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October 7, 2009

Quick hits on ECW

• It was another good night for Yoshi Tatsu on Tuesday night’s episode of ECW. He once again got a pinfall victory over William Regal, who is being pushed as the top heel on the show. Tatsu also was endorsed by ECW champion Christian as the guy who deserved to be the No. 1 contender for his title.

• I don’t think Regal was hurt by the loss to Tatsu. He can point out – and I’m sure he will on next week’s show – that his leg was under the rope when Tatsu pinned him. Plus, he got his heat back at the end of the show when he directed his henchmen, Vladimir Kozlov and Ezekiel Jackson, to lay out Christian and Zack Ryder.

• Christian and Ryder had a good match, although I think their previous encounters were better. I wonder if the attack on Ryder by Regal’s stable—which really needs a name, by the way – means that he is doing a babyface turn. I hope not, because he’s doing a good job as a heel and the timing doesn’t feel right for a turn.

• Christian and Regal were both highly entertaining on the mic during the opening segment. Tatsu showed some personality, as well. I laughed when he and Christian were bowing back forth to each other, and after Christian walked away and looked back, he caught Tatsu bowing one last time.

• The tag team match that saw Kozlov and Jackson defeat Goldust and Tommy Dreamer was a little rough due to the heels’ limitations. Kozlov and Jackson look impressive during squash matches, but they need work when participating in longer, give-and-take matches.

• There was no Abraham Washington Show, but at least we got Tony Atlas doing the laugh.

• It was good to see ECW general manager Tiffany back on the show this week. If she appeared in every segment it would be fine with me.

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Ironically, on the show they mentioned that Christian is the longest reigning champion in all WWE...

He (Christian) really deserves better then carrying the 'C' show. He's much better on mic and in-ring performance then half the guys on the other 2 shows.

And agree with you on Ryder, his character wouldn't work as a face; maybe he's the 'tweener' in a Triple Threat/Fatal Four way match at Bragging Rights??
Because i dont see another Regal/Christian one-on-one battle.

Would you be ok with it if she was in a Steeler's jersey? J/K

In response to "eee":

You said Christian is better than half the guys on the other show. The fact is, at the moment, you'd have trouble naming five guys who have been performing better than Christian.

With Edge hurt, Taker crippled, and Jericho and Michaels in tag teams, I'd put Christian right up with Punk as the most entertaining singles competitors in the company today.

Hey Kevin, I bought tickets to Raw in Baltimore this Novembers. Are you going?
Any guesses for who the host might be? Hope to God it isn't Ice-T.

RESPONSE FROM KE: Unless something unexpected comes up, I'll be there. No idea about guest host. I would love it to be Ray Lewis.

If they named her I missed it, but their new ring announcer has got to go. She's flat, boring and her voice is just hard on the ears.

RESPONSE FROM KE: Her name is Lauren Mayhew. I don't know about hard on the ears, but she's easy on the eyes. I think it's too soon to say he isn't any good.

Good point, and I guess there's always potential and everyone has to start somewhere. I think the problem I have the most is it sounds like there's no enthusiasm in her announcing. That's something they can at least work on.

It want make any difference. It will be an easy one.

Quick question Eck.

Is Matt Hardy not fit at the moment or is he legit being punished because he is jeff's brother?

Here's something I would love to see. Christian has held the ECW twice, so once he loses the title it's time for him to move up to smackdown. He's "paid his dues" for going to TNA.

At Wrestlemania, Jericho and Big Show vs. Edge and Christian. Jericho and Big Show should hold onto the titles until Edge's return and who does Edge pick for his return match to get the title back he never lost!? His old friend Christian!! They want to turn Edge face, perfect. They want to give the tag titles more prestige, who would be better?? Christian gets a push, Edge turns face, tag titles mean something again. win, win, win.

I'm not a Ray Lewis mark but must admit it would be awesome for Ray Lewis to guest host in Baltimore. The energy level could be off the scale, as Taz used to say, and make for must-see TV, at least around here.

I don't watch ECW but when Christian first came back to the WWE I was hoping and praying he would debut on one of the big shows. They are wasting him on ECW.


I'm an Eagles guy, but I wouldn't be mad if Lewis was the host in Baltimore. However, with Linda's Senate campaign, I'm sure WWE doesn't want to have to deal with any people with the slightest character blemishes.

RESPONSE FROM KE: What about Roethlisberger? Sharpton? Heck, even Bob Barker has had some scandals.

Why does Vince treat Christian so poorly? He is a top ten talent in the company. Why do crappy wrestlers like Chris Masters get put on Raw when they get a second chance? Its clear that Vince has a dislike for Christian because he isn't a muscle bound steroid user. Clearly, he doesn't give a damn about what the fans want.

Regal and the Ruthless Roundtable (His stable with Zeke and Kozlov that was dubbed by Matt Striker) are looking good taking over ECW. There is continuous hinting at this "civil war" in ECW and it's sounding better and better each week.

Regal saved steam from the Yoshi lost. I suspect we'll get a traditional elimination match between the protagonist and antagonists of the land of extreme.

There is no "true" contender now and I believe there won't be for a while as it seems they're holding out for Sheamus or Shelton Benjamin to produce the number one contender. ECW is getting interesting.

All of you who say Christian is being "wasted" actually just need to start watching ECW with an open mind.

ECW, In my opinion, has been the most exciting show to watch over the last 2 years. It took a step back when they called up Jack Swagger, Evan Bourne, Mark Henry to RAW (also Miz and Morrison left in the draft)

But now with Regal and the ruthless roundtable facing off against the rest of the roster, including a resurgent goldust, its very entertaining.

Smackdown is terrible again with Hardy off the show.

Raw's main event picture is too predictable, mostly because of John Cena. I would love to see Orton versus someone like Kofi Kingston or Evan Bourne. Or Cena versus a Jack Swagger. But it will never happen.

WWE creative just sucks now.

The show was disappointing this week. I usually think that you are too dismissive of Tommy Dreamer, Kevin, but his work in the tag match was largely unimpressive, and Big Zeke needs to go back to developmental. Next, we had the Tatsu-Regal botchfest. What a letdown. The main event salvaged the show, but I agree that Christian and Ryder have had better matches together. At least there was no Abe Wash segment, and here is a dissenting opinion about the new ring announcer: she has a sexy voice.

For all those of you that say Christian is wasted on ECW, I would argue that you need to look at the bigger picture. The WWE need to have a star on ECW to make people tune in. Christian is treated like a huge star and gets a lot of respect and TV time, even a run with a championship at ECW. If he were to move it's arguable he wouldn't go into a World Title program and there is a danger he could get lost in the shuffle.
Think about it, for a lot of kids and more casual viewers Christian may be the only reason they watch ECW.
I agree he is a great worker and in the top 10 of WWE and should get onto one of the top shows at some point and become a World Champion, but at the moment he is getting a good rub in ECW. Don't lose faith!

Brandon, I hope WrestleMania 2010 does see Jerishow defend the WWE World Tag Team titles against Edge & Christian, and as the storylines start leaning that way, we can all say, "oh yea, I remember when that idea was posted all the way back in October!" That has money all over it, plus it gets more people involved in the Jericho/Edge storyline, so after WM26, the key feud will still have legs so when they have their first 1:1 match, it would feel fresh.

Angelo the janitor got a bigger pop than most of the roster. Crowd was dead as a dodo.

Maybe I'm wrong, sir, but I'm pretty sure that Regal's stable DOES have a name:
It's called The Ruthless Roundtable.

RESPONSE FROM KE: That's what Matt Striker calls them, but I haven't heard Regal or anyone else use that name.

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