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January 12, 2010

Mike Tyson's appearance on Raw earns split decision

One of the things that has always made Mike Tyson such a compelling figure is his unpredictable nature. You never knew when Tyson was going to say or do something outrageous – especially on live television. Love him or hate him, when Tyson was on, you couldn’t take your eyes off him.

That’s why it was a little surprising just how predictable and uninspiring his appearance was as guest host of Raw Monday night. I’m not saying that he did a bad job, and I enjoyed seeing him get in the ring, but it just wasn’t as entertaining as I thought it would be.

In retrospect, perhaps my expectations were too high. An older, seemingly mellower, out-of-shape Tyson just isn’t as fascinating as the guy we saw in the clips from 1998 decking Shawn Michaels and engaging in a pull-apart with “Stone Cold” Steve Austin.

As far as the angle Tyson did with DX and Chris Jericho Monday night, if you didn’t know from the moment the DX vs. Jericho and Tyson match was announced that Tyson was going to double-cross Jericho and join DX and Hornswoggle in a crotch-chopping celebration at the end of the show, you should have you “smart mark” card revoked. It was the exact same angle Tyson did with DX and Austin in ’98, only back then it was DX that Tyson double-crossed.

Other thoughts on Monday’s show:

Jericho getting kicked off Raw and coming back the following week has become a running joke. No wonder fans don’t take stipulations seriously. I’m not complaining, though. The Jericho bit is pretty entertaining, and I’m all for him being on both shows. ...

That was a tough crowd in Minneapolis. The fans seemed to be in a grumpy mood all night and didn’t really react in an overwhelmingly positive manner to anything. The show certainly wasn’t that bad. I mean, it’s not like Dr. Ken was there. I really couldn’t believe they were chanting “boring” during Vince McMahon’s promo about Bret Hart. McMahon clearly was not pleased about that. Perhaps 12 years was too long to wait to do the angle. ...

The best thing by far on the show was the confrontation between The Miz and MVP. Once again, however, the crowd didn’t really seem to care, although in the fans’ defense, WWE hasn’t given them any real reason to care about these guys. That’s especially true in MVP’s case. It seems no matter how much he steps up when given the chance, his spot on the card doesn’t change, and the fans have given up on it ever happening. As far as The Miz goes, he truly has become awesome. I’m pretty sure that his promo about his fellow wrestlers not wanting him around – he specifically mentioned JBL as someone who gave him a hard time – was a shoot. ...

I was surprised that Randy Orton won the triple threat match for a shot at Sheamus’ WWE title at the Royal Rumble pay-per-view on Jan. 31 over John Cena and Kofi Kingston. Orton was the one guy in the match that I thought had no shot, because WWE doesn’t often do heel vs. heel. I figured Cena was the most likely to win, but I also thought there as a chance Kingston could end up getting the title shot, just to have something different. The Royal Rumble match is the main attraction at this pay-per-view, so it would be the perfect show to have a world title match not involving the usual suspects. I’m still not totally convinced that it will be Orton vs. Sheamus one-on-one. If it is, I hope the WWE decision-makers won’t be surprised if Orton gets a huge babyface reaction. ...

I like the spot in the triple threat match when Kingston went for the Boom Drop on Orton but Cena took him down with a drop toehold and slapped on the STF. ...

Did Michael Cole really compare Sheamus to Tyson in his prime? Please. ...

I loved it when Tyson was describing in graphic detail all the horrible things he was going to do to Hornswoggle. It was reminiscent of his “I’m going to eat your children” line to Lennox Lewis. I was hoping Tyson would snap and really follow through on the little guy (Hornswoggle I mean, not Lewis' children). ...

I had no idea what Cena was talking about in his promo with Tyson when he started mentioning all those names. Was that an obscure reference or am I just out of touch? ...

I sure didn’t expect to hear Santino Marella’s music when Jack Swagger challenged anyone in the back to try and throw him over the top rope. Not only did Marella answer Swagger’s challenge, but he succeeded in tossing him out. Yet another humiliation for Swagger. I just don’t get it. ...

