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October 12, 2009

Comment of the Week

The featured Ring Posts comment of the past week goes to King of Pants, who wrote the following last Monday in response to the entry "Hell in a Cell thoughts":

My best guess is that CM Punk vociferously disagreed with jobbing to a 44-year-old cripple for no good reason other than to set up a program with Batista. (Because the world was desperately craving another Undertaker/Batista program.) I know that if I were Punk, I'd be like, "fine, just get this bull over with so the ridiculous cartoon character with the oh-so-scary gimmick that everyone's seen a billion times before can hobble around in a last spasm of glory."

If Vince wants to know what's going to kill his business, it's relying on aging hacks like Undertaker -- who has always been not only pretty terrible but downright ridiculous (yes, the undead wrestle) -- to try and prop ratings up.

Punk, move to TNA. It's the only solution.

I will select the Ring Posts Comment of the Week every Monday.

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I'm guessing that the Undertaker is going to retire after Wrestlemania due to cumulative injuries, and whatever changes they're doing that don't immediately make sense (such as taking the title off a hot C. M. Punk) are being done with that in mind.

They could go a number of different ways from a long-term storyline. UT could lose more and more often until it gets to the point that folks are openly doubting whether he should be in Wrestlemania, then have him barely win something to face somebody major at WM, then beat him.

Or (mark alert! mark alert!) have Vince McMahon say well in advance of WM that he'll be in a handicap match against Austin and the Rock. The two opponents can't really risk injury, and maybe the UT can't do much anymore, but the charisma of the three would make the match off the charts. UT wins, fans are thrilled, John Cena can stop talking about Dwayne Johnson's lack of love for wrestling...

Either way, he leaves his boots in the ring and walks away.

It is a pretty sharp comment, but do you select it because you agree with it, because you think it is true, or because you want people to debate about it?

No matter what people think about Taker, the truth is he still makes a lot of money for the company, everybody (or almost everybody I should say...) wants and likes to see him wrestle, and his gimmick is simple and efficient.

Not using him till he's completely unable to move would be stupid... WWE is still a company, they still try to make the most of money out of what they can, and Taker (like DX right now) is a golden mine.

And it is not like Punk is completely buried somewhere, he still is in the Championship race, and will sure be champion again sooner or later.

RESPONSE FROM KE: Not saying I agree with it. I picked it because the writer took a strong stance and wrote it in a way that I found entertaining.

Woot! *collects trophy* Thank you, sir.

fire Harbaugh .

I could have sworn that my Chavo in a Steelers jersey comment would win :(

Whoever that person is that wrote that comment is on point. Undertaker's act is repetitive and tiring. Smackdown getting Boretista back probably ruined any chance of Matt Hardy or John Morrison winning the world belt this year. You know Batista is going to win the world belt or he's going to throw a tantrum like last year. It's stuff like this that makes me watch tna more and wwe less.

I thought my comment about Ray Lewis was much better. Why didn't you post it, Kevin? It wasn't profane or anything.

RESPONSE FROM KE: I didn't think we needed to go there.

Very entertaining comment but Punk to TNA would be a damn shame.

I think it's unfair to call Undertaker pretty terrible. I mean, Wrestlemania 25? I've made my point.

this is not the comment of the week. This is the rant of the week. Its so sad to have to sludge through one frustrated remark after another on these sites. Why can't people just enjoy something or tune out? To debunk; I seriously doubt a proffesional like CM punk would balk at doing the job for a wrestler with the stature of Undertaker. It only enhances his character. Vince is not "killing the business" In fact he's going back to PG a smart move because little kids aren't that spoiled and demanding as most of the silly people ranting and raving and venting their obnoxious views. Insulting taker and incouraging a growing star like CM punk to jump to the has been minor leagues known as TNA ( what lascivious drunk thought up that name?) is preposterous. Too bad for the writer of this "comment" Taker appeals to the PG audience and is still at the height of his career. Calling someone of his abilities a cripple is just silly. The 2009 match of the year is Taker vs Michaels. If anything Takers title run is in recognition of this and his importance to wrestling. Comment of the week? What were you thinking KE?

RESPONSE FROM KE: Hey, I never said I agreed with it. But the writer came with a strong opinion that obviously sparks a strong reaction one way or the other,

I think this dude should write his own column.

damn, Kev....if that's Comment of the Week, you must have had a bad week.

I agree... I was at the ROH show in Glen Burnie 5 years ago. Punk Vs AJ was increbible. They would light it up in TNA.

In what world is Undertaker terrible?

He has been consistently greater than the whole WWE roster for 20 years, with the possible exceptions of Kurt Angle Kizarny (undefeated, baby!!!) and Simon Dean.

Off Topic:

Is there any update on the Jeff Hardy arrest?

And deservedly so that he gets comment of the week. What he says sums up the frustration of most wwe fans these days. I could care less about the pg rating and supercena. I just get frustrated when a young guy like Punk comes up through the ranks, fights for a spot on the main event scene, and does an excellent job in every aspect of his character. Yet he has to job to an aging wrestler who can barely stay on his feet for more than 10 minutes. I've always been a fan of taker and always will, but right now he and the wwe have to go with the future (CM Punk) and put him over. Not squash him in a 12 minute match, then not even give him a 1-1 match to try to win the title back. If the WWE messes this up, they have definitely lost me as a fan. When I went to see Raw on March 30th 2009, CM Punk was all but an after thought to me. Now (almost 7 months later), I am kicking myself for not paying as much attention as I could to this guy while I was there.

Well, it's certainly a comment...

But I'd compare this guy's comment to Mein Kampf. Both make strong comments, but the reality is that the content is a complete piece of a trash.

If anyone says that The Undertaker's gimmick is repetitive, I honestly don't disagree. It's like Ric Flair and his "woo": for some people, it wears thin after fewer years than for others. As for UT's ring work, if he is no longer the performer that he was even six months ago, then I have one thing to say: the streak must end at Wrestlemania 26.

I love tcow , I have been an anti Undertaker fan for years. It is so old already.

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