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April 6, 2009

WrestleMania XXV post-show thoughts

The two matches that people were talking about prior to WrestleMania XXV are the same two matches that people are talking about after Sunday night’s event at Houston’s Reliant Stadium.

I agree with the consensus that the Undertaker-Shawn Michaels match more than lived up to the hype, and the Triple H-Randy Orton encounter fell short of expectations.

The Undertaker-Michaels match was so incredible that I didn’t want it to end. It was billed as the Undefeated Streak vs. Mr. WrestleMania, and when the smoke cleared, Undertaker still had his streak and Michaels proved yet again why he has that moniker.

As good as Michaels’ performance was, however, it’s important to note that Undertaker was right there with him every step of the way. I actually believe that Undertaker is a better worker now than he was 10 or 15 years ago, which means he truly is a phenom.

As for the Triple H-Orton match, I am disappointed that it didn’t feel more special after some great angles on TV. And I do think the wrong guy went over. Even though Orton has been world champion several times already, this felt like it should have been his official coronation as the top guy in the company.

I am interested to see what the next development will be in this feud. I believe Triple H’s glorious moment will be short-lived and Orton will be getting the WWE title sooner than later. So it might all work out in the long run, but Triple H ending the historic show with the belt raised in the air is still something of a bitter pill.


In contrast to the WWE title match, the triple threat match for the world heavyweight title between John Cena, Edge and The Big Show did not have the greatest build, but it came off better than expected.

Newly crowned champ Cena is compiling quite an impressive WrestleMania resume. He has participated in six matches at WrestleMania, all of which have been for titles, including five for world championships. He improved his record at Mania to 5-1 with Sunday night’s victory.


I like CM Punk, but I’m a little disappointed that he won the Money in the Bank ladder match. I was really hoping that MVP would get the briefcase and the push that comes with it. After Sunday night, however, I have all but given up on my belief that MVP would one day be a world champion. As for Punk, I wouldn’t be surprised if he becomes the first MIB winner to fail to capture one of the world titles.


A WWE representative pointed out that the attendance for WrestleMania XXV (72,744) was higher than the attendance for the Super Bowl (70,774) last February in Tampa. Since people always say that WrestleMania is the Super Bowl of wrestling, does that mean that we now should call the Super Bowl the WrestleMania of pro football?

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I thought Wrestlemania overall was very average. I predicted all the results of the matches as I am sure plenty other people also did. Undertaker and HBK and Matt and Jeff were the best matches with out being great. The rest I have forgotton already.

Hey Kev,

Your comment : "Triple H ending the historic show with the belt raised in the air is still something of a bitter pill. " couldnt be more true. I have never ever been more dissapointed (not angry) in the WM main event than this one . Agreed Wrestlemania 2000 saw the same man win and as a heel and dat was his major push!! . Randy needed this win after all his awesome heel work, now kevin do u really think Orton will be taken seriously after this (ofc its storyline and scripted)?? . Ofcourse as you pointed out randy may soon gt the belt who knows as early as next week but THIS WAS THE SHOW TO GET IT . Hell , I was hoping that batista show up and TURN ON TRIPLE H , WOULDNT THAT BE A SIGHT AN EXACT OPPOSITE OF 5 YEARS AGO !!NOW THAT WOULD BE A WM MOMENT *sigh*...though i can understand triple having lost his last 4 outings , wanted to close the show smetime as champ!! wwe screwed big time



Pretty god show and you're right that HBK - Taket stole it. I thought the Hardy's match was pretty good and the finishing twist of fate was sick. Matt's tights actually reminded me more of Kanyon's though....

Shelton;s leap was insane and he does deserve some reward. As for Triple H v Orton it was flat and the crowd seemed dead for it. sTarngely though i thought watching on tv is Aus that Christian got the biggest pop when he was reaching for the brief case - the fact Punk was then roundly booed for ruining the moment makes it seem moreso.

Wasn't really happy that Triple H retained the title with his match against Randy Orton. Really thought Randy deserved to be world champ and have the pyro display for him not Triple H. Every feud Triple H has been in with Randy Orton, Triple H always comes out on top while Orton gets buried. Hopefully the feud will continue on and Randy will become Champion once again as he deserves it.

Eck, I can't say enough about the Michaels - Undertaker match! I can't say anything about the rest.

Honestly, this was almost a wasted PPV. There were so many possibilities to put guys over, swerve the audience and create all new moments. Instead, we saw the same guys win, cleanly, with no twists at all.

