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October 27, 2009

Kofi Kingston soars to new heights on Raw

Kofi Kingston had a very good night on Monday’s episode of Raw.

The high-flyer took a giant leap up the totem pole by first defeating Chris Jericho, and then working an angle with WWE’s top heel, Randy Orton. In the latter, Kingston demonstrated that he has the ability to speak well and project intensity. I see now why WWE had him drop the Jamaican accent.

Judging by Monday’s show, which saw Kingston destroy a new NASCAR car with Orton’s likeness on it that had been given to Orton by Ted DiBiase Jr. and Cody Rhodes, it appears as if Kingston will be wrestling Orton at the Survivor Series pay-per-view in Washington next month.

WWE desperately needs to get new faces in the mix at the top of the card, and Kingston is a great choice. He is easily is the most popular and charismatic of the mid-carders. If Kingston ends up becoming a bona fide main-eventer, this show will be remembered as a turning point in his career.

Other thoughts on Monday’s show:

It’s a shame that on the night Kingston made a name for himself, one of the Raw guest hosts couldn’t even get Kingston’s name right. NASCAR’s Kyle Busch referred to Kingston as “Kofi Johnston, uh, Kingston.” Ugh. Right before his flub, Busch actually said he was “a huge WWE fan.” Maybe all that driving around in circles made him so dizzy that he couldn’t remember his lines.

As far as guest hosts go, Busch and his pal Joey Lawrence, uh, Logano (I didn’t know 12-year-olds were allowed to have a driver’s license much less compete in NASCAR) were about as entertaining as a “Best of Vladimir Kozlov” DVD. These goobers were so devoid of charisma that they make Lance Storm look like The Rock by comparison.

I think Busch was supposed to be a heel and Joey a babyface, but it was hard to tell since they were so wooden. I almost did a spit-take when Busch said “I’m a man’s man” in his nerdy, monotone voice. He and Joey are the exact type of guys that the late, great Fred Blassie would refer to as pencil-neck geeks.

The next time WWE wants to use an auto racing driver as guest host, I vote for Danica Patrick. ...

The Big Show revealed that the reason he double-crossed Team Raw at the Bragging Rights pay-per-view Sunday was because he cut a deal with Smackdown general manager Teddy Long in which he would get a world heavyweight title shot with The Undertaker if Team Smackdown won. So now we have an Undertaker-Big Show match at next month’s Survivor Series pay-per-view. I have a couple problems with this. First, doesn’t it defeat the purpose of separate brands to have a Raw wrestler challenging for a title that’s exclusive to Smackdown? The explanation that Big Show and Jericho can wrestle anyone they want because they are allowed to appear on all three shows by virtue of being unified tag team champions just doesn’t wash. The original idea was that the tag champs would defend the title against teams from all three shows, not that they as individuals could appear on any show whenever they feel like it. The other issue is that Undertaker-Big Show is yet another recycled match-up. They wrestled each other on three consecutive pay-per-views last year. In all fairness to WWE, however, with CM Punk out of the title picture for now and Batista likely facing Rey Mysterio at Survivor Series, its options for challengers were limited. ...

The WWE title match at Survivor Series will be a triple threat between champion John Cena, Triple H and Shawn Michaels. While there are no fresh faces in the match, it is compelling – to me at least – because the two members of DX will be opponents. This could be the start of a program that culminates in a Triple H vs. Michaels match at WrestleMania. ...

If two NASCAR guys having the power to choose the opponents for a WWE title match at one of WWE’s biggest pay-per-views wasn’t bad enough, WWE had to get Hornswoggle involved in the decision-making process. Note to creative team: Keep all leprechauns away from anything pertaining to a pay-per-view main event. ...

Kingston showed a lot of fire in his match against Jericho. It’s too bad that Jericho has done so many jobs of late, because it somewhat diminished what was supposed to be a big win for Kingston. At this point, it almost makes a guy on Kingston’s level look bad if he doesn’t beat Jericho. ...

I’m surprised that Sheamus was promoted to Raw. If WWE wanted to move a heel from ECW to Raw, Paul Burchill would have been a better choice. So much for that Sheamus-Shelton Benjamin feud. ...

The fans had zero interest in Sheamus’ match against Jamie Noble. It was funny to hear the announcers say that Sheamus had been “running roughshod” over the competition on ECW. Really? Didn’t he lose a few times to Goldust? ...

