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October 5, 2009

Hell in a Cell thoughts

Both world championships changed hands at WWE’s Hell in a Cell pay-per-view Sunday night, but the match that went on last and was the most memorable was the one between DX and Legacy.

Even though Shawn Michaels and Triple H got the victory over Ted DiBiase Jr. and Cody Rhodes, the two twenty-somethings still came out of this show having climbed another rung up the ladder.

Not only was their match put in the main event position, but DiBiase and Rhodes out-smarted the babyfaces at the beginning of the contest to gain a two-on-one advantage, and then destroyed Michaels and taunted Triple H for the majority of the match.

They also had a somewhat contentious verbal exchange backstage with their leader, Randy Orton. DiBiase and Rhodes are gradually getting cockier and showing Orton less respect.

Speaking of Orton, he defeated John Cena to regain the WWE title, and in the world heavyweight championship match, The Undertaker won the title from CM Punk.

It was a good show overall, although not seeing blood in Hell in a Cell matches is definitely going to take some getting used to.

Here is a match-by-match look at the show:


The Undertaker defeated CM Punk to win the world heavyweight title: In a big surprise, this match went on first. I thought before the show started that The Undertaker was going to win the title, but the curious placing of the match seemed to suggest that Punk would retain in another screwjob finish. Nope. Undertaker went over clean with the Tombstone in about 10 minutes. The match was competitive while it lasted, and Punk even kicked out of the Last Ride. I don’t agree at all with taking the belt off him, but it wouldn’t surprise me if he got it back in the near future.

Randy Orton defeated John Cena to win the WWE title: Like a lot of fans, I’m more than ready to see Orton and Cena end their feud and face new opponents, but I have to admit that these guys always have good pay-per-view matches together. The finishing sequence made for good drama. After a ref bump, Cena caught Orton in the STF and had him tapping. Cena eventually released the hold to revive the referee, when Orton suddenly hit an RKO out of nowhere and made the cover. The crowd thought it was over, but Cena kicked out at the last possible moment. Orton then tied Cena up in the ropes and began to choke him out. Once Cena appeared to be out cold, Orton let go and the referee untied Cena, who fell face-first to the mat. Orton then delivered a punt to Cena’s head and covered him for the win, which the crowd popped for, at about the 22-minute mark. Orton’s facial expressions and body language toward the latter stages of the match were off the charts. Cena also had a great look on his face after the match that was a combination of disappointment and wooziness as he stared from the ring at a victorious Orton on the ramp. It was nice to see Orton score a decisive win without outside interference, and he even kicked out of the Attitude Adjustment during the match. Cena, meanwhile, got to save face to some extent because he made Orton tap while the referee was incapacitated. After Cena got kicked in the head I figured he would be taking some time off to sell a concussion, but he did not need medical assistance, so that doesn’t appear to be the case. It was explained that the kick wasn’t as powerful as usual because Orton’s knee had been weakened during the match. This felt like the blow-off match to their feud, but I wouldn’t bet on that being the case since there does not seem to be a logical new opponent for either of them.

DX defeated Legacy: Ted DiBiase Jr. and Cody Rhodes jumped Shawn Michaels and Triple H from behind while they were making their entrance. The two teams brawled on the floor for several minutes before Rhodes and DiBiase hit a double DDT on Triple H on the stage, and Rhodes followed by KO’ing Triple H with the Crossroads. With Triple H unconscious, DiBiase and Rhodes threw Michaels inside the cage and locked the door. For about the next 15 minutes, Legacy brutally double-teamed Michaels, but instead of pinning him, they just kept delivering more punishment and taunting him. Triple H finally recovered, but he had no way to get inside the cage. He eventually went backstage and came out several minutes later with bolt cutters. Once inside the cage, he and Michaels went on the offensive. They threw DiBiase out of the cage and locked the door, and now Rhodes was at a two-on-one disadvantage. DX got the win at about the 25-minute mark after Michaels nailed Rhodes with Sweet Chin Music while Triple H smashed Rhodes in the face with a sledgehammer at the same time. The match told a good story, as DiBiase and Rhodes were portrayed as cunning and dangerous, but just a little too cocky for their own good. It also was interesting that for the second consecutive pay-per-view, Triple H was taken out of the match by Legacy and Michaels was left to fight alone against both men for a significant stretch. I wonder if that will play into a future storyline for Triple H and Michaels.


