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October 19, 2009

Bound for Glory thoughts

There seemed to be a changing of the guard at TNA’s signature pay-per-view, Bound for Glory, Sunday night.

With the exception of Kurt Angle, who defeated Matt Morgan in a very good match, all of the other big-name former WWE and WCW stars put over young, up-and-coming guys.

TNA world champion A.J. Styles defeated Sting; Abyss defeated Mick Foley; Eric Young defeated Kevin Nash in a three-way match for the Legends title; and The British Invasion came out of the Full Metal Mayhem match with the TNA tag team title, which had been held by Scott Steiner and Booker T. And even though Morgan lost to Angle, he was a winner in the sense that he came out of the match a bigger star.

The title wins by Young and The British Invasion seem to indicate that the World Elite has replaced The Main Event Mafia as TNA’s top heel faction. In fact, the MEM may be done. This reportedly was Booker T.’s last night in the company, and there has been speculation that Steiner could go as well, although the way he was booked to look good in the FMM match leads me to believe he is staying. Angle, the “Godfather” of the MEM, came out of BFG looking more like a babyface than a heel.

Overall, BFG was an entertaining show. Everyone had their working shoes on and the right people won the key matches.

It was an interesting crowd in that Morgan and Bobby Lashley – more so Lashley – were booed. Heels Angle, Foley and Samoa Joe were cheered, and the crowd also preferred Sting over Styles, although that wasn’t unexpected considering that Sting is a native of California, the site of the event.

Here is a match-by-match look at the show:

TNA world champion A.J. Styles defeated Sting: Despite the result of this match getting out ahead of time when a commercial for next month’s Turning Point pay-per-view inadvertently aired last week, TNA did the right thing and stuck to the original finish. Styles did a really nice job of carrying the match, and Sting seemed motivated. Styles survived the Scorpion Death-drop and the Scorpion Death-lock before hitting a Pele kick followed by a Springboard Splash for the win. After the match, Styles called Sting back to the ring and turned the spotlight over to him. The crowd chanted “You still got it,” “Please don’t go” and “One more year.” Sting said he didn’t know if he was coming back, but all the nice comments he received from people at Fanfest on Saturday make him “want to stay forever.” He said he wasn’t pulling a Brett Favre by being noncommittal, nor was he doing a “kayfabe teaser.” I’m not a big fan of using that word during the show, but I suppose it’s not that big a deal.

Kurt Angle defeated Matt Morgan: Angle did an excellent job of elevating Morgan, who came through with a strong performance in the biggest singles match of his career. The crowd even gave them a “This is awesome” chant. Morgan targeted Angle’s neck and back early, while Angle countered by attacking Morgan’s knees. Morgan got a number of near falls, broke out of the ankle lock several times and kicked out after an Olympic Slam/Frog Splash combination. Angle finally got the win after turning an attempted Electric Chair by Morgan into a Victory Roll. The match told a good story, which was that Morgan has become a breakout star, but he’s not quite there yet as far as beating a guy like Angle. After the match, Angle extended his hand to Morgan and told him that he has earned his respect. The crowd had been pro-Angle during the match, but after Angle’s endorsement of Morgan, the fans gave Morgan a nice ovation. The announcers put over the fact that Morgan had grown up during in the match and become a star.

Bobby Lashley defeated Samoa Joe in a Submission Match: For a guy who is competing in MMA matches and cannot afford to get injured, Lashley did not hold back as far as taking bumps. This was a good, hard-hitting match with both guys using MMA-style submission holds. Joe was in control for the majority of the match, as he worked on Lashley’s injured ribs. Lashley, however, caught Joe in a chokehold, and after a few seconds, referee Earl Hebner called for the bell. It appeared that Joe lost consciousness instead of tapping out.

