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October 9, 2009

Quick hits on WWE Superstars

• I was really impressed with Ted DiBiase Jr. in his win over Evan Bourne on Thursday's episode of WWE Superstars. He is so fundamentally sound for someone at his age (26) and experience level (three years), and he also is starting to show more personality. It’s just a matter of time before he becomes a singles star.

• Bourne takes a beating as well as anyone I’ve seen – and I mean that as a compliment. The clothesline he took from DiBiase in which he did a 360 looked awesome, and he landed hard on the back of his head when DiBiase hit Dream Street. I thought he was going to be knocked out when DiBiase swung him headfirst into the barrier. It looked devastating in real time, but on the replay you could see that Bourne got his hands up at the last second. Still, I’m sure it didn’t feel good.

• I think The Hart Dynasty has more upside than Cryme Tyme, which is why I hated seeing them do the job. At least THD has beaten them a few times during their program. I think these teams are giving Randy Orton and John Cena a run for their money as far as feuds that seem to have no end in sight.

• The more I see of Natalya, the more I think WWE is not taking full advantage of her talent. Not only is she a good worker, but she is probably the best on the mic of any of the women. I don’t see why she couldn’t get a run with the women’s title and manage THD at the same time.

• The Sheamus-Shelton Benjamin contest wasn’t much of a match, but it served a purpose. It got Sheamus over as a sadistic heel, and Benjamin as a gutsy babyface.

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"The (DiBiase) also is starting to show more personality."

O boy! Watch out Rock!

"he (DiBiase) also is starting to show more personality."

You mean he is now doing a better job of imitating ORton instead of walking around looking like he is in a coma?

I'm not A Diiase fan as you can tell but I did think he was good the night his Dad hosted.

I'm totally all for Natalya having both the Divas and Womens Championships while the rest of the Hart Dynasty has the Unified Tag a perfect world, this would happen....

I think Natalya would be similiar to what Sherri Martel and Madusa Miceli was in the old AWA when they were both managing and being the Women's Champion.
Would it be possible when John Cena leaves to do his movie that they could possibly break up the Legacy and have Ted DiBiase feud with Randy Orton? This would probably be similiar to the same way Orton was the champion while part of Evolution.

got to agree about ted jr. his moment of silence for rhodes before the match was hilarious. he had a small build up a few months back where he snapped at orton and then faced him one on one at raw in a real good match. but then they didnt do anything with that afterwards. dont know why they didnt, then we could move on from orton cena

"I think The Hart Dynasty has more upside than Cryme Tyme, which is why I hated seeing them do the job."

I agree. To give credit where it is due, Shad and JTG have come a long way since the days when they would have sloppy, boring matches with Lance Cade and Trevor Murdoch, yet in my (admittedly biased) view, The Hart Dynasty is still the better pair from a work perspective.

Smith and Kidd are good in the ring, but Smith seems to have a negative amount of charisma. Kidd's not that much better.

I would be happy to never hear Natalya speak again as her deep voice is just painful to hear. I doubt she'll get a push since she a rep for being so good, yet a lot of the opponents she's faced in WWE have had matches of equal or better quality with other women who are supposed to be less talented than her. She and Layla both wrestled in Eve in recent months, and the matches weren't much different in terms of quality, despite Layla being much less experienced.

as soon as I found out that Bourne was gonna job to TD Jr. turned it off and watched Nancy grace.

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