The Alicia Fox-Kelly Kelly match was fun while it lasted. The other tournament match to crown a new WWE Divas champion – Eve vs. Katie Lea Burchill – was OK, but the roll-up finish seemed to come out of nowhere. The best part of that match was Maryse’s commentary. WWE unveiled the brackets, and it will be Fox vs. Gail Kim and Eve vs. Maryse in the semifinals. I’m guessing it will be a Kim-Maryse final. ...

It was announced that next week’s guest hosts will be Don Johnson and some guy from “Napoleon Dynamite.” I think I’d rather see The Brooklyn Brawler and Harvey Wippleman.

Posted by Kevin Eck at 6:18 PM | | Comments (58)


The names Cena was mentioning were the boxers you had to beat in "Mike Tyson Punch Out" before you got to box Tyson. It was one of the biggest video games in the 1990s

RESPONSE FROM KE: Thanks. I never got into video games -- unless you count Atari's Pong.

The names Cena were droppin were from Mike Tyson's Punchout on the original nintendo. Easily top 5 nintendo game of all time

do you think the time is nearing for wwe to ditch the special guest host gimmick? with the road to wrestlemania starting I think the hosts might get in the way of story lines (especially mcmahon-hart). however, even though ratings have not been stellar, the multi-media exposure that wwe has recieved from certain celebreties is definitely a positive

I'm pretty sure tyson said those things to lennox lewis and not holyfield...

RESPONSE FROM KE: You're absolutely right. I'll make the change. Thanks.

"It was reminiscent of his “I’m going to eat your children” line to Evander Holyfield."


If I remember correctly, it was actually Lennox Lewis' children whom Tyson threatened to eat.

The names Cena was referring to were characters from the old video game, Mike Tyson's Punch Out. They were the fighters you had to defeat in order to get a shot at Tyson. As far as Orton getting a title shot at Sheamus, it surprised me too. I thought once Sheamus won the title, he was just a transitional champ for another face other than Cena, perhaps someone who isn't a face right now. Orton wasn'r who I had in mind though, I was thinking more along the lines of Edge coming bac as a face. Who do you think will be that one big surprise entrant into the Rumble match?

Great line from Cody Rhodes:
"My grade 5 graduation video is superior to The Marine, so what's your point?"

I don't think Punch Out is worthy for a top 5 (Zelda, Tetris, GTA, Mario and Final Fantasy should be), but it's undeniably one of the best in the period. To add some trivia around the reference, Mike Tyson was removed from the re-release of Punch Out in 1990 due to his controversies. Nevertheless, it's good to hear that Cena actually can name all those boxers. Either he was actually memorizing them before the promo, or he actually is a retro gamer (he has an old-school Nintendo box art t-shirt, you know). Nevertheless, A Winner is You, John Cena.

Oh man, why can't I resist not talk about videogames......bah. Lemme finish with saying that Orton becoming #1 contender may mean that maybe members of Legacy might turn on him and try to get a chance at the opportunity. Hopeful thinking...hopeful...


What did you make of Orton yelling "stupid" and looking pretty p----- off at the end of that triple threat match? Do you think he was genuinely mad at some mistake or was it all for show?

RESPONSE FROM KE: I thought he was yelling it at Kingston.

Being from MN, I'm very disappointed in the crowd's reactions throughout the night. Where was the Minnesota Nice I'm so used to? Especially for my two favorites, Kofi and MVP.

Hey Kev..I've always wanted to know what towns you thought were best for live tv shows & pay-per-views ..Minneapolis is brutal for certain events ..I have a WWE DVD Judgement Day 2005 from Minneapolis and its just like last night's crowd..they had freakin Mike Tyson in the ring against DX and they still couldn't get up for the match? Why goto the event then if you are not going to get involved is beyond me..its not like you are going to get a refund..Texas always has lively crowds does Chicago, NY , LA, Green Bay, Orlando, Baltimore was always pretty good..Atlanta was over rated ..Canada is always strong too...the crowd ruined the show for me with their chants during McMahon's speech..maybe the people of Minneapolis can focus on one thing at a time with the Viqueens playing this weekend

RESPONSE FROM KE: Of course I'm a little biased, but Baltimore almost always has a hot crowd (but Washington, which is an hour away, never seems to be as hot). Chicago and Toronto are usually pretty lively.