Why did the WWE waste our time building up the tag match on multiple shows, only to pull it last minute? Meanwhile they barely talked about the JBL-Misterio match beforehand, and that travesty came after the Hardy feud.

Speaking of the Hardy feud... what an opportunity to "reveal" the attacker of Jeff. The real attacker, be it Swagger, Christian, heck I would have taken Dolph Ziggler. But, not to be. Instead we got an underwhelming 13 minutes of "spotfest" that did not meet expectations.

The main events...

were they "main"?

After HBK and Taker stole the show the main events were doomed (I use "stole" lightly, because at this point no one had the show).

The triple threat didn't even address the storyline. Cena wins, nothing changes, more to come on RAW? Thanks for the 3000 promos and Vickie moments to have her not factor in at all.

The WWE championship was won by HHH, he gets his revenge and Orton is left with having known that the amazing promos, attacks and evil stares led to someone else's lame moment.

Did anyone else want to see Vinny Mac come down and cost his son-in-law the title? I did. I would have settled for Hornswoggle coming down and costing HHH the title.

No run-ins, no surprise appearances, no swerves, and no storyline resolutions...

Was I watching Wrestlemania? This could have been any other PPV.

If they were intending on having no resolutions to anything, I would have saved my 55 dollars, and watched RAW the next night.

Wrestlemania is like WWE's New Year's and the countedown never went lower than 10...

(On a side note, Eck this blog is amazing. Keep up the great work!)

What happened to the tag team title unification match?

If you had told me before the show that the Triple Threat match would be more compelling than the HHH/Orton match, I would have laughed. That's exactly what happened though. In my mind, the flaw in the build-up to the HHH/Orton matchup is there was a massive lack or resolution. After they built this feud up to a fiery enferno, they added the stipulation that the title would change hands on a DQ. The fire we were all waiting for was only a flicker. After such a great build up, we got an average wrestling match. I kept waiting for more...and it never came. BAD BAD BAD booking!

Kevin,the WM PPVwas good but for being the anniversary show thought it could have been a whole lot better, punk winning MITB was a bad mistake, the man doesnt deserve another shot wasnt good the first time around as champion, the ray/jbl match was a joke and another belt being underulizied the wrong way. HBK/Taker match of nite, for a show being 4hrs long was disappointing. WWE and vince hope had a wake up call after the very lackluster WM25.

I'm glad I saved my money. I knew the Undertaker would defeat HBK, as I said before the Undertaker jobbed three times to Michaels on national TV and that does not come without a price. Jericho angle really went south. They should of had Terry Funk come from the crowd and bust open Chris with a cow bell then choke him out. Chris left a bloody mess in the middle of the ring like Flair was 2 weeks back. The Clown has ruined the WWE Womens Division if you want to watch some good womens wrestling tune into TNA. WOOOO

Hey Kevin love the blog I really do appreciate you opinion on everything that is pro wrestling. I just wanted to make a short comment on the HBK/Undertaker match...The first say 10 minutes were a bit sketchy...these guys are getting up there in age and I am not saying that I don't respect these two superstars because I do, but the dive over the top rope for the phenom is getting hard to watch...he almost broke his neck last night...but the match obviously did improve with the last 10 minutes with each wrestler kicking out of numerous finishers so overall I was satisfied, but I just wanted to get your opinion on my point.

The saving grace of this year's WrestleMania was certainly 'Taker vs. HBK...and (for me, anyway) Steamboat showing he can still work. There were certainly some high spots...Jeff, of course, and Matt's incredible Twist of Fate. I've always thought the best performer in every MITB has been Shelton! Cena with both Big Show and Edge on his back was pretty awesome...if he'd have done a triple with Vicki, THAT would have stolen the show...LOL. The rest of the show was mediocre at best...from Kid Rock's too long medley through to the lackluster main event. Piper and Snuka?? Are you kidding me? Even Flair looked awful. And jeez...did Mickey Rourke take long enough to decide whether or not he was going to fight Jericho and get into the ring? And I haven't seen a phantom punch like that since Ali-Liston! The returning divas were totally dissed and the whole "Santina" gimmick was better left for another PPV...not WrestleMania. "Taker vs. HBK was a classic and may have usurped Steamboat/Savage as THE WM match. UT and HBK need to get really big bonuses for saving this gobbledygooker of an anniversary show!

