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January 18, 2010

Bubba The Love Sponge apologizes for Haiti comments

TNA on-air personality Bubba The Love Sponge just posted the following on his Twitter account:

“I am going to say this one time and one time only. First of all a real man sometimes has to take a step back and maybe look at something they said or did so that being said I would like to apologize for my comments regarding Haiti in the world of live radio that I operate. Sometimes u say things that u can't take back. So I'm man enough now to say I'm sorry for those I offended. Bubba.”

I suppose it’s possible that a guy who was completely unapologetic about his remarks earlier today suddenly had an epiphany, but it sounds to me like someone in high places at either TNA or Spike TV told him he had to apologize or else he’d lose his job with TNA.

Here’s my take: I believe that most people deserve a second chance. After all, we all mistakes. However, I also believe there are some people who shouldn’t be hired in the first place because they are nothing but talentless cronies.

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He doesn't belong in TNA anyway. I can't wait until he is gone!

The guy is a piece of garbage. I hope TNA get rid of him fast. I hope the rumours about JB are false as he is really good at what he does and does not deserve this sort of treatment from Bishoff.

He is "sorry for those I offended".

Sure as h-e- double hockey sticks aint sorry for what he said.



Amid all of this controversy, were you aware of the fact that TNA had a ppv last night?


NO WAY KEV, he did not apologize for what he said and he didn't say he was sorry for what he said. He said he's sorry if he offended anyone. His start shows he's being forced and probably doesn't even mean he's sorry if he offened, c'mon, "“I am going to say this one time and one time only" that's a jerks' statement

Hey Kev, in the middle of being offended could you give us your thoughts on the Genesis PPV? Or is this gonna place to be to get news on a crappy backstage interview guy/satellite radio jockey?

"I believe that most people deserve a second chance ... I also believe there are some people who shouldn't be hired in the first place because they are nothing but talentless cronies."

Hmmmm, I wonder under which of these categories Bubba The Love Sponge would fall.

If you check out one of my previous comments you can see that I was right. They asked him to apologize and he did. Still doesn't do this jackass any justice.

Reading some of the results from the PPV, it looks like Kevin was right on with the AJ/Flair stuff, which should be pretty interesting to see how it plays out.

That and more summed up here:

Brian Kendrick and Mr. Anderson are now there, too.

As for BTLS, f--- him.

Oh, and from the pictures they got rid of the six-sided ring, too.

This is a non-apology. It puts the blame on "those I offended," as if it's our fault that his big fat mouth got him in trouble. If TNA had any brains, they'd make him eat this "apology" and hit the road.

"It takes a real man.." Are you kidding me? Even in being an ultimate punk he's trying to hype himself up.

I was going to comment on the other post that his ego trip will only distract from the good things going on in TNA. As they try to get over the hump as it were, he could be what derails them. The LAST thing they need is bad publicity of any kind. He's no Howard Stern, where people will tune in to see how controversial he is. His radio ratings should tell us that. Dixie should have stuck to her guns on that one.

Jarrett gets sent home for months for dating someone's ex, but this disgusting excuse for a human being will probably be back just to put himself over in a week. Unbelievable.

If this was real, you would think these shock jocks would learn from Limbaugh. They can say whatever they want on the radio, but when they involve themselves with corporate America, those comments can come back to bite them.

I won't watch TNA again until I read on your blog that this moron has been canned.

Wow, an apology on twitter. What a real man.

who cares why are you given this guy free press the best way to silence him is not to report about his stupidity your just feeding into his ego.

He's a retard. TNA should ban his butt. I can't stand the guy.

The man is worthless pondscum for saying what he said in the first place, and for not having the grace to apologise properly. He has no place in broadcasting. He should be seconded to help the relief effort for three months.

Since when did Twitter become the equivalent of live radio?

If I have my facts straight, he made his comments on Twitter, not his live radio show...

RESPONSE FROM KE: He may have made them on his radio show as well, but I wouldn't know because I have never listened to it.

Obviously you are missing the continuing story... Awesome Kong decked Bubba ... neither appeared last night ... Hogan wants Awesome fired ... this is far from over yet. Stay tuned.

RESPONSE FROM KE: I saw the story, and a bunch of people have alerted me to it. I am contemplating if I want to devote yet another post to this stuff. Will it ever end?

BLS's comments really don't compare to Hogan's taped comments to his son in jail.

They plotted how to make money off of his son paralyzing his freind, a US marine, in a car crash. BLS might be a big fat jabroni that doesn't deserve air time, but Hogan is a perpetual liar and a sociopath. doesn't care who or what (WCW and now TNA)he harms as long as he gets his.

His taped comments are right here.

Sponge is scum. Though its brilliant that Awsome Kong bitchslapped him around. but he is just a symptom. The problem is Hogan and his lackeys (And to be fair Nash and his two lackeys as well) coming and squeezing everylast penny they can from TNA and a niave Dixie before bailing and leaving her with a very in debt mess.

He manned up. Its over we still live in the US.

Am I the only one who noticed that his apologetic post contained perfect English and punctuation? Quite the contrast when his usual Tweets are littered with slang, spelling mistakes and general idiocy. One can't help but think that he didn't write that himself...

You people are a bunch of marks. You're so worried that you'll offend someone if you really say what's on your mind. Hatti was a lousy deal, but I don't blame Bubba for saying what he said. He was just flying off the chip, and raising hell on the backside toward the States. Nobody wants to see death and destruction especially an average McGillicutty Jones like Bubba. I dig what he said, but not in a destructive willy type of deal. He was saying that the States worries more about others than about their own. That would send me off the chip and to the local Block Rocker, just so I could forget the truth about whats happening in this country.

chris thompson
XDC Radio

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