You Santino is going to come out in a Miami Vice outfit next week

I like how Cena mess up the cheap pop by saying the Packers were going to the playoffs line. he quickly recovered. Maybe that was what turn the crowd off. That is the first time that I heard him mess up a line.

All around interesting RAW at best. I was suprised to see Orton win, but like you said it won't be the main event so they like to go with unconventinal matches. Poor Swagger, I can't believe he's fell off the map so fast. I really was a believer that he was the next big thing. Also I was wondering, since Cena didn't get pinned is it not a loss? Or is it still a loss because he participated in a match and didn't win? Is the WWE dropping another winning streak storyline? But I have to say that I'm not upset if this one is over.

Kev, you say you're surprised that one of Triple H's boys and not Kofi Kingston got a title shot? Maybe you should turn in your smark card.

"I’m still not totally convinced that it will be Orton vs. Sheamus one-on-one. If it is, I hope the WWE decision-makers won’t be surprised if Orton gets a huge babyface reaction. ..."

My thoughts exactly.

According to Cena, Orton is the mustachioed German veteran Von Kaiser, Kofi is the bulky, agressive, bald, and Turkish Bald Bull, and Sheamus is the alcoholic Russian Soda Popinski or, as he was called in the arcades, Vodka Drunkiniski. Cena (or the writer who wrote that bit for him) must not have played the sequel "Super Punch-Out" because it featured much better look-a-likes for Kofi Kingston (Bob Charlie: and Sheamus (Aran Ryan: than the characters he mentioned, or maybe they didn't want to reference that game since it didn't feature Tyson. It's not suprising that "Punch-Out!" and WWE have similar characters, considering that they both rely heavily on racial stereotypes (though WWE has gotten much better over the years in this regard).

And yes, I'm aware of the possibility that a brief convergence between two of my favorite hobbies is causing me to be overly analytical of a throwaway joke from a wrestling show.

All around, this was one of my favorite Raw shows in quite a while. It had some decent matches, good promos, and my favorite Hornswoggle segment ever (Tyson threatening to jump ropes with his intestines). There also were fewer filler, so-called "comedy," segments.

I was wondering about Orton yelling "stupid" also. I think Orton vs Sheamus is a set-up for Legacy intentionally costing Orton the title at the Rumble. I also would like to see Swagger get a push. I thing his look plus the lisp makes him a great heel. But they have to give him a new finisher. The Gut Wrench powerbomb is boring. The Punch-Out references were great. And despite how I feel about women's wrestling, the Eve/Katie Lea watch was good. Do you know anything about the recent rumors of RVD and Booker T returning as surprise participants for the Rumble?

"A Winner is You"

HA! Hilarious reference, JETZexc!

I found it pretty funny that while on commentary Maryse said "This is boring." So true. Maryse is amazingly hot and charismatic, I don't even care if she's a mediocre worker.

Kevin, have you read the recent interview with Brian Kendrick? I'm curious as to what you think of it. It seems he makes no bones about his supposed attitude problem.

"predictable and uninspiring "



I don't know Kevin, I thought the crowd was super hot for Tyson.

At least Swagger only got tossed over the rope.

Not only did Kingston do the clean job to Orton (again!), but he had to lay there even longer while he got verbally abused as well. Please tell me that's the blow off of their whole thing since the MSG "whatever it was" since I refuse to call it a "moment" has been aborted. It really did make Kingston look flat out stupid.

I loved the Miz's promo. At least someone was into their work.

I don't think it's an act that HHH isn't impressed with Michaels making peace every week. I think he's got to be frustrated with his role. He's either purposefully taking a backseat and taking one for the team, slowly dying inside or both.

My last comment is that I loved that crowd. Sure they sabotaged some good work from MVP and Miz, but the "boring" chant to Vince was priceless. For a guy that probably had smoke blown up his a-- in production meetings for 6 days about how hot the angle was, I thought it was perfect that he found out on live TV he was hyping a stinking mess. Here's hoping he takes a que from Bischoff and rips up where that feud was supposed to be going.