MVP and Mark Henry defeating DiBiase and Rhodes was a surprise. The fact that it was unexpected goes to show that DiBiase and Rhodes have gotten over. ...

It was nice to see Evan Bourne win a match (over The Miz), even if it was a fluke count-out decision. Bourne got big pop for doing his Shooting Star Press on The Big Show during the lumberjack match between Big Show and Triple H. ...

I’m not sure if Melina botched her Last Call finisher during the tag match pitting her and Santino Marella against Chavo Guerrero and Jillian Hall, or if Hall just didn’t take it correctly. Either way, it looked bad. ...

That Cobra-thing that Marella does with his hand is pretty funny. ...

I think it’s hilarious that The Bellas’ sole function is to be arm pieces for the guest hosts. ...

I can’t wait for next week’s show with Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne as guest hosts. There has to be some interaction between Ozzy and Fozzy frontman Jericho.

Posted by Kevin Eck at 8:28 PM | | Comments (50)


Don't feel bad, Sheamus. Nobody cared about HHH, either, when he made his Raw debut .

Cena just buried Legacy with words. Scumbag.

Hornswoggle needs to get shot.

Kofi and Orton = Thank God

Big Show’s fat a-- needs to go home. I know Trips was p----- during that match.

Also, where in the hell does Cena come off telling people they don’t deserve title shots. So much for “I never back down from a challenge”.

Did you deserve the title at Survivor Series last year?

"Busch and his pal Joey Lawrence, uh, Logano (I didn’t know 12-year-olds were allowed to have a driver’s license much less compete in NASCAR) were about as entertaining as a “Best of Vladimir Kozlov” DVD. These goobers were so devoid of charisma that they make Lance Storm look like The Rock by comparison."

Best of VK...Now THAT is FUNNY!!!!!

BTW VK does remind me of LAnce Storm both in appearance and demeanor.. Will his gimmick soon be how boring he his like it was Storm's when still in WWE?

Ozzie on Raw should be a hoot! Let's see what the geniuses in WWE creative can do with that!

Now that Kofi doesn't speak with that 'Jamaican' accent, I can actually stomach him. It's great to see that he got a push. Kofi said on his twitter account said that he used to wrestle as Kofi Johnson, so maybe they really are such wrestling fans, they pulled the name from that.

Seems like this week's show was about pushing more mid-carders to the top, seeing as how there was more time devoted to them this week than in the previous month combined.

I can't believe Shaemus got promoted to raw, he has no personality and is nothing special to watch. It's said that he trains with HHH and they are good friends, so that makes sense as to why he's there. Swagger would have been better to push, I think he has a lot more skill in the ring.

The Miz is starting to become a wrestler I enjoy seeing on Raw, he's getting his persona and in-ring wrestling honed in which is making him much more compelling to watch.

Other than the lame hosts, this week's raw was pretty entertaining. Jericho, as always, is great for a laugh, I know he said it on Friday, but calling the fans germ incubators makes me laugh every time.

Hey, watch it with the Lance Storm references.

Nevertheless "goobers" happens to be the best description of the guest hosts. They made me want this guest host thing to end.

Good for Kofi. What we lost with MVP maybe we will get with Kofi.

There is no way someone would pay for a Taker/Show match. A Jericho/Taker match would have been better. Eventhough Jericho has jobbed to almost everyone.

'As far as guest hosts go, Busch and his pal Joey Lawrence, uh, Logano (I didn’t know 12-year-olds were allowed to have a driver’s license much less compete in NASCAR) were about as entertaining as a “Best of Vladimir Kozlov” DVD.'

Kev I think you may have won your own comment of the week!

I don't expect every celebrity guest host to be as comfortable as Shaq was, but these guys were just flat out awkward.

It's almost as if they've never spoken in public before.

It worked out great for marketing because the show was displayed on ESPN and other media outlets.

However, from a wrestling fan's perspective, it was awful.

The rest of the show was pretty good, though.

Did anyone else almost have a heart attack when HSwoggle's music started playing and thought that's who was facing Cena at SS?

The Sheamus move doesn't make any sense cosidering RAW hasnt been able to push any mid-carders from any trade/draft pickups they've gotten (except for Miz)

As for the title picture, I see Cena retaining after HHH screws HBK or vice versa and they fight at WM and then HBK retires. Kingston beats Orton then beats Cena at TLC, but then Orton will get belt back at the Rumble who will then fight the Rumble winner at WM.