Abyss defeated Mick Foley in a Monster’s Ball Match: Dr. Stevie was the special referee. This was the only match on the show that was a disappointment. In the hype leading up to the showdown between the two hardcore combatants, Foley said he wanted people to be asking after it was over if it was the best hardcore match ever. I’m going to say it’s a pretty safe bet that no one will be asking that. Foley and Abyss were abusing each other with barbed wire baseball bats and tables, but the intensity just wasn’t there, and Foley didn’t even bleed. When Abyss bladed his head, he did a poor job of concealing it. The thing that really killed the match was Abyss getting his shoulder up way too late on a pin attempt by Foley. The second referee had no choice but to hit the mat three times, and then time just kind of stood still. There was no way Mike Tenay or Taz could even attempt to cover for Abyss’ mistake. After Daffney tried to interfere, Abyss choke-slammed her over the top rope and through a table wrapped in barbed wire on the floor. Abyss finished off Foley after choke-slamming him onto a table wrapped in barbed wire. Abyss dragged over Dr. Stevie, who had been slammed into thumb tacks by Abyss earlier, and took his hand and slapped the mat three times with it.

Eric Young defeated TNA Legends champion Kevin Nash and Hernandez to win the title: It came as no surprise that things did not go as co-conspirators Nash and Young had planned, but I was surprised that Hernandez did not overcome the odds and win the match. Instead, Young turned on Nash and pinned him. As Nash was setting up a Jackknife powerbomb on Hernandez, Young took Hernandez’s head and rammed it into Nash’s groin to set up the pin. I like the decision to put the belt on Young, who has been tremendous in his role as leader of the World Elite. Even though he didn’t win, Hernandez looked strong for more than holding his own in a two-on-one situation.

The British Invasion won the TNA tag team title and Team 3D won the IWGP tag team title in a Full Metal Mayhem match also involving Beer Money and Scott Steiner and Booker T.: The star of this match – which is TNA’s version of a tables, ladders and chairs match – was Steiner, who hit four consecutive belly-to-belly suplexes on both members of Beer Money and The British Invasion. He also hit two top-rope Frankensteiners on Brutus Magnus and Doug Williams and did a belly-to-belly on Robert Roode off the middle rope. Meanwhile, his partner, Booker T., did next to nothing and was taken out on a stretcher during the match with an undisclosed injury. It looks like that’s how he will be written out. At one point, rocker Zakk Wylde, who was seated at ringside, threw a drink into Magnus’ face and then hit him on the back with a chair while Brother Ray held him. In a scary spot, Beer Money executed a double suplex on Magnus off a ladder, and Magnus ended up landing on Roode. After the match, Jeremy Borash wrote on his Twitter account that Roode was “nursing his lower back.” Rhino interfered in the match and attacked Brother Devon, who was on a ladder, but Devon was still able to secure the IWGP title belt. With an assist from the interfering Rob Terry, Williams climbed the ladder and took down the TNA title belt. I expected Team 3D to regain the IWGP title, but I’m surprised The British Invasion captured the TNA title instead of Beer Money.

TNA Knockouts champion ODB defeated Awesome Kong and Tara: In the middle of the match, an unidentified woman in the crowd attacked Tara. It happened so fast that the woman’s face wasn’t shown on camera. Security broke it up, the announcers went silent and the camera cut to the ring, where ODB and Kong stopped wrestling to see what was going on. Tara then went to the back. It was portrayed as a shoot, but this is Vince Russo we’re talking about here, so I didn’t buy it for a second. It wasn’t announced on the show, but the woman was Kim Couture, an MMA fighter (and the ex-wife of MMA fighter Randy Couture) who has been having a war of words with Tara on the Internet. Tara eventually returned to the ring. Kong was about to finish off ODB, but Raisha Saeed came to ringside and slid a chair into the ring for Kong to use. Kong didn’t want it. While Saeed and Kong traded the chair back and forth, ODB recovered and hit a facebuster on Kong on the chair to retain her title. It looks like the Kong-Saeed breakup is imminent, as they will wrestle each other on Impact this week, TNA announced on its Web site.