Now we know why HHH was all smiles at the HOF ceremony.....The results were either easy to figure out (cena, hhh, rey) or a repeat of last year (punk). But the best raw is always the one after wm.....we'll see

overall i would give wrestlemania a 6 out of 10. had the main event been better i would have given it a higher score. after all the build up for the orton-hhh match it was a huge disappointment. hbk- taker match definately best match of the night and should have been real main event. photo from that match made front page of houston chronicle. money in the bank was awesome as always but still shocked that cm punk won it for 2nd year in a row.

I agree on what you said about the MITB match Kevin, I was disappointed that CM won it even if I really like his work. And I wouldn't be surprised if he doesn't win the title. Hell, they might even have him loose the case in some stupid stipulation match!

However, I think it should have been Christian that won the case and they should have had Edge retain the title. That could have led to some cool interactions between the 'brothers' and you could even have thrown the Hardys in there and revived the old 'Christian did it' plot. Imagine a four way between these for the title somewhere down the line!

Triple H ending the historic show with the belt raised in the air is still something of a bitter pill.

Being a son-in-law has its perks...

I don't understand why the Jeff vs. Matt hardy match isnt getting much love. It was by far the second to best match of the night. Those two did some really good spots together.

Was it me, or did J.R. really seem off his game. Really odd remarks and lots of mistakes.

Also, to all the HBK haters out there, please go ahead and bad mouth the match last night so we can all confirm you are crazy.

Well overall the show was about as good as the build suggested it would be, which was underwheliming and ultimately disappointing. Yes HBK/Taker had the match of the year, the triple threat match was better than anticipated, and the Hardys and MITB had its moments, but outside of Taker/HBK, it never felt like I was watching a Wrestlemania. Orton/HHH may have been the worst "main event" match since Hart/Yokozuna. It never really got going, the crowd was in a stupor, and the wrong guy went over. Granted, I saw most of that coming months ago, especially HHH failing once again to put Orton over. MITB and the Hardys needed another 5 minutes each, which they could have had if not for the inane divas match (Santino's comedy aside) and Kid Rock's performance. All accounts suggested the tag match was a solid match, and should have been the PPV opener. Mysterio/JBL was a waste. Overall, it wasn't the worst WM ever, but it's definitely in the lower 1/4th.

Kev, from reading the many posts on the HBK/Taker match, I guess I'm in the minority. I thought the entire show was a major disappointment, including the HBK/Taker match. Someone mentioned how the audience was continually drained and surprised when Michaels kept kicking out from the Undertaker's finishing moves. Well, I wasn't. Not at all, because, each time, Taker simply tried to cover him. He never crossed Micheals arms, as is his custom. I picked up on that right away. However, he did cross his arms on the next to last attempt and when HBK kicked out, that's when I took notice. Bottom line, I thought it was a very sub-par show, especially considering all of the hype. One last thing, did I sleep through the tag team championship match? I don't remember seeing it.

Yeah, the Taker/HBK match stole the show...Clearly worth the price of admission alone. I'm also glad Matt Hardy got the wrestlemania win along with Santino/Santina. Hey Kev, any new info on that car accident from the other night? Thanks for the best blog on this website!

Thje bottom line is HBK stole the show yet again. His Mr Wrestlemania moniker still intact. Although I believe he has a losing record at Mania he continues even in defeat in his mid 40's now to run circles around the rest of his counter parts.

HHH vs Orton came through o nTV like SD Jones vs Big John Studd no reaction. That was a terrible match to watch.

If Cena had FU's both of them it would have been awesome but it came out predictable when Edge slipped off.

The MITB was fine the usual Dare Devil stuff was entertaining. Punk winning again was surprising I guess Christian is still being punished for the TNA stint

Ladies Battle Royal and KID Rock big Yawn Fest.

No real surprises last night. When a show becomes that predictable there needs to be changes. I gave it 2 out of 5 stars.

JR mis spoke several times last night and his trademark lines car crash, size of big shows boots, frying pan line etc are wearing thin on me.

If you had to redo the list, did any of the performances last night change any of the rankings in your mind?


Outside of Michaels/Taker, it was the lamest, flattest most predictable Wrestlemania in many years.

Overall I thought it was a poor WrestleMania. However, the night was probably saved by the Undertaker vs. HBK match. This will surely go down as one of the greatest matches of all time! I realise it wasn't a title match but I still think it should have went on last cos the two title matches after it were a real anti-climax and pretty boring. And what's the point in building Orton up to be a killer heel only to have him lose to Triple H?!

