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February 22, 2009

Clarifying the marital status of Triple H and Stephanie McMahon

I violated one of life’s basic principles in yesterday’s entry about Smackdown: I assumed.

Yes, I assumed that everyone knows the difference between Triple H and Stephanie McMahon’s fictional marriage and their real-life one. It’s obvious from some of the comments that have been posted, however, that not everyone does know.

That’s actually understandable, especially if you haven’t been following wrestling that long or you’ve only watched sporadically over the years. I’ll try and clear things up for everyone with this timeline:

Nov. 1999: In a STORY LINE on Raw, Triple H and Stephanie got married in a drive-through ceremony in Las Vegas.

2000 or 2001: Triple H and Stephanie began dating in REAL LIFE.

Feb. 2002: In a STORY LINE on Raw, Triple H and Stephanie split up after he learned that she had lied about being pregnant.

Oct. 2003: Triple H and Stephanie, who were divorced in the STORY LINE, got married in REAL LIFE.

Feb. 2009: For the first time since Triple H and Stephanie’s REAL LIFE wedding, it was fully acknowledged in the STORY LINE that they are married.

See, it all makes perfect sense.

Posted by Kevin Eck at 4:19 AM | | Comments (22)


That drive-thru wedding chapel video that Trips played to interrupt a Raw is hilarious. In fact, that entire "wedding" between Steph and Test (with both Edge and Christian as best men, I think) is high comedy.

WWE weddings always end poorly, but they are usually pretty funny. Who can forget Kane Tombstoning a priest?

You have the patience of Jobe, Kevin.

No disrespect to anyone, but if i was in your position and readers were getting confused between real life and storyline, i might have said something, but it certainly wouldn't have been a polite and calm explanation.

You're a better man than i, Kev.

Keep up the good work.

Given the running theme of "family" through three of Wrestlemania's programs (Orton v McMahons, Cena v Edge/Guerrero and Hardy v Hardy), you'd think WWE would capitalize on this as a marketing angle.

Clarify the marital status of Traci Brooks .

WWE could have put some more effort into the "revelation" that Trips and Steph are married. What would have been wrong with just saying that after the divorce they made amends away from the TV cameras and eventually decided to give their marriage another go? I don't like when WWE insults the intelligence of its loyal fans. I'm sure there are fans who weren't watching when they got "divorced", but there are many who were fans when it happened.

This is like when DX made a big deal out of being friends with Ric Flair only a year after Triple H took a screwdriver to Flair's head at Survivor Series 2005 and Shawn Michales feuded with Flair when he was in Evolution. It's also like the whole relationship between Undertaker and Kane. I hate you, I love you, I killed you, let's team up. Does WWE think we're stupid or do they just not care?

For what it's worth, the WWE kind of acknowledged their marriage back in December '07 at the Raw 15th Anniversary. The two kissed in the middle of the ring after the whole "McMahon Family Portrait" opening segment

RESPONSE FROM KEVIN ECK: Yes, as I said, WWE had been winking at us for a few years. They made it obvious that they were married but never actually came right out and said so. My favorite example was when Hornswoggle was revealed as Vince McMahon's illegitimate son. Triple H said to Stephanie: "See you at home ... I mean, you're brother's a gnome."

People are so stupid sometimes.

I told you that more people think wrestling is 100% legit then you might think. Read all the emotional comments that come out whenever you make a post about Jeff Hardy.

So, Triple H and Stephanie aren't married in real life and this is another storyline?


I'm just kidding, good on you for clearing up, does seem kinda confusing from an outside perspective. Wonder if Triple H has cleared his bowels yet after the obvious blockage he had on Raw last week, it looked painful.

Yep its simple as that , thank god the commentators didn't say ' oh my god' i would just quesitoned the credibility of the show then again it is aimed at 10 year old nowadays, I really don't think this feud can work with hhh being face he really hasn't got the emotional acting skills of an edge hbk y2j e.t.c he comes across as desperate at times, Randy orton could have been the rebel bad ass face i.e austin, and hhh the heel, hhh for me as a baby face leading into this feud just dosen't work i mean hes been crakcing jokes like a kid over the smackdown the past 6 months all of a sudden hes a raging beast again.

Okay --- I guess some fans are really confused between real life and kayfabe. I've only been following wwe since 7/06 - ironically the first episode I ever watched was Monday Night RAW where Triple H, Shane and Vince got called away and had to leave, as Stephanie was having their first child. I've since read some sites, etc. including Wikipedia and I even know the drive thru wedding/faked preganance/divorce were storyline and ended before their real life wedding. So hopefully now you've got the fans straightened out who are confused. And since you omitted this part, Triple H and Stephanie in real life are the parents of two very young daughters - Aurora Rose born 7/06 and Claire Murphy or Murphy Claire (can't remember that one) just born 7/08--- so I agree Steph took the RKO well after having a child less than a year ago.w

I don't know about JR interviewing triple H, seems like Jerry Springer might be a better option lol

Jeanette -
Does that mean that Hornswoggle (like Kevin) is Aurora and Claire's uncle ?

By the way Kevin , you've heard the old saying - "you know what happens when you assume something ..." .
I "presume".

But wait, they can't really be married - when DX reunited, Triple H commented that he didn't know who the father of Stephanie's baby was.

But, when she went into labor on a Monday, Triple H missed Raw that night...

This just gets more and more confusing lol

"See, it all makes perfect sense."

It sure does, if my name is Vince Russo.

Just kidding! You did a first-rate job of explaining it, Kevin.

That interview on Friday with HHH killed a lot of the momentum against Orton in my opinion and made HHH look really weak and wimpish. Not well done.

But thanks for explaining this to people who don't read all the wrestling rumor sites that end up being false half the time.

I believe that The Rock made a passing remark about their relationship at last years hall of fame ceremony

hhh was just messing around when he said that he didn't know who the father of the baby was. kind of like wwe was wink-winking at us

Okay - can't resist this response to Artist formerly known as Jack in Hebron --- LOL, LOL - loved your response - after the weekend I've had I needed that. Didn't you mean Hornswoggle (like Shane) being their uncle? I know Kevin is a great blogger but I didn't know he'd gotten involved in this storyline.

Jeanette -
No , I meant Kevin .
Being a fan of "that other wrestling company" ( as I have a brown paper bag over my head ) , some of us commenters in the past have jokingly referred to Vince McMahon as Kevin's dad . All in fun of course . Right , Kev ???

HHH & stephanie are really married.

Anyone remember when Triple H was with Chyna? And when Triple H and Stephanie got married in real life, Chyna was off the show? Coincidence? I think not.

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