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April 22, 2009

Is Jeff Hardy considering leaving WWE?

Jeff Hardy’s future in WWE has been a hot topic among the Internet wrestling community after reported earlier this week that Hardy’s contract was expiring in the next two-to-four months and he had yet to accept WWE’s offer for a new deal.

According to the report, WWE wants to sign Hardy to a long-term contract. When he was not receptive to such a deal, the company then offered him a one-year contract with the hope of working out a longer deal later, but he has not agreed to that either.

If the report is accurate ( has a pretty good track record), it’s anybody’s guess as to what it all means. Hardy in real life is a lot like his wrestling persona in that he is something of an enigma.

Perhaps Hardy is burnt out on wrestling and needs to get away from it for a while. He certainly has been on an emotional roller coaster over the past year, as he received the biggest push of his career and finally won the WWE title, but he also was suspended for his second violation of WWE’s Wellness Policy and lost all of his possessions as well as his dog in a fire.

Unlike his brother Matt, Jeff Hardy does not seem to be consumed by wrestling. In an interview with me last year, Hardy said that he had lost his passion for the business when he left WWE in 2003. “It becomes a job and you do it so much and things get old,” he told me. Hardy said that his big singles push was largely responsible for him regaining his passion, but he also said that “there’s a lot of pressure and stress that comes with [it].”

WWE has done such a tremendous job of branding its name over the years that no one star is bigger than the company, but it still would be a blow to lose Hardy. He is incredibly popular with teenage girls and kids, and despite that fact, there hasn’t been a backlash among male fans. With Triple H having moved over to Raw in the draft, Hardy is currently slotted as Smackdown’s No. 2 babyface behind The Undertaker.

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The reason us male fans aren't against Jeff for having female and kid fans is because he's not like Cena. WWE tries to keep newer fans still interested and most newer fans are female and kid fans so they shove Cena down our throats because he drew them in. I'm glad there's more female fans because it's not so much of a sausage fest. I'm not so sure about kids because Cena and them made WWE PG...if it wasn't PG I'd be 100% ok with them because kids (including me at that time) watched WWF during the Attitude Era and the world didn't come to an end...

hardy cannot leave wwe

It would be a big shame if Jeff Hardy had to hang his boots so soon. I'm getting the feeling that Hardy doesn't feel rewarded for his efforts and devotion to the WWE. His biggest push was short-lived and I still dont understand why the WWE awarded Mr.Money in the bank to Punk again. It would have made much more sense to have Jeff win the Money in the bank which he was booked for last year had he not been suspended and then have him go after Edge for the World Heavy championship which the latter should be holding right now. The feud with Matt could still happen pending his cashing of the money which would have elevated him even more by having Matt getting jealous of Jeff's recent wins of the title as well as of the Money in the bank.
Another possible feud I can see work very well in the near future for Jeff would be with Morrison. These two high flyers going after each other could steal the show at any PPV "a la Shawn Michaels" and as a result have their superstardoms take off and that would have the WWE start coming to terms with Shawn Michaels hanging his boots as well as giving WWE fans of the Shawn Michaels prime that have completely lost interst another reason to watch the WWE programs again. What are your thoughts Kev on the subjects I've discussed around Jeff?

Any chance that the Matt/Jeff feud was set up because of this possibility, and that the blowoff of the feud can be Matt claiming he ran off his brother?

First, let me say that I love reading your column. As a long-time wrestling fan, it's refreshing to see the sport being given space in a legitimate newspaper. I have a very quick question that I'm hoping you'll answer in time for me to take advantage of it. Back in high school, my friends and I used to go to Bill Bateman's to watch the WWE pay-per-views each month, and in college we switched to Padonia Station. As I'm sure you're aware, neither of them shows the events anymore, with the exception of Wrestlemania at Padonia Station. Do you know of anywhere in Maryland that is showing Backlash this weekend and continues to show the pay-per-views each month?

RESPONSE FROM KE: Unfortunately, I do not know of any establishment s in the Baltimore area that show the monthly PPVs anymore. If anyone is aware of any, let me know and I'll pass it along.

Jeff might be tired of being on the road for 300+ days and wants to live his life. If I am not mistaken he and his brother have been wrestling since their teens. I don't think Jeff will walk away from the wrestling business because TNA can offer him a chance to wrestle and not wrote as many dates.

With TNA, Jeff would work about 5 days out of the month and still be paid very well. I have heard this mentioned in other wrestling circles but perhaps wrestling needs an off season. Something like two months off but considering the house shows business WWE has it is not feasible.