Another yeoman like job for us Kevin . Thanks .
Let's not get carried away by the moment in suggesting the Super Bowl should be called the Wrestlemania of pro football .
That would be blasphemy !

Triple H getting the win , .... imagine that .

The Undertaker may be a better worker now than he was 10 or 15 years ago, but Shawn Michaels is not as good a worker as he was 11 or 12 years ago. Michaels is probably the best worker in the WWE today, but he pales in comparison to the worker he was during his last WWE title reign before his back injury. And he was sooo much more entertaining as the cocky HBK and in better shape (but I guess you can blame that on the steroids).

And please do not be fooled, Kev. WrestleMania may have had a larger attendance than the Super Bowl XLIII but that is VERY misleading. The set-up for a football game takes more space than a wrestling event as a football field is WAY bigger than a ring. And clearly the Super Bowl has millions of more fans trying to get tickets than WrestleMania does. You put WrestleMania on free TV and it wouldn't get half the ratings of the Super Bowl.


Does anybody here understand why HHH has never had his WM moment?? Hell, even Cena and Batista had theirs at WM 21. But it absolutely doesn't matter how many wins HHH picks up at WM or how long he wrestles. He simply does not have enough aura or charisma to attract that WM moment from the arena. He is simply another obese 40 year old unwilling to open up to the fact that he is done and dusted and unwilling to realize the fact that he will never ever rise up to the levels of Rock/SCSA/Taker/HBK. HHH will never ever be remembered on the lines of one of the greatest wrestlers of all time. Maybe that's the only reason why the McMahons and HHH himself might push for him to break Flair's 16. Breaking that number is the only way people are gonna remember HHH. As someone who was the champ for more than 2 dozen times probably. Pound for pound he is the most ugly and the most no-talented wrestler the world has ever seen.

My rant might be furious, angry and over the top rope, but that's how every true WWE fan is feeling after yesterday night. The better man lost and an ass of a wrestler was put over. Come on, even after that HHH did not have his WM moment. The end result? HHH is not capable of having his WM moment PERIOD.

Eck...this Wrestlemania is exactly why I only get one PPV per year now...what a let down...some thoughts:

1. Agree that the Taker/HBK match was awesome...saved the show IMO

2. Why have a diva's battle royal with former diva's coming back...Molly Holly, Sunny, Torrie Wilson and then never really mention them.

3. The two main events/championship matches were horrible...why CENA (who continues to get booed live more then any face in the history of the WWE) is pushed down our thoats is beyond me.

4. HHH/Orton...what in the bloddy hell was that...all the build up for that run in' turns...extremely disappointed.

5. Kid Rock for 5 songs...really?!

6. CM PUNK...nuff said crowd booed him as well...another one being force fed to us.

KEV: you and I could have written a better ppv for wrestlemania...

a. Beth Phonix should have destroyed Marella after the match

b. Christin should have won the ppv and then beaten Edge after a fluke win in his match

c. HHH/Orton...hell watching popcorn being made would have been just as entertaining.

I was dissapointed they didn't show the Tag Team title unification match! There was enough build up for this match, and they've had some great matches on tv! I understand they'll be including on the DVD, but that's a real bummer for those of us who ordered the PPV and were hoping to see this match as well. They didn't even announce who won! Makes the "unification" seem like it has hardly any importance at all...

Ladder match was great, though I wish it was longer, and I also wish someone else would have won. I like CM Punk, but it would have been refreshing to see either Shelton or Kofi get the push.

I felt the Diva battle royal was pretty poorly executed. I don't understand why they kept advertising that divas from the past were going to be participating and none were announced. And though I love Santino, I wish they would have had an actual diva win this to reward the ladies for their hard work. Again, it seemed to devalue what ladies like Beth, Mickie, Victoria, etc. have contributed by not recognizing one of them as "Ms. Wrestlemania".

HBK v. Undertaker was phenomenal! Watching it again, Taker was extremely fortunate he didn't break his neck. I wonder if the "camerman" botched breaking Taker's fall. And that couldn't have felt good for him either - he landed on with his back on the camera and all of Taker's weight on top. Ouch!

The last two matches were okay, but not great. Cena winning makes sense, but I was never really invested in this match leading up to Mania, so, bleh. Would have liked to have seen Orton win.