TNA X Division champion Amazing Red defeated Alex Shelley, Chris Sabin, Daniels, Homicide and Suicide in an Ultimate X Match: It was announced before the match that D’Angelo Dinero had to leave due to a family emergency, so The Motor City Machine Guns were added to the match by virtue of their victory over Lethal Consequences on the pre-show. This was exactly would you would expect – an amazing spotfest. It only took three minutes for the first “This is awesome” chant, which was sparked by Amazing Red hitting a huracanrana on Daniels off the top rope, sending Daniels to the floor, where he landed on the other competitors. At one point, Daniels and Suicide were fighting on the top of the structure. The fans chanted “Please don’t die.” The two eventually took an insane bump off the cable. Daniels landed on his head and it appeared that he could have been seriously injured. After that, Red, who also had been on the top of the structure, knocked both Shelley and Sabin off the cable and grabbed the belt for the victory. According to, Daniels said at a post-show news conference that he had a slightly separated shoulder and a bruised neck.

TNA Knockouts tag team champions Sarita and Taylor Wilde defeated The Beautiful People: This was OK but way too short (about three minutes). Madison Rayne tries hard, but she just isn’t in Angelina Love’s league. It’s a shame Lacey Von Erich isn’t a better worker, because she has more charisma and more of TBP look than Rayne. LVE was not allowed to sit outside the ring for the match, which disappointed me. She initially convinced referee Jamie Tucker into letting her to stay by making out with him, but Earl Hebner came out, and her charms did not work on him. Yeah, that’s real believable. Note to Maryland Championship Wrestling owner Dan McDevitt: Book Lacey Von Erich as a valet on the next MCW show and let me referee that match.

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Actually in the Foley/Abyss match, when the ref jumped back in the ring to make the count, he landed on his left hand, which people confused as the first of the three count. Any idea what happened to Taylor Wilde's nose? Looked like she was holding it at the end of the match. X Division match was awesome, overall a great PPV....I just wish it would come on Hi-Def!

Oh, forgot....bad spot at the end where Sting forgot he needed to be on the mat for the finisher by AJ....

This was the first TNA pay per view that I have ever ordered. And even though I came away thinking I made a good decision, the Lashley/Joe and the Sting/Styles match left me wanting more. The Lashley/Joe match seemed short and the ending came out of nowhere. The Sting/Styles match seemed short, with Sting getting pinned by a couple of moves that many others have kicked out of. If TNA wanted to end the show with a good match, they should have just finished with Morgan/Angle...

Honestly, watching this PPV just reminds me of how far TNA is to WWE. There biggest PPV didn't even come close to Breaking Point.

Angle vs Morgan was a bit overrated. I couldn't really believe the match. Angle hit a suplex, an angle slam, and a frog splash, and morgan acted as if it was just a scratch. They both didn't sell and it was just too quick.

Foley and Abyss sucked and was overrated. I couldn't believe the finish. The biggest spot was when Dafney got dropped to the table and they didn't even show that.

The Main Event was horrible. A descent match with a terrible ending. Sting's speech at the end was too long and was not necessary. He didn't retire and he didn't tell us if he was going to stay or not, so what was the point of that?

I thought it was an enjoyable show overall...

Angle-Morgan was the best of the night. The ending of Sting-Styles felt a bit anticlimactic, but it was still decent. Steiner was on a roll. That was a great spot in the TLC match, and it didn't even make use of a table, ladder, or chair!

Is it just me, or was Earl Hebner being booed and "You screwed Bret"-ed? SInce when did California become a Canadian province?

If Sting's really retiring for good then there goes the best wrestler to never wrestle in the wwe. Madison Rayne does not and I repeat does not belong in the beautiful people. Lacey has the look and personality but her wrestling skills need major improvement.

Awesome show from TNA tonight

Good show, but no need for Sting's tease at the end.

I couldnt order it cause I was working but kept reading the results. From what I read, it sounded better than that piece of garbage called Wrestlemania and 100 times better than anything else Vince has put out this year. Way to go TNA!!

was pleasantly surprised by this PPV.

Good job TNA.

Booker sure did phone it in.

I enjoyed Morgan vs Angle, as THAT is how you put a guy over by losing.

