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September 3, 2008

The good news on Shawn Michaels

I'm sure everyone in WWE is breathing a sigh of relief after a magnetic resonance imaging exam revealed that Shawn Michaels' triceps injury is not as serious as first believed.

Michaels suffered a small tear of his left triceps and is medically cleared for his match against Chris Jericho at the Unforgiven pay-per-view Sunday. Michaels had said that he was doing the match regardless of the severity of the injury.

Had the triceps been fully torn, Michaels was looking at surgery and missing four to six months. Now, his time away should be minimal.

WWE has had a run of bad luck with injuries to top stars over the past year and a half, so it's nice to see that the most recent ones have not been as bad as they could have been. Last week, John Cena underwent surgery to repair a herniated disk and is expected back in two to four months. Had he required neck fusion surgery, which was a possibility, he would have been out for about a year.

The manner in which Michaels' injury occurred was especially frustrating. He still wrestles a high-risk style at 43, yet it was a freak accident (he slipped out of the ring lunging at Jericho) that caused the injury.

Other notes:

A statement announcing that Mick Foley has signed with TNA is expected to be released shortly. As I have said before, I think this is a good move by TNA, especially in the short term.

I thought last night's ECW was a mixed bag. I liked the eight-man tag match, which was highlighted by an unbelievable shooting star press by Evan Bourne. The Dirt Sheet fell flat for me again, however. The bit in which John Morrison and The Miz portrayed Finlay's brothers was almost as bad as the Prince Justice Brotherhood skits on TNA Impact. Almost.

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will Foley be an in ring wrestler, or commentator or what?

RESPONSE FROM KEVIN ECK: That has not been established, but I am assuming that he would wrestle, just not on a regular basis.

I'm pretty sure that a lot of fans are breathing that same sigh of relief. I know I am!

Foley said his deal with TNA is short term, and his statement was mostly about other things. You'd think this would be a bigger deal. At the very least, I thought TNA would announce his impending arrival on TV first instead of Foley making the announcment with one or two sentences in a press release.

RESPONSE FROM KEVIN ECK: I found it curious as well that the TNA announcement is buried at the bottom of the press release and treated almost as an afterthought. I also wonder how short "short term" is.

Great news on Michaels. I can't wait for his match with Jericho this Sunday. Putting it off would, like what happened with Jericho's return last year, or the Matt Hardy-MVP feud, make it less exciting when it does in fact happen.

ECW was decent last night. The wrestling was decent to good, and the Dirt Sheet wasn't bad. It's better on tape, but I did like some of the jokes ("Kerwin in the truck", Mark Henry's belt extender, etc.) Henry was good, which seems to be becoming a pattern, and Finlay wasn't terrible either.

Kev, you mention how Foley's signing will be good for TNA at least the short term . I may be wrong but I've heard that his contract may literally be for the short term .

Kevin -

Do you really think Shawn slipped?

After another look at the footage, it appears possible that Jericho sidestepped Shawn and was not in position to break Michaels' fall. Is that at all likely? Is there any genuine heat between these two? Maybe Jericho was just trying to be funny by not being in position and had no intention of Shawn getting hurt.

Just an observation.

RESPONSE FROM KEVIN ECK: I think that Michaels was supposed to lunge at Jericho and Jericho was supposed to allude him, which is what happened. That saves the physical confrontation for the PPV. I just think that Shawn lost his balance and was unable to break his fall. There is no heat between them as far as I know. In fact, Jericho has always talked about how Michaels was one of his favorite wrestlers. Plus, even if there was heat, there is no way either one of them would do anything to jeopardize Sunday's match.

Even though Michaels has been cleared to wrestle , he could be flirting with disaster .
The key phrase here is "tear" not strain . I've powerlifted for 20+ years and I know alittle about injuries.
The weakened torn area is subject to more micro tearing due to the ballistic actions involved with wrestling .
Surely Michaels wants to honor his obligations but some down time would be advisable .
Don't want to say I told you so .....


Do you think there is a correlation between the increase in major injuries to top stars and the timing of the Benoit tragedy? It seems that maybe more top stars have seen more time on the shelf since the Benoit incident happened. Could it be that without the painkillers and other 'scrips, the guys can't pull through or cope with injuries they may have been able to in the past?

Also, is there any truth to the rumor that the WWE does not test for cannabis? Or at least doesn't have the same reprimand for those that do test positive for cannabis as opposed to other illegal substances? I hope that it is true. Allowing these athletes to deal with the aches and pains of their chosen profession with a safe, natural alternative to harmful and addictive opiates is a logical and responsible action in light of the unenviable position the company has been put in for quite some time.

Congrats on Shawn Michaels avoiding surgery and being able to work this much anticipated match. I know your little HBK-mark heart skipped a beat there. Just playin'.....

RESPONSE FROM KEVIN ECK: As far as the Benoit thing, I don't know. I mean, some of these injuries are flukes -- Michaels slipping during a contract signing, Orton getting his foot caught going over the top rope and landing in his shoulder, etc.

Regarding marijuana, it is my understanding that a positive test results in a fine, no suspension and does not count as one of the three strikes that lead to termination.

The HBK/Y2J match will be the match of the night at Unforgiven. I can understand the sigh of relief on everyone. This match is the only match i am interested in. Without this match the card will be dead. I am not in favor of the 5 man scramble match. What good is a championship match if the champ can't get beat?

ECW was dead for the most part. The Dirt Sheet is better on It took up half the show. Ricky Ortiz doesn't excite me at all. I'd rather see Elijah Burke wrestle. The 8 man Tag match was ok All 4 faces had a chance to jump on Mark Henry. Tony Atlas doesn't do any good as a heel manager/advisor. Glad to see Matt Hardy pin Mark Henry.

I hope Mick Foley does sign with TNA. But what role will he play within the company? Will he replace or join Don West on commentary? Will he be involved in the bookings?

Eck- Did you notice how horrible Matt Hardy was on the mic yesterday at the end of the live Dirt Sheet?

I can't believe he actually criticized Chavo Guerrero for being a bad talker. Matt is a total marble mouth.

In a weird irony, the storyline saw Michaels amost retire due to a serious injury ... do you think HBK would have hung up the tights for good has this been a more serious injury?

Also, do you know how serious reports were that Michaels was considering retirement while he was rehabbing his knee?

Wow, not once did I consider the possibility that Foley could be an announcer for TNA as well! Goodbye West, that would make their TV show instantly more palatable.

It's probably not going to happen though, is it? It's as if West is their golden boy...

I'm not really into the idea of Mick wrestling more though... it's not that he can't go, he's got the heart of hearts, but I have to say ever since One Night Stand 2006 I cringe when I see him get hurt. The old man knees and the posture... he's had his share of hurt by now.

Great news on HBK.

TNA's main page had a smiley face wrapped in barbed wire today.

Personally I enjoyed Foley's color commentary work. I don't' know why VInce is such a jerk about his announcers. Has Vince ever listened to his own old play by play?

"1....2...."HE got he didn't"
Makes me want to stick a fork in my ear drum.

I actually liked McMahon's play-by-play. I remember when he tried to sell the mystery of Doink The Clown: "Who is this clown? WHO IS HE?" Just typing it makes me laugh.

My brother made a rare viewing of ECW, and he laughed his ^*& off at the dirt sheet. However, I agree with you, Kevin. The Finlay brothers stuff wasn't very good.

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