Kev.... Awesome to read your live WM25 blogs from ringside... it was actually the "RING POSTS"!!!

RAW should be interesting today..... You think Randy Orton would ruin HHH celebration in much the same way as happened 5 years ago???

Also.. i think Cena needs to do an angle with 'Taker... has he done something earlier? That would carry Cena over [like he needs any more pushing!!!]

Hey Kevin, I'm a BIG rko fan and I must say that while I'm not surprised that Randy lost, I will say I'm disappointed in the way he lost..The last 5 minutes of the match was Randy getting least if there was a dramatic finish with reversals or HHH surviving interference from the Legacy while the ref was knocked out I wouldn't have been so upset...Even the fans there seemed 2 not care for HHH's victory...what's your take on the finish of the match and the crowds reaction?...

I know that the WWE/World Championships should be the most important matches on a PPV, but it was difficult staying awake during the last match because it was plodding and methodical with a distinct lack of emotion. This made it even more difficult to get my attention. I'm usually in bed by 10:00, so it was hard enough still being up.

I think we, as fans, are so tired of seeing HHH coming out ahead that we don't care about him one way or the other anymore. The worst thing that can happen to a performer is that the audience no longer cares. That's what makes Cena such a hot draw. Love him or hate him, you CARE. You either very strongly want him to win or you very strongly want him to lose. It always makes me glad to see his celebrations because he so openly shows his respect for the business and the fans. His emotions last night after winning the belt were *believable*, unline HHH's emotions after defeating the man who had physically assaulted his wife on several occasions. It would have made for much better theatre yesterday and in the future for HHH to lose his mind and get DQ'd for destroying Orton, then having the righteous chase to regain the title from the man who didn't really beat him.

Just seems like wrestlemania has lost some luster. HBK-Taker & Money in the bank, were entertaining, but it just felt like regular PPV. They need to reduce the number of ppv's and beg NBC to do saturday night main event again.

Kevin -

If you haven't watched the PPV yet on TV - you've missed a third component that made it one of the great TV matches of all time...

Jim Ross was off the hook...I'm not sure he wasn't marking out with everyone else...he was truly at the top of his game and absolutely got what the two in-ring performers were pulling off...

I was really hoping Cole and the King would shut up and let JR do his thing...sadly - that didn't happen...

I home CM Punk doesn't get a world title. He doesn't deserve one.

And I'm still so annoyed about the Divas match! Grrrr!

And why didn't they have the tag team match between Miz & Morrison and Carlito & Primo? Our picks ended up being a draw and it all came down to that match and then they didn't show it!

You think a Triple H heel turn will be in order soon since it's now officially recognized in the WWE Universe that Triple H is married into power? I think if the cards are played right we could finally see Orton as the anti-hero going against Triple H's "McMahon-Helmsley Era" power trip to remain the WWE Champion. Triple H being as a face was very refreshing to see but I feel as if it has run its course and he needs to go back to being the heel.

I just want HHH off TV now (like it would ever happen). This past year has been horrendous. He turns 40 this year, yet during the past 12 months he has cleanly defeated ALL of WWE’s top young stars. Orton has been beaten 4 times (all clean) and he’s beaten Cena, Edge and Jeff Hardy. And just for good measure, he cleanly pinned Undertaker in the Elimination Chamber. None of his feuds are enjoyable because there’s never a chance of him losing. I’m sick of waiting for someone to decisively beat and get the better of him. Cena is the company’s biggest star and has stayed over despite cleanly jobbing to Orton, HHH, JBL, Batista, Edge and even Big Show on Raw. It makes his feuds interesting because there’s a chance he might lose.

If it wasn't obvious before, it's clear now that anyone who wants to break into the main event will be better off working with Edge or Cena.

25 divas and NONE were officially announced? WHY? Because "Kid" Rock had to do FOUR songs? They could have skipped that and showed the Tag Team Championship. How soon will Michael Hayes be fired?

Hey Kevin - if Mickey Rourke was going to do what he did last nite...why couldn't the WWE hype it more leading to the match? I went to a place that shows Pay per views and there were over 1200 people there - they were turning people away at the only thing with the card ..if HHH wants to do what is best for the "biz" he should have let Randy have this one..

I also was dissapointed in the Randy Orton / Triple H match. Very anti-climactic way to end the show. CM Punk winning the money in the bank was a huge dissapointment as well. Christian, MVP, anybody but Punk again. Also, I swear I thought both The Undertaker and Shelton Benjamin landed straight on their heads. Amazing that they both walked away from that.

