program. After a .5 rating its obvious Todd Clem is not the cause of people tuning off, but he hasn't helped either.

The Bubba fans are a cult like the ICP fan who came to the Asylum in Nashville a few years back. They felt their people made the scene, obviously not.

We would love to have you Mr. Eck on our program to discuss this topic this Tuesday. Please email me directly.

Do you think he will sign with WWE or ROH?

Wow, I didn't know that Bubba's followers know how to use a computer. Well Kev, at least you got traffic. And finally, the sorry excuse for a human being got released.

Keep up the good work.

Have all of you lost your mind. It is Pro Wrestling. Everything is on a script. Bubba is no different then anyone else. He reads a script that the writers hand him and then performs. If any of you think that this is real, You are an idiot. Even Kevin Eck is doing his share by stirring things up.

Kevin Eck....You sir are an A**HAT! If you took the time to know what you were actually talking about you may even appear intelligent. Before your next BLOG review all of the information and do research on what you are going to spew from your mouth (in blog form) before you look like an idiot again.

I believe it was the great Aubrey Huff that hit the nail on the head........"what a horse s*** town", enough said.........

RESPONSE FROM KE: Congratulations on being the first to ever use "great" and "Aubrey Huff" in the same sentence

so kev, how's the hate mail?

Wow, reading some of (nevermind, ALL of) the posts from the Bubba Army, it has become clear that the "army" is more idiotic than Bubba himself, if that's possible. Either that or they have been having too much of what RVD has, but even I don't think you can get that stupid from doing that as these people are proving themselves.

Bubba Army: "You guys are being too PC! We should take care of our country first!" That's fine IF HE WORDED IT LIKE THAT. If he would have said, "What happened in Haiti was horrible, but we have to take care of our country first," that would have been a completely legitimate argument. Instead, he basically says "f***" to a country where hundreds of thousands are dead.

Army "It's a work! It's a work!". Well Bubba Retards, how can it be a work if both are employed by different companies? Last I checked, for something to be a work and not a shoot in 2010, both performers need to be employed by the same company, and even then, you rarely see wrestlers in this day an age stay to Kayfabe outside the ring. If you ever read most wrestlers' twitters, you would see this. But given your ability to complete sentences, I wouldn't expect too much concerning your ability to read.

Army, "Now that Bubba is gone TNA has lost a faithful viewer!" If by faithful, you mean the four months that Bubba was around, then yes, you are very faithful. Also, you're telling all of us you don't give a damn about championships and the actual, uh, I don't know, WRESTLERS, and instead only care what that moron who has no business in a wrestling company has to say in a promo. Outside of your little world, every wrestling fan hates him, and judging by his recent twitter post of how "TNA fans are little c****s", Bubba seems frustrated at how knowing Hogan doesn't give him job security.

Army: "But Bubba is the second most popular DJ in the....." Who cares? Stephanie Meyer and her stupid Twilight books is the most popular writer of the past two years, doesn't mean I want to see her in the ring any time soon. Rush Limbaugh has one of the largest listenership numbers in the country, does that mean most of us want to see him manage, uh, The Band? Popularity means jack squat.

If you leave the Impact Zone, thank you! Your presence will not be missed. Goodbye Chubba, and thank you for being retarded enough to force TNA to fire you.

To the "Bubba Army":

Yes, Kong did hit Bubba in the face. Yes she was fired. Yes, she did claim that Bubba called her up talking a bunch of s***.

Now, close to four months later, after the dust has settled and the situation is COMPLETELY over...Bubba decides to ambush Kong on a radio show. That act alone gives credence to the claim that he did in fact call up Awesome Kong talking s***.

It's a damn shame too. Honestly things in TNA were looking up as far as Bubba goes. Him being the personal interviewer for "The Band" gave all of that group much needed and legit heel heat. I don't even like Bubba, but that was a very smart wrestling angle.

With that said, Bubba needs to quit egging all your guys on to fight his battles for him. You are doing him no favors by indulging his delusions of being wrongfully persecuted. If you really want to help him all you should all tell him to shut up about Awesome Kong already.