And Eck I think you won your own Comment of the week contest with the Vladdy Kozlov zinger.

Kev, what do you make of the Cena/HHH/HBK triple threat match at Surv. Series? Sounds like another re-tread match to me. Seemed that DX's next story line was with JeriShow. Is this a hint to break up DX (again)?

Isn't the 10 count for a count out supposed to restart when someone exits the ring? Bourne jumped out of the ring on Swagger and Miz, and it should have restarted the count. The same was true when Big Show beat Jericho by count out.

Maybe I'm just nitpicking.

Forget Orton/Cena:
I can't wait for the Johnston/Thorton match at Summerfest!!

Busch and Logano were more wooden than a lumber yard.

I wonder how many NASCAR drivers turned them down before they got to Busch and Logano.

This is actually the second time Melina's Last Call didn't work with Jillian Hall so I think Hall is the problem here. When Melina worked with Michelle McCool it was like clockwork.

While I'm looking forward to a program between Kofi and Orton I don't think we've seen the last of Orton and Cena. During RAW, there was a commercial promoting next week's RAW in Worcester, Massachusetts. The main event was announced as being between Orton and Cena. So much for their feud ending. I realize these cards are always subject to change. But when the WWE says two wrestlers will never face each other again you know they'll be facing each other about a month later.

The Big Show looked awful in his match with Triple H.

When it was announced that Cena would face Triple H and Michaels at the Survivor Series you could hear the air leave the arena.

So, when they began the count in the Miz/Bourne match, only the Miz was on the outside of the ring At the count of about 7, Bourne jumped over the top and landed on Miz and swagger and then returned to the ring where Miz was counted out. Shouldn't the count have been restarted at one as soon as bourne jumped over the top. All I am saying is the MIz got screwed over.

Why is Punk out of the title picture for now? When I first read that I considered that maybe it's because he had gotten his rematch and wasn't entitled to another one, but then I remembered that he's gotten two title shots against Taker in a row: the submission match on Smackdown, followed by the four way at Bragging Rights. So he got two rematches...why not a third, then?

Anyway, while I don't feel like being quite as hard on Busch and Logano as you were (they can't help how they look and sound, after all), I agree with you that they were terrible actors. At least Busch caught his mistake, which was more than Jeremy Piven did. It's probably not a good idea for every single guest host to declare their love of all things WWE, because not all of them are going to be telling the truth and sometimes that's going to be painfully obvious.

I'm looking forward to seeing how this Randy vs. Kofi feud shapes up. It's too bad that what Kofi said about the car being durable proved truer than he thought, since any damage from keying it and bashing on the hood wasn't visible to the TV audience.

Speaking of the car, Randy's admiration of the paint job was a new twist on the Narcissus story.

In order to come to this shocking matchup for a WWE title match, the Vince McMahon and his creative staff went through a list of all possible opponents.

Creative member 1: Well, Vince, the Miz was the only Raw member to win his match on PPV.
Creative member 2: Well, we already did that.
Creative member 3: Thwagger?
CM1: Nah, because we are giving him a winning streak (even though he lost on the last PPV) and Lord knows Cena can't lose.
CM3: Damn, you're right.
CM1: We just put Kofi in a feud with Randy, so he's out.
CM3: We already had Cena beat Legacy in a handicap match the day after Summerslam 2008, but our audience full of 10 year old's probably doesn't remember that.
Vince: Come on guys, you have to have something NEW AND EXCITING!
CM2: Well, we have already had Cena fight the Big Show, Orton, Jericho...
Stephanie McMahon (interrupting): HE CAN FACE TRIPLE H!!!!!!!
Kevin Eck (interrupting): OR HE CAN FACE SHAWN MICHAELS <3!!!!
Vince: I know how to settle it: Russian Roulette. If this gun shoots the bullet at the target , Shawn gets the match.
Stephanie: Daddy, why don't we have a triple threat?
Vince: Sounds like a plan.

If Hunter the McMahon Family Avenger doesn't turn heel after this, I really wont know what to say other than how much I legitimately despise Paul Levesque.

I can't wait to see and hear any backstage conversation between Ozzy and Hornswoggle! Wait until Jillian tries to sing Sweet Leaf.

