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January 10, 2009

Another Hardy boy mystery on Smackdown

It appears that the person who attacked Jeff Hardy at his hotel the night before the Survivor Series is at it again.

Last night’s episode of Smackdown opened with a somber Jim Ross and Tazz informing viewers that Hardy and his girlfriend Beth had been involved in a hit-and-run accident yesterday morning in Cameron, N.C. “Police footage” aired later in the show, as did a brief statement from Hardy, who said that he and Beth were sore but not seriously injured.

Just as it did with Hardy’s hotel incident in November, WWE attempted to blur the line between story line and real life. It was pretty obvious, though, that the “accident” was a work, especially because details about the angle had been on wrestling sites all week.

The burning question is: Who was driving the car that hit Hardy’s vehicle? And is it the same person who jumped Hardy from behind two months ago?

Most wrestling pundits believe it’s Christian Cage, whose TNA deal has expired and is thought to be returning to WWE. I’m a Christian fan, so I’ll be happy to see him come back, but if he is indeed the culprit instead of Matt Hardy, I really think WWE is missing out on a money angle.

Hey, maybe it will be revealed that there are two perpetrators – Christian and Matt. You know, just like in the Scream movies.

Other thoughts on last night’s show:

I wrote last week that I was looking forward to a feud between Triple H and Vickie Guerrero, but I didn’t find the triple jeopardy angle all that compelling. I understand the point was to show that the deck was stacked against Triple H, but there wasn’t really anything at stake. I think it would have meant more if, for instance, Guerrero said that Triple H had to win all three matches or else he was out of the Royal Rumble. It would have made the last man standing match against The Big Show a lot more dramatic…

The Undertaker-Shelton Benjamin match was the highlight of the show. There was never any doubt as to who was going to win the match, but Benjamin looked very good in defeat. This was an example of how a strong showing in defeat against a top guy can do more to get a wrestler over than a win over a lesser star. I hope this leads to bigger things for Benjamin, who has had a number of false starts as far as getting a major push. ...

All things considered, MVP’s weekly humiliation wasn’t that bad. He didn’t have a match, so he couldn’t lose again. More importantly, he avoided having worms spit into his mouth after being jumped by The Boogeyman. …

I liked the Vladimir Kozlov training video. WWE obviously hasn’t given up on him as a potential main-eventer. Ultimately, the fans will decide.

Posted by Kevin Eck at 1:27 PM | | Comments (36)


triple h finnally lost a match on tv and it had to be his third in one night...

*brother tells me that hhh is vince's son in law*

"I can not beleive it!"

*joey styles in the background*...


As far as the "who attacked Jeff" mystery goes... the fact that he was coming home from a party which Matt also attended leads me to believe that Matt was the culprit, since we know Matt was far more likely to be on that road than Christian.

At this point, though, I'm thinking it's gonna have to be Christian and Matt. Christian in the hotel before Survivor Series, and Matt now.

I totally agree with you Kevin! I am a Christian fan and will be happy to see him back where he belongs regardless. I think the BEST way WWE could spin this is to have Matt cost Jeff the belt to Edge and Christian be a surprise entrant in the rumble and win it. Jeff could move on and start what i believe could be an EPIC program between the Hardy's. Possibly even climaxing with Jeff taking Matt's ECW title in the ultimate payback towards his brother. Edge could originally be estatic to see Christian, and go on assuming that he won't challenge Edge for his belt at Mania. Of course Christian would reveal that he has every intention of challenging Edge for his belt and lay him out. I think that Edge and Christian both have the mic skills and charisma to put on quite a program between them. Plus opposing Edge would immediately push Christian up to big time babyface status. Which I would love to see. What are your thoughts on all that?

That was the best-ever installment of the MVP lounge. It was great not because of Kennedy and his DVD plug, but due to MVP's half-hearted introduction and the stage hands taking away his furniture.