Too bad Abyss screwed up by not kicking out after the two count. It was his fault, not the ref's as people will try to claim. Put a BIG damper on the sick ending sequences.....

Finally a great PPV from TNA after a few bad ones and of course the stinker of a PPV that was WWE's "Heck on the Deck" or whatever....

OK, two 4-star matches, and a bunch of 3+ star matches. Is this the best ppv of the year? Certainly seems better than Wrestlemania in terms of Grand-daddy of the All. Wondering if I should order the replay

Damn solid show. Sometimes you need to leave your wrestling company bias at the door and just enjoy a show again.

Why b---- about TNA vs WWE vs ROH? It's wrestling people, quit looking at it as company and just enjoy the show...

Great weekend of wrestling for me. Kudos to Daffney for the barbed wire bump...she wrestled in Calgary last night and had to make it to Cali for the PPV soon after. Helluva girl.

great ppv, unexpected finishes!!! much better than wwe's crappy gimmick ppvs

As far as I'm concerned this is a frontrunner for PPV of the Year.

The Good

Ultimate X. Great match to kick off the show and excite crowd but jesus! I sure hoped Daniels had Life Insurance after that bump

TNA Legends title. Decent match with Eric Young showing his devious side as he used Nash and then backstabbed him to get the belt.

FFM: Solid showing from all four teams and this is how Booker Leaves. We saw them do their best spots and I reckon 3D and The Brits will face title for title

KO Title: Good match and if I'm right that's Randy Couture's wife who got involved with Tara at the opening. Surprised ODB retained but I guess this is how they will write out Raisha and let her be Flash Full Time

Monster's Ball: As violent as it was and they used all the plunder which was good and take away the botch pinned and it's a good match. I will also nominate Daffney for the Bigger Balls than the Average Man league for her sick move. That girl is CRAZY! First thumbtacks and now Barb Wire?!

MMA vs TNA: Good match and Joe can claim that Lashley didn't make him tap out and they can continue it for Turning Point.

Wrestling's Best vs Wrestlng's Future: Main Event making match for the Blueprint and although he didn't get the win he showed why Vince was a fool to let him go.

Sting's Final Curtain: No better way than for Sting to ride off into the sunset as he passed the torch to the Next Generation which is now being represented by A.J. Styles.

The Bad:

KO Tag Title: Too short for it to be considered anything really. Although the girls tried they didn't have any time whatsoever. Maybe next time ladies.

The Ugly:

Not a Damn thing!

2nd Best PPV of the year behind rOH'S Enter the Dragon!

This show was awesome but damn that main event. This is my first time buying BFG and it was worth every penny but for some reason I thought the show was 3:30 hours long. Which would have helped the main event. 8 matches would have been perfect but this was still one of the best PPVs of the year.

Foley/Abyss I would personally give 3 stars but your reason makes PERFECT sense so I won't fault you there.

the 3-way Womans and Legends title matches were way better then it had any right to be.

And for the record BFG 5>WM25 and I'm no huge TNA mark just a fan

Excellent ppv all the matches that were supposed to be good to great were and all the matches you expected to be bad to medicore were better than expected(Nash-Young-Hernandez) The Ulimate X Match was just sick. You had a superhot crowd that went nuts for all the insane spots. Hope everything is okay with The Pope's family and everything. I am glad The Guns were added to the match as they added a lot to the match. I hope they get thrown into the tag title feud. Daniels was as great as ever until that sick spot thankfully he isn't too banged up. Nash Vs Hernandez Vs Young was surprisingly good, mostly cause Nash did little else but break up pins and do double team moves with Young. Very very well and creative finish surprised Nash jobbed. The Knockouts Tag title match did nothing for me. Lashley Vs Joe was very good and Joe looked very strong and I was glad he didn't tap. Full Metal mayhem was another great match and with dead weight like Booker taken out early it got better as it went along. Steiner looked like a star in the match and everyone made him look great which makes me think he's staying around. Like The British Invasion so don't have an issue with them winning the TNA tag titles. Wish they would push Beer Money ahead of Team 3D though. Foley Vs Abyss was a crazy brawl with plenty of cringe worthy spots and an epic screw up by the ref counting to three. Daffney takes bumps that most men wouldn't dream of taking. Angle Vs Morgan was a terrific match that told a great story and made Morgan a bigger star than he was already even though he lost. The story really was a young inexperienced wrestler getting frustrated by his inability to beat the vet and was just slightly outmanuevered there. Hope Angle doesn't turn face. Styles Vs Sting was a good match with a the right finish and a great crowd and a nice speech by Sting. Gotta give the crowd credit as they were among the hottest crowds TNA has played to and they should have more shows there imo.