Seriously, do you all live in a world where Don Imus doesn't exist?

As for the "Bubba army" not watching TNA anymore, it's not like you all watching helped in the first place and the loss of 30 people watching will not have the desired effect you guys are going for.

kevin!!! i have been reading your blog for about an year now!! jus wanted to are the best man!!! best at what you do!! the 'bubba army'(really! thr is one?) goin berserk here jus means that your work, your articles , they all count...they make a difference!!
keep up the great work.......

Isn't it ironic that not one of the members of Bubba's Army bother to use real names and yell obscenities and post that wrestling is fake? My goodness, this is a blog. It is an opinion. I'm sure Mr. Eck enjoys a well articulated opinion taking the opposite stance than the one he posted, but hiding behind a fake handle over the internet and posting trash is absurd. Grow up.

Are u all stupid. Adults marking out to men in tights who follow a script wake up I hope the the Baltimore Sun doesn't pay Mr Eck for this BS he is a reporter who reports on fake stuff is only bringing the integrity of the Baltimore Sun down to a entertainment rag. Grow up Mr Eck You have been worked with a chute on the backside being the Sun kicks you to the curb for real reporters with real stories.

RESPONSE FROM KE: FYI -- The powers that be at The Sun love me because of the traffic I bring to the site. They love me even more today because of it. Thanks for helping me out with your page view.

Aubrey Huff said it right and just watch the wire since these jobbers think TNA is real maybe the Wire's a true look at a horse shiz town too

RESPONSE FROM KE: Anyone who has to quote Aubrey Huff, who has never played on a winning team in his life (before getting traded last year to the Tigers, who blew a big lead in the division after he arrived and missed the playoffs), must be a real loser.

I don't know either Kong or Bubba personally, so I don't feel qualified to make a definitive judgement on either of them, but I will say this: Having just listened to the audio, Bubba comes off like an idiot. Challenging someone to a fight over the radio, huh? Wow, what a tough guy. Kong gives him an address and he ignores it, while he runs his mouth about how she could have gone to the studio for the interview to settle things and supposedly chickened out by doing the interview over the phone... despite the fact she clearly didn't know Bubba would be there.

I'm sorry you had to sit through all this garbage Kev. I can't even read half of these venomous comments. The BTLS Army is showing the same level of maturity that their leader exhibits. Its sad that they act juvenile and vulgar because you share a different opinion.

Bubba doesn't have a "right" to work for TNA or any company. It's a privileged that he threw out by continuing to feud with a wrestler that isn't even there anymore.

Wow Kev this really brought at the closet a-ho$$s in your audience huh. I have been an apologist for TNA all along,I hope what you say is true and that moron is gone or I can no longer watch in good conscience-- until he is. In response to the moronic Bubba soldiers you don't know sh$$ about wrestling. You are all just "Love Sponge" idiots and "think: that somehow through him you know what is going on. To be ambushed on live radio is not a work,it's not part of the show not now or ever. Anybody that wants to know what Hulk's a$$ smells like,go up to Bubba and give him a hug. What a racist piece of crap. The only reason he did any of this was for his own publicity, Kia would stomp his candy,pencil-necked a$$ into the ground. Another sorry a$$ed lame attempt at cheap publicity ala Glenn Beck. What a tool this clown is. He has absolutely no redeeming qualities,and is an insult to wrestling and mankind. To John the first idiot to try an instruct an informed wrestling crowd about heat,give us a break,he's not a wrestler,manager or anything in the business,the woman doesn't even work for the company anymore, so tell me what exactly did his supposed "heat" do to enhance any story line. How amusing that another hanger on like yourself would use you're learned words(from the internet on wrestling to stand up for your idiot shock jock putz. An absolute TOOL,with no talent or redeeming qualities yet you stand up for his suppossed "heat". Not sure who is the biggest joke-"Chubba" or the mindless,blind followers that come to his aid. Do us all a favor and DON'T watch,you have nary a clue as to what you are watching and only do it so you can bombard legitimate sites with your "Chubba" propaganda. Get a life,or better yet go to Alaska and stare at Russia with Pallin,or hang with Beck reading his fantasy diary on her. Lastly thanks go to all of you Chubba morons out there for leaving this site,we don't want or need you,crawl back into your rat hole never to be seen or heard from again. Good job standing up to these creeps Kevin,we disagree often but on this one,I/we have your back. I think I need a shower now,after reading this racist crap.