I agree with you completly Kevin, A hardy boyz feud would be great, so amazing. But if Christian is the attacker it would still be compelling, I realy think though Jeff deserves to have the title for longer, I hope he goes into wrestlemania with it, I may be a huge Hardy Boys mark but he deserves it. And when will the WWE creative give him a good storyline??? I mean first he is attacked by a mystery man and now is run of the road, with his girlfriend. I mean that crossesthe line for me, its not even close to when Stone cold got run over many a year ago, To be honest I think these two storylines have been sick, its about time he gets the credit fom the WWE he deserves and gets some good storylines.

I agree with you too about Undertaker vs Shelton benjamin. It showed Undertaker can still pull of a great match and Shelton is way better than a mid carder, amazing match. Undertaker did really well in winning and putting Shelton over at the same time.

I was suprised that Mchool attacted Victoria after the match, Im glad she wont team up with Victoria and Natalya and will maybe be the main heel on Smackdown, I wonder if that will continue when Maryse returns? I hope she recovers and returns soon, the divas lack something without her and maria I feel (I am a huge Maria and maryse mark though, but what bloke isnt hey?)

No kizarny this week? he really must have made a bad first impression

I dont get how triple H can go from the character last week which is making fat jokes and beeing a funny babyface, but then to this week when he is again "the cerebral assassin", surely those two personnas dont go? And in his entrance when he is on the top rope and he gets the audience to bow down, surely that is a heel move? He cant be king of kings and a comedic performer, I think he suits bieng a heel better in my opinion.

And by the way kev, this is a great blog, its great to find people who have a real passion for wrestling and get such insightful views as you, keep it up! This may be out of context, but how on earth did you get this job? Its amazing! You must love it!

RESPONSE FROM KEVIN ECK: Right time, right place. Thanks for the kind words.

Really interesting article.

I too was disappointed by the pretty obvious work, also didn't see the point of the "cell phone" bit.

Personally I think it's Matt, setting up for Champion vs Champion, Brother vs Brother at Wrestlemania. Matt is just *too* happy about Jeff's success.

Benjamin is class, but doesn't get any kind of big push, despite being US Champion (which seems to be a pretty pointless title right now).

Another route the WWE could take with christian, is that they will hae him team up with Edge to face the hardy Boyz at wrestlemania, what a match that could be!

I think its pretty obvious that Hardy is gonna lose the belt due to outside interference at the Rumble. The question is Christian or Matt? I feel like Christian will be the culprit and make his suprise run-in. I hope this is the case because I think WWE fans would benefit from one more TLC match. As far as Benjamin, if they are really gonna push him, he should have a strong run in the Rumble only to get eliminated in a frustrating way. This should "fire him up" for WM where after all these years of having great Money in the Bank's, he will get the briefcase.

Something telling me that Christian is NOT going back to the WWE i just got this feeling.
OH and that was the most HD police footage that i have ever seen......

Just to let you know. the cop car said plaquemines "parish" so this footage was obviously shot in louisiana


You're right about the HHH-Show event, there was no substance or reasoning behind it, other than the fact that VG got her feelings hurt. If this story is going to continue, and actually I hope it does, they have to put something behind other than filling time. GO RAVENS!!!
#20=the man!!!

Another thing I noticed on smackdown, I thought it was great that Morrison got a singles match with HHH (albeit a tables match where the outcome was obvios and was the opener which was too short for these great wrestlers to shine together) but Morrison put on a decent performace, he is deserving of a singles push.

But why then have a handicap match where the other half of the tag team champions would team up with Chavo, and not his partner? That made no sense to me...But Miz was great in that match I thought, maybe he is great, but in the shadow of John Morrison, Hopefuly the next big thing

That Hardy accident is the dumbest "work" I seen in a long time. Does Creative think that this will really draw heat to the unknown heel. When this thing hit the climax, no one will remember.

Good trailer for Koslov, but it still won't help him get over. I believe that the WWE thought they had another Brock Lesnar, but he Koslov is no Lesnar. Could'nt all of that time and energy for Koslov be put into MVP!

