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July 13, 2009

Jim Cornette video interview

Playing "word association" with Jim Cornette last Saturday at the Maryland Championship Wrestling show.
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Very interesting. I was glad that I had the opportunity to meet and chat with him a little bit. Kev, you must not have been thrill with Cornette's response on Shawn Michaels.

RESPONSE FROM KE: Are you kidding? I thought it was hilarious. You can hear me laughing in the background.

This is really old but can someone explain this, Kev maybe you can since you wrote it.

Goldust had the line of the night. When he mentioned that he was thinking of giving his blond wig to Trump, he said: “It worked so well for Goldberg. It got him over like gangbusters"

I don't think I was watching wrestling at this time. I took a hiatus for the better part of this decade.

RESPONSE FROM KE: When Goldberg debuted in WWE, he had a backstage vignette with Goldust, and Goldust put his wig on Goldberg's head. It was totally out of character for Goldberg and made him look foolish.

Thanks for posting this Kevin, I love Jim Cornette and I'm always interested in hearing what he has to say. Looking forward to Daffney (who I also enjoy!) :)

I remember my first wrestling was NWA, and I hated Jim Cornette and the Midnight Express. They did their jobs so well as heels then to evoke that reaction. Now, I love watching his performances! I hope he gets more prominence on TNA again.

Thanks Sir Eck, King of wrestling knowledge. I knew I could count on you.

kev i'm surprised you didn't edit the Shawn micheals part in the interview but i am also surprise dthat you brought up Santino. Great interview Kev.

Thanks for the Cornette interview, Kev. Unfortunately, I tried watching the Van Hammer interviews and they quit after about 2 - 4 min each. But what I saw was interesting.

Cornette is a classic....still remember when got lauched off the scaffold by the Road Warriors....nice interview

Cornette may be obnoxious and overbearing at times, but if there is/was a better talker in the business, i've not seen him.

He's got a line for everything, can put over the worst worker in the world and has an amazing ability to draw heat the proper way, rather than the cheap way workers do these days.

His Shawn Michaels line had me in hysterics.

Nice interview.

Good quote about Heyman.

I was wondering Mr Eck what do you think of WWE going to a PG rating?

RESPONSE FROM KE: I don't have a problem with PG.

Great interview. But obviously, he hasn't had much interaction with Shawn Michaels lately otherwise he'd know that HBK's religious and lifestyle turn around isn't a gimmick.

I loved how he laughed at Santino. But gotta give Santino credit, he's one of the few pure entertainers left. *stifles laughter*

RESPONSE FROM KE: I agree with you about Michaels. Guys like Cornette who haven't been around him in 10 years think he is still the same person who really was a lousy human being back then. I know Scott Steiner feels the same way, and I'm sure there are others such as Bret Hart who do.

As for Paul Heyman, wrestling wouldn't be around today if it weren't for Paul Heyman, and that IS the truth. Eric Bischoff "phony"? nWo ring a bell? Yes Sting is still at it, but if that is all you have to say about Sting, then your a nitwit. No, one of these days "you", won't win a damn thing against the R&R Express, because they were the greatest tag team ever to be assembled. They were the NWA's version of the Rockers, and they were focused, unlike the Rockers. Jim Herd..... I don't know, ask Paul Heyman his opinion of Jim Herd if you want the answer to who Jim Herd is. Ray, one of the best singles in the business once he broke out on his own and stopped being a shadow of yours. He isn't the fourth ANYTHING. Matt Morgan..... nice push there, but if you don't take the wrestling business seriously, you don't become a legend, sorry Jim. Didn't much understand the whole "fourty year old plastic" though, maybe someone can enlighten me. Michaels, excellent performer, end of story. Sean Waltman..... Two words "Planet Blago". And Jim, if the Midnight Express were the tag team of tag teams..... Why, as you pointed out earlier, did they never beat the tag team of tag teams? I do have to say that is the perfect response to Santino, Heenan and McMahon though, but otherwise, he pretty much failed.

RESPONSE TO KE: Bret Hart is an immature ass who ruined his own career because he thought he was bigger than BOTH his bosses, who gives a damn about what Bret Hart has to say. lol

Cornette was the man as a manager back in the day. He was really cool talking to at the show as well; a real nice guy.

Back in the days of the Midnight Express , Coronette was great . I got a kick out of the upper crust tennis racquet schtick . I remember seeing him in a cage match back in the 80's at the Civic Ctr. vs . Kevin Sullivan (?) .

Why is Jim Cornette laughing at Santino? Let's put some things into perspective:

1) Santino no sells the Boogeyman in OVW.

2) Cornette slaps Santino.

3) Cornette gets fired.

4) Cornette gets hired by TNA, the number two promotion, to be the "face of TNA management"

5) Santino debuts in WWE and beats Umaga for the Intercontinental championship on his FIRST NIGHT.

6)Santino falls out of favor with WWE higher ups a bit but makes up for his lack of wrestling talent with his comedic skills.

7) Santino become so popular that he is actually given a SECOND Intercontinental title run.

8) Cornette takes a back seat to Jarrett and Foley in TNA, the number two promotion.

9) Santino becomes a fan favorite.

10) Santino wins a battle royal at Wrestlemania 25 (albeit dressed as a woman but it's Wrestlemania, so it's still a big deal).

11) I don't think Cornette's really been on TV lately for TNA , the number two promotion.

12) Santino gets paid big money by WWE each week and all he has to do is dress as a woman and as the third member of ZZ Top.

Who's laughing now?

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