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October 16, 2009

Shane McMahon leaves WWE

The first thing I did this morning after reading on that Shane McMahon had resigned from WWE was check my calendar to make sure it wasn’t April 1.

As surreal as it sounds, McMahon really is leaving the company that has been in his family for more than five decades. McMahon’s resignation from his position as executive vice president of global media takes effect January 1, 2010.

“I have never even considered a future outside the walls of the WWE,” McMahon, 39, said in a statement on “However, sometimes life takes an unexpected turn, and while it is the most difficult decision I have ever made, it is time for me to move on. … This is the opportune time in my career to pursue outside ventures.”

His father, WWE chairman and CEO Vince McMahon also issued a statement on the Web site: “Even though I am personally saddened by Shane’s decision to leave the company, I am proud of the enormous contributions he has made. He will unquestionably bring passion, commitment and extensive business experience to any endeavor he pursues.”

Obviously, there is a lot more to this story, and I’m sure it won’t be long before information starts leaking out in regard to the specific reasons for McMahon’s departure.

In the ’90s and early part of this decade, it was assumed by most that it was Shane’s birthright to one day be Vince’s successor. However, after Shane’s sister, Stephanie, became the head of creative, the perception was that she wielded more power than her brother and he no longer was a sure thing as the heir apparent. The popular opinion over the past few years has been that either Stephanie or her husband, Triple H, would eventually replace Vince. Shane was no longer even in the discussion.

Perhaps Shane is looking for a new challenge, something he can build and call his own. If he has learned anything from his father it’s the philosophy of nothing ventured, nothing gained.

Shane is the second McMahon to leave WWE in the past month. On Sept. 16, his mother, Linda, resigned as CEO to run for Senate in Connecticut.

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But who is going to beat up Legacy now?

This is incredibly shocking. All wrestling fans like Shane so this is a sad day. The only thing I can think of is that he's leaving for an MMA venture. And the son of the king of pro wrestling leaving for MMA would speak volumes about the future of pro wrestling. Or lack thereof.

Shane McMahon, TNA Chairman???

Maybe Shane is going to buy out Jeff Jarret and take over TNA. Now that would be interesting.

Thank the lord!! Hopefully this means the end of "Super-Shane" forever!!

I found this story especially ironic since I had just watched that "Wrestling's Most Powerful Families" DVD (which I bought several weeks ago for only $3 but never opened it until this week) and when discussing the McMahon family, it was basically said that some felt Vince would have disowned his children if they didn't follow his career path. Granted, yes, Vince is quoted as saying that he never considered a career in WWE for Stephanie whereas Stephanie is quoted saying she never considered a career outside WWE, but the general consensus was that Shane McMahon was a must.

I am shocked by the news as well, and it will be fun watching the rumor mill reports in the coming days before we get the real truth (assuming there is a "real truth"). Honestly, I think Shane probably has another business venture that would yield more for him.

I couldn't help noticing that did NOT wish him well on future endeavors though.

You're right Kevin, there is more to this story. Most likely Shane knew that Vince would one day leave the company to both Stephanie and Triple H and he would be the odd man out so he decided to go his own route. I know this is off the subject but

1. tell me you saw AJ Styles vs. Kurt Angle last night. That was MATCH OF THE YEAR right there.

2. The nfl fined Ray Lewis for that HIT on Ochocinco. That's b.s.

Randy Orton and Legacy breathe a sigh of relief.

Let the Shane McMahon coming to TNA rumors begin.

I wonder if this means that Stephanie and Triple H will take over when Vince passes the torch. I think with Shane leaving will be a huge loss in so many ways. He was a daredevil in the ring and his work in business always made WWE that much better.

Is that just so he could help his mother, Linda Mcmahon, possibly run for the U.S. senate on a full-time contention without any "outside distractions"?

RESPONSE FROM KE: It's possible, but why wouldn't he just say that?

Well this is a major loss in the for the WWE Universe. How else will we see a 39-year-old man non-wrestling personality take down all 3 members of Legacy and make even Batista, Triple H, and John Cena look like weaklings. I for one will truly be saddened at the loss of "Super Shane O'Mac."

Now if we could just get a better creative team for Raw, the world would truly be a better place.

It's so surreal to think that Shane McMahon will no longer be with WWE after 2009. And now with Stephanie pregnant and Linda pursuing a Senate bid, what on earth would happen if Vince were to fall ill?

That was definitely a surprise -- although from some other sites today, it appears that Shane has been showing up at UFC events over the past months, more and more - possibly an interest in buying?
That would give him his own identity apart from Vince and the WWE (unless Vince is behind this). That would also allow him a sure thing - like you said, and I've been feeling that also - ultimately down the road, I feel that Stephanie/HHH will run the WWE, when Vince eventually retires.

Either that or my guess is he's going to work with his mother in her Senate bid??

There's got to be something behind this - in today's economy, and with the economic success of WWE - I can't believe after his whole life, he's just "pursuing outside ventures" - time will tell. My bet is the UFC.