Unified WWE tag team champions Chris Jericho and The Big Show defeated Batista and Rey Mysterio: This was an entertaining match between four solid pros who worked well together. The huge disparity in size between Big Show and Mysterio was played up, as Mysterio displayed courage by facing Big Show early in the match instead of tagging out to Batista when he had an opportunity. Later, Big Show, who was standing in the ring, reached outside, palmed Mysterio’s head and lifted him back in. In another cool-looking spot, Batista speared Jericho and Big Show simultaneously on the floor. The finish saw Mysterio hit a 619 on Big Show, but when Mysterio went for the springboard splash, Big Show nailed him with the knockout punch in mid-air and pinned him.

Intercontinental champion John Morrison defeated Dolph Ziggler: Morrison and Ziggler were given about 16 minutes, so they did not have to rush and they put together a good match. There was a lot of mat wrestling in the early going. Ziggler controlled the majority of the match, but he couldn’t put Morrison away. The longer the match went on and the more frustrated Ziggler became, the more obvious it was that Morrison was going to pull out the victory, which he did by hitting Starship Pain. That makes Ziggler 0-for-3 in Intercontinental title matches on pay-per-view. Going into the match I thought for sure Ziggler was going to win this time.

U.S. champion Kofi Kingston defeated The Miz and Jack Swagger in a triple threat match: This match was laid out well and all three guys looked good. There were several nice near falls, including one in which Miz appeared to have Kingston pinned for the win before Swagger put Kingston’s foot on the rope at the last second. After Swagger hit a gut-wrench powerbomb on Miz, Kingston nailed Swagger with Trouble in Paradise and then pinned Miz to retain his title. Swagger telegraphed the finish slightly when he cocked his head like he knew the kick was coming before contact was made.

WWE Divas champion Mickie James defeated Alicia Fox: Both women were very aggressive and this was a decent match. Fox has come a long way in a short time. James got the win after hitting a nasty looking DDT. I cringed when Fox appeared to land right on her head in an awkward manner, but apparently she was all right. It was fitting that WWE aired a “Don’t try this at home” video immediately following the match.

Drew McIntyre defeated R-Truth: This followed the Orton-Cena match and the fans never gave it a chance. The “boring” chant started almost immediately after the bell rang. I have very little respect for the fans that were being disrespectful to these guys, because they didn’t deserve it. McIntyre, who seemingly is being put on the fast track, picked up the win in his pay-per-view debut after hitting a double underhook DDT.

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Didnt watch all of the p.p.v seems like a decent show but nothing special from your blog, just one things thats bugging me what is with all the title changes? Having a hard time taking the world titles serious anymore guys are winning for 1 month and then dropping it, the last 12 months the wwe and world title must have changed hands 10 times combined.

RESPONSE FROM KE: I am going to write a separate post about the frequent world title changes.


This was a very good pay per view that had you guessing the entire night. My friends and I were looking for a Triple H or HBK turn at the end.

Is it just me but isnt the Drew McInytre character almost the exact character Triple H used when he first entered the WWE?

I was hoping that HBK would somehow go to make a save for the Undertaker but screw up and cost him the title and vice versa for DX. The heat they had on Smackdown was palitable this past Friday. I think that makes more sense then a HHH/HBK lead up to Wrestlemania in 2010.

correct me if im wrong,butt there was blood in the 80 and early 90's wwf when they catered to kids,right? This is a the final straw. Ive been watching wrestling for 20 yrs and ive finally had it with WWE. Every since they"took the F out" its been slowly getting worse,and last night was rock bottom. No blood in any hell in the cell matches. Whats the point of the match then.The title changes are almost as absurd. But wwe,you can cater to your little kids and bore the crap out of the people who ive been watching you for years. Ill watch TNA and their convoluted matches and booking. At least they have a program that is catered to people who have hit puberty..

Actually, Hell in a Cell, was one of the better PPVs in the last 4 months.

Ziggler and Morrison had the match of the night. The crowd was chanting "this is awesome" and Dolph did an amazing job of being the incredulous heel when Morrison kept kicking out. Well, done for both men, but there needs to be an advancement to the storyline. The wrestling is there, though.

The World Tag team match was also a really good one. Is it not clear that every time Jericho and Mysterio step into the ring together it is like they were meant to face each other? They move together seamlessly- a sharp contrast to what we saw with Jericho and
MVP previously. More in store for this foursome.