I'd rather see the Brooklyn Brawler and Harvey Wippleman do just about anything ...

Kofi Kingston, allow me to introduce you to the glass ceiling. You'll find that you'll have a lasting relationship.

The Miz and MVP put together a tremendous promo. I can't remember seeing one that good in a while.

Orton's demeanor during and after the triple threat match was great as well. I was starting to take Orton as a heel for granted, but last night's Raw reminded me how good he is.

Highlight of the show was when Maryse called Michael Cole a "Vintage Nerd"

"A Winner is You"

HA! Hilarious reference, JETZexc!

Posted by: Andy | January 12, 2010 8:11 PM

Couldn't get away without shouting out Pro Wrestling's most infamous meme, don't ya think?

Orton beats Shamus for the title at the Rumble. Then Dibiase Jr. wins the Rumble.

Road to Wrestlemania = the slow breakdown of Legacy.

Hart, Tyson, DX/Hornswoggle and Don Johnson... Wow I just found four reasons to watch The Bachelor Monday nights instead of RAW!

I don't think the crowds are that into Kofi Kingston.

And what's this I'm hearing about Sheamus vs. Triple H at Wrestlemania? Is this serious? If it is, what in the blue hell would WWE be thinking? Are they trying to stink?

Wouldn't it be weird if Don Johnson appears in Big Dick Johnson's clothing? Sorry I had to say it! Won't talk about Big Dick anymore...

I thought RAW was okay. I'm starting to get a little disappointed with the fact that Bourne keeps doing the job. Although CM Punk vs Christian would be a great match, now I'm kind of hoping Air Bourne wins the title from Christian at the Rumble.

I'd rather hear the crowd chanting "Boring" than "WHAT?" after every sentence!
Suprised nobody commented about Michaels pulling down Jericho's trunks during the rollup? At least he didn't have on that Billy Gunn G-String!

You're totally right about Swagger. I was trying to figure out who's daughter he shacked up with... I mean, who's girl he stole... wait a second, it must have been something much worse to get him this deep into the WWE's doghouse. JR needs to get better and back on the road soon to make sure his boy doesn't keep getting embarrassed.

What are your thoughts on HBK once again calling out the Undertaker? Looks like this Wrestlemania rematch is inevitable. I can't knock it, but it'll be hard to top last year's match. I'm looking forward to seeing how the remainder of the card plays out.

Considering nobody buys Seamus, it could be genius for Orton to get a babyface rub off it. It might be the only way they really make the ridiculous/over the top Seamus push pay off.

I took note of that story line seed right away. I was wondering if you were going to comment. Good looking out.

The Mike Tyson double-cross was as predictable as a happy ending at the end of any Muppet movie. But considering they're both after the same family demographic, it shouldn't disappoint anyone either.

It seems that Orton was planning on punting Kingston. Kofi stood up to fast, and Orton tried to push him back down. Kingston again started to get up, and Orton began pounding the mat, shouting, "DROP! DROP! DROP!" When Kofi reached his feet, Orton briefly looked upward in exasperation before hitting a very stiff RKO, after which he repeatedly shouted, "STUPID!" at Kingston.

It seemed very legitimate to me. (fast-forward to 5.00)

"I’m pretty sure that his promo about his fellow wrestlers not wanting him around – he specifically mentioned JBL as someone who gave him a hard time – was a shoot. ..."

I wondered about that too, since we all know what a douchebag JBL was. But even with the guys who weren't bullies, I can imagine them believing that Mizanin wasn't in their league considering he started out on The Real World and considering how much he had to improve before the *fans* thought he belonged in WWE, never mind the boys in the back.

It made me kind of sympathize with his character, despite him being a heel. But then, I think shades of grey are good, and I think villains in any medium ought to have a motivation other than just being evil for the sake of being evil. I remember Randy Orton cutting a promo where he talked about how he was making HHH's life hell because of how Hunter and Evolution had turned on him following his first world title win, and even though Hunter had since turned face I remember thinking "Damn, I can't entirely blame Randy."