Orton and Legacy must be ecstatic today knowing that they no longer have to fear the another beating at the hands of Super Shane O'Mac.

Major shocker. Never saw this coming......

I have to disagree with you on the Shane/ Stephanie power struggle part.

As Executive Vice President of Global Media, Shane had a much higher rank, and was clearly being groomed as the next Chairman.

My guess is he probably got bored with the corporate side of the job. He strikes me as the kind of guy who wanted to be closer to where the action is.

RESPONSE FROM KE: It is a debatable point as to whose rank was higher, but the perception among some industry insiders was that Stephanie and Triple H had surpassed Shane.

theorangechimp = early contender for comment of the week. TREMENDOUS!

What if Shane joined Bischoff and Hogan and helped them take "Hulkamania" to the next level?

Maybe he was just bored? I mean, the dude's been working his whole life for Dad. Could just want a new challenge.


I'm going to miss his punches.

Very odd, let's hope that Shane has the same respect that VKM had for his Dad. After years of working well with all the territories VKM decided he needed to rule the wresting world and one by one he crushed his competition or bought them out. It would be a beautiful thing if Shane were to buy in and go in direct competition with his family, better for the business, and MUCH better for the fans, unfortunately this is all probably wishful thinking. But the TNA talk, maybe ROH, or a whole new venture would be a welcome addition to US FANS, and the wrestlers as well. One can certainly dream can't we? But likely he has another totally unrelated venture, has tired of being under his families thumb and desires to make a name in the business world on his own. Either way the courage shown by Shane in the ring showed what kind of man he is and can continue to be. Good luck to the "real" Mr.McMahon, the only possible hope for a "true" McMahon to continue his "Grandfathers" legacy of showmanship, loyalty and true respect to the business and the men that brought his family wealth, respectability and success. Thanks Shane and good luck.

I still can't help but think this is a storyline in some way, that he will simply just change roles or positions and come back stronger and more powerful than ever...all those fake storylines and hoaxes having nothing to do with that belief, of course. Maybe Jeff Hardy did fall down that stairwell after all. Anything CAN happen!

If it is true, I can only imagine the emotional torture it must have caused him to come to that conclusion. Best of luck to Shane.

...and another great bit of irony: Trips is the "Superstar of the Day"...come on can't be a coincidence, can it? ;)

"It's so surreal to think that Shane McMahon will no longer be with WWE after 2009. And now with Stephanie pregnant and Linda pursuing a Senate bid, what on earth would happen if Vince were to fall ill?"

ans- triple h is your man

RESPONSE FROM KE: It is a debatable point as to whose rank was higher, but the perception among some industry insiders was that Stephanie and Triple H had surpassed Shane.

From the creative/'wrestling business' side of things, I would agree. But as Vince stated on Off The Record in 2004, no one person could do the job he did back in the 80's.

Heading TV, creative & talent might have been might have been a ticket to top of WWE (for a McMahon) back in the 80's (or even 90's), but not today - WWE's just too big now*. JMO.

Who cares?

Hopefully he doesn't end up in TNA and bring in more "sports entertainment."

"It's so surreal to think that Shane McMahon will no longer be with WWE after 2009. And now with Stephanie pregnant and Linda pursuing a Senate bid, what on earth would happen if Vince were to fall ill?"

Call me crazy, but I'm pretty sure pregnant women still go to work in a lot of cases. Some even come back to work after as little as 6-8 weeks after delivery. Amazing, huh?

I would not be surprised if this is all a major swerve by the overpaid, underworked creative staff of the WWE.

Shane McMahon leaving the WWE? Thats unexpected. I hope that Shane enjoys whatever it is he plans on doing after the WWE. He wrote that it won't be effective until 2010, so hopefully they will do a special or something to give all the TRUE WWE fans a way to say goodbye to the Prince of WWE.

well it is really a sad day as it looks like what was just a story line has really become unchallenged the Mcmahon-Hemsley era Thanks for the memoreirs Shane. Kev do you think he is leaving to help his mom on her senate bid?

This is some kind of storyline, IMO. When you have Vince fake his death just for the sake of storyline, then this seems nothing in front of it.

"This is some kind of storyline, IMO. When you have Vince fake his death just for the sake of storyline, then this seems nothing in front of it."

The problem is being released to the mainstream media, it's all over the place and after the trouble that they and USA got over the Trump thing, they wouldn't do that if it wasn't real, IMO. After all, they didn't release a statement saying Vince was dead, did they? I think this is real and that Shane is indeed moving on, which makes me a little sad.

Reading his comments, I think it is a stress related move. I think his life was in danger due to stress from the workplace, so he had to leave.

The guy had a lot of grays in his early 30s.

I may be wrong, because I don't KNOW, but that's my assumption until I am proven wrong.

I got laid off since June, as a longtime fan ...I need a job!! Shane hook me up..need one really bad.. mom is a BiG fan too

Early 30's? Shane will be 40 in January.

if shane go's some people are not going to see wwe because when he was in the wwe he made it more fun and more interesting??????. if shane sees it please answer this question?if you do your own business fails what are you going to do???????????

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