I love all the BTLS fans that try to assault you. The one thing I have noticed about all of them, is they come off as tasteless ignoramuses who run their mouths because their favorite radio personality does it.

No matter how hard they try, though, they can't come anywhere close to the ignorance BTLS spews from his mouth.


(P.S. I bet by just writing "Bubba Army", the lemmings believe I wrote something positive about their hero.)

"Kevin Eck....You sir are an A**HAT! If you took the time to know what you were actually talking about you may even appear intelligent. Before your next BLOG review all of the information and do research on what you are going to spew from your mouth (in blog form) before you look like an idiot again."

I couldn't agree more with you, ogrenutz. It's very important stop and think about about how we present ourselves online in order to preserve an intelligent and well-informed dialogue. Thanks to you, ogrenutz, for showing us how to not look like an idiot online.

what did he say the was racist?

what did he say 7 times that shouldn't be repeated ?

"black b****"?

that isn't racist at all. and "b****" is a pretty everyday day word where i come from.

" People it's pro wrestling.IT"S FAKE.
I can't believe somebody gets paid to write about this!!!!

RESPONSE FROM KE: Pro wrestling may be FAKE, but BTLS being fired is REAL, it's DAMN REAL "

That response is epic. Nice work, Kev.

The fact that people actually try to defend BTLS proves that there's no trash like white trash. There's only one thing more pathetic than a shock jock crying about his First Amendment rights being violated when someone calls him out for the hateful, ridiculous crap he says and does just to get some ratings, and that's the brain-dead masses who listen to him in the first place.

Bubba Army , Bubba Army , Bubba Army
From Canada....

RESPONSE FROM KE: Remember my Candian friend: Bubba Screwed Bubba.

What the hell is a Bubba The Love Sponge anyway?

it sounds like a rejected female menstrual device

Kev ignore the detractors, your regular readers know what an asset you are to The Sun and to pro-wrestling journalism in general. Keep up the good work. (BTW has this beat the Stiener Q&A yet?)

Hey, Kev, I think this has the potential to beat those Jeff Hardy threads for comment quantity!

Sadly, most of those readers/viewers didn't follow their hero to TNA either.

Bubba Army = The Legion of Dim.

From the Canada that wasn't dropped on its head.

wait im imaging a promo like this..

WATCH YA GONNA DO BUBBA, WHATCA GONNA DO? WHEN ALL ECK MANCIS COME RUNNING WILD OVER YOU?! and thats the bottem line cause stone cold kevin eck said so... IF YOU SMELLLLLLL what the eck... is... cooking... and belive thats real, thats dam real

Wow. I count myself lucky that I rarely have to deal with obnoxious morons like Bubba and his little "army".

When Kong accused him of calling her home, threatening her, and talking like a racist it just seemed so out there I wondered if she wasn't making it up. "He might be a ****, but there's no way he could possibly be that much of a ****," I thought. After hearing this, if I met Kia Stevens I'd apologize to her for doubting her veracity. This is confirmation that Bubba really is that much of a ****.

It's pretty funny that pro wrestling is proclaimed gay and fake AFTER Bubba has been fired by TNA. I wonder how his Army felt a few weeks ago.

Also Kev if you want an idea of the type of people that represent the Bubba Army, head on over to the BTLS twitter page and check out some comments made by Brent, who works on his radio show. In my opinion it's he definition of class.

Another thing Kev. The only way they got that Aubrey Huff comment was because he said that quote on the BLTS show. I'm pretty sure these morons couldn't even tell you what position he plays or for what team he is with now without googling it.

I love how the 'army' claims to not watch wrestling and its all fake, but knows the difference between 'work' and 'shoot'. All probably coming from the same person in his mom's basement. Its past your bedtime 'army.'

