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September 4, 2008

Kevin Nash returning to WWE?

Several people have asked me if there is any truth to the rumor that Kevin Nash is heading back to WWE after his contract with TNA expires in October. I don’t know how much interest WWE has in him, but Nash has said privately that he is planning to go to WWE and wrestle for another year or two before retiring, according to an industry source.

It is no secret that Nash is close friends with Triple H and Shawn Michaels, and he has always been on good terms with Vince McMahon, regardless of whether he was working for WWE or the competition. Nash reportedly was backstage at WrestleMania XXIV last March in Orlando, Fla., even though WWE had banned its talent from fraternizing with TNA talent that weekend. At the time, Jim Ross wrote on his blog that “Kev is still a part of the WWE family and, in my eyes, always will be.”

If he does return to WWE, the 49-year-old Nash, who has undergone numerous surgeries (including procedures on his knees and neck) over the years, almost certainly would be unable to work anywhere near a full schedule. During his last run in WWE (2002 to 2004), Nash spent more time on the injured list than he did in the ring.

The easier schedule in TNA is one of the main reasons that the company has been a good fit for Nash. When I asked him about his physical condition during a backstage interview before an Impact taping in March, he said: “The schedule is light enough where, even though after three days I feel like hell, I’ve usually got like 13 or 14 days to get my body back. If I was working house shows, I couldn’t do it.”

There has been speculation that Nash could return as Michaels’ bodyguard, which was his original role in WWE in 1993. I don’t see that happening, though, as babyfaces usually don’t have bodyguards, and it’s highly unlikely that Michaels would turn heel. Hey, if the rumors of Sid Vicious coming to WWE are true, perhaps we could revisit the epic Diesel-Psycho Sid feud. Or not.

At this point in Nash’s career, I actually think he would be more valuable to WWE outside the ring than in it. Funny and articulate, Nash would probably make a good color commentator. He also has worked on the creative side in the past, so I could see him eventually transitioning into a job as a writer or producer.

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Granddaddy cool is actually pretty cool on the mic and occasional in-ring appearances in TNA...he would be better served there, IMO.

I've always wanted Nash to become a color commentator after his in-ring days are over. I hope that scenario happens; it'd get me to actually watch WWE again. He's got too much intelligent humor to not put it to good use.

I've always thought Nash would make a fantastic TV analyst.

I would watch TNA way more if he served that role with TNA then Don West.

I am indifferent about whether he comes back. I thought that Diesel was cool in the mid 1990's, and, when paired with the right man, he was capable of having very good matches, but aside from a reunion of Two Dudes with Attitudes, I don't know what his on-screen future can hold in WWE.

This would be a very wise move for both WWE and Kevin Nash. Nash has the ability to bring the same intelligent color commentary that JBL brought to the Smackdown booth recently. He also has history as a former WWE champ like JBL does. Kevin wouldn't have to take any bumps, and he'd still be able to get involved in storylines when the time calls for it. I'm all for this idea and quite frankly WWE and Nash should be too.

I live in Toronto and saw Kevin Nash today at a Goodlife gym on Queen street. I never realized how big he actually was until I saw him. Is the TNA in Toronto or something? I hope he goes back to WWE, It would be great to see him back on the big stage.

Nash would be great doing color commentary, but I would love to see the role of Commissioner brought back which would have the Commissioner (Nash) going to all 3 shows to see that the best product is being put out by the respective brands GMs and talent.

I thought they would do this with Flair because it wouldn't have to be weekly. Speaking of Flair, has anyone heard if the WWE and the Naitch have been able to work out their problems? I would hate to see Flair tarnish that amazing weekend he had in FL, by wrestling again.

IF they establish a solid heel faction of second generation wrestlers...a feud with The Kliq might work...but I doubt that the average wrestling fan knows about the Kliq, so it's probably all for nothing.

I don't think you can package Nash as a badass anymore. He's a brilliant, funny guy, and I don't think he's ever had a chance to show that consistantly within the confines of WWE TV.

How about re-inventing Evolution. Pair up Michaels and HHH and add two new members. Then have Nash serve as their manager. You know, kinda like the four horsemaen of the 21st century, with Nash playing the JJ Dillon role.

Please.......Nash is no longer valuable to the wrestling, oh sorry, sports-entertainment, industry. He is not talented, and especially not funny. Anyone who thinks he still adds something, anything to this business still longs for the days of WCW when it was garbage as well.

"Chris" , we all have our opinion and I respect yours . However many , ( or at least me ) would disagree about the time frame that Nash and the NWO flourished . Those were good WCW times . Remember Flair also had a long run in WCW . Just my thoughts .

nash should come back to the wwe and restart the nwo again for 1 last ride

it would be great to have big sexy back at wwe, taking over colour commentry from tazz

kevin nash comming back to wwe no way he look gd on tna but hasnt bin champion as from now on rajah n wwe it said sid returnin how about bringin rico billy and chuck hogan bk also ric flair and now d.lo brown returned let us wrestling fans see more fun and old faces bk in wwe n ecw

I think that the wwe is really cool i cant wait to be a superstar.

Kevin Nash the new GM of Raw!.. be perfect!!

this if for the haters nash is still bad ass i was at the rumble lastnight and n him and booker were the highlight at 1 point every 1 in the arena was cheereing for nash he is no flair or hogan ether he has afew years left and not 2 mention hes younger then hbk and taker n there both badass id like 2 c nash end the streak 4 taker and booker can fued with king shemus until the real king returns (HHH)

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