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October 23, 2009

Quick hits on WWE Superstars

• When Gail Kim was on top in TNA, the notion that she be in WWE doing jobs to Kelly Kelly less than two years later would have been ludicrous. Now, it doesn’t surprise me in the least. In fact, I fully expected it when Kelly Kelly defeated Kim on Thursday’s episode of WWE Superstars. I’m wondering if Kim’s less-than-stellar won-loss record is going to result in a heel turn and a push. I wouldn’t bet it on it happening. Kim looks tentative in the ring and seems to have suffered a loss of confidence. The match actually was decent, and Kelly Kelly looked good (I’m talking about from a wrestling perspective).

• Kim appeared to land badly on a failed huracanrana attempt from the top rope, but she got right up and continued the match.

• A result that did surprise me was Goldust and Tommy Dreamer defeating Vladimir Kozlov and Ezekiel Jackson, although Kozlov and Jackson immediately got their heat back with a post-match beat-down. I like the idea of having upsets every now and then. It sends a message to fans that a match in which the winner seems obvious still is worth watching because anything is possible.

• The main event in which Drew McIntyre and Eric Escobar defeated Matt Hardy and R-Truth wasn’t bad. The newcomers had to win this match to give them some credibility since they are participating in the Smackdown vs. Raw match at Sunday’s Bragging Rights pay-per-view. I haven’t been overly impressed thus far with Escobar, but I still need to see more of him to form a strong opinion.

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Poor Gail, you'd think after she & Christian get done with WWE that will be the last time any significant TNA talent leaves for WWE no matter how much more it pays. I know annual salary and contracts are important to everyone in these times, but I think image and status is what keeps paying you long term.

On the other end of my beef with WWE currently, how bad does it have to get before Vince starts to realize the need for NEW main event stars. He can't just keep hand picking guys and forcing them down fans' throats until they love them.

The best case I can offer is recently I got a call from my nephew, 11, whom I have taken to WWE shows the last 3 years to mostly see his hero John Cena. When Cena beat Orton for the title recently I looked over to my nephew and expected to see him cheer wildly, instead he sighed and said "Crap." I was shocked and asked why he was so bummed out and he said "Its gonna get boring again. He fights the same guys every 2 months and beats them, I'm just tired of it." He actually liked watching Cena struggle and Orton carry the strap, and I think thats the biggest problem with WWE right now, they don't have anything fresh to offer fans, especially fans that get bored easily. Even when they get it right, like the CM Punk-Hardy feud they have Punk drop the strap almost right away to The Undertaker who even in his prime couldn't carry the company.

What did I tell you before Kevin about Gail Kim probably regretting coming back?

Something just makes me think that it won't be McIntyre and Escobar in that match at Bragging Rights LOL.....more like Hardy and R-Truth will be in there. It's a shame too, I was looking forward to seeing what Drew and Eric could do against some of the upper carders. Oh well, I'm sure they would of been buried by DX like they were on Raw Monday.

It would have been nice if McIntyre and Escobar had beaten somebody other than the two guys who've already jobbed to them once.

I was hoping that McIntyre and Escobar would lose as a result of interference by a person or persons on Team Raw. That would have made Matt and Truth look a little better without costing the new guys any credibility and giving them one more reason to take it to Team Raw at the PPV.

It was good to see Goldust get the three count.

Conspiracy types will claim Gail Kim is being punished for what she did in TNA. No, she's not. The WWE exists to MAKE MONEY and if they thought putting Kim at the top would make them money, then she would be at the top.


I don't think WWE is punishing Gail for helping TNA create such an exciting women's division.

I personally think that the company signed her in an attempt to weaken the women's division in TNA. She was one of the centerpieces, so taking her away definitely did hurt a little (TNA rebounded pretty well, though).

WWE probably never really had much of a plan on pushing her. They just wanted her away from TNA.

As far as Gail is concerned, she left TNA because she wanted the bigger paychecks. If she's fine with that, she's fine with that. People got to eat.

Has anyone else considered the reason Kelly won was because she was in her home town?

RESPONSE FROM KE: Well, usually WWE embarrasses people in their hometowns.

Gail Kim has stated that she is very happy in WWE, and that if we all have patience she has her sights set on the "Diva belt" which will make her a three belt women's champion ... one of the few women wrestlers (if not the only one) to have that honor. With over two years to go in her current WWE contract I am willing to wait and see. As she said "Good things come to those who wait".

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