" It was funny to hear the announcers say that Sheamus had been “running roughshod” over the competition on ECW. Really? Didn’t he lose a few times to Goldust? ..."

I took notice of that too but I think they actually said he was running roughshod over the young competition on ECW. That would exclude his losses against Goldust.

The guest hosts that perform the best will typically be the ones used to performing in front of a live crowd. Bob Barker was a natural. A couple race drivers, not so much. The same thing pretty much happens on Saturday Night Live. It was a curious place to have NASCAR hosts though. I am a native Buffalonian. I don't think things have changed that much since I left 15 years ago but Buffalo wasn't exactly a NASCAR hotbed back then. Why not have Jim Kelly? He still lives in the area and has his Hunter's Hope foundation to promote. Plus, he is a legitimate wrestling fan.

Vince: I know how to settle it: Russian Roulette. If this gun shoots the bullet at the target , Shawn gets the match.

What--or who--was the target, pray tell?


"NASCAR’s Kyle Busch referred to Kingston as “Kofi Johnston, uh, Kingston.”

Do you think he's been watching WWE with Jeremy Piven?

"If I could be serious for a minute".......

1. Sheamus has less heat than Charlie Haas and can;t hold a candle to him in the ring.

2. Bring back lance Storm.

3. If Booker does return please have him and Goldust reunite for a tilt at the tag titles. Those two were comedy gold.

Why didn't MVP and Mark Henry get the title shots? Didn't Cena tell Legacy they would have to earn their shots? If so, wouldn't that say that MVP and Henry earned their shots?

Did you notice how often the announce said Busch & Logato's names and that they were from Nascar?I bet it was over 100 times.It was so annoying.Any thoughts as to why?
Really enjoy your work

I really do not want to see a HHH/HBK program. We saw that when HBK returned from his back injury. They have already done the deed. But if it is to happen it should be a turn for HBK on HHH to give it a new flavor. Plus that is how HBK really came to be known as a heel. That is taking it full circle. Then Trips can win at Mania and HBK can get a curtain call post match.

The triple threat match compelling? Where did they get the idea to have two friends in the same title match... oh, wait they just did it on Smackdown with Batista and Rey.

RESPONSE FROM KE: It's more compelling because Shawn and Triple H have a lot more history than Rey and Batista

A "best of vladimir kozlov" dvd joke immediately followed by a perfectly placed goober reference. Great work Eck!

Once again, when their are "Less than Thrilling" guest hosts for Raw, DX isn't large and in charge. Every time there is a "Hip" host, its a DX-centric show

Next week with Ozzy, expect to see LOTS OF DX

But I can't wait for the inevitable Ozzy vs Fozzy encounter

I'd actually purchase hat "Best of Vladamir Kozlov" DVD. It'd look nice sitting between my "Rise and Fall of WCW" and "Undeniable: The Best of the Brooklyn Brawler and Barry Horowitz" DVDs

o man! Jon.....! lmfao....

kevin..! a quick question about triple h...Believe me you are the only man who might get close to answering it correctly..
so here it is...."when was the last time triple h got pinned?."

"If Hunter the McMahon Family Avenger doesn't turn heel after this, I really wont know what to say other than how much I legitimately despise Paul Levesque."

me too

RESPONSE FROM KE: Of fthe top of my head, I think it was when he faced DiBiase and Rhodes in a handicap match.

the raw guest host should be able to keep a straight face when trying be serious. i think jericho has been a savior working with most hosts and getting the crowd into his time on camera.
i thought it was great at the end when most wrestlers got a chance to work on big show, but even better when big show threw swagger down after swagger tried to showboat him. it makes you realize how big and strong he really is. evan bourne's shooting star was the highlight for me.
the miz's character works for me, and good for him. he should be a jobber but has created something for people to hate.
ive havent seen such bad female wrestling since watching G.L.O.W. in 1987! hollywood and vine should be proud.
i hate how match stipulations get announced at the last minute. when talent grabs a mic before the bell rings and tells their opponent something new, it really devalues any authority or flow in the show.
kofi dropping the accent and going on the offensive against orton makes me want to watch him more than i did.

