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October 9, 2009

Bound for Glory build heats up on TNA Impact

TNA has put together a nice card for its Bound for Glory pay-per-view, and Thursday’s night’s episode of TNA Impact did a good job of selling the main matches for the company’s signature show.

I think the Abyss-Mick Foley match is the most compelling one on the card, although I might be in the minority. Foley is so good at telling a story, even one that is flawed, which I think this one is because the program was rushed and Foley’s frequent turns have weakened his character. The crowd at the Impact Zone didn’t seem to be into their verbal confrontation – even though both guys did a great job – and they definitely didn’t buy Abyss as the babyface in this feud.

The fans were into Bobby Lashley, however, as his feud with Samoa Joe – his opponent at BFG – was escalated. Matt Morgan continues to have a lot of fan support, as well, and he gained another feather in his cap when he scored the pinfall on Foley during the tag team match in which he and Abyss defeated Foley and Kurt Angle.

Other thoughts on Thursday’s show:

The look on Foley’s face while Abyss was cutting an intense promo on him was great, as it really got across the fact that Foley was concerned without overdoing it. ...

Speaking of great facial expressions, I also liked the look of depravity on Eric Young’s face after attacking Hernandez. ...

Did I really see Foley do a drop toehold on Abyss during the tag matc? ...

The verbal confrontation between A.J. Styles, Sting and Angle was good, although Sting and Angle are so strong on the mic that they overshadowed Styles. I hope TNA doesn’t try to pull a swerve and have Styles turn on Sting at BFG. ...

So Dr. Stevie can afford to put a $50,000 bounty on Abyss’ head, but Angle – the highest-paid guy in the company – can only afford to put up $30,000 for the bounty on Young? I wonder if Karen pulled a Linda Hogan on Kurt. I had to chuckle when Young said he would double Angle’s offer if Kevin Nash did his bidding. Is Young planning on robbing a bank? ...

Samoa Joe’s flying elbow off a scaffold onto Lashley, who was laid out on the Spanish announce table, was nice, but after we’ve seen all of Jeff Hardy’s crazy stunts, it doesn’t seem all that impressive. ...

I didn’t care for Samoa Joe ruining the segment when The Motor City Machine Guns were showing the video for their new entrance music – which is a big improvement, by the way. Joe’s interruption really didn’t serve any purpose; it just made it seem as if The Guns don’t matter. Speaking of which, why don’t they have a match at BFG? ...

I like the fact that Amazing Red won the X Division title from Joe, but it seemed pretty silly that the referee would allow Lashley to just walk into the ring and fight Joe in the middle of the match. I get it that TNA wanted the X Division title off Joe before he faces Lashley at BFG, and it wouldn’t have made sense for Joe to lose cleanly to Red, but the same result could have been accomplished if they just would have made it a no-disqualification match. That would have made Lashley’s physical involvement in the match less of a stretch. ...

I’m willing to give Lacey Von Erich a chance, but The Beautiful People just aren’t the same without Angelina Love. I still don’t think Madison Rayne is a good fit for the group. ...

I can’t believe Christy Hemme didn’t kick out after Traci Brooks botched a Jawbreaker during the eight-woman tag match. They really should have improvised there, because there’s no way that should have resulted in a pinfall, especially that early in the match. ...

Here’s the exchange of the night between Taz and Mike Tenay, who mentioned that three TNA Knockouts are appearing in Muscle & Fitness magazine:

Taz: Wasn’t Vince in Muscle & Fitness?
Tenay: Russo?

Something tells me Russo is more a fan of Cracked than Muscle & Fitness.

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re: bounty - "that's straight cash homey."

The Cracked joke was good.

I find myself not caring about a single match at Bound For Glory. I don't want to see Sting, Nash or Foley wrestling in 2009. I don't like Lashley in TNA. I don't see why there is a "Number One Contenders" Ultimate X match instead of simply making it for the title. The Angle/Morgan storyline was rushed so much I don't feel invested in it. The only match I'm really interested in is the Tag Team Match. I'd rather not have Booker/Steiner in there, but oh well.

With a little tweaking, this card could be a whole lot better.

Not a bad show overall, Amazing Red is the reason I tune in, he is very entertaining. I would love to see him against Rey, Morrison, Bourne or Kingston if he were to ever head over to WWE.
I have only watched a few, but I can never tell what Mick is supposed to be, heel or face, seems like the audience didn't really know either in that opening promo, boos and cheers were just kinda there.

I am definitely more impressed with World Elite's Eric Young every week. He does need for W/E to be a bit stronger. Why does he have to ask Nash to do anything? Isn't this why there is a W/E?

I also liked MCMG new music but what is the point since they never wrestle.

Kong's interference in the Women's Championship match was strange. Why would she care who won? It was good though to see ODB get the victory. Has ODB won a match cleanly since she got the title?

I really wish they would just put the X division title on the Pope. He has so much charisma that I fear that he will be wasted like he was in the WWE.

ODB needs to go over clean to give her championship validity. It looks like they are using her as a transition champ right now.

I agree about Madison Rayne. Not a big Lacey fan either. I think they should add Traci and Christy since they are bunnies and move the group along.

Kind of sad for Joe; built as the major star and now jobbing right away to Lashley. I think Joe should be used as a Chris Benoit "tail kicker" with limited talking. He has the persona and wrestling ability to do this.

Would AJ fit in the World Elite since a lot of peopel think small town in the South are basically another world?

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