I didn't see it so I have no opinion , but from all accounts , this wasn't WWE's best effort . Which is surprising to me . All reports I've read give high marks to the Undertaker / Michaels match . Most columns I've read are pretty much spot on with Kev's reaction to HHH victory as well .

I thought the show was good, up until the main event, which was just overall not a good match for the hype, and awesome build. Triple H should not have won that.

Undertaker vs Michaels is most likely going to be MOTY, and it's well deserved.

Undertaker vs Shawn Micheals.... Unbelievable match. I think it is now my favourite match ever, even though I wish Shawn won. I knew that he wouldn't, especially given that Shawn always had the upper hand in the build up.

HHH Randy orton.... I'm surprised that it was just a regular match and there were no angles involving the Legacy and the McMahons. I think everyone thought that.

A little disapointed in JBL vs Mysterio, not because I think JBL deserved a better send off, I just really enjoy watching Rey Mysterio.

I was horrified by Shelton Benjamin's dive - I thought for sure that he would have broken his back or neck. I was amazed when he was back in it several minutes later. This guy seriously needs to win a MITB and get a great push.

They should have had R-Truth and Morrison on the card instead of the diva battle royal. These two, Benjamin and Kofi Kingston should be pushed to the moon over the next year.

It made sense for Matt to win, as he needs to be elevated before ultimately losing to Jeff. I agree it should have been longer (again - lose the diva battle royal) but it was a good match and a good finish.

As much as Cena has improved, I thought Edge deserved a Title win at WM. I also thought that he would win and Punk would come out and beat him.

Kev, thanks for all your hard work in keeping us posted with all of the Wrestlemania goings-on. I'm sure it's tough attending the events and blogging for us. When do you sleep? LOL

Thanks for all you do.

RESPONSE FROM KE: Sleep? What's that. :)

C.M. Punk wins MitB
Cena wins the title
HHH wins the title

God what a dissapointing night... HBK/Undertaker was the only good point of the night...

OH and The Colons beating Miz and Morrison...

Worst WM in my opinion in a long time

So Kev what are your grades for all the big matches last nite ? Taker - HBK / Orton - HHH / Money in the Bank/ Triple threat championship

For what it's worth, everyone said that HHH had to put Orton over last year. When he did, Orton's heat fell flat immediately.

WWE makes a lot of money marketing to little kids, who prefer Cena and HHH's absolutes to shades of gray. Maybe they have booked themselves into a corner.

Hey Kev, great blog btw, love reading it. I have nothing new to add regarding WM....just wondering what your thoughts are on the ring rope color. The blue ropes just feel too "B Show" to me (after years of WWE conditioning fans that Smackdown is the B show) and I hated it when they started using the blue ropes for big PPV's like Survivor Series....but now WrestleMania?? I think the show could have had a much better "big event" feel with all black or even silver ropes (seeing as how its the silver jubilee of WM). Anything that doesn't make it look like a glorified Smackdown episode.....your thoughts?

Kevin , I like to read all the comments and one that I don't want to let slip through the cracks was a question posed to you by frequent commenter "Elevation". He asked if in hindsight , you'd change any of your rankings . You said "just one."
Seriously , which one ??? 'Taker , Rocker Boy ???

RESPONSE FROM KE: If Michaels keeps stealing the show year after year, at what point does that put him above the guy who established Mania? I don;'t know the answer.

After watching HBK vs Undertaker match emotionally I felt drained. Any match that I watched immidiately after couldn't compare. I would like to watch the show over again without watching that match to give it a second chance. I do believe the main event wasnt as good as previous years and was rushed.

If you had to redo the list, did any of the performances last night change any of the rankings in your mind?


I agree, you really should, Santino Marella A.K.A miss wrestlemania for number 1.

HBK - Taker was probably better than last year's Undertaker- Edge and that is a huge compliment. Easily the best match of the night.But what really stole the show was Austin coming out and celebrating with his beers. Austin 3:16 still whooped Wrestlemania's ass.

For those who have been complaining about the lack of intros for the Diva match, if they had done that then there is no way that the "Santina" angle could have happened.