This is good stuff, freaking Bubba puppets. But Eck, O's suck dude. GO NATS!!! :)

Bubba is great, and honestly, TNA is below him. Awesome Kong? they named her after an ape at TNA, so who is the real racists here?

I disagree with your article, Kevin. I didn't realize someone could get a job writing about 'pro wrestling'. I would liken your job with that of someone writing about soap operas. I guess if they're going to pay you to write about this stuff, then it must be a great deal for you - easy job. ANYWAYS, I want to point out that Bubba is NOT a racist. Also, Kia Stevens attacked a co-worker AT the actual workplace. Most of us would be fired for such a thing, which she was. If someone attacked me, I'd want to confront them about it to. Maybe Bubba shouldn't have been so harsh, but you can only take so much BS and fakeness in this industry. I am glad Bubba confronted her on the radio. Bubba may not have belonged in wrestling, but he did NOT deserve to get punched in the face by this big b*ack (you can't say the word 'black' now to describe someone as it is apparently racist) woman. I hope Dixie Carter realizes she has made a huge mistake. TNA is filled with washed up WWE wrestlers. Just take TNA off the air already!!!

RESPONSE FROM KE: Just wondering: Why can't you justa say "big woman?" Why bring the color of her skin into it? If she was white would you say "big white woman?" Think about it.

this is amazing. lets take names and races out of the equation and look at the facts.fact; bubba was assaulted back stage at his employer. this is a crime
fact: bubba did not hit her back, as any real man would do because she is loosely considered a woman. fact: bubba has been involved in wrestling for at least 15 years, i've seen him in the ring giving the hangman the "bubba splash" some of his closest friends are wrestlers,hogan,jericho,test (rip) and cowhead is no stranger to wrestling himself, having hosted a wrestling show .fact: a lot, some say half, of the money raised for haiti has not made it there, like any sane person expected it to,and all the hoopla was just another feel good attempt by so callled stars to get on camera and look like they care. fact: calling a black woman :awsome kong" is about as racial as you can get. the only thing out there more racist is the chia obama. fact: the bubba army is real. we listen to the show but are not lemmings for him. we are free thinkers and contrary to popular belief are educated and sucsessful.not hillbillies like some think, fact: i listened to the interview as it happened and she was fabricating a story that made her look good. she brought up kiss my bl))k a66 first . i've heard him call people white bitch, white trash, etc. the word black, last i heard, is not racial. bet, black entertainment television, miss black america, jack black, poy it all on black, in the black, black and blue. i could go on but why, i don't want to get sucked into the black hole of racism. fact:kia stevens is unstable at best.she's a rambling,over emotional woman who because of her attitude may never have a good gig in the business.
you may not like bubba or what he says but he has a right to say it, as do you. but to sensationalize something and make it appear more than it is irresponsible journalism. ke, are you telling us you have never used the word b****? it seems to me that in this blog, the bubba haters are the name callers and the army writes coherent, thought out posts.

bubba army grunt

This is hilarious...Dixie Carter knows about as much about entertainment as a tree.

You have a guy who has more listeners in a day than TNA has viewers in a week. (How does that .5 taste)

He has massive heat and is giving TNA FREE promotion week in and week out. Check the ratings the segments that Bubba appears on have been consistently the highest quarter hours of that show.

TNA had no respect for Kong anyway...they want to claim racial insensitivity yet have a huge black woman and call her KONG? Why not just throw a bandana on her head and call her Mammy?

Kong was paid like $400 an appearance she wasn't even worth enough for Dixie to sign her to a contract....why? Well let's be blunt because very overweight, unattractive women do not sell the "Knockouts Division."

Is Bubba over the top, yes. Does he have an ego? yes. But the FACT of the matter is he said nothing to her that was racial at all. This is a woman who flipped out and PHYSICALLY ASSAULTED him in a work environment. Now legally speaking that opened her up to CRIMINAL charges as well as civil charges and opened up TNA to massive civil libability for an unsafe working environment. Bubba chose not to because of his respect for Hogan and Carter. And now they jump on Bubba?

