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September 7, 2008

Unforgiven preview

Predictions for tonight’s WWE pay-per-view:

Chris Jericho vs. Shawn Michaels: This might not be the “official” main event, but it is it the eyes of a lot of fans. The wild card in this highly anticipated match is how much Michaels’ performance will be affected by his slightly torn triceps. I fully expect Michaels to rise to the occasion, as it certainly wouldn’t be the first time that he stole the show while suffering from an injury. Because the rivalry likely isn’t ending with this match, coupled by the fact that Michaels might need a little time off to heal, I think Jericho is coming out on top.

World heavyweight title Championship Scramble: I definitely don’t see Kane, Rey Mysterio or JBL winning. Batista getting the victory is a possibility, but I expect Punk to retain, as his underdog story line continues.

WWE title Championship Scramble: I think this is the most intriguing of the three Scramble matches. When the participants for this one were first announced, I figured it was a perfect opportunity to elevate MVP. Then he reportedly got himself in the doghouse, so we can scrap that idea. I still don’t think Triple H is coming out of the match with the title. As a way for Triple H to remain strong, I look for him to make at least one pin (likely over the eventual winner), while not losing any falls himself. It’s way too early for The Brian Kendrick to be world champion, so that leaves Shelton Benjamin or Jeff Hardy.

Benjamin has been gaining momentum as of late, and reportedly his recent performances have impressed some key people in management. WWE could surprise everyone by pulling the trigger here and putting the belt on him. On the other hand, there has been some tension lately between Hardy and Triple H, and I could see Hardy winning the title to set up a program with him as champion and Triple H as challenger. I keep going back and forth between Benjamin and Hardy, but I’ll go with the bigger star and pick Hardy. Of course, I’ll probably end up being completely wrong and Triple H will walk out still the champion.

ECW title Championship Scramble: If The Miz wins, I riot. Actually, I don’t think Miz, Chavo Guerrero or Finlay have a shot. It would be quite the feel good story to have Matt Hardy win the title on the same night that his brother wins the WWE title, but I think Henry retains.

World tag team champions Ted DiBiase Jr. and Cody Rhodes vs. Cryme Tyme: Have to go with the champs here. DiBiase and Rhodes should be in line for a lengthy reign, and Cryme Tyme isn’t ready for prime time.

Divas champion Michelle McCool vs. Maryse: I think Maryse would make an entertaining heel champion, but it’s not going to happen. McCool wins with the Brazilian Heel Hook.

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I am not trying to jerk your chain, Kevin, but I think that a Miz victory in the ECW scramble is within the realm of plausibility. It would be a source of dischord between Miz and Morrison, thus sowing the seeds for a feud between them.

If the Miz wins...I'll bring the clubs and sticks for the riot!

Like your predictions Kev, pretty much agree with them all, excluding the WWE title match. My original hope was that Edge cost Triple H the title and MVP came out holding the belt. So, I was pretty dissapointed to hear about him falling out of favour. Ideally, they would now drop the belt on The Brian Kendrick as I've always been a fan, and he's really took to his new character. In my opinion, he has became the second best performer in WWE at the moment, behind Edge.

So, I'm going to keep the fingers crossed and go for The Brian Kendrick, with an Edge assisst.

And how do you see the Vicky/Undertake tension playing out?

I pretty much agree with everything up to the ECW and the Smackdown scrambles.

The thing is- all the other parties involved in the Smackdown match who are not named Triple H have never held the world title, and have no real main event push coming in sight except maybe Hardy. I can't believe Kendrick's ready this soon, Shelton still has the US title, and MVP is apparently a heat magent (though the story getting passed around causes eye rolls).

The thing is with him they've teased that for so long, I can't believe they're going to let it happen in this fashion or even at all in the near future. Not when they can still bring up his suspension over and over. It makes like they won't trust him with the title. So therefore, I can't see HHH not winning.

Which brings on the other disagreement, and it's pretty simple. One of those guys has to a lose a title to make this whole PPV worthwhile (and "concept" for that matter).

So it's gotta be either Punk or Henry. And out of the two, Henry seems like the loser in this. So that means it has to go to someone else. And I do believe that a big match with three or people or more is the only way they would give a title to Matt Hardy since they seem to only half the faith in him they do Jeff. It would then be spun that he got it on a fluke like Mr. Punk- only I doubt it will then last as long.

The whole title thing is way too political for me sometimes. (However, it is fun trying to figure out why they do things they way they do them).

I think the Jericho will win at the PPV, and I hope he does - not because I'm a bigger fan of his, but because they need to finish their feud at a bigger PPV. If it is really almost over for Shawn Micheals, the best thing they can do is have him "seriously injured" at the hands of Jericho, then give him time off until the Royal Rumble. Build even more heat for Jericho in the mean time, then have him about to win the RUmble, when Shawn Micheals returns unexpectedly to enter last or close to last and then go on to win. Have a big 2 man "match" at the end of the Rumble would be a great way to end their fued.

Then, if Micheals is legitimately retiring, have him on a light schedule, and have a fued with the Undertaker for WM25. That should be his last match and win. Undertaker, as big a fan as I am for him could do with one WM loss.

I think beating the Undertaker at WM is all that he has left to do to finish his career. Even if he isn't retiring, it will still be a great story and match. I know he and HHH are close friends, but their feud has been done several times already.

What do you think, Eck? Is he legitimately close to the end of his career?

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