I'm so happy to see Kofi Kingston getting the push he deserves. If this feud with Randy Orton comes off right, then there's not doubt in my mind that Kingston will become a main event talent in WWE. Thought the NASCAR guys that hosted the show were lousy. I had never even heard of them going into it so I wasn't holding out much hope. Unfortunately, I was proven right by their lack of charisma. Looking forward to the triple threat match at Survivor Series. Should be interesting to see how Michaels and Hunter work with that one. NOT looking forward to Big Show/Undertaker. They wrestled last year at Survivor Series and it wasn't very good at all. Punk should still be in the title mix on Smackdown.

don't get too happy for Kofi yet, remember Miz's big feud with Cena? That didn't work out too well for him.
Really, will WWE politics and creative allow someone else to get into the main event picture?

"Wait until Jillian tries to sing Sweet Leaf." - wrzesien

NO, I CANNOT WAIT! That will be very disappointing if she doesn't sing at all next week. Building her as a serious contender by dropping the karaoke gimmick is a bad idea, so I just hope it isn't one of the bad ideas that WWE does this month.

The only postive thing that came out of Raw is the Kofi/ Randy Orton feud. Cena, Trips and HBK Plus Undertaker/BigShow been there done that. Survivor Series is already looking poor and I agree Kev it is increasing hard to take Y2J seriously as he seem to Job every week now.

Minus the guest host, i actually enjoyed Raw. Orton-Kofi should be a great feud with great matches. Its a shame that a heel could not be elevated to face Cena but SS should be interesting.

WWE is still on the air? Who knew..

I used to admire Orton for his ridiculous physique and undeniable in-ring talent, but his "viper" persona has become so incredible that he's now on another level... maybe a level by himself.

My god, do I ever look forward to seeing Orton feud with someone new!! Kofi Kingston is good at what he does, but he is very very lucky to get the rub from the hands-down scariest heel in the biz.

I don't understand how Orton can work at such a glacial pace... what, one move every 2 minutes?... and yet still be so captivating.

The WWE really need to quit this guest host thing as its just old (and incredibly boring)at this stage.

Undertaker v Show at a pay per view? I think I'd pay not to view it thank you very much

I'm praying for a HBK/HHH heel turn, that should definitely spice things up !!

Man, am I the only one that is disgusted by the quality of women's wrestling in the WWE right now? It's ironic that Mickie James gets held off for being sloppy and not putting in a lot of effort, yet every other Diva (except for Gail Kim) looks far worse at every moment in every match, and we're bombarded with them. And is it a requirement that they scream at all times? I mean I know tennis had a problem with that, but models pretending to wrestlers seem to do it even worse.

Melina is unbelievably sloppy, yet she gets face time consistently. All the Smackdown Divas have the same problem. The hypocrisy is amazing.

The biggest problem with all of the Divas doesn't even have anything to do with how they wrestle - their problem is that honestly, no one cares. No one cares if the matches ruin the shows or if they aren't entertaining in the least bit.

On the bright side, we get to see AJ McCool on Smackdown every week. She of the brilliant personality, skills, etc.

Overall, I just think that the women's division in the WWE actually lessens my enjoyment of the product.

What do you think about it Kevin?

This is hard, both sides of weirdness met on Monday Night RAW. My like of NASCAR and Wrestling. I catch flack for both sides of those addictions.

Anyway, the reason Logano and Shrub were chosen to be on RAW and I believe it was advertised is because both are Driving those "Smackdown vs RAW" cars in Texas next weekend. Hence a package deal you get Kyle and Joey. A wrestling/nascar trade off. That's the only reason both were on RAW. Carl Edwards and John Cena have a pretty solid friendship going and I'm sure Vince would've loved to have Edwards, but he is not part of the team that will be driving that race. Not only that the Sponsor(Gamestop I believe) are only part of the B Series of NASCAR so you are not getting the big name drivers. I got what I expected out of Joey, but KB is the hothead and I expected more from him than that. I guess driving a 200mph race car gives some muscles errrr sack they don't really have.

not sure if it's wishful thinking...but i would love to see hbk turn on hhh....i would love to see a heel hbk one more time before he retires...

Big Show revealed that the reason he double-crossed Team Raw at the Bragging Rights pay-per-view Sunday was because he cut a deal with Smackdown general manager Teddy Long in which he would get a world heavyweight title shot with The Undertaker if Team Smackdown won.

After watching people turn on each other with no motivation or explanation for the past 10-12 years (which was when WWE stopped applying logic into their swerves), I thought this whole scenario was perfectly acceptable! Especially since we're 4 weeks away, so there is plenty of time to explain whether winning the SD! title will put Big Show on SD! or if it will bring the title to RAW.