The CM Punk / Undertaker match was brutal. Not in a good way. The camera angles were terrible. The movements were slow and Undertaker looked like a spokesman for the AARP. Don't be surprised if Punk puts him out in the near future, or if Taker relinquishes the title due to injury. On a side note, why are they even feuding? I mean, Undertaker comes out and chokeslams Punk after SS. Reason? Some background to the animosity? It is hard to be invested in the after the development of the Punk-Hardy hatefest. I just don't like undeveloped storylines. I hope this is going somewhere, but I digress...

Orton and Cena always put on a show. They are great foils for each other, even if it is played out. A new dimension of Orton appeared to creep up in this match and I have a feeling we have only seen a glimpse of what Orton is capable of as a character. Doesn't it feel all too real when you see him get angry? Flipping off the crowd last night, yelling during a promo a few months ago and freaking out after Mr. Kennedy's botch. You can tell that Orton plays his character very close to the chest.... and I love him for it.

The rest of the PPV was well booked, and I look forward to the development of McIntyre. My wife put it well when she said, "new wrestlers are like video game characters. They start out at level one with bad music and crappy outfits, and they have to level up until they become fully equipped with gear and moves." I suppose looking back the past of guys like the Rock, Steve Austin and HHH, that holds true for many talents.

I enjoyed HIAC, and can only imagine how fun it might have been with blood, and more time in between PPVs. I would give it a B+ for the current standards of WWE PPVs, but a C- in the context of the history of PPVs.

Just wondering....Wasn't Jericho the "Legal" man in the match? How did Big Show make the pin. I know this happens from time to time or did I just miss the tag?

Hey Kev,1st of all i must say that i enjoy reading your wrestling blog..been a wrestling fans for years like most of the guys that enjoy your blog...i just want to get your opinion on the Undertaker dominance in the WWE at this point in his career when he can actually help elevate younger talent..

a few surprises last night the biggest one being Undertaker winning the belt so quickly from Punk I was hoping it would go at least a couple more months before the change. did think though Dolph would beat Morrison for the belt. and finally can Kofi please defend his title against one man I don't think i have ever seen 1 wrestler always defending his belt in 6 packs, 4 way & 3 way matches. Heres hoping that Punk gets his belt back quickly and then set up a Punk/Batista feud.

Overall it was a brilliant PPV, only bad match was the opener, not very enjoyable.

Really was hoping Legacy would win, but it was a well told story again. Teds voice got annoying though.

Orton vs Cena had ANOTHER brilliant match, I wouldnt mind if they had a match at the TLC PPV, the next chance they would realistically get, with Bragging Rights then Survivor Series both seemingly brand vs brand.

Alicia Fox... where did she get her ability from? She has really shocked me. And that DDT looked deadly

Drew McIntyre, the man to retire Undertaker at Wrestlemania winning his first PPV match was good, especially as I didnt know that match had even been made. I was really annoyed at the fans chanting boring during this match.

Batista has really stepped up his game since his return. Decent tag team match with a well worked finish.

Kofi Kingston is too good, as is John Morrison. Both had top quality matches, and hopefully they will compete at Bragging Rights.

I have the same opinion as slickman, far far far far far too many short title reigns. I look forward to reading your post on it.

I thought the show was pretty good. Really Taker/Punk and Cena/Orton could have taken place inside a normal ring as just a no DQ match. The cell really added nothing to their matches.

For some reason I just kept expecting HHH to turn on Shawn or Batista to turn on Rey.

I am getting sick to death of seeing the same people win the world belt. Hopefully Cena vs. Orton goes on for one more ppv and that's it. Give the belt to someone who hasn't won the belt in more than 5 years (Shawn Michaels) or someone who has never won the belt (Ted Debiase). Raw is so stale. The only thing good going for raw are Mickie James, Kofi Kingston, Mvp, Mark Henry, Chris Jericho and Big Show.

Thought the PPV was good and was surprised by how much I liked the DX/Legacy and Orton/Cena matches. Hated how Punk is made to look like a weak champ.

Cena might have been ready to blade, but the razor fell out of his pads and the ref picked it up.