If Jeff is indeed on his way out I hope he jobs to Morrison and CM Punk elevating both guys.

I'm originally from Towson and loved going to see the PPV's at the pubs. Now being relocated to Ohio, there is a place called Scorchers that has every PPV. The signal fee is obscenely expensive, but the owner packs the place and makes his money back on wings and beer.

Micah - the reason why establishments don't show WWE PPVs is because the company charges ridiculous prices (per square foot) for them to air it. It's much, much higher than what UFC charges to broadcast this. I live in Jacksonville, Florida, and it's very hard to find somewhere that broadcasts them. That is frequently the reason given to me.

Here's my unsolicited advice to WWE: cut your house shows down to one per week per brand. As it is, the show results aren't ackowledged on television 49 times out of 50, anyway. With the workload reduced, people like Jeff Hardy and RVD would be easier to persuade to stay with company.

Ok, I'll ask it: what the hell would Jeff Hardy do besides miss Swanton Bombs for money?

Hardy derailed his own push, frankly. The WWE was building him up to be a latter-day Shawn Michaels (former tag team star getting the slow singles makeover, a number of IC title runs, etc.) and all the dude wants to do is snort drugs and write crappy poetry.

One of the biggest reasons I have lost a lot if interest in wrestling is becasue of Hardy. That's because he isn't getting the push he deserves. He is so over with the wrestling audience and he should be main eventing PPVs.

Instead we're stuck with HHH and Cena. BORING.....

jeff can not leave the wwe!!!! everybody loves him there and he will let down all of his fans and i do not want to see Matt brag about himself and say that he is the reason that jeff left and that it's his world!!! he works to hard and he's an amaaaaazing performer i luv him and my world would come crashing down if he left so soon and i would never ever watch the wwe anymore cz the wwe federation won't be exciting when he's not around......jeff has to do some thinking and stay more here in the wwe he's the best and he's my role model and also hero!!!!! i luv u jeff hardy don't leave plz cz we all love yaa soooo much and we will NEVER hate you or boo u or anything we will always be on ur side.....take care

Being a Jeff Hardy fan since i was a little kid, we have all seen him leave and come back to the WWE. Whatever Jeff Hardy does and if he goes. He will never be forgotton by all of the fans. every WWE superstar have to move on, and Unfortunately we may be Witnessing the best superstar leaving.

Do whats best for Hardy.

Oh my goodness. The internet is completely buzzing with this Jeff Hardy leaving WWE story. I'm going to treat it as rumor until I see a "future endeavors" message from WWE.

Jeff has tons of female fans period; not just teenage girls. I'm 33 and the only reason I watch Smackdown is to see him. Males don't mind him because Jeff has put his body on the line time after time and he tries to give the fans their money's worth. We all know about his suspensions due illegal substances but I've never heard a past or present WWE employee, co-worker, agent, booker, etc. ever say a bad word about the guy.

Anyone else might have hung up their hat after getting suspended 60 days and having everything they own go up in smoke. Not Jeff. The man fought back and became the top guy in the company, even if for only a short time. This speaks volumes about his character and I gained a new level of respect for him in 2008. His popularity soared last year because he was a comeback story and we all needed an underdog to come out on top especially in these tough economic times.

As much as I like Jeff, if he decides to walk away from WWE then I wish him the best in no matter what he chooses to do. I can't blame him for being burnt out on the ridiculous schedule. WWE should really considering having "seasons" or staggering their talent so that they are not constantly on the road.

I was looking forward to a Jericho/Jeff Hardy feud just to hear Jericho make fun of Hardy for being a "brainless sycophant"

I think if Jeff left now, he would be able to do so on top. He's already done everything he can do as Jeff Hardy. He had his shining moment as a world champion. What else can he do? He can't become a heel because he wouldn't be a convincing heel, he's never going to be Mr. Wrestlemania, and if he were to become champion again it would probably last as long as his first world title run. I think WWE holds Jeff in the same light they did Mick Foley; he's a great performer, the fans love him, and in return he has given fthe fans some memorable moments, but he will never be booked to be the dominant face like Austin, Rock, Cena, and (sigh) Triple H have been booked in the past. If Jeff wants to leave, then more power to him. Hell, if any guy who wrestles 300 dates a year wants to leave the business, please, don't look back. Wrestling fans can handle it.

Max—If it's true that the reason Vince doesn't push Hardy as a main-eventer is that he's unreliable (drugs, etc.), then this isn't going to help. By sending the message that he's not 100% committed to the business, Hardy provides a solid business reason to keep him out of main events. Those performers need to be long-term investments.