I also wondered how much MVP was shooting. I do know that he was incarcerated in real life, of course, but when he talked about what it was like for him I wondered whether he was reciting lines given to him by creative or speaking from the heart. Regardless, both of these guys are excellent on the mic.

The thing that I like about The Miz is how he's able to play the heel and get everybody to hate him without being a coward all the time. When he was feuding with Cena, for instance, and Cena pointed out that Miz was talking to him from the ramp because he supposedly was scared to step into the ring with him, Miz walked down, walked right up to Cena, and repeated what he'd said. And on Monday with MVP, Miz did a good job of acting kind of unnerved by MVP's intensity but instead of doing what I'd expect most heels to do (not take a shot at MVP and slowly back away through the ropes), he did try to fight him. And before MVP got the better of him, he got in a few shots of his own instead of the fight being totally one-sided like it sometimes is in these kinds of altercations.

I'm really not happy that Kingston lost, although I'd rather see Orton/Sheamus than Cena/Sheamus. Kingston's more deserving of being WWE champion than Sheamus at this time, and if WWE is really serious about elevating guys (plural, not just one guy who happens to be Hunter's workout buddy) they need to strike while the iron is hot and give Kingston a shot before fans stop buying him as a threat to main eventers. His repeated defeats at the hands of Orton haven't helped. If Randy and Kofi traded wins back and forth it'd be one thing, but Kofi hasn't beaten Randy clean since Survivor Series. Kofi needs to either win the title at the Rumble (he still might be inserted into that match), or win the Rumble itself and challenge at Mania.

Oh well, if I can't have my wish of Kingston vs. Sheamus, heel vs. heel is good in my book. That's because while neither Cena nor Kingston would look like a wimp against Sheamus or anything, they don't have Orton's viciousness. And thinking about Sheamus falling victim to the standard Legacy tactics and/or getting punted in the head is pretty damned satisfying.

Bret - Vince seems to be off to a slow start as evidenced by the crowd reaction. Maybe they could jump start this story by pulling a swerve and changing course mid-stream, as they did with Jericho's return.

They could turn Bret and Shawn into remorseless heels and have them make both Vince and HHH miserable for a couple of months.

They could justify it by claiming they were seeking peace and that Vince and HHH established the new rules.

It would be a variation of the old Bret - Austin feud, with Shawn as Bret and HHH in Austin's old role.

Didn't Cena say he wouldn't lose again until he won the belt back from Sheamus? Does his loss in the triple threat void that?

doesn't anybody think swagger is a bit too repetitive repetitive... repetitive...

... repetitive?

What did you make of Orton yelling "stupid" and looking pretty p----- off at the end of that triple threat match? Do you think he was genuinely mad at some mistake or was it all for show?

I thought that as well. It looked to me like he was angry at kofi for turning around too early. If you watch it again he was still pounding the ground and wasn't ready to RKO him

The worst Raw ever.
DX is over.
Cena listing Punch Out Characters is "What"
Orton should get a babyface Push he's been a heel forever.
Something needs to be done. it was unwatchable.
No Bret Hart? what kind of follow up is that when half the WWE audience didn't grow up with him as an active wrestler?

I'm pretty sure the crowd was yelling boring because they wanted to see wrestling or "sports entertainment" at the live show. They didn't want to see people talking in the ring over and over and over again.

RESPONSE FROM KE: Well, they probably shouldn't have bought a ticket then. WWE, especially Raw, has a lot of talking.

I also thought Orton was visibly upset about a botched ending. The description Michael from Virginia posted seems dead on. I got the impression the quick upwards glance was a signal to Kofi for the improvised RKO.

Can we assume Sheamus is turning babyface in this upcoming match ? He evidently isn't getting over as a heel, and they have too much invested in him to just send him back to mid-card status (plus the fact he has the HHH rub).

I wish they had killed the guest host concept after Bret. With the exception of Bob Barker, the best hosts have been wrestlers, so why not just reach out to older wrestlers now and then to make surprise appearances?