TNA has consistently fallen down down down in the ratings. They have no clue what they are doing. Come this fall when football comes back they are going to be wishing for the crappy .5's they have been getting. I mean seriously, when Keith Olberman on MSNBC gets better ratings than you, its time to hang it up.

TNA has been a cash execution machine for years now. It has never turned a profit never even hinted at making money. And continued BS decisions like this from big bad Linda McMahon wannabe Dixie Carter are going to sink the ship.

Goodbye TNA...nice knowing you. Another casualty of those who think they can provide crap programming and beat Vince McMahon

Funny, I never heard of this guy until he was connected to Hogan. Hogan's PR is probably going even farther down the crapper now that he's associated with idiots like this love sponge fellow.

TNA while I don't watch it will survive this, and will be the better for it.

with or without Bubba, TNA will still get .60 ratings becasue no one watches the product. TNA is racist organization, look at the namesof 3 of their characters. TNA is horrible and in 2 years time they will be out of business, not becasue of anyone but themselves

I love all these haters who are taking shots at BTLS who have never listened to his radio show for 2 seconds. So what did he really do here? He called a woman who assaulted him a b!+<h. If you were in his position, wouldn't you? He just happens to have the benefit of a radio forum in which to do it. And before you call me another "Uneducated Bubba Mark", you should know I am a college graduate with a business degree that I've parlayed into a successful business of my own who happens to enjoy Bubba and his crew's brand of humor. So yes, you CAN wear a suit to work every day and still be a proud member of the Bubba Army!

"...and belive thats real, thats dam real"

Posted by: delliott | May 2, 2010 12:13 PM

hey kevin, that should be your catchphrase from now on!

Another phenomenal read from Kevin Eck. Keep up the great work sir. Good riddance to that waste of space.

fact: the bubba army is real. we listen to the show but are not lemmings for him. we are free thinkers and contrary to popular belief are educated and sucsessful.not hillbillies like some think,

Apparently this educated, free-thinking army wasn't taught the rules of capitalization or punctuation. These responses are painful to read.

To the legions of Bubba fans, remember the saying "Better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak out and remove all doubt"

Looks like the new Bubba company line is "TNA stinks, look at the ratings"

Of course we'll ignore that the ratings were terrible when Bubba was a TNA employee.

Kevin Eck- you and your parents must be thrilled that your online college education has you writing a blog about pro wrestling in Baltimore. Real reporters do leg work and find the facts before you printing portions of a story. You're a mark.

And oh- this will get TNA more publicity than anything else they'll try to promote ALL year. And Anonymous, quoting Abe Lincoln doesnt make you smarter then memebers of the BUBBA ARMY.

'with or without Bubba, TNA will still get .60 ratings becasue no one watches the product. TNA is racist organization, look at the namesof 3 of their characters. TNA is horrible and in 2 years time they will be out of business, not becasue of anyone but themselves"

I agree with the anonymous poster above me.


Wow, some people can't get the facts straight.

-Awesome Kong was called Amazing Kong before she joined TNA. For copyright purposes, the "Amazing" was changed to "Awesome," so there's no racism there on TNA's part.

-TNA got a .5 and other low ratings while Bubba was with the company. What does that mean? It means that Bubba isn't a draw and the Bubba Army doesn't tune in to see their hero. So good riddance. He was taking the spot of TNA employees that were with the company for a longer period of time (Christie Hemme and JB).

It's also hilarious that the Bubba Army, people that pretend to hate wrestling, are using wrestling insider terms like "heat", "shoot", and "work."

Awesome Kong doesn't work for the company anymore. With that being said, Bubba should have dropped the issue or taken it to court. Dixie probably fired him because he blindsided the wrestler in immature fashion.

Knowing the difference between "then" and "than" and knowing how to spell "members" makes me smarter than the Bubba Army.

I'm gonna regret this, but: to all the "Bubba Army" people posting here, I'm not going to defend Kong's physical assault on Bubba. I don't believe it's right to physically attack anybody without physical provocation, whether you are male or female. I don't think hitting him was justifiable, no matter what he said to anger her, and if he had pressed charges I wouldn't have blamed him.