joe and lashley was a joke....horrific finish...not nearly enough time

That was the best ppv I have seen this year . I was shocked that Angle won. The last four matches were unbeleivable. I can't wait til iMPACT! this thursday

Great show, better than any WWE has put on this year. Im surprised , and relieved, daniels is alive. Also id like to see Scotty Steiner get a nice face send off after the reaction he got tonight. The guy has contributed alot to the business, love him or hate him. TNA has blown WWE out of the water in the last 3 weeks.Hopefully they can keep it going.

This was a good pay per view with some good matches. I feel that the two better ones were the Ultimate X and the Full Metal Mayhem. The matches that needed the most work were the Sting/AJ and Morgan/Angle. Those matches didn't seem quite right and were just way to short. The Morgan/Angle match just finished weird to me.

I would have liked to seen just a little bit of brutality in the Abyss/Foley match. Also, the ref count screw up just kind of ruined it for me.

The worst match of the night was the Knockouts Tag Team Titles. Total squash that wasn't worth five minutes of the pay per view.

I liked the Eric Young title win and the fact that the World Elite will feud with the Main Event Mafia potentially. I don't like how he won it though.

Glad to see TNA is building another MMA fighter in Tara, lol. As if we didn't have enough of those.

The MMA-TNA match was a little weird and come off as weak, but thats understandable because of Joe's condition.

Overall this was about a B- pay per view. Not too bad, but better than usual.

The future of TNA got the biggest shine. This whole ppv seems to be progress towards TNA GETTING BETTER. Hopefully a day will come when ppl stop letting WWE define wrestling. I'll be damned if there was no alternative and all we could watch is John Cena vs Orton or Triple; or see Chavo be made into an instrument to make children laugh, or see Boretista, or see over-dramatic slow paced watered-down matches that ALWAYS ends with a finishing move(which makes the matches so damn predictable) for the rest of our. TNA and ROH make wrestling beleivable and the 1960's oohs and aah's go. Certain things just aren't as entertaining in 2009. Who wants to see someone perfrom a robotic sequence of moves b4 they finish all the damn time? If we were still in the fRICKEN' 70's these matches would be fantastic, but it's 200-freaking-9 it is widely known that wrestling is fake. So they need to update the stuff to make it feel beleivable and entertaining. Oh yeah, I forgot, their intended audience is children who believe the crap So why should I care? I could just continue to watch TNA and be happy as I do. I know why, because, grown- men still watch it and have the nerve to compare it to TNA wrestling. TNA is not ' "Sports Entertainment" it's wrestling. It also isn't repetitive. The same schucks in the main event scene 4 the past 6 years! Finally the schmucks push a new guy with CM Punk. But hey it's society.

Mission accomplished TNA. They built up for the future by having their homegrown creations (Young, British Invasion, Styles) go over the established veterans, did a great job of essentially ending the MEM angle, and setting up some nice feuds for the future.

That said, I think after this anyone who complains about the direction of TNA is nothing more than a jealous WWE mark who is still stuck with watching stale DX jokes and the same people (Orton, Cena, UT) always hogging the main event scene.

If people are really serious about seeing the WWE get back to being exciting once again, especially the IWC, then they need to start throwing more support behind TNA. It's obvious they are serious about building up their homegrown stars to become credible main event talent as well as making tag team wrestling meaningful again.

was at Bound For Glory....AWESOME!!!! FUNN!!!