False starts or not, Benjiman may never come into his own. Please put the title back on MVP, let him run his mouth, draw some real heat, so the fans can have someone to get into. Shelton has little depth.

Glad we did not see Kizarny. He match was the three minutes of my life that I will never get back.

Soon enough I think the fans will see that HHH lacks freshness. How about he some way or another gets Vikki GM role via their fued. The can battle of how truly has the power over Smackdown.

I'm definitely Triple H-ed out. Having to endure 3 Triple H matches in one night was brutal. Haven't we seen this twice before. I recall a Smackdown a long time ago where he wrestled 5 times in one night. And the ppv last year where he "dramatically" wrestled 3 times in one night. And if what Kevin says about Triple H wrestling Edge at Mania is correct, I am most definitely boycotting that ppv.
Hey Vince, when are you going to put Triple H to pasture like you did to so many others? Macho Man, Hitman, Hulkster, Flair and countless others didn't last this long at the top. The whole Triple H deal is getting so old and so stale. And after last night I can't even stomach it anymore.
And while I'm ranting, exactly what "brand" are Miz and Morrison in?
Vince is ramming them down our throats with the Bobby Lashley push.

Kevin, it's 7:40 pm Sat. nite , I have nothing to say about J.Hardy but I will say GO RAVENS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (boy did we pull that out of our .... ) !

If Christian does turn out to be the attacker, what does that say about Matt Hardy's acting ability that he was so blatantly cheesy with Jeff that we all thought for sure he was the attacker.

As much as I would hate to see it, I could see WWE pulling a swerve on the fans and having Triple H as the culprit. Everyone assumes either Matt or the maybe returning Christian, and I'm sure the powers that be know this. What better way to turn Trips heel (which I think he works better as) than to start a feud with the top Smackdown babyface in Hardy. This would lead to Trips winning the Rumble or Chamber, and getting his annual main event title match at Mania. Wherever Christian and Matt or even Edge fall into this would be anybody's guess. Just my 2 cents.

I agree that Undertaker-Benjamin was the show's highlight. But what's with screwing the champions on entrances, lately? Raw let Kofi Kingston (!!) walk last even though Morrison & Miz were the champs in that match—and last night, Benjamin didn't even get an entrance!

I'm a firm believer in giving the final entrance to the champion. And non-PPV shows, the 'Taker's entrance could probably be abbreviated by a minute or two.

Shelton Benjamin is an example of a wrestler who needs a manager. Very good in the ring but so-so giving promos. 20-30 years ago, Armando Estrada would still be employed and probably managing both Youmanga, as Regal likes to say, and Benjamin.

Just to let you know. The cop car said Plaquemines "parish" so the footage was obviously shot in Louisiana. I would just like to add that Smackdown is usually taped on Tuesday nights and in the first video shown, the date was 1-9-09

Not only was the "police footage" way to sharp and the sound much to clear, the same goes for the cell phone footage. And the "Beth" they used, my feeling is if you are going to get someone to play a real life person, at least get someone with the same color hair, the same length of hair, dresses similar to the the real person and for the love of God, if that was real, Jeff would have NEVER left her side if there was any chance she was injured. The shots of "Beth" sitting on the side of the road also do not jive with any of the video shot. Very poor planning on the part of WWE This just stinks all over the place and if they do try to turn Matt heel and against his brother, it probably won't work to well, they tried that before and the fans wouldn't put up with it then, seriously doubt they will put up with it this time.

Was that a "Styles Clash" that Michelle McCool did on Victoria?

hey Eck.
The Bella twins epitomize everything that is wrong with the women's division. There is no way those booty-shaking toothpicks could pin anyone. And poor Victoria. Not only did she have to job to the Bellas, like she always has, but she also put McCool (another toothpick) over less than minute later.
Did anyone really think that HHH would lose one of those matches? Talk about a swerve! I thought the sledge would have come out for sure against Show.
Just a thought... If they never televised Undertaker's or HHH's loooong entrances, they could squeeze in another match or so.