But he didn't press charges. Instead, he chose to harass her over the phone not once, but twice, both times making threats (which is also a crime) and acting like a racist. That's pretty despicable.

I thought I would just post to help put you over 100 posts...Congrats!

... quoting Abe Lincoln doesnt make you smarter then memebers of the BUBBA ARMY.

"There's nothing more insulting than being told someone is smarter *then* you!"

Wow, I have said that line before and it's gotten a lot of good laughs, but I've never actually seen an opportunity to use it!

Thanks, Todd Clem!

How can anyone say Awesome Kong is a racist name - just because she is black? Hmm King Kong Bundy was white .. there have been numerous Awesome Kong/ Collosal Kong tag teams throughout wrestling . all of which were white .. with the wrestling knowledge Bubba claims to have he would share this with is mini army

To respond to the geniuses who started or added to their moronic posts the phrase (or something to this effect) while your sitting in your mom's living room watching wrestling,in true wrestling form the fans of wrestling and Kevin Eck respond "don't you mean while we were sitting in YOUR MOM's living room watching wrestling. There I did it,dropped to your level,it's more like while you are sitting in your mom's mansion listening to Stern and Sponge incessantly for hours on end having sophomoric porno fantasies as you listen to this garbage. Talk about getting a life,try a mirror folks.

You people bashing Bubba are losers PERIOD! Most of you idiots have not even listened to his show. You don't know the whole story including the idiot who posted this blog.

I don't agree with everything Bubba says or his crew says; mostly political wise; but overall the BTLS show is MONEY, RADIO GOLD; second behind the greatest of all time Howard Stern.

The problem with you bleeding heart idiots is that Bubba says it like it is and that's why I listen. You people are afraid to hear the TRUTH!

It's funny the blogger left out the part where Kong called Bubba a "cracker." Calling someone a "dumb black b**tch" is not racial even in the rarest of forms. Is she black? YES. Is she a b**tch? YES...she had no right to sneak attack Bubba over comments made about Haiti of which he was correct!

More facts; the US before the earthquake has sent $9B to them under Clinton and they still live in shacks! Our country is in the worst economic shape in a long long time and yet we are sending billions to them when that money could be used to fix things at home.

Another fact: check out the charity where this Haiti money has gone; look at the fact that they don't know where billions of these dollars have gone.

Bubba is right; you people bashing him are a woman's private parts...the p********* of America folks.

Eck doesn't have the facts and should be called to the carpet for this.

Kong should be in jail for assault and battery; but Bubba took the high road.

Radio high jinx has been going on for decades.

You people need to grow a set (including the blogger) and be real men!

LOL...Kevin Eck you are a jobber!

You said "You got in the industry because you have talent." HAHAHAHA Moron!

Have you ever worked in the ring? NO!

You aren't the talent you lame excuse of a journalist. You aren't a real journalist. They put people like you on beats like this because you have no talent. Real sports writers laugh at you behind your back.

The talent is the people who put the fannies in the seats; NOT YOU!

TNA was dying a slow death until Hogan came on board. Give him time...Rome wasn't built overnight.

I heard the whole thing and Bubba didn't do or say anything wrong. You seemly forget that she called him a "cracker", assaulted him and threatened him. She should be in jail.

BTW, she's a hack with no talent; working wrestling matches in high school gyms that seat 200 people...LOL!

Try listening to Bubba you mark and maybe you will learn something about the man and all the good he has done.

Let's work at the lowly Baltimore Sun making peanuts compared to Bubba and Stern work for a national radio show...You're just a jealous hater!

RESPONSE FROM KE: 1. Actually, I have been in the ring. 2. I got into the industry 10 years ago as the editor of WCW Magazine. I was offered that job -- I did not seek it out -- because they believed I had talent. 3. I wasn't put on this "beat." I am an assistant sports editor (I supervise some of the "real" sports writers that supposedly laugh at me -- how would you know that, btw?) 4. Has BTLS ever put a fanny in a seat -- I'm mean besides his own rather large one? 5. TNA was dying a slow death before Hogan? TNA was doing a 1.2 rating BH and a 0.5 AH. 6. I''m sure Bubba does make more than me, but at least I don't have to spew hateful, racist, ignorant venom all day to collect a check.