You're giving these Minnesota drunks the benefit of the doubt here and they do not deserve it in any way, shape or form. After all, they're Minnesota drunks. These people just flat out sucked. Period. The Miz/MVP promo was MONEY. The fact that a bunch of bitter, superbowl-starved, post-prime Favreaholics didn't like it was a matter of bizarre circumstances befitting of the land of godforsakia and should be stricken from the record. This show was proof positive that the WWE needs to reconsider doing shows in Satans backyard without a limit being placed on alcohol purchases. The most normal thing to come out of Minnesota was Prince, so what does that tell ya?

Minnesota is a God-forsaken cesspool (sorry Powell), and the people of that state do not deserve the Superbowl that they have never won, and are never going to get no matter how many damaged goods quarterbacks they pick up at an airport. Here's to the Vikes gagging in the playoffs, then those drunks will really have something to boo about.

My hearing must be going, then, because I could have sworn that the fans were chanting "This is awesome" during the Miz-MVP face-off"

RESPONSE FROM KE: I thought they were saying "Miz is Awesome," and it seemed to die down pretty quickly.

About the best cities to see a wrestling event in, do you remember No Way Out last year in Seattle? HOTTEST CROWD of the year by far, they were screaming all along, it was insane!

Here is my wrestling version of Jeff Foxworthy's "You Might Be a Redneck." I call it "You Might Be a McMahon."

If you think that scripted promos are better than wrestlers coming up with their own, you might be a McMahon.

If you have your top heel win the Royal Rumble, make him look stronger than ever, and then book him to lose in a match at Wrestlemania to Triple H, you might be a McMahon.

If you think 20 world title changes in a year makes your world titles look prestigious, you might be a McMahon.

If you think having people who have no idea about professional wrestling guest hosting your flagship show is a good idea, you might be a McMahon.

If you remove blood from your programming, making Hell in a Cell matches, Anything Goes matches, and Ladder matches look less compelling to watch, you might be a McMahon.

If you think constant gimmick pay-per-views don't ruin the uniqueness of gimmick matches, you might be a McMahon.

If you take an exciting wrestler like Evan Bourne and make him a jobber to the stars, you might be a McMahon.

If you book a midget leprechaun to defeat a hard worker who comes from a praised wrestling family week after week, you might be a McMahon.

If you put the WWE title on a taller leprechaun who's only been in the WWE for six months and hadn't done a damn thing but beat Goldust on ECW, you might be a McMahon.

If you think WWE is good right now, you might be a McMahon...or Kevin Eck.

Orton CLEARLY has the potential of being the next Steve Austin, and I think it is hard to disagree on this. If they let Orton cut the promos on Sheamus he is able to cut, hell will get unleashed. By the way, the idiot who got the idea to turn the (legitimate) "One-Man-Dynasty" into a coward who needs DiBiase and Rhodes to beat up other guys (no matter if they are midcarders or main-eventers) should loose his job.

A nice scenario would be Orton beating Sheamus and DiBiase winning the Rumble. It could be a great Wrestlemania match but, although DiBiase claimed to win the Rumble, I doubt WWE will let him win it. It would be strange to see a midcarder winning the Rumble. Traditionally the Rumble is used to elevate guys with a main event status who still have the potential of getting even higher. Therefore they are put into the Wrestlemania main event. DiBiase ist far away from it considering how he WWE booked him after the DX-feud.

I really enjoyed the confrontation between MVP and the Miz on this show. I loved how the Miz pretty much did a shoot, which is rarely seen on WWE television in the modern era. It was by far the best thing about this show, which is surprising considering the other events that took place.

I thought Tyson was good as guest host, but his voice got on my nerves. For such a big, intimidating ex-boxer he sure has a whiny little voice. But he got the job done, and the tag match he had with DX and Jericho was fun, especially the ending.

Bit of a random thought, but, you know what seriously ticks me off? The way Michael Cole keeps calling the Royal Rumble the "Royal Rumble Event". He keeps adding the word "Event" on the end of it. It's been the good old fashioned Royal Rumble for over twenty years, so why now is he starting to include that annoying little bit on the end of it? Don't know if anyone else has noticed but it niggles at me like a loose tooth. Just stop it already.