As glad as I am to see that Kofi is finally getting his big break, I am just as upset that CM Punk seems to be relegated back to the mid-card. There's just one big problem, what are they going to do with him? They sure as hell can't bury Ziggler (oh wait that won't stop them). And we will end up with a Punk-Morrison feud for the IC title (Why not for the WHC?). Well it seems like WWE is just wanting to pretty much play it safe with their title holders. The only place where I can get legitimate excitement is ECW. On another point I have to agree with you about Busch/Lagano, they were absolutely terrible. As for the whole HHH/HBK I don't dislike it but does it have to take place around the WWE championship? I wonder if anyone has the guts backstage to just tell Paul and his minions to screw themselves.

a couple of quick thing first of it seems all the legacy/DX pushing just went to waist with there recent lost to WSMVP's, secondly I hate the raw main event for S Series because we already know who the winner is with Cena shooting his movie in Dec for a few weeks the only logical choice is thor which is sad i could live with Shawn win only his fifth and a quick feud between Kofi & Orton then a nice Program with Orton & HBK would be real nice. lastly I guess bragging rights really meant nothing after everyone beating up Show after the fact I was hoping for a jerishow DX feud to end the year here is atleast hoping that they both cost DX the triple threat match at S Series.

What I really hate is that every week on RAW, some wrestler comes out to announce, "Well I talked to [host] and [host] agreed with me that you should have a match with [so and so] and it starts....right now!"

I thought the hosts were supposed to make all the matches and stipulations, not the wrestlers themselves? You know the show is recorded live though, because it is clear these guest hosts rarely can get their lines right. And can we please stop having them in the ring?

I have been noticing how terrible the ladies' wrestling has been as a whole too. Completely whiffed hurricinranas (sp?), Jillian completely botching Melina's finisher (so they had to impromptu another move) one week, then botching it again. The dropkicks that miss by 6 inches. Then there is just the missed timing of some moves.

Now I realize that they are there to look pretty and for the most part, all of them have that down...but shouldn't they have some talent?

On that note, anybody else noticing how much weight Natalia has lost lately? She's looking very trim now and she should add a bunch of credibility to the ring if she is planning to get back in it soon.

It isn't just the ladies getting it wrong either, sometimes when I watch ECW I am amazed at how boring and how poor the promos the wrestlers there do. It is like the development/punishment division of the WWE. But, even the main eventers are missing timing on moves and such.

+1 for HBK winning the title and a heel turn.

I got to smile because "tuning up the band" gets a bigger pop than the actual "sweet chin music" after all these years.
Probably because HBK doesnt even bother to try and connect with the kick anymore.Nah,thats too much trouble,might hurt my ankle.Just gimme the check.

Here are some better ideas than Undertaker/Big Show:

1) DX vs. Jerishow for the tag titles
2) Undertaker/Jericho for the WHC
3) Not watching WWE

I would just like to say that I think a taker-show match would be great. I 've always said that Big Show deserves a shot at the title. I know its unlikely he'll win but maybe it will be a push in the right direction and he'll get that title sooner or later. anyone who thinks Jericho-taker would have been better is crazy. there's no way I'd want to see jericho with any title not even the womens belt

Undertaker vs. Big Show?
Oh hell no. I hope that´s not the last word. Like we have never seen that match before, come on. What about CM Punk? I wonder what he gets at Survivor Series.
I can´t help myself but since Hardy´s gone from SD that show is missing something. Even so I´m a huge Jeff fan I´d never thought it would be that tough to fill the space that he left. I would have choosen SD over Raw any time this past year but now I´m not so sure anymore.
And one note to the guest hosts of Raw: My problem with them is that sometimes I don´t even know them (I´m from Germany). Nascar drivers, Reverends or some B celebrity? Sorry.

I think the Cena V DX match is because both HHH and HBK can lose without someone accusing Cena of burying them, This gives the creative team (and I use that term loosely) time to build another contender... we can all see DX Vs Jerishow for the Tag title, HECK we want to see DX Vs Jerishow for the Tag titles...

But If Taker defeats an up and comer on smackdown then the IWC would accuse him of being burying someone and the same with Cena. I personally think Kane will interfere in the Taker Jerishow match & Legacy will interfere in the Cena Vs DX match, DX are not going to break up this close to Xmas ... too much merchandise to be sold

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