Very mixed PPV. Most of the matches were way too short and the mainevents seemed rushed. Would have been better if they removed Knockout Tag Title Match and added the time to Lashley v Joe. My ratings:

1. Ultimate X (****)
2. Knockout Tag Titles (**)
3. Legend's Title (***)
4. Full Metal Mayhem (****)
5. Knockout Title (***)
6. Submission Match (**1/2)
7. Monster's Ball (***1/2)
8. Morgan v Angle (****)
9. TNA Title (***1/2)

Not sure if anyone noticed but if TNA is going to use time limits they had better be careful with it......

Morgan vs. Angle was about 15 seconds away from being at the time limit, and not a word was spoken about it.

PPV of the year so far- every match was at least entertaining and at best very good.

I hope they do a non-spotfest X Division title match soon, since there is so much talent in that division. Also, the MCMG's deserve so much better.

MOTN? I'm going to go with Angle/Morgan. It wasn't amazing, but it certainly put over Morgan and told a story.

Best PPV since 2006. Bow down to Russo, marks! >:D

Just got home from the show; it was absolutely fantastic.

Dunno how it came across on TV, but Samoa Joe was over HUGE. The only time we weren't chanting for Joe was when we were chanting "LASHLEY SUCKS!"

Hey what we been used too lately GREAT SHOW! Main event cound have used Styles Clash and or 450 splash at the end but at least teh right guy went over.

Daniels fall looked bad, head first from that height !

Steiner actually looked goog for once, motivated almost. Can't say the same for Booka, why would WWE want him. Go with Hogan.

Hdez throwing himself all over the pace, remarkable. EY is a Angle wannabe. Nash being Nash.

My whole section was rooting for Samoan. I was only against them. Take that, jabronis.

The toughest Monster was the zombie, what cojones on that chick.

Morgan is nothing more than a Corleone. Now I understand why he was dispatched from WWE. Kurt is a ring general, true godfather. Only Mafioso who won.

Sting can still do it, he'll stick around. AJ put him over at the end.

Before the show, Dixie was mingling with fans, taking pics. And Russo was also in the crowd, lurking in the shadows...

See the repeat...

Strange booking I feel.
Red winning when Daniels was in the match?
ODB winning?
Young stunting Hernandez's momentum?
Joe losing to an 'outsider'? (Then again, this is the guy who booked David Arquette to the WCW title).

I also don't like that AJ just won the main event of TNAs biggest show, but it's all about Sting.

However. I will gladly admit (albeit with all due respect to HBK/Undertaker) that this sounds better then Wrestlemania 25.

It's up to Vince to better this show in April.

don't want it to seem like I didn't like the PPV because I did enjoy myself throughout and thought it was worth the money, however I actually had higher expectations. I thought while everything was done with maximum effort, didn't a lot of what was presented come off....sloppy?

I don't want to be negative so I'll just leave it at that and say thanks to all the TNA wrestlers for the effort (Lookin at you Daniels and Daffney).

I don't know if we were watching the same BFG, because I found the entire show to be sloppy, ill-timed and ill-executed by the performers. Tara getting attacked and taken to the back for no reason, Booker T being stretchered out (and Tenay and Taz not selling it), Abyss not kicking out on time, Stinger taking what seemed like 10 seconds to fall down just in time and in the exact position for Styles' to hit the springboard splash. Considering BFG is supposed to be TNA's version of WrestleMania, it came off looking more like something you'd see at a MCW show.

This was a very good PPV. It's the best show TNA has done this year, and maybe in the last two years. It was a quality show and I never thought that Vince Russo had it in him. But having nine matches was one too many. Joe/lashley needed more time and the Knockouts Tag match could have been done on the three hour Impact by cutting out some of the BFG promo time. Overall a fine effort and hopefully more people will take notice of TNA. And that TNA will continue to improve so they keep any newcomers. Hey, any show that has an over-rated Kevin Nash eating a pin is top-notch in my book!