I've never seen an individuated breakdown of WWE's revenue, but I suspect the house shows are a major source. And as long as the performers are working as independent contractors, they're not likely to push for a lighter schedule, either. It's my understanding that they get paid per show.

if jeff lefes wwe then i would stop watching it because i think it wouldnt be as good as it is because jeff hardy is the high flyer and i think it would be borring without him in it

Kevin , just playing the devil's advocate here , maybe Hardy is tired of trying to stay on the straight and narrow ... if you get my drift .
Remember when Ricky Williams " lost interest " ?

I like Jeff. I think he's talented, charismatic, though an abysmal talker, and entertaining to watch.

That being said, his brother Matt has more passion for the business, better technical acumen, and more potential to be a top tier player for the long term.

If Jeff does leave, perhaps that will give Matt the chance to really shine. If Jeff stays, Matt should still have plenty of opportunities to really shine.

Oh Bugger.

Na na na na,
Hey, HEY, Hey,


I have been a huge Jeff fan since the early days so needless to say this is upsetting as he is my fave superstar.

SO, I pray your information is wrong and am a bit mad you ruined my day by posting that.

RESPONSE FROM KE: Hey, don't kill the messenger. It's not my information. Yell at the guy at

Could this be a possible reason for the "I Quit" Match this sunday? Like, maybe the match will flop and we'll see a rematch in the next few months...
We gotta let Jeff do what he has to do. You have to do what you love, and it seems Jeff really doesn't love wrestling the way he used to. Hopefully he'll keep up the good work with PeroxWhy?Gen and he'll become a rockstar in a few years!

This is just something I thought of, kinda stupid but whatever. He should leave, then come back as Itchweeed :P I'm just sayin'

I think Jeff Hardy is an extrememly talented artist. People don't realize that his in-ring performances are just one form of his art. He is an amazing painter, writer and musician. I think that if he leaves the WWE he will have good reasons. And any true fan of his will recognize that he as a person felt that was the best choice for him.
I think fans in general are selfish to ask him to stay because they want to be entertained. If he thinks its time to start a new phase in his life or to pursue his other artistic endevors I support him. And will remain a fan of all of his work.

I don't dispute that house show revenue is a very significant part of WWE's bottom line, so management should assmble the talent and make it clear to them that a lighter schedule means a lighter paycheck, and if the talent agree to those terms, give them a lighter load.

it would be horrible if Jeff left again but can u blame him since his return he has gotten a decent push and I would say because of Takers limited schedule he has become really the #2 face in the company and he gets rewarded with a 1 month title reign but other than that he had to lose to the VK who is so sloppy its mnot funny and now he can't even buy a win lately even though its entertainment i know i would get mad if i can't pull of a win every now and then.

Maybe we're the minority, but no one in my household will be sad to see Jeff Hardy go. I'm a woman, and maybe I'm the exception, but I've never seen the appeal of Jeff Hardy as a wrestler. I don't hate him, but I've never found him that exciting either. *shrug*.

Wrestlers come and go, it's the nature of the business. Maybe it'll be a bit of a blow, but the WWE will survive.

Great news! I did some research and Loafers in Catonsville is showing Backlash this Sunday with a $5 cover charge. I'm not sure if this is a regular occurrence, but at least we've all got a place to watch it this month. Everyone should go out and support them so they continue to provide the shows each month!

Dear Jeff,
I like your matches and your finisher,
I like your music
I watch your matches everyday.
I love you vvvvvvery much JEFF HARDY
I thank you is the Best person in RAW,WWE,ECW,SMACKDONE.
Good Luck
I Awaiting your answer
With Best time
If Jeff does leave, perhaps that will give Matt the chance to really shine. If Jeff stays, Matt should still have plenty of opportunities to really shine.