Legacy came out looking weak and stupid from that match. First of all, even with Triple H locked out, Michaels hit DiBiase with Sweet Chin Music and had him beat. So Michaels could have beaten BOTH Legacy member by HIMSELF if Cody hadn't interfered with the pin (on anoother note, Dibiase did a HORRIBLE job selling Sweet Chin Music as he was up and taunting Triple H a minute later). Second, they looked INCREDIBILY stupid by wasting all that time when Triple H went to the back. EVERYBODY and their mama knew he was going for bolt cutters. And why didn't whoever had the key to unlock the cell after the two previous cell matches, just unlock the door when Legacy trapped Michaels?? Legacy is so weak and will never be taken serious as main eventers even after the submission win. They are too small, have ZERO charisma, and are both HORRIBLE talkers. Ted is boring, and Cody tries to be cocky but sounds stupid with that lisp. Who can take a heel that looks like a 17-year old boy seriously??

Kevin you say the fans were being disrespectful to Mcintyre and R-Truth but I think you have got it wrong. The WWE has been disrespecting fans by shoving people down our throats. Mcintyre hasn't earned the spot of a match after both title matches. We don't know any thing about him except he doesn't like to party. 3 weeks of him beating on mid-carder(or lower) isn't gonna get Mcintyre heat. That match felt like the preliminary card the UFC shows if a few of their fights goes shorter than expected. The Placing of the matches made no sense. Mcintyre should have been first.

I'm having a very hard time seeing the commentators totally ignore the RKO chants, and terming the Cena Sucks chants and the huge boos as mixed reaction, lol. I know they've got to play along the script, but to the TV audience this must sound absolutely funny when two commentators in the arena who clearly hear the fans and say the contrary on the microphone.

I agree with everything, I ordered the PPV last night. The one thing about the Punk and Undertaker match wasn't the fact that they took the title off of Punk so quickly was the fact that Hell's Gate was made legal and they never went anywhere with that in the match. The Legacy and DX match was probably the best one at the PPV because Rhodes and Dibiase proved they can hold their own against veterans like Triple H and Shawn Michaels. These two definitely deserve the push they seem to be getting. R-Truth and Drew's match, I enjoyed and was looking forward to it when I heard it was going to be at the PPV.

This ppv accomplished nothing except dilute the titles' lineages even more. It was just another ppv where you wanted something big to happen and shake things up at the end, but instead we were treated to the most predictable conclusion to the least significant main event option. I've lost track of how many times Smackdown's title has changed hands this year. I've lost track of how many times Randy's won the title. There were two title changes, but I would describe this as a ppv where nothing happened. Even if the matches were good the booking was so uneventful that this was not worth buying. I'm glad I can watch it from Netflix and not give WWE any more money for an uncreative sub-par product.

The only thing that made me happy about these results was Kofi retaining. But knowing Vince & and his crew they'll probably have him drop the U.S title to Swagger tomorrow. It's such a joke to look at who's been holding gold for how long and never see the heavyweight champs have more than 40 days to their credit.

Is this the end of Smackdown's good period. Hopefully Punk just gets the belt back (a la Edge) but I'm dreading the more likely prospect of Taker/Batista. You would think WWE might take advantage of the guy that is fresh and not broken down, but Vince just has to follow his love for big men rather than his brain.

What's next for the Orton-Cena Rematch. A TLC match inside Hell in a Cell, with an I quit finish? This feud no longer makes any sense. A Blow-off match is not supposed to have a rematch clause attached to it.

I slightly disagree with u , for me the most entertaining match was the tag team match , the last match told a decent story , but there is no way it should have been the main event , that belonged to the CM Punk - Undertaker . Though it was only around 10 min , CM Punk luked strong in defeat. The titles changing hands so frequently only devalues the title. And why is the best wrestler in the company - shawn michaels taking a beating at every possible occasion. I am tired of shawn selling , hope he retires with a bang on WM 26.

Loved the Orton-Cena match, but hope it was the last for a LONG while. Just a lil criticism, when you boot somone in the head, or pretend to in this case, should there be that much air between the boot and the head? I mean McMahon took it straight on, heard the slap and everything, Orton looked like Al Degreco missing a field goal he was so far away from Cena's head.

Who booked this show? I don't understand the order of these matches at all. When was the last time that the Undertaker opened up a pay-per-view? Speaking of the Undertaker, he still doesn't seem to be 100% physically.