RESPONSE FROM KE: Absolutely right. But it still doesn't make sense to play up the fact that former divas are coming back and then not introduce them

I think one of the worst things of the night was how it was booked. And maybe even miked. To have your three main events on back2back2back is just too draining on your audience, either at home or live. And speaking of live, the crowd seemed really dead except for HBK/Taker and the last half of MITB. I think Kid Rock should have been on later - c'mon, after only one "official" match? - and the three main events should have been broken up. Like, maybe the divas should have been between two of them. Bad booking, but in a different direction.

Just a thought, it seems to be a bit of a bad time to be a heel in WWE right now, Triple H as WWE champ, Cena as World heavyweight champ, Mysterio as Intercontinental champ, MVP turned fae then given the US title, Carlito and Primo with both tag belts having buried Miz & Morrison what is that like 4-5 times now in a row, not to mention CM Flunk getting the money in the bank again after some fake looking beatdown on Kane at the top of the ladder...

Hell if it were not for Santino Marella becoming miss wrestlemania no heel would have won anything at wrestlemania really.

How it could've been a lot better:

- Orton beating Triple H, which could have led to a great feud continuing long into the summer

- Christian winning MITB. As someone said, an Edge v Christian match somewhere along the line would be amazing, and you could throw in Jeff Hardy to mix it up!

- Showing the Unification Tag Team match, whose absence I'm guessing spells the death of tag team wrestling

Personally, I enjoyed the whole show. Although much of it was unremarkable, I didn't really think any of it was terrible. I agree with most that I would have booked Orton to win, but calm down, people! I find it amazing that Triple H wins one match at 'mania and people immediately forget about him tapping out to Benoit and Cena, putting over Batista and so on.
Undertaker/HBK was genuinely worth the money on its own. The streak has featured some classics, but this was the best ever and perhaps the best match I have ever seen. Also, to the guy who said that Undertaker not doing the "crossed arms pin" spoiled it for him, I suggest you go back and watch some old tapes. You'll see that 'Taker usually only does that after a tombstone. I agree with you Kevin, Undertaker is probably the only wrestler in history to have reached his age and STILL be improving. He is ten times the wrestler he was when he joined the WWE. For my money, anything HBK has lost in agility, strength and so on (and that is not much) has been amply replaced by his still-improving psychology. Love the way Triple H gets heat for being 40 when these guys prove that, at least in wrestling, you really can make a case that life begins at 40.
Hardy vs Hardy could have been better, but that last Twist of Fate was genuinely sick.
I'll add my vote to the "let Shelton win a MITB" chorus!
Triple Threat was fun, Orton-Triple H not as bad as some are saying, but definitely should not have closed the show and a short-sighted booking choice. I actually stopped watching after Taker-Michaels (partly because I am in the UK and had to go to work the next day!) and watched the two title matches the next night. I actually think that made them seem better.
Steamboat - wow! Piper - loved his intensity, but the body just can't go anymore. Snuka - glad they kept his involvement short. Time to hang up the boots permanently.
JBL's facials after his loss were priceless.
Jim Ross rules.

I thought the whole WM build up was odd. The silver anniversary and they treated like an in-your-house show. I was happy not to see a bunch of celebs as they normally trot out at WM. God, I hate that.

The thing that got me was the diva match. Bringing back some of the older divas was cool, but who saw them? I think Sunny was eliminated before anyone said she was there. I normally don't like the fluff pieces, but I did want to see the some of the older divas.

I thought Kid Rock sang 3 too many songs.

JBL should have gone out better than he did. Not win the match, but allow to retire with more fan appreciation.

I was happy to see HHH win. I hate Orton. I know that's the point, but I can't stand him.

And Edge- Every time he enters the ring I hope for an injury to knock him out for 6- 8 months. It's always the same thing, week after week, month after month. His gimmick is old. If you didn't see him this week, wait 3 months, and you wouldn't have missed a thing.

Speaking of Edge- why the whole Big Show and Vicki scenerio? Edge acted like he couldn't have cared less about the two.

I liked the MITB match, the HHH/ Orton match and the HBK/ Undertaker match. All the others were crap.

I rate WM 25 matches a 6. Overall, a 5 with the shoddy production. BIG disappointment.

Sorry I'm a little late. Where was Jack Swagger @ WM 25?
Thought the show was average at best.Certainly not up to WM standards.

Why was post WM 25 Raw better than WM25 itself?

