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January 5, 2010

Ratings news for Monday’s Raw, TNA Impact

Monday night’s live, three-hour episode of TNA Impact was the most-watched show in company history, as it delivered a 1.5 rating and 2.2 million viewers, according to multiple reports.

The final number for Raw has not been released, but reported that the show peaked with a 4.4 quarter hour rating for the overrun of the Bret Hart-Vince McMahon segment. Raw was seen by 5.6 million viewers, its largest audience since the Aug. 24 episode (the night after SummerSlam).

During the 9 p.m. to 9:15 quarter hour, which saw the Hart-Shawn Michaels confrontation going against the segment with Hulk Hogan, Eric Bischoff, Scott Hall, Kevin Nash and Sean Waltman, Raw did a 3.7, while Impact did a 1.9.

Both companies have to be pleased with their respective numbers, especially TNA. No one expected Impact to beat Raw, but the fact that more people watched the show than ever before certainly is a huge positive.

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No matter what TNA does it still a sorry show tried to watch but after 1st hr it was the same.....Hardy signing on TNA just goes to show u that TNA will sign anyone regardless of there current status....Hogan is going to turn TNA into another WCW (the later days of WCW) he and bishop just don't have the star power they had in WWE and WCW....TNA will only approve when they get rid of the old timers....and go with the younger wrestlers like ECW

Yeah, Bill.

Because ECW is completely captivating television. The younger TNA wrestlers on general can't draw worth a damn.

Matt Haggard, I think Bill meant the original 90's ECW

Jason, do not speak for Bill, you don't know what he was thinking

I am glad to see the ratings jump for TNA. I think TNA messed up by having the X division by having the particpants compete in an escape the Asylum match. The whole thing would have played out better if it was an Ultimate X match. What was up with the "strip poker" game that only had a couple of segments and at the end when Foley confronts Sean during the game was silly.

There are a few people I would love to see gone by next week starting with Bubby Sponge. The guy is totally out of place. The former Val Venus and the Whoopie Goldburg look a like Orlando Jordan needs to go.

Is it me or is the Pope just getting better and better on the mic? He has the charisma of the Rock. He is so over and was the night he debuted.

How great for the business that both wrestling shows combined got a 5.6 . . . I hope that TNA goes permanent on Monday Nights as "only good things can happen" lol.

The next few months regardless will be must watch TV. In WWE, we have the return of Bret Hart, his feud with McMahon and the Road to Wrestlemania.

In TNA, we have some of the biggest names in wrestling and some possible dream matches. Wrestlers like Hulk Hogan, Ric Flair, Jeff Hardy, Mick Foley, Sting, Kurt Angle and not forgetting TNA's homegrown talent.

What a great time to be a wrestling fan!...whatever your age!

And Bill is stll wrong. Wasn't Terry Funk the hardcore draw ECW needed to go on PPV with? It's a shame ROH is on a unknown HD only channel. There really is a good wrestling hour every week! If you like real wrestling(like in the ring) check out IMPACT next week and watch the Young Guns debut. You won't be let down.

And here we see exactly why TNA trotted out all of those has-beens (AKA Hogan's Cronies) and others. It was mostly a ratings gambit. Do we really think Hall, Waltman, Knobbs, Sags and Morley are going to be around TNA in a month? No way. But their presence is what made their show more compelling - the "what's going to happen next" factor. I flipped between TNA and Raw and was surprised/disappointed at how WWE used Bret sparingly. He had less screen time than Bob Barker! There were so many things WWE could've done with Bret and they really dropped the ball. I hope that in the weeks to come under his limited contract, they make up for it somehow. Of course, if WWE really wanted to go for the throat on Monday, they could've thrown a lot of money at The Rock (since he has a movie coming out soon) to guest host.

Jim Cornette may be feeling sour grapes, but he's absolutely hilarious ranting his head off about the "new Monday night wars." I got this link off his facebook. Very NSFW audio, but funny.

The Pope? Really? I just don't get it. To me, he is overrated. Having him beat a true wrestling talent like Desmond Wolfe is ridiculous...or just plain lucky.

Just because I'm a Hogan fan, doesn't mean I want to see him wrestle. TNA failed. Miserably.

And Kevin, TNA completely used the old nWo theme and I'm sure we'll hear some sort of lawsuit coming from TNA using the WWE "hulkamania" font in Hogan's intro video. (I do believe that WWE still has that logo copyrighted, though I could be completely wrong. And if so, pay no attention to the person behind the green curtain.)

makes you wonder what the ratings would have looked like if tna went against wwe without all the hogan hype.

it also makes you wonder what kind of rating tna would have gotten if they weren't going head to head with wwe.

guess we'll never know

@AI - I don't know that they're debuting next week, but I think you meant the Young Bucks, not the Young Guns.

@99percenter - I heard - possibly here - that Dwayne Johnson was unavailable Mon night due to other commitments.

I was happy that the in-ring action on TNA was the TNA talent. The Asylum match to begin the show was not good IMO because it had to take a long time to do it justice and spendng that much time in the beginning would have been boring. It appears that was what caused the match to be stopped. Jeff Hardy coming out was a good rush to start the show. AJ and Angle put on a PPV quality match although trying the same finisher 3-4 times a piece was getting tedious. I like TNA more than WWE but everytime the "old guys" were on other than Foley I was hoping that segment would get done. I watched TNA and taped RAW for Tuesday night viewing. I would call TNA disjointed on Monday, and RAW was just the same show to me as always except for the 1st 15 minutes and the last 15 minutes, and Cena wasn't on. The Divas match, no questioning that Maryse is sizzling hot to look at but the Knockouts matches were great and the spots were more than good.

One question: Is Dixie Carter that good of an actress, or was the Hogan, Bischoff, Nash, Hall in-ring more shoot than work and she wasn't given the script?

P.S. I wanted HBK to kick Bret and was not surprised when Vince did. Also, did you notice that Vince never said "I'm sorry" as requested and just went on to list all of the good matches?

I hope TNA stays on Thursday.

The WWE only needs 1 man to stomp TNA and thats The Rock

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