Three Hell in a Cell matches and no color (blood). Boy how times have changed. I guess it's worth it since the WWE has been getting new sponsors.

why no blood???? was this ppv in baltimore????

I don’t agree at all with taking the belt off [Punk], but it wouldn’t surprise me if he got it back in the near future.

I wish he hadn't lost either. I also wish that if he had lost that it had at least taken more than 10 minutes for Taker to put him away.

There's interest in seeing Big Ben on Raw tonight here in Northern West Virginia, but it could be a tough ratings night for the WWE going up against Favre v. Packers (USA Today projecting that game to be the highest rated cable show EVER).

I'm shocked that you thought this was a good show. I hate to be so critical, but this was a terrible pay-per-view. My friends and I were falling asleep during the show. There was not one match better than 3 stars, and all three Hell in the Cell matches were both boring and poor. And the idea that there were TWO world title matches and neither was the main event is atrocious. Just wrong-headed in my opinion. I was so sorely disappointed with this show that its killed the Hell in the Cell Gimmick for me. Undertaker-Punk was a one star match, and Undertaker seemed hurt before the match began, and Orton-Cena was a boring 2 star match that never used the cage in any meaningful way. A terrible pay-per-view, and I'm done ordering them until the Rumble. Tv should never be better than a PPV. All 3 main events were poor, and will never be re-watched, so that equals a Thumbs down show.

I disagree with you about how the fans were being disrespectful towards the R-Truth vs. Drew McIntyre match. They bought their tickets, so they have a right to do what ever they want. They could cheer for the heel or the face and if they want to scream out "Boring" chants they can.

RESPONSE FROM KE: Of course it is their right to be disrespectful jerks, but that doesn't mean they should be. What really gets me is that they didn't even give it a chance.

What about the fact that the camera angle on the initial shot and the first replay made it clear that Cena got cleanly out of the way of the punt? In the past (eg, Vince McMahon) Orton's made contact, but this made it look like Cena got pinned despite saving himself.

Judging by this blog the show seemed great. I wish I had went to Loafers to check it out.

Title changes simply means that the WWE is changing...PG...younger viewers...less attention span. The titles will become secondary issues in the story lines. Guarantee Vince is on his way to focus on having more larger than life characters rather than the prestige of titles.

Decent PPV, Rhodes & DiBiase have really been given the rub by DX and both look like stars in the making! DiBiase is a future world champion, although I think Rhodes is better on the mic!

Really disappointed in the Punk/Taker match. Punk must have heat with someone because he's not even being portrayed as a legitimate threat to Taker. He's beat him clean in 10 minutes twice now in consecutive PPV's (minus the screwjob finish) This whole fued has seemed rushed and hasn't really done either guy any good going forward!

Hey Kev, is it just me or does Dolph Ziggler remind you of a young Billy Gunn! He kinda looks similar, wears similar ring gear, and now he's using the Fame Asser! Mr Ass has a serious claim for gimmick enfringement!

I was at BW3 buffalo wild wings to watch the PPV, it was a really good PPV, although I don't understand how the Taker can take 6 months off and jump right back into the world title picture, also the girls at my table noticed something very disturbing, while John Cena was being choked out the girls noticed he was popping a tent in his pants, I am not kidding, I could not believe my eyes, what is that all about, all and all really watchable PPV, Kevin thanks for your great work with this column

Is there any truth to the rumour about Punk losing the belt because of a confrontation with 'Taker? Something about his attitude, and comments made about John Cena? Read this elsewhere, and hadn't heard it before.

Rumor has it that Cena will face Orton in an Iron Man Match. Can you imagine the same four moves over and over again for an hour? A long match will only highlight Cena's think movelist. Oh wait, I forgot I was supposed to look over his lack of skill because he has heart and yells a lot. I bet Orton loses again in a month.

Was thinking the same about the title changes; too many gives it less value.

I dont know what match you watched between Cena/Orton but the one I watched was pretty bad. Just cant take Cena seriously (not just b/c he wrestles in 'Jhorts') but b/c Orton clearly missed the punt to Cena's head; it was seen clear as day on camera. At least guys like Swagger and Miz are wiling to take Kofi's spinning kicks to the head...Cena's inabilty to EVER take/sell a move is why people dont like him.