Abanob Hero

i admire jeff alot not just cause hes goood looooking or hes the best wrestler i admire him cause it doesnt matter how much crap gets put on him,the put downs he always fights back with a smile,he always shows hes respect to hes fans,i will always support jeff in whateva descision he makes even though i dont want him to leave,i always tell my two sons to stop fighting matt stop fighting with jeff hes your brother

I'm from the UK and a huge Jeff Hardy fan so naturally I was saddened to hear of the possibility of him leaving the WWE. I'm sure I remembered reading Jim Ross's blog on the WWE website a few months back that Jeff was thinking about taking some time off after Wrestlemania so that he could organise his wedding to his girlfriend Beth in the summer, and then come back hopefully in time for Summerslam.
I have to admit I'd be really sad to see him go and I hope he doesn't but if he feels he has to move on to have a better life with Beth then I support him 100%. There's been no mention of any of this on WWE's site so I guess we will all have to wait and see what happens

i hope Jeff stays in the wwe because he is the more talentues Hardy and he is a exceptionaly good wresler and so beatiful
But if his life is somewhere else good way Jeff

This news is awful...i'm from India...but every week i tune in to Smackdown to cheer for Jeff Hardy.No matter what anyone says Jeff is more than wrestling, his catch phrases serve as an inspiration to many...and without him WWE will never be the same...atleast for me.

i can see why he would want to leave he was on the biggest role and they made job for HHH for months cause they didn't want him to beat HHH for title. so they give him the title at small ppv and take the title from him one month later. i think that's bull, the fans wanted to see him as champ but wwe dont care about what the fans want. so i dont blame him


jeff can't leave wwe, he's waaaay better than anyone else. and he's better than cena, doesn't matter if cena is cool but jeff is waaaay better!

jeff hardy cannot leave the wwe he is the best in sports entertainment today if hardy leaves the shows popularity will crash and burn so do not let hardy leave!!!!


As much as i love Jeff Hardy good on him if he wants to leave. Personally he's one of the most talented wrestlers today and i'll be sad to see him go but if he doesn't have the passion for wrestling anymore then he should go. Its like asking you to stay in a job you dont like. As far as i know he's a lot like his ring personality as he is i real life, if he wants to focus more on his artwork, his music or watever else he wants to do then he should. He'll be sadly missed by the wrestling community and fans a like but to ask him to stay against his will isn't fair. Good onya Jeff follow your passion whatever it might be, your true fans will support you all the way!




Please Jeff Hardy please dont leave


jeff hardy is the best wrestler in the world and i would hate to see him leave i just love JEFF HARDY HE IS SO DAMN HOTTTTTTTTTTT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

honestly jeff is my #1 FAVORITE WRESTLER EVER but appare term ntly WWE doesnt care about jeff's passion for the business! jeff wants a long term contract but WWE is only going to give him one year...WHAT KIND OF CRAP IS THAT!!! i love the WWE but sometimes they can be aggravating by letting the best people go but like others have said it would be selfish of us to make him stay. it would change my feelings on the WWE and i might lose interest but hey thats life!

please Jeff Hardy don't leave! the wwe will never be the with the extreme enigma, the original wolverine!! just be careful on your next ppv extreme rules.

i really really hope that jeff hardy doesn't leave! he is the only reason that i watch smackdown ever! and i think that he deserves a decent title run longer than a month, and especially longer than like 10 minutes!! i hope he signs another contract...but even if he doesn't he will still always be my favorite wrestler of all time!!

i'm one of his female fans. if he leaves, it will be a big disappointment, but i could understand why. i think he's probably a lot like me, he gets bored easily. the only thing that's seemed to captivate him is art, but he's still pushing it trying to do something new. i say whatever makes him happy. you can't be in the wrestling business without wanting it. (i won't pretend to know what the hell im talking about, but that's my opinion.)

Stay jeff hardry u are the best wwe isnt wwe without u stay in the wwe u are the best

Jeff hardy can't go I may only be a little girl but jeff hardy is so hot and talented I would never be able to watch the wwe knowing that jeff hardy isn't there. I can't stand to see him go so jeff please don't go!!!!!!!!!! But he has inspired me in so many diffrent ways like to do what you love and don't ever let no one bring you down. He doesn't care what evryone else says he just does what he does best. And one day I'm gonna be just like him.