I thought the best part of the broadcast the other night was the segment where the two guys with the cowboy hats were whipping the black guy within an inch of his life. I had not listened to the Bubba show that day and had no idea of what went on but watching that gave me that queasy, uneasy feeling in my stomach that this shouldn't be on TV. Then after all this I looked back on it and went "whoa". This program will be gone in a few months anyway. All the wrestlers are old, the storylines are a mess, the crosspromotion with Bubba didn't work. And it's not because of Bubba, it's because people have other things to do besides watching wrestling. It's day has come and gone. The only hook with TNA was the fact that Hogan & the old guys were coming back. And when they did it was like watching Pam Anderson or some other hot chick in the day wearing a bikini or trying to look hot now. It just didn't work. But you never know, most of the wrestling junk Bubba has done on the show felt like we were being worked so maybe this is just another angle.

Kevin Eck - Be a man and go on the radio program and go over your POV vs. Bubba. A true journalist would address for the public to get a clear and complete picture of your opinions of the whole situation.

RESPONSE FROM KE: I love how all these people know what a "true journalist" does. I think I have made my opinion on the matter crystal clear already. I will never lower myself to go on the BTLS show. If that makes me less of a man in your eyes then so be it.'ve never been in the ring with a real wrestling company. You probably wrestled Kong in a high school gym with 50 people in attendance.

HAHAHAHA...little nerds like you think you have some real impact on the wrestling seen when in fact you don't.

The talent are the wrestlers; not some jobber with ZERO talent. You a poser.

An assistant sports editor is like an assitant coach; basically holding a clipboard keeping stats. LOL

Good for assist an editor at a POS newspaper. The Sports section of the Sun is a laughing JOKE. MY local newspaper in Calvert County has a better sports section than the Sun. So, how are sales going BTW? LOL.

Bottom line: you're just jealous you can't be Hulk Hogan's best friend.

Keep slandering Bubba. You've just admitted you don't listen to his show. He doesn't need to spew racist stuff to get ratings. He has plenty of ratings. Geez..I wonder why the greatest radio personality of all time would want Bubba to join Sirius?

I guarantee that Bubba garners more fans than you do. Let's compare his listeners to the losers that follow you around.

It's sad you are such a p*ssy; typical bleeding heart liberal, and I use bleeding heart loosely; that you think calling someone a fat black b*tch is racist.

Why haven't you answered the question as to why you left out the racist stuff that came out of her mouth? Or the assault?

What's the last thing you've done to raise money for fallen police officers and fireman or raised thousands for any charity?

Why don't you do some real journalistic research on Bubba's charity foundation?

You should go on the BTLS show; you might garner a fan or two. The reason you won't go on because you KNOW you can't handle the heat and the fact that you sensationalized this story without all the facts?

I also would bet that Bubba would smash you too pieces in a fight.

I live in Maryland; I know where you work...I just hope I don't ever see you on the street because you'll be writing blogs with your feet!

RESPONSE FROM KE: Again, if I have no impact, why is BTLS blaming me for his firing?

Why would I want to be Hulk Hogan's friend? You are proving my point that BTLS is a talentless crony -- a jock-sniffer if you will. By you taking up his cause so fervently (look it up, idiot), you must be a love sponge-sniffer.

What kind of intelligent, well-adjusted person threatens someone physically over something so trivial? People like you who make threats hiding behind a keyboard are gutless cowards.

And that's the final word, because it's my blog and I said so. Any further comments from you will be deleted. Have a nice life. Oh, that's right, you first need to get a life you pathetic loser.

Hey people...this is Bobo coming to you from the grave...haven't you all heard? The promoters now admit that wrestling is fake. This stuff with Bubba and Awesome Kong is part of the act. There's a reason for everything that happens in wrestling.

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