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October 28, 2009

Hulk Hogan’s appearance on Larry King Live

Judging by Hulk Hogan’s appearance on “Larry King Live” Tuesday night, his move to TNA is much bigger news to wrestling fans and people in the industry than it is to him.

Hogan’s main reason for appearing on the show was to promote his new book, so it’s understandable that the majority of the discussion was devoted to that subject. However, you’d think that perhaps the biggest star in the history of wrestling signing with a company other than WWE would have warranted more than just a passing remark.

Near the end of the interview, King brought up TNA. Here’s the excerpt from CNN’s transcript:

King: Hulk has just joined TNA Wrestling that stands for Total Nonstop Action. You going back in the ring?

Hogan: Well I’m heading over to Australia to wrestle at the end of the November. I’m going to check out the Hulk Hogan sea legs. It’s been a great career and the fans have stuck behind me through thick and thin and they have been loyal and I just decided you know I had to get busy living or get busy dying, Larry. And I’m not exactly sure what I’m going to do, but I’m going to contribute as much as I can. I’m going to try to take this business to a whole another level.

King: You will wrestle in Australia?

Hogan: Yes, I’m wrestling at the end of November in Australia.

And that was it. It sure seemed like Hogan was more interested in promoting his Australian tour than TNA. He mentioned taking the business to another level – whatever that means – but he never mentioned TNA specifically. Perhaps I’m reading too much into this, but if I were TNA president Dixie Carter, I wouldn’t be too pleased that Hogan didn’t take advantage of an opportunity to put the company over to a large viewing audience.

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"He mentioned taking the business to another level...."

Are you sure that he didn't mention leveling another business?

Actual transcript of what Hogan and King talked about while off air:

King: You're almost sixty man! what are you thinking?

Hogan: Well, my wife is raking me over the coals in this divorce, my dumb kid left one of his buddies in a vegetative state and i have to pay for his medical care. My daughter, it turns out, has no talent and I need to keep her off the pole. And all my "Hulkamaniacs" [uses air quotes] will buy anything I say so I gotta make sure they know I wrote a book.

Don't worry though, I'm just gonna go in there bleed this company dry and leave. I talked to Dixie about this guy BJ Myles, yeah I'm gonna bury him. He is gonna be up north working on the C show in two years.

Larry: [snoring] [farts]

Great, he can start up a new faction called the "AARP" and spray paint the TNA world Heavyweight title....

i love you

Maybe they'll follow up on the angle of JJ hitting him in the head with a guitar six years ago.

Hulk also mentioned his son is getting into wrestling to "see what dad's world was like" but didn't expand on it much to make it seem too serious.

Great comments from all. I hope the fans boo The Huckster out of the building. This signing is a car wreck waiting to happen.

Not defending Linda who I have no respect for. But Hulk failed to mention how he "Understood" how people go "OJ" on their ex's.

Is that in the training, prayers and vitamins?

With that said, please tell me that this isn't going to be WCW II.


Is a revival of the nWo in the cards? Will Hogan perform in-ring or is he just a booker?

Coming soon (2.5 years) to a Walmart near you: The Rise and Fall of TNA. Featuring such big stars as: Kurt Angle, AJ Styles, and Eric Bsichoff.

You can this great DVD set along with other favorites, Vince Russo: World's greatest booker, and How Hulk Hogan's Divorce Killed a Wrestling Company at

Some people are raving about this. I don't understand how a 56 year old egomaniacal bully who costs a ton of money and was not able to wrestle 25 YEARS AGO does anything but devalue the company. But hey, what do I know?

No, Kevin, you're not "reading too much into" it. If I were Carter, I'd be *p-----*. It's really kind of incredible how poorly Hogan has been working this thing, considering that he's probably the most seasoned guy alive. I'd almost wonder whether it's intentional, it's so hard to believe.

If I were Carter, the way Hogan has been handling this would leave me questioning whether to carry this relationship forward. TNA has already gotten a bump in the wrestling press; from this point forward, it only works if Hogan is a team player. Based on his act so far, it don't look good.

Hogan is a schmuck!

Would appear 'mrejr823' is hoping for comment of the week.

After watching TNA I know why Hulk didn't promote it: Hulk's watched it too, and he sure isn't proud of joining that.

TNA has had is best two shows back to back. It's been on an upswing and now they do this? It's bad enough that he is going to force (once again) Flair to job to him over in Australia. I hope that if he gets in the ring, anybody who has to carry him just has a "shoot match" on him and puts him out for good. Yes, I said "on him" not "with him" just like the old days when guys really had shoots when things got out of hand behind the curtain. With a bum hip, trick knee, and bad back he is a perfect candidate for a four man ULTIMATE X match. Him getting yanked down from eight feet above the mat, taking a bad bump, would be just what wrestling needs.

WOW! I can't Believe how many ppl in these comments hate hulk hogan. I mean I know he's old and this is definitely a bad move for TNA but u can understand the appeal right the man put wrestling on the map. I'd like to think if it weren't for him(and others) we wouldn't even be watching wrestling in this day and age. I think some of u guys should have more respect for the legacey.AND NO I DON'T MEAN TED AND CODY

naw not hoping for comment of the week. i just think instead of doing what he can to put new blood over hogan will push for stale angles. i noticed after i submitted the comment it resembles the comment of the week. my bad.

First thing Hogan will do is throw his weight around and close down all things in TNA that will make him look like a wasted fossil. The X division tops his laundry list.

Kevin, how do you think Vince reacts to Hulk signing with TNA? If I would be him, I would be very happy to see my only concurrent being about to implode thanks to that move. In fact, I probably would have paid the Hulkster myself to go to Orlando...

Maybe Vince has Hogan somewhat spooked to campaign too energetically for the competition.

If that is the case, then this is truly a bad move for all concerned (except Vince).

It will be a sad day in professional wrestling when Hulk Hogan steps inside the ring once again. The opponent will have to wrestle down from their ability so that Hogan can keep up and win. Where is Mike Boyette when you need him?

The excerpt in short:
LK: so you're going to TNA?
Hogan: yes im going on a tour in australia and writing a book


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