Vladimir Kozlov should be put into a program with the Undertaker culminating in a match at WM 25 where Taker puts his WM winning streak on the line. Kozlov is the most logical opponent for Taker at this point. Who else could he face? Kane for the third time? He also just concluded a program with the Big Show. Neither the Undertaker or Kozlov have anything to do at the moment. I'm sure they'll have a run in at the Royal Rumble. Taker will expand his WM winning streak and snap Kozlov's undefeated streak.

I'm glad I'm not the only one who missed what the point of 3 HHH matches in one night was. Jeff Hardy is the champion, but you wouldn't know it by the amount of TV time HHH still gets. Title or no title, it's still "all about the Game" on SmackDown.
In a sense, the whole show served to make HHH look superhuman while making his opponents look weak. Miz and Chavo can't beat Triple H 2 -on -1 after he already wrestled a table match? Big Show can barely eke out a Last Man Standing Match victory after HHH wrestled 2 previous matches? It's the same stuff we saw when Triple H wrestled 3 times at a PPV, and only barely lost a Last Man Standing match to Orton. We get it already- Triple H is good. It amazes me how much fans complain about how Cena is pushed as a superman, but still pop loudly for Triple H.
And the fact that Jeff Hardy mentioned he was with Matt at a party before the hit and run gives me reason to hope there might still be a brother vs brother angle on the way.

Just want to echo all of Deannda's comments. Totally agree with all. The legions of Hardy fans just don't want to see the brothers fight.

Not only was the "Beth" completely wrong but her acting was the worst. This was a very sloppy work by the WWE. The cell phone footage did not match up with the police car footage either. Things are said very differently in each. The whole thing was just thrown together.

Shelton can't cut what looks like a good promo because his heel heat is supposed to come from him b------g about not getting the respect someone of his ability deserves, but everyone in the ENTIRE building knows it's 100% true. He doesn't need a manager, he needs his indignation to be a lot less justified, and that is out of his hands. Until he actually gets respect from the company, the fans won't give him heat for saying he doesn't get any.

With Matt, Jeff, Edge and Christian all in the picture, there are some fantastic opportunities to do the things with the rumble, chamber and finally the smackdown main event at mania. An elimination chamber or WM no dq main event involving these four could be a dream match for a lot of long-time fans. The fly in the ointment however is HHH, who we know will probably be headlining mania in some capacity. So what I would suggest (and it looks just maybe like this is where theyre heading anyway) is escalating the fued with Vickie, with here eventually instigating a retirement match at mania, something like a 3-on-1 handicap. He could go over conclusively, get a mania win for the first time in a couple of years and everyone would be happy.

@Stan and his point of Chavo wrestling The Miz and not Morrison.

I thought the same thing until I realised that if HHH had wrestled the Tag Team Champions and won, it would have made them look like a joke.

Wrestling The Miz without Morrison still managed to give The Miz a rub, while not making it look like the tag champions can't win when the odds should be greatly in their favor.

I'm thinking now that an Edge versus Christian program plus a Matt versus Jeff program concurrently could really help re-vitalize WWE.. Bring em on....

I think the person who attacked Jeff was the person who has mostly won't know but some one has escaped and attakibg a few people. To tell the truth I'm lucky I'm in england but I love places in the us like los Vegas ,los angeles but still worried to them bone

jeff and beth need to b left alone or some 1 WILL get hurt i can promise that!

On the Jeff Hardy angle: Did anyone notice the scratch on Edge's face that night?

Obviously whoever would have left the car damaged like that would be somewhat injured as well...unless they were driving a semi.

I don't knwo if anyone remembers this but in the october issue of the wwe magezine matt said was asked a question is he would sabotage jeff for a wwe title shot and he said he would put buisness before personal feelings...
were they giving us a preview of something to come????

I think it is Christian cage, then again it could also be Edge he's always hated the hardy boys and would do anything to get title back! Its not Hhh he may not like jeff but he respects him!!! I definetly think its Christian!!! What do u think?

it wasn't matt it was that scumbag christian cage, working with edge.

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