You'd think they'd give McIntyre a better finisher since they're gonna push him so fast...
Also didnt care for the 'boring' chant by the fans during the match...but then again I did hear a 'Lets Go Swagger' chant at one point during the US match so I wouldn't make too much of it

Hey Eck,

Great job as always. Would you consider in the future putting the matches in the reverse order of how you post them now? I like to read from the bottom of the card (in terms of match importance, not chronological order).

It just seemes incredibly lame that this PPV was called Hell in a Cell and nothing remotely hell-ish occured. No blood, no real hardcore action, no big spots which were teased on last week's RAW. Overall, a big letdown. It seems like there are so many PPVs these days that no match is truly important or exciting. I miss that big match feel that only occurs at WrestleMania now.

Also, I have heard a disturbing rumor floating around the Internet sites and touched on by The Wrestling Observer. Apparently, sometime before this PPV on the recent overseas tour, CM Punk was approached by The Undertaker, who told him he needs to dress more appropriate for a World Champion and that he is representing WWE overseas. Punk's response was asking "what about John Cena?"

Apparently WWE higher-ups were trying to teach Punk a lesson by making him drop the title in an uneventful opener last night. Now, if true, this why no big stars are ever created in the WWE. Punk voices his opinion (a valid one) and is immediately punished despite his excellent work over the past few months. He's the best thing going in wrestling yet drops the title to a part-time veteran in about 10 minutes? Ridiculous.

I hate TNA, but at the very least they are now trying to push young guys to be equals with the Main Event Mafia, which is a respectful endeavor. This reminds me of garbage that WCW in the late-90s used to pull. Punk has earned tons of respect for his recent in-ring and out-of-ring work and should be treated like an equal instead of a "new guy".

I thought it wasn't a bad ppv overall. Going in I thought Taker was getting screwed. When he came out first and won, I was expecting some surprise way of giving punk back the title. My thoughts also are that the titles went the way they did for the Raw vs Smackdown ppv. Maybe champion vs champion, Orton vs Taker? Dx vs the harts? And apparently ecw isn't ppv material. No matches this one and bragging rights was clearly mentioned as raw vs smackdown

Based on what happened last night methinks there will be a double turn between Orton and Triple H. Before the end of the year, Triple H will beat Orton for the title with help from Rhodes & DiBiase. This will thus turn Orton face and he'll form an informal if uneasy alliance with Cena and Michaels. Conversely, Triple H will have his long awaited heel turn.

Commentor "art vandelay" .... very nice reference . LOL

My best guess is that CM Punk vociferously disagreed with jobbing to a 44-year-old cripple for no good reason other than to set up a program with Batista. (Because the world was desperately craving another Undertaker/Batista program.) I know that if I were Punk, I'd be like, "fine, just get this bull over with so the ridiculous cartoon character with the oh-so-scary gimmick that everyone's seen a billion times before can hobble around in a last spasm of glory."

If Vince wants to know what's going to kill his business, it's relying on aging hacks like Undertaker -- who has always been not only pretty terrible but downright ridiculous (yes, the undead wrestle) -- to try and prop ratings up.

Punk, move to TNA. It's the only solution.

Did you notice during the Orton Cena match that Cena as Cena got slammed a blade fell out and was siting next to his head? How come there was a blade if no blood was involved?

RESPONSE FROM KE: I saw the object, but I don't believe it was a blade. Number one, blading is not allowed. That's a fact. Number two, blades are always very small so they can be concealed. That was way too big. Number three, for argument's sake let's say it was a blade and they were going to do blood. They still would have done it. The ref would have slipped it back to him at some point. I'm not sure what the object was, but someone speculated on a web site that it was one of Cena's dog tags.

The Punk-Taker match was just awful. I didn't think Punk looked good at all in the match, and he was taken out in a mere 10 minutes. WHy the super short WHC matches anyway? FIrst the 8 minute tap out at Breaking Point, and now this.

We know that Punk can put on a great match, so I don't think the fault lies with him. If Undertaker's still injured, then the booking team has no business giving him the title, honestly... If not, then well, I guess you have to make the kids happy.

Rob the Barber: "Title changes simply means that the WWE is changing...PG...younger viewers...less attention span. The titles will become secondary issues in the story lines. Guarantee Vince is on his way to focus on having more larger than life characters rather than the prestige of titles."

Good point. I remember thinking something similar when posters were complaining how bored they were with Cena's year long title reign.