WWE needs to stop being so greedy and stop house shows all together. House shows aren't jut bad because you have to perform 4-5 days a week you've got to practice 4-5 matches a week. The Superstars probably end up training before tapings and that's part of the reason their are so many freaking injuries right now. I mean they're missing HBK, Batista, Taker, Edge, and now Jeff is leaving because of fatigue and the ridiculous schedule. What are the chances somebody is gonna complain about a schedule when they got to work one to two matches a week instead of four to six if you think about it because of WWE Superstars. It would be better in the long run cause they'd get higher ratings and keep fans glued to their TV's the whole time. Without injuries Raw could have a card that would look like this: HBK vs. Orton, Triple H vs. Mark Henry, Batista vs Cena vs Swagger, MVP vs The Miz, Big Show vs Kingston, Jamie Noble and Chavo vs. Priceless, Maryse vs. Beth vs Mickie vs Kelly, and Carlito vs. Primo vs. Evan Bourne. SD could have Taker vs.Khali, Kane vs. R-Truth, Mysterio vs. Morrison vs. Jericho, Ziggler vs. Edge, Mike Knox vs. Matt Hardy, Finlay vs. DH Smith, Cryme Tyme vs The Hart Dynasty, amd Eve vs. Maria vs Melina. ECW could have Regal vs. Christian, Kozlov vs Ezekiel Jackson, Goldust vs Tommy vs Shelton vs Zac Ryder, and Katie Lea vs Nikki. Finally Superstars needs to be more true to its saying. There could be HBK vs Edge, Triple H vs Jericho, and Christian vs Matt Hardy. Tell me you would turn off your TV during any of those shows besides maybe the Raw tag match. See so much potential just more greed though.

@ Balla Boy:
Do you think the Superstars work for free? They get PAID for working the house shows. There are a lot of places that want to see WWE live that would not be able to without house shows including many overseas cities. It's not just greed, it's tradition. And the atmosphere really IS different during live shows than just watching on TV.

And I'm not anonymous.

Honestly, I couldn't see Jeff Hardy staying champion for long anyways. Jeff is a big attraction to females and kids. Both from this post and from the broadcasts we receive every week make this obvious. I actually see Jeff Hardy blowing his third strike and getting released from his contract. I wouldn't mind seeing him take some time off anyways, because I'm a huge CM Punk fan and I'm kind of tired of seeing Jeff Hardy go for the belt and lose ;D

jeff hardy put all he had into winning the world heavyweight championship belt and cm punk cashed in his money in the bank when jeff was weak and took the belt from him what a whimp. so now jeff hardy has the title and on wwe last night cm punk took a chir and hit jeff with it then put the chair over his head and neck and drove him into the corner ring post .now was that sportsman like think not. jeff hardy did not deserve that just because his brother matt pulled the referee out of the ring and jeff got the pin.

Jeff if you are reading this, PLEA$E don't go i really like wwe but its nothing with out you xx your the best i love you so much !! i never fort i see the day when you would leave !
almost everyone love's you , your the best ever !

i was there in that cge match i was crying my eyes out! my makeup was running!

just remember JEFF your the best and never forget that !
WWe needs someone like you and they need you like hell because hardly no one will watch it and i wont i will never see it again intill you are back on! and if you never come back on and if you don't will die becaus ei love it but i love you so so so so so so much !!! JEFF PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE come back on WWE !!!!!


Ok, how can you be a FAN of CM punk? That Jeff Hardy is the best wrestler in the whole wide world. (So what if im nearly two decades younger than him? I LOVE YOU JEFFREY HARDY! I won't state your middle name cuz idk if ur one of those peeps who don't like sayn their middle names, but I think it is the most adorable name in the world! I'm gona name my firstborn son after you!) Jeff Hardy is so amazingly talented, has strode through so many difficult obstacles, and has had such a big heart for his people, his fans! he has such a broader talent than wrestling that not many other wrestlers have. CM punk is a jerk for all the things hes done to poor Jeff-idc if its acting. U dont do that to the EXTREME SKYFLYN ENIGMA! And you know what cm punk? it only made you the BOOing stock of WWE, next to Chris Jericho, oh and Mr.ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZiggles! Not to mention Randy Orton, blehk. CM Punk's icky,not fabulous legs get bigger every week, put on some pants man! and whats with the astro boots? we aint on mars! and who in the name of tatoos has a PEPSI logo tatooed on their arm? Jeff may not be ur so called "srtaight edge" Punky, but he aint a moron.And dressing up as jeff with the themesong and everything that week after he got kicked off... NOT COOL DUDE!!!... sorry but i had to get some stuff out.dont hate anyya wrestlers-cept cm punk. thanks dr.phil:P heres a song to hopefully cheer ya cm Punk loosa fans up:

I. love. Jeff,
Jeff. loves. me,
with a great big hug,
C.m.Punks. a. wan-na-b!

I mean, did u SEE his goatee sidebeard thing lately? look closely at it next time and see WHO it reminds u of. shame on that boy.

Anyyway,their is so much i could write about on this topic but it would fill a book. enjoy the song! :)
Love you jeff, at least come visit WWE once in a while. It gets lonely without you. We all love you, even my friends who just wont admit it. everyone makes mistakes. we all have loses. don't give up, just keep on soarin!

hi jeff i miss you i cried i hope you come back

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