I agree that there was a very tough crowd at this show. I wouldn't have wanted to cut a promo in front of that lot. Why pay to go see a wrestling show if you're just going to yell and make an idiot of yourself?

It's really weird that WWE is going for the heel vs heel match at the Rumble for the title. I suppose it's a bit different, which is good, but I wouldn't mind seeing Kingston or Cena added to the match to make it a triple threat.

As bad as it sounds, I just can't get excited for the tournament to determine the new Divas Champion. I watch Raw on youtube every week and I always skip the ladies' matches. I know I shouldn't, but I just can't get into them. And I'm almost certain that it'll be Maryse who takes the title in the end, making it much less intriguing.

I was so obnoxious during the Tyson-Hornswaggle bit. I couldn't help from laughing at the very top of my lungs. That's what I love about Tyson. He can seem sometimes psychotic and that was it right there. It was obvious where they were going with the DX thing, but it was nice to see the fire back in HBK's eyes, and thinking, will he? Ya never know with him.

I was really expecting Kingston to walk away with the win. With Sheamus getting the belt, and it seeming like younger stars are starting to get a bit of a push, I thought Kingston was primed for his first champ match. But instead we get Orton. I don't know who I want to walk out with the belt, although sadly I am leaning towards Orton. Sheamus just doesn't do it for me. And for the life of me, tell me is he in a car wreck once a week. Where are these unexpected wounds coming from? Two weeks ago his back was all brusied and cut and his face was nicked. That healed up and he comes out with a busted lip Monday. Lot of injuries for a guy that has wrestled once since getting his title. (not counting the Bourne fiasco)

I can't believe I'm actually going to say it, but the Miz is growing on me. That was a great promo he did. I loved the JBL imitation. He actually started growing on me when he threatened to take Verne Troyer and punt him through the ringposts from the stage. I just wish that the fight looked a little more realistic between him and MVP. Both are great workers, or are getting there, but I don't think a single punch landed where it was supposed to.

Poor Thwagger. He can't theem to back up anything that he thayth he'th going to do. And to lothe to Thantino Marella. Juth thad.

Hey bignasty247.. can I safely assume you are a bitter Packer fan? Guess what. I live in MInnesota, I'm 19 and have never drank in my life. Get over the fact the Packers threw away Favre, you got a good young QB. And get over the fact the Packers couldn't win despite putting up almost 50 points. They.. well they just plain suck LOL.

Oh yeah.. here's hoping you're right and the Vikings choke in the Wild Card.. GO COWBOYS! Nothing personal Kev but I hope the Colts beat the Ravens. I hope Matt Stover beats them with a last second field goal.. it's a crime he's not still a Raven.. and worse yet Billy Cundiff is! It would be justice to see Stover beat them though.

Anywho.. I agree the fans seemed grumpy. And that sucks to say since I live here. It certainly wasn't a bad show, compared to many recent RAW's. I think WWE won't be back here anytime soon :(.

Question. I was looking at the Smackdown roster on did you know Curt Hawkins is still on it? Has he been on even one episode since Ryder went to ECW? Battle Royal or anything?

Maybe the MN cold was just making all the fans grumpy! Can't believe they were chanting "Cena sucks".

What we didn't hear from Tyson to Hornswoggle as Raw went to commercial break:

"And I'm going to rip offyour arm, beat you down with it, use it to scratch my back and maybe chow down on it like like a little chicken drumstick when I gets hungry. I'm gonna a pull out your veins and tie you up with 'em like rope and then bite off your tongue and stick it up your @$$ so you can ........ And if you aint down with that, I've got two words for ya: Tyson's back on Raw you"

I so loved the ending this last Monday night with Tyson. I have gotten to loath the site of Jerico. He is a real pain. Then there is Punk. You can tell the he is not as clean as he wants to make everyone think. He protesteth too much..I have been a fan of Pro wrestling since 1974. I love it to death. I would watch every night if it was available in my viewing area. But hey my hubby needs to watch something sometimes that he likes, right.
I do wish they would get Vicki off the t.v. she just erks the heck out of me. Its like mute time....

Agreed, the crowd were pretty awful...then again - they did get in the best chant on Tyson "you screwed Shawn!"

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