There always are plenty of posts complaining about too many pay per views and/or poor quality PPV's. So why do you still watch them? As long as people continue to pay for them, WWE won't change their PPV strategy.

I don't know what to think of the WWE right now. It looks like DX is doing what most smarks claim they never do which is making new stars out of Rhodes and Dibiase. They are certainly doing a better job than Randy did. I actually take them seriously now and I see them as a legitimate threat when they're together.

I think HHH and HBK are both stuck together b/c God help the ratings if they decide to split now with the hit & miss guest hosts every week. I am convinced that Vince has lost all respect for the actual "wrestling rules" of the business and has completely converted to just settling on entertaining the people who haven't a clue to what 90's wrestling was all about.

It sickens me to see great up and coming stars like Miz and Kofi get the snub. (AKA a 2 minute match to make time for the "guest host" to get as much time as possible to plug whatever it is they are plugging.) Granted Big Ben did a good job tonight but nothing can make up for Sharpton, ZZ Top, and Piven. If Punk really did [tick] someone off backstage then I feel bad for someone like him. He's worked his a-- off as the #2 heel (hell yeah. He out ranks Orton) and young superstar while other mid carders are suffering. Unfortunately for Punk he's got to make the people believe he deserved to be in that ring with Taker. Creative (and Punk) now have to justify why he lost in suck a quick match after claiming to be the new Smackdown savior and someone who's going to "bring prestige back to the WHC".

And I won't even go there about the Women's Division. Nothing but eye candy for an audience who could give a damn about the women. Gail Kim went from TNA Knockout champ to someone who may or may not appear on my TV screen each week. And poor Beth. She's obviously the best diva on the roster but gets no play time b/c of BS.

All of it. I'm fed up with all of it. And for all the people who keep screaming that HHH and/or HBK and/or Taker need to stop wrestling, shut it. A PPV wouldn't be worth buying if Shawn wasn't on the card. At least if he's on it you know there' at least one match that will be worth watching.

wwe is bad now, if this what will be happining then what is wrestlemania going to be like?

dibiase and rhodes are awesome as heels,once they get some seasoning they reign for years. the second coming of arn and tully. i understand the whole catering to the kids concept but 3 cage matches with no blood. after the first two my buddy said don't worry shawn got us he'll bleed for everyone.NOT, i ended up watching magnum ta vs tully blanchard i quit match remind me of a great cage match

I didn't have real high hopes for this one going into it as I felt 3 HIAC matches on one card was over kill. While I thought all 3 matches were good, they weren't HIAC good. And not even because of the no blood rule now, Taker and Edge had a great HIAC match at Summer Slam last year and nobody bleed in that one. It was just too much of a good thing. HIAC matches are among my favorite type of stipulation matches and these 3 were just watered down versions of what those matches should be. That being said at least all the matches told a good story.
I thought another 5 minutes of Taker and Punk would have made it that much better. I liked how the crowd was split with one half chanting for Taker and the other half chanting for Punk. Could have been better with more time.
Orton and Cena, as you said are always good together. I hope this is the end of it though. I'm hoping for Kofi/Orton.
I hope Legacy can keep their heat despite the loss.
The undercard was good. I'll need to see more out of McIntyre, not impressed yet but I see potential.
Mickie had the finishing move of the night.
I liked the Tag Title match. All 4 worked well together.
Morrison/Ziggler I was expecting a little more out of but they still turned in a very good preformance.
Couple of questions if you have time Eck.
1. I know, unless you're a main event guy all of your promos are pretty much written for you but do know how much of a match is laid out for the mid-card guys? I feel like Morrision vs. Ziggler could have been a show stealer but I feel maybe they are told to not go all out because they want the foucs to be on the HIAC matches.
2. I'm looking forward to you're blog about the frequent title changes but why do you think the World and heavyweight titles change hands so much but they seem to be building the I-C, U.S and Tag titles up to be more prestigious than they have been over the past several years? I feel Rey would still have the I-C belt if it wasn't for his suspension and Kofi had the U.S for over 4 months. Also I'd like to know what you think the reasoning behind all the title changes is. If you are going to make reference to this in you're blog then I'll wait. Thanx.

I am a big fan of the WWE but i think that john cena should have kept the title longer. I mean he just got it and then its gone. Really? I guess the people these days like ruining entertainment for us but it is whatever. If you agree just say so.

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