Kevin, I was on the phone with my brother; we watch the PPVs together (over the phone) since we are in different states, and we said at the exact same time, during the 'Taker-HBK match, that we didn't want the match to end. And he's a HHH and Edge fan. So, I completely agree with you. You posed a question about your rankings. You asked, at what point does a wrestler who outperforms everyone else, consistently, remain second to a wrestler who established WM as a success? It's a paradox. I'm sure you know the answer to that now, and that question is the same question that had a definitive answer when you did your rankings. I understand your reasoning for the rankings, but the answer to that question was the same before you ranked the fellas. The problem is this: a certain wrestler will still have haters after his performance on Sunday; I thought he proved everybody wrong 13 years ago in the Ironman match, and if not then, then 4 years ago against Kurt Angle. Yet, he still has haters, and after Sunday night, those people in my brain are obviously delusional. Delusional people can be very persuasive. As far as your list, you were probably right the first time. It was a good list, however, and I enjoy the debates (reasonable ones-that is).

Kev,have only started reading your blog in the last month but have to say its extremly good..thought WM25 was very entertaining,1st time iv ever seen it live,ment i didn't get to bed until 4am (i live in Ireland) but was worth it,HBK/Undertaker match was by far the best on offer,putting Kane/Mark Henry in MITB was a poor choice,really R-Truth and Evan Bourne should have being there instead..heard that Stephanie McMahon is going to turn on HHH sometime soon,have you heard any of those rumours?

Overall it wasnt worth 55 bucks. Not showing the tag match was just ridiculous. Kid Rock taking up precious time was just insane. The divas battle royal in which they were not even announced was just stupid. Having a repeat winner in the MITB match was mind boggling when it was so obvious that Christian or MVP should have gotten a push. It seems like CM Punk is just being rammed down our throats for some reason. Michaels-Taker match saved a pathetic show. The triple threat match outcome was obvious. Again Cena who needs a heel turn in the worst way is being rammed down ourt throats. HHH-Orton match should have had more twists. Referee gets knocked out. Here comes Legacy taking it to HHH and now the McMahons come down and even things out, but Legacy is to overwhelming and they are pummeling the trio. Then it happens. Bautista's music hits and here comes Bautista to help HHH and company. Rhodes and DiBiase run for the hills and Orton is about to pummel HHH with the slegehammer. Bautista hits the ring and takes the sledghammer away for Orton only to clock HHH with it. Bautista revives the ref and 1,2,3 new WWE Champ and Legacy's reign of domination has begun. The next night on Raw Bautista takes the title from Cena in the main event of the night after a brutal attack by Legacy on Cena to open the show. Hey Kev one can dream cant he. Thanks for the great work u do with the blog.

Hey Kevin, how u doin? My God, What a crappy Wrestlemania!!!!! Why the WWE made the silver anniversary of the grand daddy of dem all into a event of yawns n bordom? Now, the only match that stole the show is none other than the Undertaker and HBK. WOW!!! Incredible match. now that is a MAIN EVENT. CAN U READ IT AGAIN? "MAIN EVENT". If it was a championship match, it would be more spetacular. for real. the other matches??? what matches? ha ha ha. Really? A diva battle royal???? A kid rock performance? a waste of 15 minutes of that crap. cm punk mitb again? come on. and i was cheerin for kofi, christian, and benjamin to win. they deserve it. mark henry n kane rather b replaced by r truth n tommy dreamer instead. u feel me? triple threat title match was a bad idea for a lame n boring love triangle storyline. n cena won. don't care. mysterio-jbl match, not that great but funny cuz of the quick 21 second win. the legends vs jericho wasn't exciting but i give credit by streamboat impressive performance against jericho n that shouldn't been a one on one match wit the legend, but it was a bad idea for a mania match. n a waste. jeff vs matt was ok, but it should've been a little longer with more brutal weapon shot to each other. it went out quick the match. not good. the main event was terrible n a horrible conclusion of an event. and yes, all of u said the same thing. two words...."that's it?". i stayed silent. hell, i fell asleep during the match. literally. ok, the tag team match was taken out of the show??? and it was dark match??? what the hell was wwe was thinkin? they announced it on tv n took it out???? come on.

oh, i forgot after 3 long months, wwe planned 8 matches? where was the ecw title match? the final austin match? come on. if wwe didn't put the ecw title on the line at wm, why did they made the brand in the first place? answer that? why? this is stupid. a waste of 3 months. a total waste. one of the worst wm events ever. we, the fans, rather set the card for great matches than the wwe. seriously. if vince mcmahon doesn't think a good card for next year, then people won't give a (darn) about wm.

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