Solid PPV, although TNA is still coming off a bit flat in regards to BFG's not living up to hype. Part of the problem was we knew what the outcome for the ME would definitely be.

Best Match: Full Metal Mayhem. Very entertaining match. Worked much better than I feared. Some good spots, told a good story, had plenty of time and got titles off Book and Steiner. The BE needed this win to shake up tag div.

Worst Match: Monsters Ball. Monsters ball is incredibly played out and has basically become nothing more than a generic hardcore match. I very much missed the old concept where the Wrestlers were said to be isolated in sensory deprivation for 24 hours before the match. TNA needs to at least bring that back. This match was God Awful. There was not one thing that stood out about it and the ending was horrid. Foley is not the Hardcore wrestler he once was and Abyss has lost 99% of the draw he once had as a monster character.

Best of the rest: AJ vs Sting, Angle vs Morgan, Ultimate X. Any one of these three matches could seriously give the Full Metal Mayhem match a run for its money as the top match on the card. Angle v Morgan and AJ vs Sting were very entertaining matches that both told pretty good stories. Morgan the rising star taking Angle to the limit only to fall slightly short, but earning Angles respect in the process and AJ coming into his own as the young champion (although he is not really that young) wanting to prove himself against the veteran Sting and succeeding. Both these matches set up some nice possible feuds down the line between AJ, Angle and Morgan. In Angles mind he is still the champion and AJ never beat him, Morgan also beat AJ in their 2 out of 3 series. Morgan came within a hair of beating Angle. It is something fresh to look forward to in the Main Event scene which has been lacking from TNA for quite a while. The Ultimate X match was very good and entertaining, but it almost was disastrous for Daniels and they are still not doing much but filler with the X.

The OK: Knockouts Tag Match. Short and sweet. However, TBP are not nearly as good without Angelina Love in and outside of the ring. 3 Way legends match. Another ok match. I am starting to like EY as the leader of the WE the more I see him. His unexpected swerve at the end on Nash was also a nice twist. Hernandez is not really impressing me in his singles push. I still don't see enough charisma in him to be a Main Eventer, and his ring skills are not that impressive when he has to work a full match without a tag partner. He is better in small doses IMO. The Knockouts championship match was also a fairly entertaining match. I am just not a big fan of ODB being champ.

The Meh: Joe vs Lashley. I didn't like this match and it didn't do anything positive for either of them IMO

What would you say the buyrate will be, about 4,000?

Kev you must be feeling a little like Dusty Rhodes via 1980's after the Four Horsemen roughed him up that one time breaking his arm..being that the other guy in sports entertainment who cannot officially retire, Brett Favre, throws a late bomb to beat your beloved Ravens...& you got rid of Matt Stover for what reason?

Sorry bout that Kev, now on to TNA - was a pretty good show all in all ..what have you heard as far as TNA stars leaving for the WWE ? I heard Booker T might be..and will the WWE ever do a major talent grab soon, like they did in the early 1980's when they grabbed "Hulk Hogan, Jesse Ventura, Tito Santana, Shawn Michaels, Mr Perfect all from the AWA ..completely replenishing their talent to think with the constant Cena Orton main events - a talent grab is in order ..AJ said he will not leave but got to think Samoa Joe would like to give it a shot and so would Abyss..who seems would be a perfect new "monster" to terrorize the faces..

Pretty good ppv. My only problem was some of the production. The 3-hour Super Impact was really good. It told a good story and it made the ppv feel important. Then we come to the actual ppv and the camera misses spots, major botches, and they don't do replays when needed. It just didn't seem as polished as their top pov should be. I really want tna to succeed, because that Is the only way wwe will step up their game. But tna really needs to work on the fit anD finish if they want challenge wwe.

RESPONSE FROM KE: No question about it. In terms of production, WWE is way ahead of TNA.

I'm sure LVE will be real impressed with you in that silly Foot Locker outfit. Get some pride in yourself, your a married man.

RESPONSE FROM KE: Hey, I'm at least as good-looking as Jamie Tucker and Earl Hebner.

