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October 22, 2009

Quick hits on ECW

• We all know that Chris Jericho can appear on any WWE show by virtue of him being a member of the unified WWE tag team champions, but I don’t think many people expected to ever see him on ECW, so it was a pleasant surprise when he showed up on Tuesday night’s episode. It was even better that he wrestled his old tag team partner/rival Christian in the main event. Here’s the one problem I had with it: Jericho’s surprise appearance shouldn’t have been a surprise. It astounds me that WWE didn’t announce on Raw that Jericho was intending to be on ECW. I think it’s safe to say that WWE cost themselves some viewers.

• As expected, the Jericho-Christian match was quite good. Yes, Jericho did another clean job, but this one I completely agree with. There’s no way the ECW champion should lose on ECW to a wrestler from another brand.

• Jericho leering at Rosa Mendes and unbuttoning the top couple buttons on his shirt when talking to Tiffany was funny. Speaking of Tiffany, I like that WWE is portraying her character as a smart, decisive general manager who is always one step ahead of the heels.

• It was great to see two up-and-coming young guys – Yoshi Tatsu and Zack Ryder – wrestling each other in a No. 1 contender’s match. I wasn’t surprised that Tatsu won, but the finish caught me off guard. I thought for sure that Ryder was going to kick out after Tatsu hit a splash over the top rope.

• The angle with The Hurricane doppelganger and Paul Burchill was well done. Nice attention to detail with the impostor having the Green Lantern tattoo on his arm.

• Paul Burchill’s promo wasn’t spectacular by any means, but it was good to see him getting some mic time.

• Shelton Benjamin showed a lot of fire when he attacked Sheamus. I’d like to see Benjamin get the better end of this feud and then move on to an ECW title program, but I’m not holding my breath.

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How come ECW isn't part of Bragging Rights?

Solid ECW, especially Y2J and the captain.

Kev i suppose someone should ask, will you be writing a column on Shane McMahon leaving WWE? Also any idea why?

A few people seemed surprised by Ryder being pinned following the splash. Just before that however Yoshi seemed to hit his finisher kick to Ryder's head from the outside as used on previous opponents.

I think this was a calculated move on WWE's part. By not announcing Jericho's appearance, they're attempting to foster the idea that a big star can appear on the C show at any time, so fans better tune in each week lest they miss something. Advertising Jericho would have brought in some extra viewers this week, but not necessarily in the long run.

RESPONSE FROM KE: I understand your point, but I'm not sure that approach is going to be as successful as just promoting the appearance on the flagship show the night before.

Glad you made mention of Jericho's lecherous leer. I laughed out loud, what a great heel!!

Good analysis of the show!

Jericho is God!
The next WM should be champion Chris Jericho vs challenger Edge.

Great to see Chris the "Jobber" Jericho in action again. Why is WWE ruining the best heel they have. I am so angry at them. Their creative dept have no idea.

• As expected, the Jericho-Christian match was quite good. Yes, Jericho did another clean job, but this one I completely agree with. There’s no way the ECW champion should lose on ECW to a wrestler from another brand.

Well, I agree with that because it would have made everybody on the roster look like scrubs compared to the guys on the other two shows. (Particularly after Tiffany described Christian as the best ECW had to offer.) But I would say that's an argument against making the match in the first place. The last thing Jericho needs is to do another job. I'd have much rather seen him show up on ECW (which WAS a nice surprise), and then take on somebody like Tommy Dreamer. He could beat Tommy without making ECW look like a second rate show. Or if you wanted to go the heel vs. heel route, he could have wrestled Ezekiel Jackson.

Anyway, as I watched the match I wondered about something. Jericho can show up on any of the three shows as he said, and he can wrestle the ECW champion or the WWE champion if somebody makes that match. My question is: can he wrestle them for their titles? If Jericho won the ECW championship, and he competed every week on ECW instead of just bailing with it, I'm not sure that would be such a bad thing for the show's ratings. (He'd also be on Smackdown, of course.)

So if Jericho can show up on all 3 shows, that means Big Show can show up on all 3 shows. Any chance we'd see Show-Jackson or Show-Kozlov any time soon?

Got to agree with you that WWE should advertise special appearances for ECW.

I can understand the point where some fans might tune in each week just in case someone does show up. However, after a certain period of time, those fans who don't normally watch ECW on a regular basis are going to stop tuning it.

Just curious, but do you see Jericho moving to ECW when he eventually drops the straps? He can make anyone look like gold and they just job him out on Raw/Smackdown whenever he wrestles anyone higher on the card anyway. I just don't really see a feud for him left except maybe one with Show at some point when that's over with. That being said, I guess they can't break up for a while since they're basically the entire division right now.

RESPONSE FROM KE: I don't see Jericho going to ECW.

For the reason you stated, Kevin, Chris Jobicho ... whoops, Jericho, had to lose to Christian, but it would have been far less of a blow to Jericho - not to mention far more of a boost to Christian - had Y2J's losses been limited to special occasions like this one, as opposed to weekly occurrence that his defeats have become. Of course, I am preaching to the converted although I hope that WWE reads our views and sees the problem with the booking of Jericho.

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