Glad good reviews of TNA PPV's (I didn't see it). Hopefully they'll get more recognition, which will increase competition w/ WWE. Kevin, you think ROH will eventually get a TV deal? Three companies competing will only increase product and weaken WWE's monopoly.

If Eric Young has your company's legend title, you need more legends.

I actually liked the ppv a lot, despite having it's share of mistakes by Abyss and a big one by Sting. Steiner really was the superstar the FMM match, and it achieved the mission of 3D getting the belts back for their title defense in Japan soon (January?). Rhyno's gore was great too - I scratched my head wondering he was left off the ppv if he was feuding with 3D. In my opinion, Hernandez and Homicide should have had their confrontation on this ppv...

If you look at the replay closely from the Daniels/Suicide spot, Daniels actually lands across Suicide's body. It looked absolutely brutal though.

TNA still has some problems with production, but this show was actually quite good, although it would have been nice to see Morgan/Angle go longer.

Great PPV. The only weak match was Joe / Bobby Lashley, but I am being picky. My favourite match was the X division one. Daffney is one tough chick and I still miss Angelina Love.

Given that there are a lot of "shoot" aspects to Sting's will-he-stay-with-TNA angle, I wonder if he's really on his way out the door. It's no secret that he was turned off by the stuff WWE was doing during the Attitude era due to his Christian beliefs, but TNA is doing some rather un-Christian things lately (like throwing a woman through a table wrapped in barbed wire) while WWE has become more family-friendly. On top of that, Shawn Michaels has shown that a worker with strong Christian beliefs can thrive in the current WWE environment. I just wonder if this general attitude shift is making Sting think about heading north.

This was the first time I ever ordered a TNA PPV and I wasn't too disappointed in it. The four big matches were unexpectedly short, but I realized that the show was only three hours long, not four like Wrestlemania. Cutting a match wouldn't have been a good idea, since the booking on this event was mostly solid. Ultimate X was the best match of the night. FMM wasn't bad either. I really thought that Morgan would tap out to Angle but I suppose it's better that he didn't.

I've declared that I'm not watching WWE until they start making better decisions about their product. In the meantime, I'm paying attention to TNA as they seem to be getting their stuff together.

Seems divided but most are in for TNA,as stated previously TNA has turned the corner and are pushing "their" stars and "their young stars" excellently, I agree Kev that Morgan likely came off better in losing then if he won, Angle needs to go babyface with all of his late troubles and this is the prefect way to do it. Have him beat but put over Morgan,shake his hand say he respects him, sets up the next match for Morgan to totally heel Angle and beat the everloving crap out of him. This gains Angle a little time off ( possibly a bad thing) and gets MAJOR heat on Morgan while building Angle's face turn (genius move,can't be Russo's). In between BT hits the road (no great loss) Steiner can turn face as well against Young,Morgan et all and Nash can be a "tweener" for a bit while things sort out. Bring Hernandez up even higher, as well as the Young faction,spend some time on the ladies, and even have a program with Abyss & Foley. Meantime Styles can battle, Morgan,Nash,Joe in between with a possible Styles/Angle match that ends with an Angle face reaction similar to the Morgan match. Keep pushing the tag division having the British Invasion in semi-cohorts with 3-D while they bring Rhino protege up to snuff and eventually turn on each other. They could also put Nash with Steiner as they pursue these turns in tag matches and blow that up one way or another. None of this even brings up the possible/probable bringing in of Ken Kennedy who could go either way along with the other numerous free-agents on the market now or soon to be there. What ever has happened behind the scenes in the last 3-4 months at TNA has been what seems to be finally a plan with some foresight instead of what can we do tonight. Hat's off to the TNA bookers for finally seeing that they needed to start pushing their future,for the future and forget about what Wwe is doing and pave their own path. This is the only way they will have long term success and though mistakes will happen along the way I see a bright future if they continue their current line of thinking. And we the wrestling fans have the opportunity to have hope,get excited and look forward to what can,will and should happen with the product in not only the future but what looks like the very near future.Can't wait!

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